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TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on news and new releases--comics, video games, toys, TV, film and beyond!

TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on news and new releases--comics, video games, toys, TV, film and beyond!
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TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on news and new releases--comics, video games, toys, TV, film and beyond!




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#423 - Working in 90s Marvel with Editors Tom Brevoort + Ralph Machio | Part 2

From synth to ska, leg warmers to leather jackets: Ryan and Lorraine continue their look at Marvel history, moving on from the tremendous 1980s to the tumultuous 1990s. We also welcome back Marvel editors Tom Brevoort and Ralph Macchio, who candidly recall the challenges Marvel faced as the comics industry transitioned into the final decade of the 20th century. 2:12 - News 5:53 - Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List 6:46 - This Week In Marvel History 12:41 - Big Talk: Hidden Gems of the...


#422 - Working in 80s Marvel with Editors Tom Brevoort + Ralph Macchio | Part 1

Ryan and Lorraine break out the shoulder pads and high-waisted jeans for a look at their favorite comic deep cuts of the 1980s. Then, Ryan interviews Marvel editors Tom Brevoort and Ralph Macchio ('80s comics icon, not '80s movie icon) for an inside look at what it was like working on everything from Civil War to Ultimate Marvel. 1:29 - News 6:49 - Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List 8:02 - This Week In Marvel History 13:12 - Big Talk: Hidden Gems of the ’80s 25:07 - Interview with Ralph...


#421 - Savage She-Hulk, Adam Savage, and More Savage News!

Lorraine takes us through the sensational history of Savage She-Hulk, and Ryan catches up with the savagely clever Adam Savage for a tour of his legendary cave of pop culture treasures. Hit play or She-Hulk will come to your house and rip up all your X-Men. 2:05 - News 4:59 - Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List 5:42 - This Week In Marvel History 8:40 - Big Talk: She-Hulk 23:32 - Interview with Adam Savage 51:18 - Community


#420 - Talking C-3PO With Anthony Daniels

In honor of the release of Fantastic Four: Negative Zone this month, join Ryan and Lorraine as they explore the history of the topsy-turvy dimension that is the Negative Zone! Then, we have a BB-great interview with actor Anthony Daniels about his new book, “I Am C-3PO.” Catch it before it’s too BB-late! 1:02- News 4:15- Top Books From Marvel’s Pull List 6:44- This Week In Marvel History 11:43- Learn about the Negative Zone 29:52- Interview with Anthony Daniels 56:20- Community


#419 - Eight Years of You, and Us, Together, Forever

This Week in Marvel has been around for 8 years but Larry Hama has been making comics for decades. An editor, artist, actor, and veteran, Hama has seen it all, and he's got plenty of stories to share! Plus, Ryan and Lorraine pay tribute to Hama and all heroes this Veteran's Day by looking back at Marvel's storied wartime comics. We're also here to celebrate YOU, the fans that make this show possible! Be sure to stay tuned for the wonderful messages we received from fans around the world in...


"Marvels" Podcast Trailer + Kurt Busiek Interview!

Like Galactus dropping in on Earth for an extremely casual "hello," we're here to drop the trailer for our brand new fiction podcast, Marvels! Based on the graphic novel by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, Marvels takes place in the aftermath of the Fantastic Four's battle with Galactus, high above New York City, for the fate of the world. Be sure to stay tuned after the trailer for an interview with Busiek about the creation of one of Marvel's most iconic series! (1:32) - Trailer (3:31) -...


#418 – Tini Howard Writes So Many Books It's Spooky!

On this, the day after All Hallow's Eve, writer Tini Howard has bartered her soul to have THREE DIFFERENT tomes published by the illustrious Marvel Comics. They are and will forever be known to those mortals among us as EXCALIBUR #1, STRIKEFORCE #2, and DOCTOR STRANGE ANNUAL #1. Beware dear listener, as Ryan Penagos takes you on a journey into the twists and turns of the creator's mind! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ryan and Lorraine also talk about everything announced at MCM London Comic-Con. (8:00) -...


