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The 'contractually obliged' Saturday Show - not a "best of", but expect highlights from this week's guests, along with the only other regular feature "Dom's Joke Of The Week".

The 'contractually obliged' Saturday Show - not a "best of", but expect highlights from this week's guests, along with the only other regular feature "Dom's Joke Of The Week".
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The 'contractually obliged' Saturday Show - not a "best of", but expect highlights from this week's guests, along with the only other regular feature "Dom's Joke Of The Week".






Justin Hawkins, Funny Farts & RIP Chris Moyles #195

Fresh from his holiday, Chris is back and better than ever! It’s been a jam-packed week on the show, full of hilarious content for your ears. The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins came on the show and gave Chris the low-down on why the band initially broke up, as well as how he is genuinely related to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Also on the show this week, Chris dies (sort of) on social media… But who was responsible? And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Chris proves that farts are...


Gerard Butler, Peter Crouch & Nashville Nancy #194

It’s Toby’s second and final week of covering Chris... and what a week it’s been! Toby had the opportunity to talk to the Scottish action-movie legend, Gerard Butler! And Peter Crouch came to the studio for a chat about what he’s getting up to after retiring from football. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Pippa adopts a new persona, ‘Nashville Nancy” - Stumpy is back again with the Pub Quiz - Toby receives a highly unusual pocket text from his Dad Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on...


Bad Engagement Stories, WhatsApp Messages & Dom's Guide To The Weekend #193

Toby has been hosting the show this week whist Chris has been away on holiday! But Toby has made sure to bring the goods, in what’s been an incredible week of entertainment! The team has been covering all the hot topics from the news, with stories ranging from shark attacks to curing baldness with urine! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Our listeners provide more hilarious Whatsapp messages - ‘Stumpy’ temporarily replaces Rob DJ for the pub quiz - Toby catches Dom peeing with the...


Ricky Wilson, Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse & Pippa's Personal Trainer #192

Another fantastic week for guests on The Chris Moyles Show! Kaiser Chiefs frontman, Ricky Wilson, swung by to promote their new album ‘Duck’, and he delved into stories about performing at Live 8 and David Lettermen buying the band’s drumkit. Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer also came on the show to talk about fishing, impressions and all things comedy! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more... - Pippa recounts the story of her personal trainer who went missing - Chris runs into Lewis...


Ross Kemp, Jon Culshaw & Chris’ Doppelgänger #191

If you’re wondering where to find another week of hilarious entertainment from The Chris Moyles Show team, then you’ve come to the right place! This week we’ve had Ross Kemp on the show, where he talked about his new series on ITV and whether or not a role in the Avengers could be on the horizon. Also, TV royalty Andi Peters had another chat with the team over FaceTime - and Chris had an opinion or two to share about Andi’s new TV show, ‘Planespotting Live’. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s...


Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner, Shaun Ryder & Star Wars Giveaways #190

Here we go again! It’s an incredibly full podcast this week, packed to the brim with entertaining content for your ears. Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner stop by the show to talk about their huge new film, a remake of ‘The Lion King’ - and Chris gets the low-down on how Seth “relaxes” whilst he’s in the UK. Also, Shaun Ryder and comedian Jason Byrne dropped in, and the conversation topics ranged from complete body baldness, to identifying unnecessary members of the show team. And if that wasn’t...


Keith Lemon, Paddy McGuiness, Toby Lerone & Wimbledon chat #189

Sit down, strap yourselves in and get ready for another spectacular week of entertainment on The Chris Moyles Show! Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuiness swing by to talk about their new project, ‘MovieFest’ but things move on to the topic of testicals worryingly fast… Chris and Dom recount the story of when they saw Lionel Richie play live and Dom had to high-five Sadiq Khan. And Richard Madley falls for, possibly, the biggest ‘Toby Lerone’ of all time. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more... -...


Will Poulter, Wimbledon & Glastonbury Re-Cap #188

Fresh out of two festivals, Chris and the team had lots to update the listeners with. BAFTA ‘Rising Star’ winner, Will Poulter, came on the show to tell Chris about his new film and how he previously decided to work with Brad Pitt. And we have a very special Reverse Words - WhatsApp edition - where your attempts were sent in via the magic of voice message. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more... - A drunk Toby Tarrant interviews Elvana - We have a new catch phrase to shout out at Wimbledon...


Andi Peters, Whatsapp Messages & All Things Glastonbury #187

The week leading up to Glastonbury 2019 is here - and Chris has all the build up! The team discuss all the hot topics from tents to the weather, as well as catching up with our flag bearers on site at Glasto. On top of that, we speak to Andi Peters live in Las Vegas and play some more… 'interesting' WhatsApp messages. Borris Johnson also paid a visit to the Global offices this week and Chris had a pretty special idea on how to mark the occasion. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more... -...


