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The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720

The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720
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Chicago, IL


The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720




Wintrust Business Lunch 7/15/19: The Cumin Club, The Larger Healthcare Conversation & Boeing’s Push Back

The meal delivery market has helped put Chicago food startups on the map, but Katherine Davis noted that the competition is becoming fierce. Steve Bertrand and Katherine talked about the latest addition to the Chicago market called The Cumin Club, and a number of other tech stories around the city. Amy Guth is previewed the Crain’s Daily Gist podcast touching on the conversation about whether healthcare is a fundamental right, and Lewis Lazare is updated the business world on the […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/12/19: Jobs Jobs Jobs, Restaurant Openings/Closings, & Chicago’s Tech 50

The Chicago business scene seems to keep moving along and the recent Accenture growth announcement is a perfect example of that – Steve Bertrand and Andrea Hanis discussed the number of local companies with their own announcements . Jeanne Allen is looking from the outside in at the Chicago Public School system, Ashok Selvam is keeping his eyes on all of the restaurant opening in Crate & Barrel and John Pletz is announcing the annual Tech 50 list.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/11/19: The White House Social Media Summit, Soxers & Chicago’s New Bungalow

The world of social media is feeling a buzz because of the White House’s Social Media Summit but Ian Sherr jumped on with Steve Bertrand to discuss how the social media companies are feeling a little left out. Bill Geiger is reminding listeners about the basics of retirement, Chris Wroblewski is sharing the detail behind his new menswear product, Soxers and Amy Guth is explaining how the Chicago could be getting a new kind of bungalow.


Bill Geiger on Sticking to The Retirement Plan

The markets are hitting new highs and that excites Steve Bertrand, but Bill Geiger (Geiger Wealth Management) wants to remind Steve that a safety net is a good idea. The Geiger Wealth Money Map is what Steve and Bill touched on which is what can help ease concerns about straying from the path.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/10/19: Federal Reserve Strategy, US Evictions Rising & Arlington Race Track’s Future

The Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell has been creating plenty of news during his Capitol Hill testimony today, so Steve Bertrand and Terry Savage broke down the most important statements that came out of the activity. The two also discussed the buzz that is being created by the value of gold, Andrea Riquier is looking at the concerning levels of apartment evictions across the U.S., and Frank Sennett hopes that the Arlington Race Track will continue to have horses in its […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/9/19: Wall Street Waits, Wine in a Can, & Jim Belushi’s Rise in Marijuana

All the eyes and ears of Wall Street are on Capitol Hill where they are awaiting the comments by the Federal Reserve Chairman, and Jon Najarian explained to Steve Bertrand why these comments are important for anticipating the next recession. Matt Moersch is taking his local Round Barn Winery to the can beverage market, Julia Wick is explaining why social media influencers aren’t welcomed at every business, and Amy Guth is awaiting Jim Belushi’s rise into the marijuana farming industry. […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/6/19: Michael Corkery, Steve Daniels

Amy Guth discusses business news of the week, including beverage companies resisting change to meet recycling demands, an upcoming battle for ComEd in Illinois, the sale of Taylor Swift’s master recordings, and more.


Wintrust Community Leader: Classic Cinemas’ Chris Johnson

As downtown movie theaters slowly die off, Steve Bertrand talks to the man who is bringing these iconic venues back to life. Chris Johnson (CEO of Classic Cinemas) explains the rehabbing of these theaters and what it takes to stay current and competitive in the movie-goer market.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/5/19: June Jobs Report, Classic Cinemas & Eat More Chick-Fil-A

While the country continues to enjoy the holiday weekend Steve Bertrand finishes out the short work week with Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Daniel Zhao who helps break down the released jobs report for June. Tom Gimbel tells us why everyone isn’t on summer vacation but it just seems like it. Chris Johnson shares where the movie business is really making their money and Steve Robinson continues to share how Chik-Fil-A makes eating chicken fun.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/3/19: Wall Street Celebrates 4th of July With Record Highs

As Steve Bertrand opened the show, Wall Street closed for the Fourth of July holiday. The short trading day ended with new highs, which made Terry Savage very happy, but there were a couple other things on Terry’s mind including student loan interest rates and the bull market that is making history.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/2/19: Nike Is Stirring The Market, Chick-Fil-A’s Story & Hard Seltzers Growing

