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Mr. Dart has been teaching the Bible's basic truths for more than 40 years. He is the founder of Christian Educational Ministries.

Mr. Dart has been teaching the Bible's basic truths for more than 40 years. He is the founder of Christian Educational Ministries.
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Whitehouse, TX


Mr. Dart has been teaching the Bible's basic truths for more than 40 years. He is the founder of Christian Educational Ministries.




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The Anger of God

Does God get angry? We know he does—everyone has heard about —but, you know, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people don’t see what God has to be angry about. When they read scriptures about the wrath of God, they shiver a little, but they really don’t understand. They either think of God as an irascible tyrant, or they just don’t believe he is really all that angry. Between the movies and , everyone knows how the death of the firstborn in Egypt was the means God used to finally...


True Fellowship

I got an email a few nights ago from a man in the military who is often away from home for extended periods. He enclosed a picture of himself, his wife, and his little child. He told me the three of them commonly listen to me in bed at night before going to sleep. More than that, he told me he took my sermons with him on his iPod and listened to them in a tent late at night—and that they were a comfort to him. I doubt if anyone can realize how much an email like that means to me,...


On Prayer and Fellowship

What did the first Christians believe about prayer? Did they believe that it really mattered; that it changed outcomes? Or did they believe that God carried out his will regardless of how they prayed? Sometimes I sense a conflict in Christian folk about such things. On the one hand, they believe God is sovereign, he knows what is best, and practically has our lives already written out for us. On the other hand, they believe that prayer changes things. (I’ve seen that on bumper stickers, I...


Objective Truth

What is objective truth? Subjective truth is something that is true to you but may not be true for me. Objective truth is something that is true for everyone. It is not based on a false religiosity centered on personal experience. People speak of having God. But that experience is not of truth to me. I can't verify it. And if that experience contradicts objective truth, then it is false. For many people, a paranormal experience they have had trumps all objective truth. They are special...


What Is God Doing? #11

There is nothing new about surrogate motherhood, you know. In fact, there is an example of it in the Bible—and it carried with it then the same pitfalls and potential for discord as it does today. The infertile woman was Sarah, and her husband was Abraham. God had promised them a son. But, after some time, Sarah seemed to now be beyond childbearing age and they had not yet received their promised son. Maybe, they thought, they weren’t doing their part and were going to have to take...


No More to Roam

As we pass along our way in this life, we become increasingly invested in this world. And by I mean our interest, our time, our concerns, those things which dominate our conscious thought. We are very much invested in this world, and we forget for a time that nothing—absolutely nothing—in this world can possibly last. As Solomon put it, And is only after we become disinvested (often through some catastrophic loss or terrible pain) that we really come home; and we begin to remember what...


It's in Your Genes

It is always refreshing when science catches up with common sense. For a long time, specialists of one stripe or another argued that what makes us who we are happened as a result of heredity. Or they argued that it is all a matter of environment, of learned behavior. At the same time, I think most of us intuitively believed that it was a matter of heredity, environment and experience that shaped our character. Now, with the human genome project making enormous progress, we are learning...


The Genesis of Leadership

Who would you say in the Bible is the greatest example of leadership—apart from Jesus, of course? You may come up with Moses, for example, or some other individual—but there is no contest the man is David. When it comes to David, we don’t need modifiers. You don’t have to call him . You don’t have to call him . If you said , any Bible reader knows precisely who you are talking about. One of the reasons is because his name occurs over one thousand times in the Bible and, as far as I’ve been...


Eyes to See

The Bible says the first man was made out of dirt. Scientists says life might have originated out of green slime. That's close enough to agreement for the moment. The point being that somewhere between dirt or green slime, and the man we see standing before us, something had to be done. Not just something. A lot of stuff had to be done, and when you really look at it the implications are awesome. For example, I have to see my eye doctor three times a year, and I am always left waiting in...


