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The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720

The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720
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Chicago, IL


The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720




Wintrust Business Lunch 5/20/19: Mayor Lightfoot on Chicago Business, Gen Z Buying Homes, & Ford Job Cuts

Lori Lightfoot is now officially the Mayor of Chicago but Chicago Inno is still curious to see where her perspective towards business in Chicago will take the city. Steve Bertrand checked in on where Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis see the mayor shaping business scene but also discussed the newest dating app where money is a very important factor. Ilyce Glink is looking at the generation that might be the ones to save the housing market in the near future, […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/17/19: Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple, Workplace Innovation, & IL Marijuana Bill Slows

The prices on the Apple app store might be adjusting in the near future because Andrea Hanis explained the class action lawsuit against Apple to Steve Bertrand and hes surprised about the kind of support that the case is receiving. Tom Gimbel is wondering what spurs innovation in the workplace, while Meghan Harte is trying to better developments in underappreciated neighborhoods, and John Pletz is following up on his story from last week on why the marijuana bill is being […]


Bill Geiger On Developing A Secondary Source of Income in Retirement

Retirement situations are incredibly individualized, so that’s why Bill Geiger (Geiger Wealth Management) reiterated to Steve Bertrand the importance of having steady source of income, but that income can come from a number of different places.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/16/19: The Breaking Point with Facebook, Handshake Deals, & Uber in The Post Office

What is the breaking point with Facebook? Steve Bertrand discussed the boiling put of social media regulations with Ian Sherr to sort through what would, should, or could be done to the future of social media, in order to protect the users. Bill Geiger checked in to explain the different ways to form income during retirement, Philippe Weiss is reanalyzing the age-old ways of building business deals off a handshake, and Amy Guth is sharing the latest on the renovations […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/15/19: The Way We Look At Taxes, Sports Betting, & A New Chocolate?

Illinois has some of the highest taxes in the country and it’s at the top of mind with Steve Bertrand and Terry Savage as they wrapped up a heated conversation with the statement, “taxes wont plug the pension hole.” Terry also discussed her most recent article covering student loans since it’s that time of the year again. Frank Sennett is thinking about the day sports betting becomes legal in Chicago, and Amy Guth is fulfilling her sweet tooth and with […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/14/19: The Market Drivers of The Day & Conversations with Mark Vargas

The markets bounced back a bit today after yesterday’s dip and Jon Najarian explained to Steve Bertrand why he is still focused on the Uber’s IPO, and how Disney buying out Comcast’s position in Hulu is bad news for Netflix. Mark Vargas then stopped by the studio to preview his upcoming speaker series at Judson University featuring the first guest, Mark Cuban.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/13/19: Outcome Health’s Most Recent Move, Avoiding Chinese Tariffs & Chicago’s Auction Industry

Outcome Health was the poster child of the startup community in Chicago last year, but Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis have followed the story all the way to now and they shared their most recent/surprising business decision. Ilyce Glink is keeping her eyes on the immediate impacts of the U.S./China trade war that’s boiling up this week, and Amy Guth is looking to Chicago’s auction industry where the money and art is flowing.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/11/19: Corrie Driebusch, David McLaughlin

Amy Guth discusses the business headlines of the week including Uber’s IPO, an investigation into Expedia, a Facebook co-founder calling for its breakup, a Disney heiress calling out Bob Iger for his high salary, and more.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/10/19: Breaking Up Facebook, Non-Existent Jobs, & IL Marijuana Bill Details

Do the social media giants have too much power? Would it even be possible to breakup Facebook? These are a couple of the questions Steve Bertrand and Andrea Hanis threw around after news came out this week about one of the co-founder proposing a disbanding of the company. Tom Gimbel is helping employers find the right people for the job, Gary Mills is looking to the jobs that haven’t even been invented yet, and John Peltz is sharing the dirty […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/8/19: Rolling Over IRA’s, Pension Payment Positives, & Sports Betting in IL

Terry Savage has been keeping tabs on the tariffs since the trade war with China started under President Trump and things are heating up again so she broke down with Steve Bertrand what it all means right now and what it could mean after the talks, while also discussing her recent article on inheriting an IRA. Frank Sennett is explaining why Illinois might actually be able to pay out some of the pension payments this year and on the Crains […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/7/19: Tariff/Trade Progress, Unspoken Agreements, & The Census Impacting Chicago

The agricultural industry has seen many changes since the tariff wars began with China so Steve Bertrand and Orion Samuelson checked in as trade talks start to heat up. Kelly Leonard is breaking down the unspoken agreements that usually get misinterpreted in the workplace, while Jeff Meredith is explaining how the Illinois based Chamberlain Group is partnering with Amazon to deliver packages safely, and Amy Guth is checking in on the census conversation that is front and center on today’s...


