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Geoff Johns Reviews Stargirl Eps 1 and 2

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SPOILERS Behind the scenes facts from Geoff about the new CW and DC Universe TV Series

SPOILERS Behind the scenes facts from Geoff about the new CW and DC Universe TV Series


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SPOILERS Behind the scenes facts from Geoff about the new CW and DC Universe TV Series






Writing Your First Comic Tips From Sam Humphries

The Hammer is back! Sam talks about writing Harley Quinn and Dial H For Hero . We also talk about him co-hosting DC Daily on DC Universe , but Sam has a ton of tips about writing your first comic book .


Animation Harley Quinn review Season 1 eps 11 12 13 with Patrick Schumacker

Behind the scenes stories about episodes 11 12 and 13 from Patrick. Watch the videos at word balloon's YouTube channel


Comics Alex deCampi on Bad Karma Madi Dracula Mother Fu**er and More

Alex's Bad Karma is another new Panel syndicate Pay what you want digital comic about 2 former army vets in an action packed homefront story. We talk about her upcoming 70's Dracula Book set in 70's LA and a new kickstarter OGN co-written with filmmaker Duncan Jones set in Jones's Moon and Mute universe.


Ep 1059 Geeking Out With Mark Waid An Aw Yeah Comics Special

From The Aw Yeah Comics Podcast Mark Waid hangs out with Franco and Marc Hammond , talking about being life long comics fans. No agenda, just fun conversation


A Mike Norton Moment With the AwYeah Podcast

Me Franco Art Baltazar Scoot McMahon and Skoke Campobosso chat with Mike Norton about drawing for DC and Marvel, The Goon, Grumble and Mike's run with Art and Franco on Billy Batson and The Power Of Shazam


Sci-Fi Comics Comedian Rick Green On The History Of Prisoners Of Gravity

POG was an incredible sci-fi interview tv show that featured Will Eisner Jack Kirby Ray Bradbury among their guests. Rick hosted and co-created the show and was a staple of Canadian Television Comedy on hit shows like Red Green and the sketch comedy troupe The Frantics. Today Rick does a lot of work helping people with ADHD . It's a fascinating conversation.


Ep 1053 Comics Mike Oeming and Taki Soma Talk Powers 20th OGN and After Realm

Checking in with one of my favorite comics couples. Mike gives us an update on the upcoming Powers 20th Anniversary Giant graphic novel with Brian Bendis. Mike and Taki also have a new Kickstarter for their series After Realm that deserves your attention.


Ep 1051 Comics History A Marty Pasko Meditation Pt1

From 2011 Marty and I did a couple marathon sessions that explore his work his time at DC and his reflections of Comic book History and it;s possible future. Look for Part 2 on the feed as well


Ep 1049 Comics Walter and Louise Simonson an AwYeah Podcast special

From The Aw Yeah podcast, A great chat with the Simonsons. Support the Aw Yeah Comics Store Patreon Page at


Aftershock Comics Joe Pruett

An in depth discussion with Aftershock's chief creative officer


The Comics Biz At This moment with Heidi McDonald & Vaneta Rogers

Sharp Points Of View with 2 of the top reporters in the comics biz. Heidi at The Beat and Vaneta one of the top reporters at Newsarama