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058 Identify Your Blindspots to Create Career Success – Gregory Gray

Gregory Gray is a business advisor and executive coach based out of Nashville. Through his blog, podcast and consulting service Business Owner Freedom, he aims to provide his clients with the clarity they need to maximize their professional and personal success. For Greg, a successful entrepreneurial career requires a clear vision and the courage to be yourself. In this episode, Greg discusses why every career needs a vision, how to seek out and eliminate our professional blind spots, and...


057 What Would You Quit If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail – Nick Murphy

Nick is in the middle of his “Go Live” challenge for March (see episode 53), where he and some of his closest friends post live videos on social media platforms of their choice. In one of the more recent videos, he pondered what was holding people back from quitting their day job and creating something new. In this minisode, Nick wants you to ask yourself: what would you quit, and what would you create, if you knew you couldn't fail? THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS EPISODE: - What would you quit...


056 Sales Strategies for the Non-Salesperson – Jane Garee

Jane Garee is the founder and owner of Lilyflower Enterprises and a self-described “sales strategist for the non-sales person.” Through her training, mentorship, and emphasis on selling not just your product but the authentic “you,” she helps her clients achieve their greatest dreams. In this episode, Jane dismantles misconceptions about sales, emphasizes authenticity as key to sales success, and has a few suggestions for entrepreneurs looking to beef up their sales tactics. THE FINER...


055 Why Smart Capable People Settle All the Time – Nick Murphy

Why do people stay in jobs they don’t love? A surprisingly large percentage of people stick with positions they find thankless, dull, and/or frustrating. You would think anyone who isn’t happy would make the jump as soon as they could, but human psychology is fickle and can keep us from making the changes we know we need to make. In this minisode, Nick explains three major reasons why people stick with jobs they don’t find fulfillment in, debunks these rationales, and invites you to join his...


054 The Case for Exploring Unconditional Basic Income – Scott Santens

What kind of life would you live if money wasn’t an issue, if you never had to worry about being able to afford rent, a mortgage, or your groceries? While that might seem like a distant fantasy, writer, blogger and economic activist Scott Santens believes an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) could radically benefit both the average worker and entrepreneurs, building a fairer world that encourages creativity and personal fulfillment. In this episode, Scott discusses his own experience living...


053 In Order to Sell, You Must be Seen – Nick Murphy

After listening to an inspiring podcast recently, Nick has taken on the motto “In order to sell, you must be seen”—that is to say, it’s hard to make a case for your product or services if you aren’t so much as a blip on people’s radars. Even if you aren’t in sales or marketing, still consider that in your line of work you’re still selling something: our ideas, achievements, even reputation. In this minisode, Nick suggests lateral and vertical methods for making yourself stand out in an...


052 How to Breakthrough Our Conditioned Beliefs – Nicole Jansen

Nicole is the founder of Discover the Edge, a training and development company that works with entrepreneurs and business teams to bring out their full potential and maximize results. A human behavior specialist and business breakthrough coach, Nicole finds fulfillment in helping others hone their skills and talents to become the best possible workers and leaders. For a mirror image of this episode, check out episode 22 of Nicole’s podcast Leaders of Transformation where she interviews Nick!...


051 Getting Clear on Who You Serve – Nick Murphy

Nick is in the middle of honing his brand, focusing on who exactly he wants to be in the market and focusing on attracting the people he's best positioned to serve. In the process, he’s come to realize how essential it is to ensure the work you do actually energizes and motivates you. In this minisode, Nick discusses why your brand’s focus needs to be very clear, what lesson he took away from a recent speaking engagement, and assigns you a little bit of homework that will help you out this...


050 Celebrating 50 Episodes of Transform U with a Surprise Guest and Guest Host

Sports physician, attorney and previous guest Lynn Marie Morski (from episode 40) returns to the Transform U, but this time she’s the Host! That’s because Transform U’s guest for this week is none other than its usual host, Nick Murphy. It’s episode 50—a big number for any podcast—and to celebrate this milestone Nick is opening up a bit more about himself, what drives him, and what he values. In this special episode, Nick takes a stab at the Rapid Fire questions he usually asks his guests,...


049 How Our Relationship with Money Drives Our Careers – Christine Luken

Christine Luken is a money coach, speaker, “financial lifeguard,” and author of the book Manage Money Like a Boss: A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. She co-creates financial prosperity plans with her clients to decrease debt, increase savings and prioritize the best ways they can spend their money. Christine believes that how we were raised can ingrain both healthy and toxic financial habits, and has the right tools to help employees and entrepreneurs alike break free of them. In...