Much of Wall Street is already on vacation, but Jon Najarian isn’t. Steve Bertrand checked in with Jon Najarian and learned about what he is seeing on the trading floor with Nike’s latest shoe creating a lot of negative buzz. Kelly Leonard is rediscovering the way that leadership flows into the world of improv, Steve Robinson is explaining how he helped Chik-Fil-A become the most popular fast-food restaurant in the US, and Amy Guth is keeping her eyes on the […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/1/19: Hyperloop Becoming Real (?), Chicago’s Real Estate & Your Neighborhood Drug Dealer

The Hyperloop from Elon Musk has created buzz for the last seven years now, but consumers have yet to have the opportunity to get from one state to another in less than an hour. Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis explained to Steve Bertrand that there is new legislation that could take it one step closer to becoming a reality. Ilyce Glink jumped in studio to recap her visit to the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference, and Amy Guth […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/29/19: Ben Casselman, Douglas MacMillan

Amy Guth is joined by New York Times reporter Ben Casselman to discuss how investors are changing the housing market. Later, the Washington Post’s Douglas MacMillan breaks down his recent story on data brokers, how they share our data, and what two states are trying to do to change some of those practices.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/28/19: O’hare Renovation Hiccups, Loop Demographics & Taste of Chicago 2019

O’hare has had a number of renovations in recent years, but not without it’s hiccups. Steve Bertrand and Andrea Hanis discussed the “people mover” that has been shut down for almost a year now and what project is next for the airport overhaul. Jessica Cabe is sharing the numbers behind the immense business/resident growth of the Loop with, Neal Heitz is previewing this year’s Taste of Chicago on July 10th-July 14th, and Stephanie Goldberg is explaining why area hospitals just […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/27/19: Celebrating Amazon Prime Day, Railroad Industry Stability, & Amped Kitchens

Our economy is chugging along and things are good for a lot of U.S. companies, so Steve Bertrand and Ian Sherr reflected on one of the biggest e-commerce phenomena that has grown along with us – Amazon Prime Day. Larry Jordan is explaining the steady efficiency of the rail system that moves 40% of freighted goods in the country, and Amy Guth is talking about the newest food business incubator taking the place of the old Zenith factory in Belmont […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/25/19: The Flag Business, United Airlines Drag Show, & AbbVie Gets a Facelift

Jon Najarian is always in the loop with what’s going on with Wall Street, and Steve Bertrand is looking at what is causing the dip of the day, but more importantly, what he is buying and selling before the closing bell rings. Gus Porter is explaining how the flag manufacturing business is thriving during these patriotic times with WGN Flag and Decorating Co., Lewis Lazare is keeping tabs on United Airlines celebrating Pride Month, and Amy Guth is focusing on […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/24/19: Buying A Couch Online, Expunging Student Debt, & Nat. Safety Council on E-Scooters

Buying new furniture can be very time consuming and expensive, but Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis explained to Steve Bertrand that buying the living room’s bulkiest item can be cheap and delivered straight to the front door with Burrow. Ilyce Glink is sorting through the possibility of the U.S. Government forgiving American’s of their student debt, and Amy Guth is helping scooter riders stay safe by sharing the National Safety Council’s stance on the popular transportation devices.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/22/19: – Zeke Faux , Danny Ecker

Amy Guth discusses business news of the week, Wall Street reporter at Bloomberg Zeke Faux joins the conversation to talk about Bloomberg’s series of stories on predatory lenders. Danny Ecker reporter at Crain’s Chicago Business also joins Amy to discuss the legalization of sports betting and what to expect from sports teams


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/21/19: Office Phone Booths, Multi-Generational Workers & Fulton Market Real Estate

Ilyce Glink is the stepping in for Steve Bertrand for the last day this week and wrapped up the week with Andrea Hanis explaining how the open office space is seeing a certain solution for privacy needs. Tom Gimbel is helping offices with multi-generational work forces get along, Mike LaVista is walking businesses through the kind of technology that should be invested in, and Danny Ecker is watching the latest real estate movements going on in Fulton Market.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/20/19: Social Media’s Move Towards Regulation, The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, & $25M House

Social media and digital communication sites are some of the heaviest hitters when it comes to influencing the public but Joan Solsman explained to Ilyce Glink that politics are getting involved to regulate these players, and that means things are going to move slowly. Celeste Adams is updating the next chapter of the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural legacy while Dennis Rodin is finding the positive in the overwhelmingly negative Chicago market by spending plenty of time last week in some...