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Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."

Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."
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Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."






Surveillance: Lyft Investors Are Paying For Future, Segram Says

Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago Booth School Finance Professor, talks bank mergers and the benefits of being "too big to fail." Haran Segram, NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business Professor, says Lyft investors are paying for the future instead of the current state of affairs of the company. Brooke Sutherland, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, talks about the latest developments in the Boeing investigation. Sridhar Natarajan, Bloomberg Wall Street Reporter, discusses the alleged...


Surveillance: This AI Cycle Is Different, NYU's Dhar Says

Jerome Schneider, PIMCO Head of Short-Term Bond Portfolios, says investors must calibrate expectations taking into account higher volatility. Brian Wieser, GroupM Global President of Business Intelligence, talks the future of the ad industry. Vasant Dhar, NYU Stern Professor, explains why this AI cycle is different. Viviana Hurtado, Bloomberg Reporter, details exciting new developments from New York City's new Hudson Yards. Barry Strauss, Cornell Professor of History, discusses his book "Ten...


Surveillance: U.K. Unprepared For No-Deal Brexit, Dimon Says

Steve Eisman, Neuberger Berman Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses his three U.K. bank shorts. Patricia Mosser, Columbia University Economic Policy Management Program Director, says China and Europe are slowing the U.S. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chairman and CEO, says trade imbalances could cause a financial recession. David Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group Co-Founder & Co-Executive Chairman, says there's no evidence that going to elite schools will make children do better in life. Ambassador...


Surveillance: EM Valuations Are Very Cheap, Memani Says

Raghuram Rajan, Former RBI Governor and University of Chicago Booth School of Business, says the college admissions scandal is a "blow to the system". Brian Levitt, OppenheimerFunds Senior Investment Strategist, says he is starting to see stabilization in Chinese growth. Krishna Memani, OppenheimerFunds CIO, says EM investing is about companies rather than geographies. Laura Francis, Bloomberg Law Senior Legal Editor, says it's highly unlikely that the budget bill passes Congress. Christina...


Surveillance: RBC Open To Tactical Acquisitions, McKay Says

Dave McKay, RBC President & CEO, says the company is open to "tactical" acquisitions. Howard Ward, Gabelli Funds CIO of Growth Equities, believes that orders of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 will remain intact. Lindsey Piegza, Stifel Chief Economist, says wage growth came too little and too late. Christopher Jasper, Bloomberg European Transportation Deputy Team Leader, explains the differences between the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and previous models.


Surveillance: Trade Spat Impact Is Overstated, Weinberger Says

Carl Weinberg, High Frequency Economics Chief Economist, doesn't think the trade spat is directly behind China's slow economic growth. Nick Lardy, Peterson Institute for International Economics Senior Fellow, highlights that consumption is now the major source of growth in China. Chris Bryant, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, says it's unclear if the cause of the Ethiopian crash was a Boeing design flaw. Henrietta Treyz, Veda Partners Director of Economic Policy, doubts that fair trade will be...


Surveillance: Household Survey Was Up, Kudlow Notes

Lawrence Kudlow, White House National Economic Council Director, joins Jonathan Ferro to discuss this month's surprising jobs report.


Surveillance: Labor Force Growth Is Slowing, Joseph Cohen Says

To celebrate International Women's Day, Bloomberg Surveillance brings you top voices in the worlds of finance, economics and international affairs. Mona Mahajan, Allianz Global Investors Director & U.S. Investment Strategist, says at some point, Europe could become interesting from a dividend perspective. Kathy Jones, Schwab Center for Financial Research Chief Fixed Income Strategist, expects 10-year Treasury yields to go below 2.5%. Julia Coronado, MacroPolicy Perspectives President &...


Surveillance: The EU Needs A Weaker Euro, Rosenberg Says

David Rosenberg, Gluskin Scheff Chief Economist & Strategist, says the EU needs a weaker euro to stimulate the manufacturing sector. Bill Lee, Milken Chief Economist, says global equity markets would crash if President Trump walked away from a deal with China. David Owen, Jefferies International Chief European Financial Economist, talks the challenges of the "large and fragmented" EU banking sector. Louise Yamada, Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, feels more constructive about gold.


Surveillance: Fed Tightening May Be Back In 2019, Dudley Says

Vince Cable, U.K. Liberal Democrat Party Leader, says India will overtake China. Alan Ruskin, Deutsche Bank Global Co-Head of FX Strategy, says the ECB has its hands tied. William Dudley, Princeton Senior Research Scholar & Former Federal Reserve Bank Of New York President, thinks Fed tightening might be on the table in the second half of 2019. Sarah House, Wells Fargo Securities Senior Economist, notes financial conditions are the easiest since last October. Saleha Mohsin, Bloomberg U.S....