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/6/19: Food/Beverage Scene Thrives, Reshaping Seasoned Workers & Boeing Stumbles Continue

The food and beverage scene in the Midwest continues to impress and University of Chicago startup Quevo is another one of those stories after winning a competition from Peapod. Steve Bertrand learned of their future with Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis of Chicago Inno. Ilyce Glink is checking in to help older workers reshape themselves if they have been laid off in their mid-50’s and Amy Guth is kicking off a regular segment previewing the Crains Daily Gist podcast, today’s […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/4/19: Grace Schneider, Rachel Monroe

Amy Guth is joined by Grace Schneider from the Louisville Courier-Journal to discuss the business of the Kentucky Derby. Later, Rachel Monroe breaks down her story for the New York Times about Meow Wolf, an art collective that turned their art into big business.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/3/19: Beyond Meat’s IPO, McDonalds Hiring AARP Members, & Maine’s Styrofoam Ban

Andrea Hanis had a busy week with the number of tech/startup stories that made headlines in the last few days and she shared them with Steve Bertrand including Beyond Meat’s IPO and Farmer Fridge’s news of steady expansion. Tom Gimbel reflected on the jobs report that came out today (wondering how long the good times will last), Christina Coyle is detailing the new partnership between McDonalds and AARP working to hire senior workers, and Kevin Miller is reporting on a […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/2/19: Chicago Officially Getting E-Scooters, West Lake Hospital, & In Debt For Childhood Sports

Scooters are officially coming to the city of Chicago after plenty of tests, and learning from other states. However, before we jump for joy, Ian Sherr shared with Steve Bertrand his concerns we should be aware of before they are fully rolled out. Bill Geiger is getting into the mind of a retiree sharing the most common questions he hears in his office, Lisa Schencker is sharing the latest on the closing of the West Lake Hospital in Melrose Park, […]


Geiger On The Most Common Retirement Questions

There are plenty of questions that need to be answered when it comes to retirement planning, and though every situation is unique, Bill Geiger (Geiger Wealth Management) sees four reoccurring questions that need to be answered and Steve Bertrand sorted through them all.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/1/19: No Surprises From The Fed, Big-Box Retail Woes, & Farmers Market Season

The Federal Reserve will finish up their two day meeting and many are expecting the same outcome as last month (including Terry Savage) – no change to the interest rates. Steve Bertrand and Terry discussed the other factors that might shake things up or keep things steady as the economy continues to grind. Frank Sennett is providing some new store ideas for all of the empty big-box retail in the area, and Melissa Flynn is preparing for the farmers market […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 4/30/19: A Soft Market Day, The Wienermobile, & Unmanned Vehicles at Airports

The market has rocked back and forth today, but Jon Najarian still described the day as “soft”, however Steve Bertrand still had plenty of questions with the large earnings out this week including Alphabet and Apple. Steve checked in with two Oscar Mayer Wienermobile drivers (Hotdoggers, Hayley Rozman and Kyle Edwards) , Shamus Toomey explained why there are two million bees being brought to the city, and Brian Wynne is helping the drones become more productive in society with his […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 4/29/19: Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital, Unaffordable Summer Vacations & Technology Overflow In The Office

Do you know know the difference between raising capital and bootstrapping? Steve Bertrand and Jim Dallke discuss the difference between the two and how bootstrapping is the other side of the startup world that doesn’t get the limelight too often. Ted Rossman explained how over 30 million Americans won’t be able to afford a summer vacation this year (but more importantly how to squeeze one in) and Ilyce Glink is helping employees/employers balance the workplace with human interaction and...


Wintrust Business Lunch 4/27/19: Boeing 737 Max crisis, simplifications in the landlord-tenant process, Grubhub, and Hollywood!

To kick off the show, Amy Guth talks to Washington Post reporter, Aaron Greg about all the unknowns that remain in the Boeing 737 Max crisis, and the effect it is having on airlines. To read Aaron’s article click here. Next on the show Amy is joined with the CEO of Avail, Ryan Coon. Avail is a local property tech startup that simplifies the landlord-tenant process; they recently rebranded, and last week raised $2.5 million in another round of funding; […]