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Don't Tell Your Mum is a weekly podcast for Dads about parenting issues, family life, reconnecting with being a man.

Don't Tell Your Mum is a weekly podcast for Dads about parenting issues, family life, reconnecting with being a man.
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Don't Tell Your Mum is a weekly podcast for Dads about parenting issues, family life, reconnecting with being a man.




How can I tell if she's fat or pregnant? Plus: rough play or child abuse?

Have you ever been projectile vomited on? Can JK be forgiven for 'good-times' on the Isle Of Wight? Ever got your knackers caught in a deckchair? In this episode Al and JK explore the ridiculous side of parenting and deal with everyday difficulties of being a father by answering these questions and many more. Ever mistaken an overweight women for being pregnant - you're not alone, as JK explains. And can this weeks father be forgiven for slapping his child across the face by accident? Where...


Will Climate Change kill us all? Plus Al's back in the dog house. What's he done this time?

Climate change, it's happening, but will it kill us all or is that just 'hot air'? For Zero Waste Week, JK and Al talk through their thoughts on the reality of climate change. Is it real, or just scaremongery? In this episode's confessional we discover a devious side to this week's dad, can you forgive his behaviour? Or have you done worse And discover proper WhatsApp etiquette, Jen's most recent upset with Al, and does JK have OCD or does he just like things tidy? Plus, listen to 5-year old...


Taken to bed by my mother-in-law: What really happens when we drink too much!

What's a man shower? Sounds gross - but actually it's taking the world by storm! JK and Al explain all! JK and Al find out what it takes to throw the best bash for expectant fathers. And should you feed the homeless? What's stopping you? What's the worst that could happen? We hear from a dad who went a little far celebrating his first child's birthday and ended up being put to bed by his mother-in-law, in this episode's confessional. And JK is thinking about having the snip, would you? Do...


ARGH! Summer Hols: How to stop kids driving you crazy! (and do cats have balls?)

They say if you love someone, set them free. But when is it time to let your kids have a longer leash? Are you a helicopter parent? Or do your parents still treat you like a kid? When do you cut the umbilical cord and your kids make their own mistakes? Find out in this episodes confessional. Also, JK and Al discuss summer holidays, how to manage the final days of the summer break before they go back to school and share some of their pet-peeves. Last, Al discovers cats have genitals, shares...


Knife-crime epidemic: Ross Kemp on how to keep our kids safe.

More children and young adults are carrying knives. Knife crime is rising. What can we do to keep our children safe? Join Heart's JK and Al from Dadsnet as they meet Ross Kemp to discuss his latest TV show "Living with..." and the knife crime epidemic rife amongst our children. What would you do if you found you kids with knives? How do you discourage your children hanging around bad behaviour? And why does Al take a pillow and duvet to the cinema? How do you get it in through security? Is...


I didn't cheat! Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer playing dead with kids! Wife thinks I'm playing away on National Playday

Do you play enough with your children? Are you playing the right way? Do you know the benefits of playtime for your family? And would you forgive this episodes father in the confessional? Did he cheat or is he telling the truth? We invite Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer to give us their insight to these questions and why they pretend to be dead to trick their children! It's national Playday this August the 7th and we celebrate the importance of play for child development for social,...


How can I tell if I'm gay? Wife's boobs accidentally online. And finally Charcoal or Gas BBQ?

How can you tell if you're gay? Would you forgive the guy who accidentally put photos of his naked wife online? What is the one true BBQ? Charcoal or Gas? Al and JK put the world to rights in this latest episode of Don't Tell Your Mum, where they explore the ups and downs of parenting. Al fancies bon Jovi, and thinks living with his gay friends would suit him down to the ground, but does this mean he's homosexual? Or does he just really like rock music and his friends tidy house? Hear a...


Murder Mystery: Who killed the hamster? Plus, we need to talk about IVF.

It's 1pm the day after and Al's wife still isn't home. What happened? Ted finds his pet hamster has mysteriously died. Al and JK try to piece the clues together and find out what happened. Join Heart's JK and Al from the Dadsnet for an episode dealing with the pitfalls of parenting. Alongside family life, Al reveals his struggle with trying for a second child. They both talk through the difficulties of IVF and alternative fertility treatments in an emotionally-charged conversation. Male...


