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'It's been a minute' is another way of saying 'let's catch up.' Host Sam Sanders does just that every Friday with two guests in a conversation about the news, culture, and everything. Not just what happened each week, but how it felt. Plus, Tuesday deep dives — conversations with one guest, or on one topic. The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.

'It's been a minute' is another way of saying 'let's catch up.' Host Sam Sanders does just that every Friday with two guests in a conversation about the news, culture, and everything. Not just what happened each week, but how it felt. Plus, Tuesday deep dives — conversations with one guest, or on one topic. The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.
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'It's been a minute' is another way of saying 'let's catch up.' Host Sam Sanders does just that every Friday with two guests in a conversation about the news, culture, and everything. Not just what happened each week, but how it felt. Plus, Tuesday deep dives — conversations with one guest, or on one topic. The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.




Weekly Wrap: Climate Talks, PrEP Access, Women's Rage

International climate talks began this week in Madrid. The U.S. sent representatives even though President Trump has claimed the U.S. is officially out of the international climate accord. The Trump Administration also said this week it has a plan to distribute HIV-prevention medication for free to individuals without prescription drug insurance coverage. Does the plan go far enough? Plus, Jennifer Aniston gets angry in her performance in 'The Morning Show.' What does her character tell us...


Interview: Liz Plank On 'For The Love Of Men'

Writer Liz Plank is worried about men. She's not just concerned about toxic masculinity — though she hates that phrase. She's worried our politics and cultural conversation about men is actually leaving them behind. Plank spoke to Sam about her new book, 'For The Love Of Men: A New Vision For Mindful Masculinity,' which offers a blueprint for men to examine themselves and how they think about gender.


Chef Samin Nosrat, Plus Dan Pashman Vs. The Thanksgiving Industrial Complex

In this special episode, Sam Sanders and Dan Pashman of 'The Sporkful' question food media's never-ending effort to make Thanksgiving new each year, and discuss how to make the holiday less stressful and more enjoyable. Then, an encore presentation of Sam's interview with 'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat' writer and cook Samin Nosrat. She talks about her philosophy as a chef, how she's handling fame and how she feels about the state of the food world.


Interview: Comedian Nicole Byer On Auditioning, Coping With Loss And Fat Jokes

We're sharing 'All Things Considered' host Audie Cornish's conversation with comedian Nicole Byer, whom she calls a "star on the rise." Byer has helmed a comedy series, two hit podcasts, a Netflix comedy special and the Emmy-nominated Netflix cooking series, 'Nailed It!' The pair sat down in front of a live audience in Los Angeles earlier this year to talk about her successes, auditioning as a black woman in comedy and using improv to cope with the loss of her parents.


Weekly Wrap: Dems Debate, Mister Rogers and WeWork

Guest host Elise Hu steps in for Sam this week. She is joined by panelists Jacob Margolis, science reporter for Southern California Public Radio, and Peter Hamby, host of Snapchat's Good Luck America, and contributing writer for Vanity Fair. They discuss the aftermath of a California school shooting, the fall of WeWork, and the lawmaker who may have farted on air. Plus, why Mister Rogers is still ingrained in the American psyche, years after his PBS show went off the air.


Interview: Alicia Menendez On How Women Fall Into 'The Likeability Trap'

Journalist Alicia Menendez has noticed a problem: in the workplace, and in many aspects of their lives, women are forced into becoming inauthentic versions of themselves in order to be likeable. Her new book, 'The Likeability Trap: How To Break Free And Succeed As You Are,' examines how to avoid these traps. Menendez and guest host Elise Hu talked about creating more fulfilling personal relationships and a better workplace and how likeability plays into politics.


Weekly Wrap: Disney+, Four-Day Workweek, Impeachment In Historical Context

Disney launched its highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+, this week and added a message to viewers that some of its older material may include outdated or offensive content or cultural images. A trial of a four-day workweek in Japan showed signs of increasing productivity — could something similar succeed in a country like the United States? And as the nation turns its focus to the now-public impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump, Sam talks with Leon Neyfakh, host of...


Interview: Musician Jacob Collier On Making Everyday Sounds Into Songs

English composer, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier first gained attention on YouTube in 2012, and since then he's signed to Quincy Jones' record label, won two Grammys and released three albums. The 25-year-old's music is a mix of jazz, neo-soul and funk. He and Sam Sanders talked about his upcoming work, his four-album project, 'Djesse' and using everyday sounds to make songs.


Weekly Wrap: DACA's Legal Future, The Lasting Impact Of Prop 187, And Local Politics

The Supreme Court is set to consider the termination of the DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — program, which the Trump Administration rescinded in 2017. What does the program's legal future look like? Plus, how Prop 187 — a California ballot measure from 25 years ago — has influenced how Americans view and legislate about immigration. Then, what effect is the national political discourse having on local politics? Sam talks with State College, Pennsylvania Borough Councilman Dan...