#417 – A Kinda Funny Story

Ryan visited Kinda Funny’s San Francisco offices to talk to co-founders Greg Miller and Nick Scarpino about leaving IGN and building their own entertainment company. Rickey Purdin, Marvel's Talent Relations Director, steps in as co-host to talk Marvel’s wonderful history of horror artists! 9:30 - This week in Marvel history 17:40 - Top Books from Marvel’s Pull List 18:15 - Marvel horror art talk 31:42 - Interview with Greg Miller and Nick Scarpino of Kinda Funny 59:38 - Community


#416 – It’s Pinky’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Rob Paulsen, who voiced all of your favorite childhood characters (Yakko, Pinky, Raphael, Carl Wheezer, and just so so many more) joins us this week to talk about working with Stephen Spielberg, meeting his fans, and his new book about overcoming throat cancer: Voice Lessons: How a Couple of Ninja Turtles, Pinky, and an Animaniac Saved My Life. Also, Ryan and co-host James Monroe Iglehart run down the frankly astounding scope of the Disney+ offerings and their own favorite moments in...


#415 - Absolute Sadness with Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman

Ryan and Lorraine pull out their favorite Marvel comics tear-jerkers for you this week before diving into ABSOLUTE CARNAGE with the bad boys of comics, writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman.


NYCC 2019: Day 4 Recap

This is it! The final 2019 New York Comic Con recap! Ryan and Lorraine recap Sunday’s events, including the world premiere of ‘Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri,' and end this year’s con with a lightning round of This Week in Marvel History.


NYCC 2019: Day 3 Recap

Three-quarters of the way through New York Comic Con, Ryan and Lorraine round off the day with another recap episode! They debrief on Wolverine news, the Marvel Hero Project, and more.


NYCC 2019: Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of New York Comic Con ends not with a whimper but a bang! Ryan and Lorraine talk new Marvel Comics creative teams, Marvel's Runaways Season 3, and Ms. Marvel joining Marvel's Avengers. But that's not all, we also have artists Matt Ferguson and Doaly on to discuss creating epic posters for Marvel Studios, and their 2019 Comic-Con exclusives.


NYCC 2019: Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of New York Comic Con comes to a close as Ryan and Lorraine debrief on what seems like a month’s worth of Marvel announcements. Marvel’s Realm of Champions, Captain Marvel breakout hero Star, Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Damage Control and so. much. more!


#414 - TWIM Live! @ NYCC 2019

Live from New York Comic Con, Ryan and Lorraine are accompanied by a squadron of Spider-creators: Leah Williams (Writer, The Amazing Mary Jane), Seanan McGuire (Writer, Ghost-Spider), Frank Tieri (Writer, Ruins of Ravencroft), and the editor of all things Spidey, Nick Lowe! Catch the latest on Ghost-Spider, Carnage, Mary Jane and the return of Spider-Man 2099!


#413 - TWIM LIVE at the Cartoon Art Museum!

Ryan is in San Francisco this week! On this special live episode of This Week in Marvel, Ryan and guest cohost Greg Miller are joined by a slew of guests, including artist Arthur Adams, writer Matthew Rosenberg, and Cartoon Art Museum curator Andrew Farago.


Lit Hop with MC Lars and Mega Ran

On this special bonus episode, Ryan and James Monroe Iglehart welcome MC Lars and Mega Ran for a conversation about Lit Hop (rapping about literature), their undying love of everything Marvel, and their newest album: The Dewey Decibel System. Don't miss their incredible freestyle team-up with our very own Freestyler Supreme: James Monroe Iglehart!


#412 - Good Guys Go Bad

Ryan and Lorraine become one with the dark side while discussing Marvel Heroes who take a turn for the bad. Then, Lorraine chats all things Super Heroes with author Brad Meltzer. Learn about his lifelong fandom and relationship with Marvel, his parallels with lawyer Matt Murdock, and his new series of books about real-life heroes, the "I am..." series. PLUS: TWIM is coming to San Francisco! On Thursday, 9/26 at 6:30PM, join Ryan and guest cohost Greg Miller (of Kinda Funny fame) for a live...


#411 - From Interns to Superstars

Ryan and Lorraine recount all of the incredible Marvel Comics hitting shelves this December before chatting with ABSOLUTE CARNAGE writer Donny Cates and editor Devin Lewis about their time working for Marvel as interns.


#410 - Catching the Joywave

After announcing a special lineup of Mondo Marvel merch abailable at MondoCon, Ryan and Lorraine highlight the best smooches in Marvel history. Then, Lorraine talks to Joywave members Paul Brenner and Daniel Armbruster about how Captain America came to listen to their new single on the back page of a recent issue of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.