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773: Eric Weinstein Meets The Art Of Charm. Part 1 (Why we need The Portal)

Technology has an increasing influence on our lives, but did you know even small concentrated doses, such as working all day on a computer (aka a “tech coma”), can have a significant impact on your ability to interact with other people in healthy? What to Listen For his new podcastworld of professional wrestlingIntellectual Dark Web (IDW)break through disinformationdraw a boundarytransfer wealthplatform’s algorithmcritical consumer of informationjust about anything to get your...


772: Dan Ariely: How to Defeat Indecision and Regret

The harder a decision seems to be for people, the less likely it is that we will spend enough time researching it in order to determine what to do - but why is that, how should we handle the component of time when it comes to waiting to make decisions, and what can you do to eliminate the fear of regret in your life? What to Listen For a lot of time researching insignificant decisionslife-changing decisionstake time into accountthree types of decisionsanchoringmarket norms and social...


771: Dealing with Competition, Codependency and High Value Conversations - Q&A with Erin Muroski

Most of us will never undergo professional training in the world of improve and yet we engage in improv almost every day because life is improv - so why should you consider taking an improv class, how does improv relate to self-development, and how can an improv mindset help you to relax in social situations? What to Listen For compete in a place like Hollywoodsomeone you look up to when meeting for the first timefirst meeting someonevalue in learning improvcounterproductivesigns of...


770: Leon Logothetis: Traveling the World Relying on Kindness

Kindness costs you nothing but can change someone’s life forever, even your own - but how do we even define kindness, what does it mean to be genuinely kind, and how can a simple act of kindness have such lasting effects on the people around us? What to Listen For deal with possible regretsKindness Diariesdeal with the pushbackpursue your dreamsapproach a stranger for the first timebody languagechoose who he’s going to approachuniversalfavorite life-changing momentdefine kindnesswork on...


769: Laura Heck: AVOID These 4 Behaviors in Any Relationship

The majority of issues we face in relationships can be boiled down to 4 types of behaviors we exhibit. So what are they? How do you identify which ones you exhibit, and what can you do to deal with them in yourself, your partner, friends, family members, and coworkers before they fall apart? What to Listen For Gottman Institutethe issues married couples face versus friends, coworkers, and family membersnewlyweds and couplesimpliedimplicationsbefore entering into a couples therapy...


768: How to set boundaries that set you free

Establishing boundaries can feel intimidating if you’ve never successfully set them before, so why are they so important when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships? Why does a lack of boundaries often lead to undesirable outcomes? What formula can you follow to start setting boundaries today? We’ll answer all those questions this episode. What to Listen For problems in your communicationset boundaries early onproactivewhy does it not matterrefuses to acknowledgelack of...


767: How to master communication in a relationship

Relationships are a two-way street, but when it comes to communication it’s important to understand people have a variety of preferences when it comes to how love and affection are given and received, so what are those preferences, how can you identify what someone’s preferences are, and how can you implement all of this information to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones? What to Listen For strengthen the relationshipsif you think you’re a great listenersomeone to complete...


766: Michael Herold on living a full life when the odds are stacked against you | Q&A

Personal transformation is a long and arduous process, but we all have to start somewhere, so how do you know when it’s time to make such a drastic change, what can you do to stop from feeling overwhelmed in the beginning, and how do you know when it’s time to graduate from one step to the next? What to Listen For accomplishing your goalsfear of public speakingexpand your comfort zonepublic speaker and coachstarting out as a public speakerpractice as a public speakerappreciative of your...


765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation

The role of the father in raising children is often downplayed in society, but what do fathers bring to the table that mothers do not, why does the absence of a father have such long-lasting effects, and what steps can we take today to be there for our children? What to Listen For dad deprivationpurpose voidtwo primary purposes in a man’s lifeaddictive to young menmom-styledad-stylesingle biggest predictor of successpostponement of gratificationaggressive and being assertivereverse...


764: Brett Bartholomew on why drive matters more than motivation and secrets to peak performance

Coaching athletes, or anyone for that matter, does not come with a simple one-size-fits-all approach, so what does effective coaching look like, what do you need to know about those you’re coaching, and who do coaches get coached by? What to Listen For Brett Bartholomewget buy-in with athletes you’re coachingbest coach themHarvard 4 Drive Modelbetter relate to other peopledevelop self-awareness3 stages of internal identificationimposter syndromecoachesbeing responsive and being...