Interview: Comedian Amanda Seales On 'Insecure' And Her Book, 'Small Doses'

Amanda Seales is perhaps best known for her role as Tiffany in HBO's 'Insecure,' but the actress and stand-up comedian has been busy the last few years. She hosts the comedy game show, 'Smart, Funny, And Black,' and her first stand-up special, 'I Be Knowin'' came to HBO earlier this year. Now Seales is out with a book, 'Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use,' full of life advice. Seales and Sam Sanders talked about the success of 'Insecure,' what it means for black shows on TV and who...


Weekly Wrap: Impeachment, Kanye West, Plus Why The Internet Loves Jeff Goldblum

The House of Representatives voted on guidelines this week for a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, with only two Democrats voting against the measure. Where is the inquiry headed next, and how is the public feeling about it? Meanwhile, Kanye West's new album takes a gospel turn and dives into the artist's spirituality, but how are critics feeling about "Jesus Is King"? Plus why actor Jeff Goldblum has become so beloved on the internet. Sam is joined by host of NPR's 'All...


Interview: Comedian Pete Holmes On 'Comedy Sex God' And His Faith

Comedian and actor Pete Holmes played a fictional version of himself in the HBO show 'Crashing,' where the stand-up comic finds himself homeless after his wife cheats on him. In real life, Holmes found himself rediscovering his faith after his divorce from his first wife — and that's the topic he explores in his book, 'Comedy Sex God.' Holmes and Sam Sanders talked about his faith journey, what it means to believe in a higher power and how it's shaped Holmes' life.


Weekly Wrap: School Surveillance, That Anonymous Book, College Tuition Benefits

Senate Republicans have introduced a bill that would expand online and other surveillance of American schoolchildren, in what they call an effort to prevent mass shootings and other violence. But is that type of surveillance effective — and what does it mean for privacy? Plus, news of a book purportedly written by a Trump administration insider, who last year published an anonymous New York Times op-ed about resisting the President's agenda. Service-industry employers such as Chipotle are...


Interview: Actress Regina King On Having Difficult Conversations About Race

Actress Regina King has been on-screen for more than three decades, working in films and TV shows such as '227' and 'American Crime.' But winning several high-profile awards has rocketed her career to new heights. She has also stepped into the role of director and vowed to produce projects with 50 percent women. She now stars in the new HBO series 'Watchmen,' which is inspired by the graphic novel of the same name. The show deals heavily with issues of race and policing, which has also been...


Weekly Wrap: What's Going On In Turkey And Syria, And Facebook's Political Ad Problem

After President Trump ordered US troops removed from northern Syria, tensions in the region remain high, despite a temporary ceasefire agreement by Turkey. Sam and his guests discuss that story and look back at this week's Democratic presidential debate. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to deal with backlash over its handling of political ads and its proposed global currency, Libra. Sam is joined by Matt Pearce, a reporter for the L.A. Times covering the 2020 presidential campaign, and by the...


Interview: Comedian Cristela Alonzo On Her Sitcom And Her Love Of Music

You might have seen Cristela Alonzo in her Netflix stand-up special or on her ABC sitcom, 'Cristela.' Now she's out with a book all about music's role in her life called 'Music to My Years: A Mixtape Memoir of Growing Up and Standing Up.' In it she talks about her life as a first generation Mexican-American and how she found her way to stand-up comedy. She sat down with Sam Sanders to talk about her love of music and 'The Golden Girls,' growing up poor and making her sitcom, which was...


Weekly Wrap: #MeToo and Matt Lauer, Political Corruption, & Snoop Dogg Shenanigans

New sexual assault allegations came out this week against prominent news, political and entertainment figures. A few years into the #MeToo movement, what are our expectations about whether or how men accused of sexual harassment and assault can return to public life? Also, crackdowns on political corruption in Chicago intensify, and cell phone use by audience members during performances has led to a heated debate in the theater world. Plus, Snoop Dogg's performance at a university this week...


Interview: Writer And Poet Saeed Jones On 'How We Fight For Our Lives'

In his memoir, 'How We Fight For Our Lives,' poet and writer Saeed Jones gets vulnerable as he details his coming of age as black and gay in suburban Texas. The former BuzzFeed editor sat down with Sam Sanders to give a glimpse of the stories behind his book, including those of his mother and grandmother, and one where he faced violence during a sexual encounter with another man.


Weekly Wrap: Funk's Resurgence In Pop, The Future Of Title VII, Domestic Extremism

As President Trump faces an impeachment inquiry his rhetoric is becoming more extreme, using words like "coup" and "civil war." At the same time, domestic terror experts are seeing an uptick in violent messaging from white nationalist groups, angry about the challenge to the president. Meanwhile, an upcoming Supreme Court case could decide whether Title VII employment protections apply to gay and transgender individuals. Plus, why funk music is making a resurgence in mainstream pop songs....


John Legend On The Music Industry, His Career, Politics And Balancing It All

John Legend seems to be one of the busiest people in the entertainment business. Apart from making music, in the past few years he has been all over TV, starring in NBC's live 'Jesus Christ Superstar' broadcast and producing multiple shows, including a new hip-hop competition show for Netflix. On top of it all, Legend remains engaged in political conversations and philanthropic causes. He sat down with Sam Sanders to talk about balancing it all and where his career has taken him. This...