048 The One Thing – Nick Murphy

In the wake of publishing his new book, Unboxed, and in the midst of laying out content strategies for this year, Nick has noticed that his productivity has taken a nosedive—not for a lack of things to do but because he has so many obligations that he’s not sure which ones to prioritize and focus on. But The ONE Thing, a book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, has been instrumental in helping him separate the wheat from the chaff in his work life and focus on what really matters. In this...


047 The Non-Profit Path and a Cause Worth Supporting – Brian Russo

Brian Russo is the executive director and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Eye Heart World, which is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Eye Heart World combats and raises awareness of sex trafficking throughout the United States, as well as providing support and aftercare for victims of that trade. He strongly believes in the ability of nonprofits to create effective change and encourages listeners to apply their skills in that field. In this episode, Brian explains how nonprofit...


045 Authenticity is the Key to Leadership – Erin Hatzikostas

Erin Hatzikostas is the founder and CEO of b Authentic Inc, which offers several programs promising to train leaders to be authentic, accessible and effective. Prior to launching b Authentic inc, Erin spent 22 years in the corporate world, including serving as the CEO for a large health financial company. Both then and now, she strives to bring honesty and humility to corporate leadership. In this episode, Erin discusses her lengthy career in the corporate world—including becoming a CEO in...


044 The World Needs You to Express Your Point of View – Nick J Murphy

A recent chat with friend, fellow author and former guest Josh McLean (Episode 30) got Nick thinking about how a fear of corporate backlash holds us back from being authentic at work and voicing opinions that could lead to great change and show our colleagues who we really are. While it’s true you should speak and act responsibly, and be empathetic to others with your feelings, this doesn’t mean you should stay silent when there’s room for genuine advice and commentary. In this minisode,...


043 The Future of Work – Elatia Abate

Elatia Abate is an entrepreneur and human capital expert who specializes in the future of work. She is a partner and futurist-in-residence with the Fesa Group, a one-time TEDx speaker, and teaches at Stanford University and the University of Toronto. Apart from thinking endlessly about how work will change in the coming decades, she’s also into improv comedy. In this episode, Elatia discusses her career transition, some overlooked tips for career planning, and what the future has in store...


042 Why Reframing Reality is a Useful Skill to Develop

Nick’s book Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms, has officially hit the shelves! But unfortunately, its launch day did not go off without a hitch, with Amazon actually linking the Ebook version to the wrong paperback. Luckily, while panic did rear its ugly head, Nick was able to collect himself and make the most of what was ultimately a fairly successful launch day. In this minisode, Nick discusses the hectic book launch, how he was able to pull himself together,...


041 Gender Inequality at Work – Julie Kratz

Julie Kratz is a leadership trainer, certified master coach, and a certified unconscious bias trainer with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Following a significant career pivot, she created the Pivot Point process for female leaders to develop their own winning plans. Julie is the author of two books (Pivot Point and One) and is a frequent keynote speaker who promotes gender equality. In this episode, Julie discusses gender inequality in the universe, the...


040 Quitters Win All the Time – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski holds many titles: she’s a physician in both sports and family medicine, an attorney, and former adjunct law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. A self-described “quitting evangelist,” Lynn Marie is the author of Quitting by Design and host of the Quit Happens podcast. In this episode, Lynn Marie discusses how a bad job can be both emotionally and physically unhealthy, suggests some ways you can figure out your ideal work day, and attacks the myth that...


039 Choice is an Action – Nick J Murphy

Nick’s new book Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms is now available on Amazon. To give you an idea of what you can get out of it, Nick is using this episode as an opportunity to share one of the lessons you’ll find between its covers, namely how to go about making a change in your professional life once you’ve realized you feel boxed in and unfulfilled by your current role. For this first minisode of 2019, Nick walks you through three steps he outlines in his...


038 How to Get Where You Want to Be with S.H.I.F.T. Principles – John Hinkle

John Hinkle is a life/business coach, mastermind leader, and the author of Shift: Moving From Where You Are to the Life You Want. Through his S.H.I.F.T. Principles, he helps the “working worried” and other career-driven people who’ve found themselves stuck in a rut take control of their goals and build a workable life plan. For this first episode of 2019, John breaks down these SHIFT principles point by point, emphasizing why taking personal ownership is the most important step of all, and...