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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.

Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.
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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.






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How to Use Failure To Make Your Good Ideas Better & Why You Check Your Phone 86 x a Day

Imagine that while you are sleeping, a cleaning crew gets into your brain to clean out all the toxins so that your brain works better the next day. I know it sounds weird but it is exactly what happens. Listen as I begin this episode with that explanation. Most great breakthrough ideas fail first and then get modified before they became a success. It often happens multiple times. Being open to learning from those...


How to Get People to Really Like You & Why Humans Can Be So Kind & So Cruel

You probably don’t write much with a pen and paper anymore. Most of us type. However, there are a lot of benefits to writing the old-fashion way. I begin this episode with some great reasons why you should write more and type less. ( Want to be more likeable and attract people to you? Some people are really good at it. They have the ability to draw people to them – almost as if it were magic. How do they do it? Jack...


How to Stop Postponing the Important Things in Your Life & How Food Fights Disease

The scent of lavender is supposed to be calming. It may also be the scent of trust. I begin this episode by explaining how lavender can make you appear to be more trustworthy – and why. I bet you have things you really want to do but somehow never get to doing them - right? There are trips you probably want to take or goals you want to accomplish but you don't. So what’s stop you? Sam Horn author of the book Someday is Not a Day...


How to Embrace Conflict and Fight Well & Why We Love to Live in Cities

Grocery stores have a lot of germs. For one thing there is a lot of raw meat and fish moving around in the store. Some of those germs can cause you and your family to get really sick. I begin this episode with some very important advice on how to protect yourself from this very real threat. Conflict can be ugly and messy. It can also be positive and productive, according the Liane Davey author of the book, The Good Fight...


How to Use a Secret Identity to Get What You Want & Why We Have a Moon

Sibling relationships change as we move from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes they change for the better – sometimes not. We begin this episode by unraveling the complications of adult sibling relationships. When you were a kid you had a secret identity. You pretended to be Superman or a princess or someone you admired. What’s interesting is you can do the same thing as an adult to help achieve your personal and...


The Science of Sin: Why We Do Bad Things & How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge

Why does traffic just seem to stop for no reason then magically clear up? You are sure there must be an accident or construction but there isn’t. So what causes it? We begin this episode with an explanation of that. ( There are 7 deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed and sloth. Why are they so tempting? We humans spend our lives trying to resist the lure of sin. So what’s it all for? Jack Lewis author of the...


Time Cleansing: How to Make Time Work For You & The Ultimate RX For Your Pet's Health and Happiness

Sometimes you have to ask a stranger for a favor. Perhaps you need to borrow their phone or help you carry something. And there is one proven way that will greatly increase the chances they will grant you that favor. I begin this episode by telling you what it is. Time is precious. So how you mange, control and perceive the time you have is critical. Time, performance and productivity expert Steven Griffith, author of...


The Surprising Ways Algorithms Steer Your Life & How to Make Your Ideas Stick

Do you ever long for the good old days? Nostalgia can be such a wonderful thing. We begin this episode with a look at why the past can seem so idyllic and wonderful and what the positive effects of looking back are. Do you really understand what algorithms are and how they work? You probably should because algorithms are used so often to influence us in making decisions on what to buy, what movies to watch or...


Are We Killing English or is It Just Evolving? & How to Make Big Changes Easier

Springtime means the return of annoying allergy symptoms for a lot of us. I begin this episode with some simple but very effective techniques that can help minimize the suffering from allergies and they come from a top allergist. If the English language is constantly evolving then what is “proper English”? Should you judge people if they use the language differently from you? Is it okay if someone...


Toxins in Your Home You Really Need to Worry About & Cutting Edge Career Advice You Must Hear

Salt makes food taste good – maybe too good. We begin this episode by discussing research that shows how salty foods may make you eat more food than you planned and more than you should. We are all concerned about toxins in our environment. However, it isn’t always clear which toxins are most worrisome and where they are. Dr. Gary Ginsberg knows. He is the director of The Center for Environmental Health...


