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How To Resolve Conflict Like A Martial Artist with Judy Ringer

Conflict resolution is not a skillset that comes naturally for most of us because our egos will always want to defend us by proving we’re correct at the expense of actually working to a resolution, so what can we do to understand the psychology of conflict resolution and improve our conflict resolution skills? What to Listen For core psychological principlesphaseseffective conflict resolutionJudy Ringerdefault to wanting to be rightopen questionstake responsibility for a conflictreflect on...


Building Blocks To Becoming A Leader

Leadership skills is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot yet can mean many different things depending on the person using it, so what does “leadership skills” really mean, what does the science say about the value of leadership skills, and what can you do. What to Listen For It might come as a surprise to some that leadership skills are just as important in your personal life as they are in your professional life because being a leader doesn’t automatically imply ordering people around....


How To Ask Better Questions with Laura Beil

Storytelling might seem like a skill reserved for dinner parties and family gatherings, but we actually use it in our everyday lives, many times without really knowing it - so what can you do to be more aware of when you’re using it, when you should be using it, and how not using it could be leading you to miss out on crucial opportunities for professional and personal growth? What to Listen For Laura Beilskepticismtell better storiesanswers or explanationsimprove your empathy bring fresh...


How To Set Your Storytelling Skills On Fire with Daniele Bolelli

Many of life’s most powerful lessons come from stories of men and women living through dark and ugly periods in history - but why do we relate to these stories so strongly, what’s the best way to tell a story from your own life about adversity or a struggle you endured, and how do you know when such a story is ready to be told? What to Listen For first hooked Daniele Bolleliremove the bias or spinstart podcastingcare about the charactersfind or build in a hookbalance the dark side of a...


786: How To Evoke Five Powerful Hormones Through Storytelling With David JP Phillips

Humans are storytellers by nature, so the ability to tell a great story is something we can all learn and develop over time - but where do you start if you want to become a great storyteller, what is the structure of a great story, and how do you practice if you’re not already a public speaker? What to Listen For why storytelling is so powerfulmore compellingunforgettable4 basic steps improve your storytelling abilityemotionsAngel’s Cocktailprofessionalpersonaltell an engaging storypay...


785: How To Tell A Great Story In 8 Easy Steps

Storytelling is the glue which has held humanity together over tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years - but why are stories so important to us, what goes into creating a great story, and what can you do turn any story from your life into a great story worth telling? What to Listen For storytellingsuch a valuable skillengaging and compelling storiesstorytelling abilitymake or breakfocus on the wrong thingsconveying information and connecting uscaptivating the...


784: Expert Networking for Introverts with Karen Wickre

Networking can seem like a daunting task for introverts, so what strengths do introverts bring to the table that extroverts do not, what value can you bring to a network if you are just starting out, and how can you utilize today’s technology to amplify your networking ability? What to Listen For out as an introvertbuild a networkmaster networkervalue can you bringintroverts bring to networkingimprove your listening skillstoolsemail“loose touch” habit“third place” online...


783: Pro Tips To Build Your Dream Network With Brian Dixon

Networking is all about people (obviously), but it can be easy to forget that when we’re thinking about what we can get from the relationships in our lives while we should be thinking about what we can give - so how do you start networking with intentions and making sure they are the correct intentions? What to Listen For personal mission statementstarting your day off on the wrong footdevelop a planasking yourselfafter networking eventsregularly make exciting plansright before your next...


782: Networking Advice No One Tells You

The best networkers prepare for networking events in order to get the most out of them, but how do you go about preparing for a networking event, what are the do’s and don’ts of networking, and is your first impression shooting you in the foot before you even open your mouth? What to Listen For do’s and don’tsyou’re an introvertprepare for a networking eventfirst impression ruin your chancesresearchset yourself up for successchoose what to weartalking to the individualsmake a pitch or try...


781: How To Grow Your Network Through Social Capital

Introduction Networking has picked up a bad rap over the years, but what exactly is networking, how is your network different from your social circle, and how do you go about building a strong network full of great people and amazing opportunities? What to Listen For your social circle and your networkloss of opportunitiesbiggest mythssocial capitaltransactionaldetrimentalfirst impressionstrengthen your networkcasual acquaintancessurround yourselfcommon viewpoint A strong network can...