Halloween, Ghosts, and Spirits

Halloween is an odd event—very odd, in a way, because in its origins it was not evil; it was actually good. A number of you probably know that “Halloween” is “All Hallows Even”; in other words, All Hallows Eve—the evening before All Hallows. And “All Hallows” is All Saints day. And, originally, All Saints Day (November 1st) was the day when all the saints were honored. In other words, it's a time that the Church had set aside to honor those people who had lived exemplary lives, who had...


The Death Penalty

There is something that is puzzling me about our society. Maybe you have the answer. When the time comes to execute a murderer, and all the television crews are out filming the demonstrators, interviewing talking heads for and against the death penalty, why is it that they hardly ever tell us in any detail what the murderer did? And, during election years, why is the execution of a criminal so much more important in a state where the governor is running for president? Why is the governor...


A Mask of Evil

Someone observed, not long ago, that the last redoubt of Marxism in the world was on the campuses of elite American universities. The statement did not come as a surprise, but it did make me start thinking about how it could possibly be so. After all, Marxism and Communism together represent two of the greatest failures in economic and political thought in the history of man. I want to talk to you about this, but first, I need to answer the question I raised: How is it possible that...


The Death of Secularism

Hanging labels on people, ideas, or movements is so convenient. It can be helpful as a kind of shorthand to help us categorize thing. But labeling people can become a substitute for thinking, and that is not the best way to understanding. Sometimes you have to look up the meaning of the label. A good example of this is the word which is showing up more often these days. It means, simply, . When we go a step further and make it an -ism, we get Secularism, which means . For a long time,...


Opposing Evil #2

Christian people have often failed in their responsibilities to their fellow man. This is not terribly surprising. After all, we are human. Jesus, in a couple of his parables suggested that as many as half of us who call ourselves by his name will fail. And, in the end, none of us can escape the judgment that will fall on us for how we live and act in this miserable world. A date that few remember is April 1, 1933. In Germany, it was a beginning. On this day a boycott of Jewish-owned...


Opposing Evil #1

The German people are, in every sense of the word, a great people—intelligent, innovative, accomplished. But for me, the question about the Germans is always colored by the dark shades of Adolf Hitler, and the question of what happened to them…and to the Jews of Europe. Not long ago, I presented a program titled . I turned back the pages to an episode in the history of Israel–you can read it for yourself in 1 Samuel, chapter eight. It came at the end of what may have been a period of...


Romans 9–11

I come today, the Last Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, to talk about one of the most troubling aspects of God's plan. It is perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of our knowledge of God himself. What in the world is God doing; and what is going to happen at the end of all this, when the time comes to tie up loose ends? God manages to remain—in spite of all of our efforts to explain him—inexplicable, paradoxical; and we so often find ourselves trying to hold two conflicting...


Saving Generation Z

For some reason that I still find it hard to get my mind around, the Soviet Union was absolutely bound and determined to wipe out religion in the Union. Marxism had declared religion to be , it was of no use, and it had to be gone. And they were not willing to just let it die on the vine; it had to be wiped out in the Union and the lands they controlled. So, in Poland, they arrested and deported all the pastors of churches. They even went so far as to separate men from their wives and...


Freedom and the Law

When the framers of our American constitution first gathered, they faced a fundamental question. The question was not merely, The question was, remain Those men knew their history, and they knew that history was against them. The first step in gaining freedom was past—it was the American Revolution. They had step two before them—writing a constitution. But the biggest challenge lay beyond their horizon—sustaining freedom. And law is not enough to sustain it. We believe in the rule of law...


Feast of Huts



A Beacon of Freedom

The founding fathers stated in the first official document of our nation that our rights and our freedoms are granted, not by men, but by God. And we laid the foundation of the laws of this nation on those rights. In a way, we made a covenant with God in our founding. Through the years of our history, we have become the wealthiest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen. And unlike the great empires of the past, our nation has a commitment to freedom and the rights of man—rights...