How to Fail Well and Move On & Diet Tricks that Never Work and What Works Better

Of course you want high self-esteem and you sure want your kids to have it. But there is actually only one way to get it and it is not the way a lot of people think. We begin this episode by discussing the one and only way to acquire high self-esteem. No one likes to fail. Failure is painful. However, failure may not be as bad as you think when you take a different view of it. That’s according to psychologist Becca North, a...


How to Apply the Science of Success to Your Career & What You Never Knew About Your Bones

Isn’t it great when you have an “A-Ha Moment”? It’s when an idea or the answer to a problem just pops in your head. But is it actually a GOOD idea? We begin this episode by exploring whether those thoughts are worth paying attention to. You hear so many things about success such as, “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” or “Nice guys finish last.” The fact is that so much of what people believe about success has been studied...


How to Actually Make Yourself Smarter & How Too Much Efficiency Makes You Less Efficient

Everyone has heard about antioxidants. In fact, a lot of people take antioxidant supplements. But is more better? We begin this episode with a look at antioxidants, what they do and when too much of them could be a bad thing. Just how smart are you? Well, actually it depends. It is clear that your brain works better when you do certain lifestyle things and avoid other things. For...


Negotiation Strategies for Regular People & Brain Hacks to Get Things Done That You Hate To Do

Decision making is easy when you have to choose one of two options. However, when you add that third option (or more), it is amazing how the decision making process can fall apart – even for really smart people. This episode begins with an explanation as to why that is. Even though many people say they don’t like to negotiate, the fact...


Fascinating Backstories of Modern Technology & What Really Determines How Long You Live

Every driver has likely had the experience of encountering a motorcycle that “came out of nowhere.” How does that happen? There is actually an explanation for why this is such a common occurrence and we begin today's episode with the explanation. Every piece of technology you use has a story of how it came to be. Some of those stories are fascinating. For example, did you know YouTube was...


Surprising Ways We Influence Each Other & How to Handle Emotions at Work

Ever have the feeling someone is watching you? Almost everyone has had the experience but do humans actually have the ability to sense that? I begin this episode by explaining the science behind the sense of being watched. People influence you and you influence other people. It happens all the time all day long. What is so interesting is that it often happens in ways you are unaware of. Matthew Jackson is a professor of Economics...


Amazing Factors that Determine What and How Much You Eat & How to Better Deal with Life’s Catastrophes

Ever go out knowing your hair looks horrible or there is something wrong with your clothes? Everyone probably has but the more important question is – does anyone actually notice. This episodes begins with some fascinating research about how much people actually pay attention to you and your physical appearance. So many factors influence what you eat and how much you eat – and you are totally unaware of many of them. Dr. Brian Wansink,...


Powerful Success Secrets You Never Knew & Why Conventional Wisdom is Often Wrong

Can you tell just by looking if someone is honest and trustworthy? Actually you can but the reason will surprise you. Listen as I begin this episode of the podcast by explaining why you usually can trust in your instincts in this case. After you listen to this segment, you will never look at success quite the same. Laszlo Barabasi, is a professor at Northeastern University and author of the book The Formula: The...


The Damage Done by Your Negative Self-Talk and How to Fix It & Why Boys Falling Behind

There are a lot of things you likely believe that are not true. For example, sugar causes hyperactivity in children. That’s just one of several commonly held beliefs that are not true as I begin this episode of the podcast. You are constantly talking to yourself. And when you actually paid attention to what you are saying to yourself – you will be amazed. Shad Helmstetter author of the book What to Say When You Talk to Yourself...


The Important Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy & How to Control Any Conversation

When you grocery shop, are you one of those people who sometimes changes their mind and takes items out of your shopping cart and stashes them somewhere in the checkout line so you don’t have to buy them? Well, stores are making it harder to do that and that is just ones of the ways grocery stores try to get you to spend more money. I start this episode with a list of several other strategies grocery stores use because knowing could help you save money....