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Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.

Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.
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Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.




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Refreshment for Stepmoms

Stepmoms bear a unique burden, and they often neglect their own care. Melanie Anthony talks to Ron Deal, offering hope for balance in the midst of the burden for weary stepmoms. Show Notes and Resources Listen to the entire podcast with Melanie Anthony on the FamilyLife Blended® Podcast. (43 min.) Subscribe to the FamilyLife Blended® Podcast with Ron Deal....


Your Boy’s Spiritual Formation

Mom and author Monica Swanson talks about the importance of spiritually discipling sons. Swanson encourages parents to be purposeful about incorporating God's Word into their children's daily lives. She and her husband have done this by teaching their boys to search for answers in the Bible and modeling an active faith for them at church and at home.


Not Everything Matters

Monica Swanson, author of "Boy Mom," talks about the challenges and joys of raising boys. Swanson, a mother of four boys, reminds moms that they can simplify the pressures they feel by simplifying their parenting. Much of parenting, she reminds listeners, is trial and error. Each person has to figure out what works best for their family. Swanson shares some thoughts about helping children find their identity in Christ.


What Your Boy Needs Most

Author Monica Swanson, a mother to four sons, remembers how overwhelmed she felt when her boys were young. Exhausted by the pressure to parent perfectly and sure that her son's assertiveness and risk-taking must be a sign of a deeper problem, she arrived at the doctor's office only to be told, "He's a boy." After that, Swanson tells how she vowed to become a purposeful, prayerful mom intent on raising future men. Swanson gives her best tips for raising boys while keeping your sanity. Show...


The Beauty of Liturgy

Author Douglas Kaine McKelvey shares how we can practice the presence of Christ through the use of liturgical prayers, not just in church, but in our homes. In his book, "Every Moment Holy," McKelvey offers liturgical prayers for all occasions, like going on a trip, stargazing, gardening, or moving into a new home. He tells why practicing the presence of God is always a good idea. Show Notes and Resources


What Is Liturgy?

Douglas Kaine McKelvey, author of "Every Moment Holy," talks about his introduction to the Book of Common Prayer and how it changed his thinking about structured prayer. McKelvey explains the meaning of liturgy, and gives an example by reading the liturgy he wrote for the family grieving the loss of a pet. McKelvey explains how reading liturgical pieces like the Lord's prayer can help us think prayerfully and help us process God's truth. He also explains how the Holy Spirit can be just as...


Run Your Race

Kyle Idleman, a teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church, talks about applying Hebrews to our relationships, especially marriage. There are seasons of difficulty in marriage, and it takes perseverance and faith to press through the hard times. Husbands often lean toward the grand gestures that get noticed and affirmed, but it's the daily acts of service that make a big difference. Idleman lists some of the obstacles, like indifference, that can tank a relationship.


Throw Off the Weight

Pastor Kyle Idleman, author of the book, "Don't Give Up," based on Hebrews 12, talks about the value of persevering under trial. So many people are ready to give up, but Idleman encourages the fainthearted to replace the lies they believe with the promises of God. Show Notes and Resources Kyle Idleman's sermons on dealing with anxiety.


Three Little Words We All Need to Hear

Are you struggling and want to give up? Don't do it! Best-selling author and pastor Kyle Idleman is convinced that what most people need to hear are the words, "Don't give up." While many believe what they need is comfort, what they really need is courage, and there's a big difference. Our self-talk must always be rooted in Christ. Time and again in Scripture we see believers persevering in the face of trials, and Idleman reminds us that we can too.


The Pressure of Difficulties

Author Shelby Abbott reminds listeners that the gospel has solutions for everyday pressures because the gospel is a bottomless pit of grace. The life of Christ is the answer to all our struggles, but it can be difficult to see when you are surrounded by life's pressures. Abbott tells of a time when the pain from a herniated disc had him scrambling to understand the character of God. Ten years later, he still deals with pain, but leans into God and His grace to face the day to day. Show...