780: Extreme Negotiations from Battlefield to Boardroom with Aram Donigian

Some of the most intense and important negotiations humanity has witnessed have taken place in and around the field of battle, but how much do they have in common with the negotiations we engage in on a daily basis, what can civilians learn from how the military successfully approaches its negotiations, and what 5 strategies can you implement today in order to improve your negotiation skills? What to Listen For most common mistakesnegotiating to create choicesthink about negotiations in...


779: How To Negotiate With Friends, Build Credibility and Detach From Your Ego with Wil Schroter

In today’s episode we talk with Wil Schroter. Will is a serial entrepreneur who has started 9 companies since 1994 and sold 4 of them to date. He is currently the CEO and founder of Startups.co, the world's largest startup launch platform. A Word From Our Sponsors Share your vulnerabilities, victories, and questions in our 17,000-member private Facebook group at theartofcharm.com/challenge. This is a unique opportunity where everyone — both men and women — celebrate your accountability on...


778: 3 Steps to Make Any Negotiation Bulletproof

Some of the most important decisions in your life involve negotiating with someone more experienced than you, so what can you do today to make sure you are well prepared for every negotiation to come? What to Listen For shooting yourself in the footcooperation versus positioncompetitive mindsetHarvard Negotiation Projectpressure work against youkill your chanceswin-win for all partiesBATNAbulletproof approachgain agreement from the other partyfirst point of agreement Negotiating can be...


777: Negotiating: 4 Things You Must Know + Why Fighting For The Biggest Slice Doesn't Help

The thought of negotiating can instill feelings of discomfort in many of us because we associate negotiating with trying to create a win for us and a loss for the person we are negotiating with, but how would that change if you had the knowledge and confidence to come up with a win-win for just about every negotiation you entered into? What to Listen For misconceptions surrounding negotiatingProspect TheoryPositional Bargaining and AnchoringNOT to lose $100start improvingHarvard...


776: Eric Weinstein Learns the Art of Charm. Part 2 (Find Your Voice)

Finding your voice as an individual is vital to realizing your potential and building a life that allows you to be the best version of yourself, but what does it mean to find your voice, what steps can you take today to discover it, and why will most people die before ever finding their voice? What to Listen For successful networking eventdiscover your voicefind your voicevoicing your opinions and beliefssocial situations inside and outside of workhandle the gender dynamic The more...


775: Your Tough Questions About Decision Making Answered

The narratives we create for ourselves influence everything from life-changing decisions down to what we eat and how we spend our free time, but what exactly is a narrative and how do you go about creating a positive one that pulls you in the direction you want to go in life? What to Listen For career changeevery time you leave a jobnarrativeoveranalyticalmake networking an enjoyable processbecome more likablelikability more important than hard skillsincrease your valuehang on to giftsstop...


774: The 3 Most Common Hurdles in Decision Making, And How to Avoid Them

We make decisions throughout every single day of our lives, but only a certain type of decision can lead to regret later on, so how can you identify those decisions before you make them, what can you do to minimize or eliminate any regret they may cause, and what can you do to become a better decision-maker? What to Listen For some decisions harder than othersregretwe turn it aroundopportunity costyou find yourself being indecisivewhat one thing can you look atdecision fatigueavoid itlead...


773: Eric Weinstein Meets The Art Of Charm. Part 1 (Why we need The Portal)

Technology has an increasing influence on our lives, but did you know even small concentrated doses, such as working all day on a computer (aka a “tech coma”), can have a significant impact on your ability to interact with other people in healthy? What to Listen For his new podcastworld of professional wrestlingIntellectual Dark Web (IDW)break through disinformationdraw a boundarytransfer wealthplatform’s algorithmcritical consumer of informationjust about anything to get your...


772: Dan Ariely: How to Defeat Indecision and Regret

The harder a decision seems to be for people, the less likely it is that we will spend enough time researching it in order to determine what to do - but why is that, how should we handle the component of time when it comes to waiting to make decisions, and what can you do to eliminate the fear of regret in your life? What to Listen For a lot of time researching insignificant decisionslife-changing decisionstake time into accountthree types of decisionsanchoringmarket norms and social...


771: Dealing with Competition, Codependency and High Value Conversations - Q&A with Erin Muroski

Most of us will never undergo professional training in the world of improve and yet we engage in improv almost every day because life is improv - so why should you consider taking an improv class, how does improv relate to self-development, and how can an improv mindset help you to relax in social situations? What to Listen For compete in a place like Hollywoodsomeone you look up to when meeting for the first timefirst meeting someonevalue in learning improvcounterproductivesigns of...