Surveillance Special: China's Economic Slowdown

Elizabeth Economy, CFR Senior Fellow & Director for Asia Studies, says there's a sense of political malaise in China. David Ingles, Bloomberg Markets Reporter, joins us from Beijing to report on China's lowering of its growth target. Marianne Petsing-Schneider, Chatham House U.S. Geo-Economics Fellow for U.S. and the Americas Programme, says the U.S. is now in a stronger negotiating position for trade talks with China. Daniel Katzive, BNP Head of FX Strategy North America, says the renminbi...


Surveillance: Europe Remains Our Weak Sister, Chandler Says

Russ Koesterich, BlackRock Global Allocation Team Portfolio Manager, is concerned about companies with business models dependent on a growing economy. Liz Young, BNY Mellon Investment Management Director of Market Strategy, thinks we have overdone this rally "a little bit." Liz McCormick, Bloomberg News FX & Bonds Reporter, discusses modern monetary theory. Marc Chandler, Bannockburn Global Forex Chief Market Strategist & Managing Partner, says Europe remains the weak sister. Haran Segram,...


Surveillance: The Fed Is Probably Not Done Hiking, Dudley Says

Willam Dudley, Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President, thinks the Fed is probably not done yet with hiking. Priya Misra, TD Securities Head of Global Interest-Rates Strategy, recommends to keep duration risk light. Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, doesn't think there is a do-over in Amazon coming to New York City. Bill Gross, Janus Capital Management Fund Manager, tells Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker how having Asperger's syndrome has helped him in his career.


Surveillance: Far From Denuclearization, Collins Says

Kevin Cirilli, Bloomberg TV & Radio Chief Washington Correspondent, brings us an update from Hanoi. Chris Grisanti, Grisanti Capital Management CEO, says for growth, China needs stimulus and a trade deal. Lisa Collins, Center for Strategic & International Studies Fellow, highlights the challenges ahead for Kim Jong Un as he aims to open up his country. Katherine Moon, Wellesley College Professor of Political Science & Brookings Institution Nonresident Senior Fellow, thinks the Hanoi summit...


Surveillance: Solving The Nuclear Problem With Adm. Stavridis

Todd Mariano, Eurasia Group U.S. Director, and Shahab Jalinoos, Credit Suisse Head of FX & Macro Trading Strategy, discuss their expectations for the Trump and Kim summit. Iain Marlow, Bloomberg South Asia Government Reporter, says India is unlikely to engage in talks with Pakistan. Carl Riccadonna, Bloomberg Economics Chief U.S. Economist, and Jeanna Smialek, Bloomberg Fed Reporter, update us on what to look for in Powell's second day of testimony. James Stavridis, Bloomberg Opinion...


Surveillance: My View Of Capitalism Is Localism, Rajan Says

Raghuram Rajan, Author of "The Third Pillar" and Former Reserve Bank of India Governor, advocates for pushing decision making back to the local level. Julian Emanuel, BTIG Chief Equity and Derivatives Strategist, wants a break in the rally because we could get a performance chase. Diane Swonk, Grant Thorton Chief Economist, says there is a blind faith in China's ability to provide growth and command. Taylor Riggs, Bloomberg News Reporter, brings us an update from the JPMorgan Investor Day.


Surveillance: EM Could Outperform DM, Greg Boutle Says

Greg Boutle, BNP Paribas U.S. Head of Equity and Derivative Strategy, explains the confluence of factors that could lead EM to outperform DM. Karen Ubelhart, Bloomberg Intelligence Industrials Analyst, says selling Danaher solves a big chunk of GE's debt problem. Julia Coronado, Macropolicy Perspectives President & Founder, expects another flattening of the dot plot in the March Fed's meeting. Jean Case, "Be Fearless" Author, talks the role of failure in success stories.


Surveillance: Not Trade War But Tech Theft, Feldstein says

Marty Feldstein, Harvard University Professor of Economics, says China is focused on trade deficits to divert from trade theft. Tara LaChapelle, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, blames Kraft Heinz's fall on the company's short-sighted strategy. Kathy Jones, Schwab Center for Financial Research Chief Fixed Income Strategist, says we're still not clear about what the Fed is doing. Anne Mathias, Vanguard Group Senior Strategist of Global Rates & FX, says trade disputes are a proxy for worries about...


Surveillance: The Equity Market Can Rally, Calvasina Says

Carl Weinberg, High Frequency Economics Chief Economist, says Chinese numbers are more stable than ours [in the U.S.]. John Micklethwait, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief, discusses his latest piece on the end of the Anglosphere, the global influence of the U.S. and Britain. Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter Editor, says we are still in a bull market. Lori Calvasina, RBC Head of U.S. Equity Strategy, thinks there is still "a little bit of room" in equity markets.


Surveillance: We Will See More Volatility, Warne Says

Andreas Utermann, Allianz Global Investors CEO, and David Herro, Harris Associates CIO of International Equities, debate active and passive investment. Philippe Reines, Former Hillary Clinton Adviser, says Republicans are now less focused on social values and more on economics. Mark Connors, Credit Suisse Managing Director and Global Head of Portfolio & Risk Advisory, discusses upcoming challenges for hedge funds. Kate Warne, Edward Jones Investment Strategist, sees more investment...