763: Had Enough Pain, Yet? | Toolbox 2

We all know change can be hard, so embarking on a journey of self-development and transformation means there will be pain involved - but is it possible to endure pain without also suffering? Why is it important to have a larger overarching goal throughout your journey, and what actionable steps can you take today to reduce the time and energy it might take to reach your transformation goals? What to Listen For personal transformationpain and sufferingfigure out your valueslarger...


762: 3 Signs That it's Time for Change | Transformation Toolbox 1

Transformation can be accidental or intentional, but if you are going to change and grow as a person, wouldn’t you want to have a say in how you grow and who you become? What to Listen For the courageousturn envy into a motivatormake feelings of envy work for youexperiential avoidance“doomers” and “bloomers”you haven’t accomplished anythingmore damage to your futurechange your futureliving life on the offense and living life on the defensepursuit of self-actualization5-5-5...


761: 5 Ways to Approach Dating Meaningfully | Q&A w/ Dr. Laura Berman

Where do you even begin if you want to get better at meeting people? Improving your communication skills is an excellent place to start. Communication is important in relationships, and even more important when dating. We’ll dig into best practices, tips and strategies for dating and meeting new people with Dr Laura Berman. What to Listen For relationship and sex therapycurrent state of sex edthe way you get aroused the paradox of choicehow you want someone to make you feelDNAapproach...


760: Parents, Part 1: Motherhood and Transformation

This month and next, we decided to dedicate two episodes to parents and the valuable role parenting plays in our development as social beings. On this episode, AJ and Johnny speak with Dr. Alexandra Sacks, about Matrescence - the transition a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. You might be thinking, "well we call that pregnancy," but matrescence is broader than just the changes a mother goes through during pregnancy. Just as teenagers go through hormonal change and a reshaping...


759: Dr. Geoffrey Miller on 5 Signals to Send When Dating

Dating can seem like a torturous uphill battle for many men and women, but it doesn’t have to be - understanding how and why we are attracted to one another can have a significant positive impact on your ability to find happiness in your love life, but how do you take the science behind attraction and use it to make dating fun and engaging? signaling theoryfitness indicatorsmake you more attractivenatural selectionyou want to danceprofiles on dating appsdating app profileprofessional...


758: Three Top Tips to Dating

Understanding social cues and nonverbal communication is arguably more important now than ever - but what does it mean to communicate with someone nonverbally, how much can you say with the delivery of words and the way you carry yourself compared to the words themselves, and why is it important to continue developing your social skills outside of dating and meeting people? What to Listen For numbers gamedetermining compatibilityno longer applicableexperience something together on the...


757: The New Rules to Dating

Dating has evolved due to the influence of technology and the way we communicate - but has the evolution been for the good of all, are all these options helping or hindering us, and why is it still just as important to meet face to face instead of trying to connect via text? What to Listen For remove the fun from datingcreate chemistrythree ways you can meet someonewhere to meet new peoplesabotage yourselfaddicted to falling in lovelimerencewhy should you avoid using itset you up for...


756: Vulnerability: A Key to a Successful Relationship | Q&A w/ Jill Coleman

Relationships are built on trust, but that trust must be maintained over the years with intentional conversations to ensure that both people are on the same page - but how do you approach those conversations in a way that is healthy and promotes open & honest communication so that both of you are comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics?t What to Listen For Jill Colemanovercome the negativitysurvive infidelitybuild a friendship with an ex-partner2 parts to communicationstay focused on...


755: Life Advice: From the Oldest and the Wisest

Many of us tend to overlook one of the greatest sources of wisdom in our lives - our elders - but how much can you learn from one simple conversation, what can you do to better connect with your elders, and what are the secrets to a long and happy life? What to Listen For maintain relationshipssame level of lonelinesslonger and happier lifestrengthen the bondlooking for a mentorconnect with peoplemend broken relationshipsdevelop your sense of empathy We live in an interesting time in...


754: Steven Hayes on Why Craving Pain is Human

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the most effective methods to increase psychological flexibility - but what exactly is ACT, how can it decrease the suffering in your life, and why is it so crucial to leading a happy and fulfilling life, especially in this day and age? What to Listen For bus driver metaphorACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)why something is important to youfull range of emotionsappreciate negative feelingsnegative feelings (like anxiety)infused with...