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Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.

Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.


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Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.




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On Death and Resurrection #2

Many pastors and preachers see nothing wrong with the fact that today’s church doesn’t believe exactly the same thing as the primitive Christian church believed and taught. They place no small amount of weight upon what succeeding generations of theologians believed and taught. After all, those were learned men, and the primitive Christians were, well, primitive. They were fishermen, tax collectors, tent makers. What did they know about theology? The problem is, these fishermen, tax...


Christian Origins #48 - Romans

I am surprised at how often Christian people are conflicted on ethical and moral principles. I am not surprised that we struggle over some of the choices we have to make, but that people don’t seem to have a framework within which they can make the hard choices. When a person makes the decision to become a Christian, what is he supposed to do with his life after that? What forms the basis for the life decisions he has to make? He has been saved by grace, now what does he do? The apostle...


Christian Origins #47 - Romans

Do you think you would ever be willing to die in someone else’s place? Can you imagine a really good person whose life and lifestyle was so worthy, that you would say “No, let them live. Take me instead”? You might. Although chances are, it would not be the goodness of the other person but your love for them that would cause you to take their place. But what about stepping up and dying in the place of someone who was really a louse; someone who really deserved to die? What then? This is a...


Christian Origins #46 - Romans

Why on earth would anyone be happy about being in trouble? Why would you take satisfaction, even pride, in severe affliction? You read people in the Bible who talk this way a lot, but does it make any sense to you? Wouldn’t you be just as happy to be out of trouble? Now every Christian has heard all about being justified by faith, about peace with God, and that faith gives us access to the grace of God which is our salvation. You may even have heard a lot about enduring tribulation, why bad...


Christian Origins #45 - Romans

The Christian faith is constantly at war with itself over questions of grace versus obedience. There is nothing new in this, because the discussion was going on right from the start. I think the problem comes about because once you start talking about obedience you have to ask The logical answer is And once the law enters the picture, legalism is not very far behind. And if the letters of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament seem a little confusing on this point, there is a reason for...


Between the Hailstones



On Death and Resurrection #1

If you have been blessed with a good Bible teacher, or some good books about the Bible, you already know that a lot has been said about the influence of Greek philosophy on the Christian faith. Some of it is even true. After all, the New Testament was written originally in the Greek language, and the language reflects a Greek worldview to that extent. That said, every author of every book appears to have been Jewish, and it is a Jewish worldview that is seen in the pages of the Greek text....


Christian Origins #44 - Romans

I would have to conclude that there was a lot of tension between some of the Jews and Gentiles in the early Christian church. Paul is at such pains to chastise both Jew and Gentile equally in the early chapters of the book of Romans that there must have been some politics at work. There had been no apostle at Rome by the time this letter was written, no central figure around whom they could rally, and it is likely that the five or more small house churches in Rome were at least a little...


Christian Origins #43 - Romans

There’s a lot of fatuous nonsense out there today masquerading as serious theology. It happens because of the doctrinal and theological disputes going on between sects and churches. In the discussion of proof texts and disputed passages, how much human reasoning is proper? Now, when I bring up a common-sense approach in a theological discussion, someone might want to say, human To which I would reply, Here’s a insight into theological study: It is okay to bring common sense to the table...


Christian Origins #42 - Romans

Is there any English-speaking person in the world who hasn’t heard of the Garden of Eden? That’s the garden that God planted, and the presumption is that the garden was fabulously beautiful and rich in every beautiful and fruitful plant. I think a lot of people assume that Adam and Eve didn’t have to turn a finger. Just eat the fruit of the trees…make love. One thing I don’t think we have thought about very much: What would they do when their bellies were full and they had made love? Talk?...


Christian Origins #41 - Romans

When you are reading someone else’s mail, it’s really easy to get confused. You don’t know the players, the history of the arguments, the attitudes, or the story behind the punch lines. When we read the Apostle Paul’s letters in the Bible, we are not only reading a letter written to someone else, it was written 2000 years ago in another language to another culture. But in spite of everything, Paul’s message still comes through clear enough. Today be begin study on Paul’s long and...


Unrighteous Anger



About Heaven

What did the first Christians believe about heaven? When they spoke of heaven, when they thought of it, what did they visualize? Was their concept of heaven the same as our own? I don’t think so. I’m not talking about the difference between Greek words and English words; I’m talking about how they (and we) conceive of heaven. From as early as the 11 century, heaven seems to have been conceived of as a place. The dictionary says it’s The operative word is —heaven is a place. Was that how...


Christian Origins #40 - Corinthians

The Apostle Paul was steamed. He may have been a minister—gentle and kind—but don’t kid yourself, Paul got steamed. You can only take so much nitpicking, so much scratching around in your past, so much of people trying to find fault with everything you do. After a while, one’s patience begins to run a little thin. A lot of us would like to think that Christian churches are just full of perfect people who do everything right all the time, who are very kind, and who never speak evil of one...


Christian Origins #39 - Corinthians

Looking back through 2,000 years at the apostle Paul, the man looks like a giant. He’s certainly a legend, but there’s no evidence from the New Testament that Paul was looked at that way by his contemporaries. The Gentiles, I think, were somewhat in awe of Paul. But even to them he was just a man. To the Jews, he was just one of them; they didn’t think that much of him, either. But Paul was a real man, an ordinary man. They tell us that he was very un-prepossessing in appearance. In fact, he...


Christian Origins #38 - Corinthians

When the time comes to give, how much is enough? When someone is taking up a collection to help poor refugees, and they have shown you heart-rending pictures of starving children, how much should you give? When a preacher tells you that you ought to give to your church—that Jesus died for you and that you owe him everything you have—how much should you give? All of it? Sometimes fund raisers can get carried away with their rhetoric, and sometimes givers can hurt themselves in the process. I...


Christian Origins #37 - Corinthians

How does it feel to walk up to someone, put out your hand and say, , only to have the other person simply turn his shoulder and walk away? It is pretty hard to get very far in life without getting snubbed once or twice, so most of us know what that feels like. It is an embarrassing moment, but when it has happened to me, I generally feel embarrassment for the other person, not for myself. I figure I was brought up better than that. But there is a more serious thought connected with this....


On Predestination

What did the first Christians believe about predestination? Did the first Christians believe that a persons life is completely mapped out before they are born? Did they believe that one person is born destined to be saved, while another is born, destined to be lost? I emphasize that I am talking, not about present day belief, but the belief of the first Christians. It is a fact that much Christian belief today differs from what the first Christians believed. Times change, circumstances...


Christian Origins #36 - Corinthians

Surely, no one would ever manipulate the Bible to his own ends, would he? Well, yes, I am afraid some do. I have heard some egregious manipulation of the scriptures by preachers who were trying to raise money. If you want to collect your own examples, just write in to all the TV evangelists you see and get on their mailing lists. Some are quite ethical, but a lot of them are highly creative in the use of scripture to support their fundraising schemes. But that is probably not the worst kind...


Christian Origins #35 - Corinthians

Just how good do you have to be to avoid criticism? Do you have to be a saint? Is it even good enough to be a saint? Regrettably, no. The Apostle Paul, whom we affectionately call St. Paul, was criticized roundly in his time. I would stand in awe of the man who wrote more of the New Testament than any other man, but a lot of people didn’t. The Judeo-Christian world of the 1st century was a real hot bed of dissent and religious argument. The early church was shot through with politics. The...