The Pressure of Finding Purpose

Campus minister Shelby Abbott, author of the book, "Pressure Points," talks realistically about some of the stressors students face in today's culture. While stress is a natural part of college life, social media can even make it worse as a student sees in real time what everyone else is doing. To combat stress, especially as a freshman, Abbott recommends students get plugged into a student ministry, like Cru or Navigators, right away. This way the students avoid isolation and find spiritual...


So What’s Wrong With…

Would you like your son to have the same junior high or high school experience you had? Inevitably our kids will step in pot holes along the way to maturity, and Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler want to help. Together these authors of "Choose Greatness," talk honestly to young teens about the challenges they'll face in adolescence and will show them how and why to avoid some of the hazards, like smoking, drinking, and drugs. Show Notes and Resources Learn more about FamilyLife's Art of...


Take Our Advice – Stay in School

If you could be a teen again, what would you do differently? Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler, authors of the book, "Choose Greatness," talk about teaching young men to seek knowledge through education, learn from other adults vs. peers, discover the truth about God, and other wise steps. Hear them discuss some of the biggest challenges teens face, like the temptation to not apply themselves or drop out of school, and the consequences of those decisions. Show Notes and Resources Learn more...


Wise Decisions Brave Men Make

Authors Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler tell about the unique mentoring relationship they began when Shuler was a teen. Together they talk about the 11 wise decisions young men must make in order to live a great life such as: seeking wisdom from parents and trusted adults, making technology work for you, respecting girls and women, and being sexually responsible. Show Notes and Resources Learn more about FamilyLife's Art of Parenting®.


Alienation From Children, Post Divorce

Stepcouples hope and pray they can have peaceful interactions with their former spouses, and it is possible. But for some couples, no matter how much they try, the venom and vitriol of the former spouse drowns out all reason and compromise. Rodney and Lisa Webb share their difficult blended journey, as counselor and therapist Helen Wheeler and blended family expert Ron Deal speak wisdom. Show Notes and Resources Listen to the entire podcast with Helen Wheeler and Rodney and Lisa Webb on...


Our Adoption Journey

Matt and Glenna Bevin had a heart for adoption. But with five biological children in the home, the State of Kentucky said "no can do" on a sixth child. On today's program we'll hear how their passionate quest to adopt their daughter eventually landed them in the governor's mansion of Kentucky. Governor Matt Bevin and First Lady Glenna Bevin are our guests. Show Notes and Resources Watch a session from the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in 2019. (fast-forward to 25 min. for the 27...


Resurrecting a Marriage

Marvin and Linda Rooks had a great marriage, until they didn't. As pressures mounted and responsibilities grew, they found themselves emotionally distant and Marvin eventually moved out. The Rookses talk honestly about their three-year separation and fondly remember the circumstances that finally brought them together again. Show Notes and Resources Download the Stronger Forever ebook and enter for a chance to go on the FamilyLife's Love Like You Mean It® cruise....


The Separation

Marvin and Linda Rooks appeared to have it all. He was an aspiring attorney dedicated to his practice, and she a devoted wife and mother, albeit lonely. Their marriage was adrift on a slow boat to isolation. The Rookses talk about the Easter Sunday that changed everything for them, and the marital separation that had each of them seeking answers. Show Notes and Resources Download the Stronger Forever ebook and enter for a chance to go on the FamilyLife's Love Like You Mean It® cruise....


The Drift

Marvin and Linda Rooks are living proof that it is possible to reconcile and build a marriage that is even better than before. The Rooks' first six years of marriage were heaven and nearly perfect. After the children arrived, conflict that should've been faced and resolved was swept under the rug. Bitterness took root, and they grew apart. Marvin focused on his career at the law firm. The Rookses tell how isolation began to take its toll. Show Notes and Resources Check out FamilyLife's...


Consistency Is Key

Pastor Sam Crabtree, a father of two daughters and six grandchildren, offers parents practical help for raising young children. Crabtree explains why boundaries are good and tells parents that if they set rules they don't enforce, it teaches children to disregard what they're saying. Crabtree reminds parents that issues only get bigger once the kids are older, so they need to address the issues as soon as they see them. Show Notes and Resources Art of Parenting® video clip on disciplining...