Wife caught me flirting! What do I do? And are you looking after your mental health?

Join JK ( and Al as they discuss how to deal with being caught flirting on a night out out with their partners. And see how they react to this episode's confession - should he have been honest or did he do the right thing? What would you do? Al and JK talk through mental health in fathers and men, dealing with real-life experiences in suicide, depression and mental difficulty. Help is at hand for everyone suffering with mental health concerns, we hear your submissions from...


Al mugged while on the loo, what would you do? And how do you dress your child?

Al reveals all about his sordid affair while talking in his sleep, imagine his wife's reaction! We hear his fear of being mugged on the loo and JK ( teaches us how to spy on his iPhone. Plus - how do you kill a dying rat? Probably not the same way as Mr.D in this episode's confessional. Can JK and Al forgive this? Find out how Al and JK deal with their kids stupid questions, and hear advice from the Dadsnet ( on how to dress your child. Listen and subscribe on...


Richard Curtis on The Beatles, Bullying and 'Don't poke the hamster in the nuts!'

JK ( and Al ( meet award winner writer and celebrity father Richard Curtis who talks about how he juggled writing hit films like "Four Weddings And A Funeral", "Notting Hill", "Love Actually" and his recent film directed by Danny Boyle, "Yesterday" ( with being a father. Who is his father idol? And what are his most embarrassing parenting moments? Listen to find out! JK...


Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4! + Stupid things kids do and how to get them to sleep.

The Legendary Tom Hanks pops by to talk to JK and Al about the newly released Toy Story 4 and will there be a Toy Story 5? (more info at What's next for Woody and the gang? Also in this episode, Heart's ( JK and Al chat through your submissions to learn the most annoying and entertaining things your little ones do. Including a confessional from a Dad who got the ultimate revenge at his sons birthday party. But...


Killing the Kinder Fairy with Milton Jones

Join JK and Al as they chat through the chaos of fatherhood and discover the pitfalls of parenting. In this episode they talk to comedian Milton Jones about parenting and comedy. Together they see if they can forgive a drug taking dad who broke the law and his son’s trust. What will the confessional decide? And what to do about the myths and white lies we tell our kids. While JK is in favour of keeping the magic of the tooth fairy alive, Al is plotting ways to kill them. Then they talk to...


Fathers Day Special: Man vs Baby and Ted Brings a Knife Into School.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year", no it's not Christmas, even better, it's Father's Day! Every Dad's license to run riot, drink beer, sleep and eat pizza. On the runup to this years Father's Day join JK and Al as they bring in special guest and author of Man Vs Baby, Man Vs Toddler and Dummy ( Matt Coyne to share the time he got stuck in a ball pit, the time he was found asleep in the supermarket and his best Fathers Day tips. So grab a beer and your...


Call the police, I've just been kidnapped at gunpoint.

Join JK and Al as they chat through the chaos of fatherhood and discover the pitfalls of parenting. In this episode JK and Al meet vlogger DadvGirls ( and hear about the time he was kidnapped at gun point by a group of armed men. You have to hear this crazy story and how it affected him. It’s nuts! Then JK and Al go back to the Dadsnet ( to find out all the porky pies you’ve been telling your children. Is it OK to lie to your kids? Find...


The Saga of Mr.Shaggydoodle

Join JK and Al as they chat about the chaos of fatherhood and discuss the pitfalls of parenting. In this episode they talk about discipline. How much is enough? Where is the line? What if you disagree with your partner? They answer these questions and more as well as going through submissions from the Dadsnet ( on how annoying kids can be and bestow their judgement on a shamed dad in the confessional. Listen and subscribe now!


Whoops, I left my baby in the car

Join Heart's JK and Al as they chat about the chaos of fatherhood and discuss the pitfalls of parenting. In this episode they talk about the advantages and considerations around co-sleeping. They take five to blow off steam about how annoying kids can be and read out your stories from the Dadsnet ( and join a shamed fellow dad in the confessional to decide whether he can be forgiven. Listen and subscribe now!


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Join Heart's JK and his friend Al as they tackle fatherhood in all its forms. From the serious to the ridiculous, they discuss every aspect of being a dad and hear some incredible stories from celebrities father and guest dads. For new episodes of Don't Tell Your Mum, subscribe now!