Richard Curtis, Who Are You? & Glastonbury Flags #186

Listen back to another week of madness from Chris and the team! Richard Curtis stopped by to talk about his new film “Yesterday” and also dropped the secret of how he ended up casting Ed Sheeran in the film! And Chris and Dom’s dream also came true after talking all things ‘boob’ related with Pippa. As well as that, you can catch up on all this… - The team give away Glastonbury flags to lucky listeners - Chris talks about Boris Johnson’s initials - More WhatsApp messages are sent into the...


Liam Gallagher, Chris Kamara & Wheel Of The World #185

The team are back with another huge week of fun, games and hilarious antics. Liam Gallagher stops by to talk about his new single and upcoming album as well as what he gets up to on his days off. Chris Kamara FaceTimes the studio to tell Chris all about his upcoming 'Kammy-O' in Emmerdale. And The Wheel Of The World is once again spun to see if the team can find listeners from across the globe! And you can catch up on all this… - Pippa's accidental double entendre game - A particularly...


Keith Lemon, Alan Carr, Sir Michael Caine & Liam Gallagher #184

This week's podcast is packed full of entertainment for your ears! Chris and the team had a constant stream of famous faces come to the studio. Keith Lemon came in to talk about his new TV show 'Shopping with Keith Lemon'. He discussed what it would be like in the Love Island villa and Chris gave him a secret word to sneak into his 'This Morning' interview. Another comedy genius, Alan Carr stopped by to speak about his programme 'There's Something About Movies'. He mentioned his diet plan...


Michael Sheen & David Tennant, Iain Stirling, Josh Warrington and Adam Clayton #183

Chris is back with a bang after two weeks off, and what a jam-packed week it’s been. Michael Sheen and David Tennant, two acting titans, came into the studio to talk about their new TV series, ‘Good Omens’. Mr. Love Island himself, Iain Stirling, pays the team a visit ahead of jetting off to Majorca for two months. Featherweight Champion Josh Warrington drops by before his bout against Kid Galahad, and Chris sounds even more Leeds than usual. And if that wasn’t enough, Adam Clayton surprises...


Bonus Holiday Podcast II #182

Hello again. Chris is still on his holidays, well, kind of. He popped into work specially to record this bonus holiday podcast, version 2.0. It's a week after The British Podcast Awards, how did The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast do? Listen and find out. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Bonus Holiday Podcast #181

Well hello to you. Have you been missing your Chris Moyles fix for the last week? Well with the wonder of modern technology, the team are reunited in this special holiday podcast. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Brian Conley, the Funhouse Twins and The Official Mayor of Basingstoke #180

It has been another week of potentially-award winning radio from everyone’s favourite show, as Chris and the team bring you the usual ROFLs and LOLs. TV legend Brian Conley drops by to talk about his role in the Dolly Parton Musical, 9 to 5, as well as telling Chris how “it’s a puppet” came about. The team are taken back to 1989 with a nostalgic visit from the Funhouse Twins, in this week’s ‘Who are You?’. Plus, an exclusive Royal FaceTime from the lady of the moment… The Right Worshipful...


Timothy Spall, Michael Sheen, Blossoms and Joe Pasquale #179

It’s a jam-packed podcast for your ears this week as Chris and the team had a revolving door of guests drop by the studio. Timothy Spall came in to talk about his new film The Corrupted and also ITV drama Hatton Garden. He gave Chris a comprehensive lesson on acting, plus discussing that brummie accent in 80s British favourite, Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Not short of award winning actors on the show this week, Michael Sheen paid the team a visit. He spoke about the Homeless World Cup which is...


Kiefer Sutherland, Phil Daniels and 'Double-Header' Toby Tarrant #178

It’s a double-header podcast this week as Toby Tarrant kicks the week off following on from the bank holiday weekend and Chris rejoins the team later in the week. Toby and the team invent a new superhero, Captain Pedantic, as well as unearthing Toby’s demo, which may well result in him getting fired. Chris is reunited with the team, despite the studio breaking instantly on his return. Kiefer Sutherland joins them to discuss his new music and life on tour. Also, Phil Daniels, the Voice of...


Scarlett Johansson & Paul Rudd, Clinton Baptiste, and Barry Scott #177

The moment Chris had always dreamed of finally came true when he met Black Widow and Ant Man from the Avengers for his first (and last) press junket. However, his giddy excitement may have got the better of him. Also, infamous clairvoyant and psychic, Clinton Baptiste, joins the team to unpack the world of the supernatural, as well as contacting the other side LIVE. Plus a particularly loud 'Who Are You?' guest whirls into the studio for a bit of spring cleaning ahead of the Easter Weekend....


Nick Knowles, Stephen Mulhern, and Andi Peters #176

It was Rock and Roll week on The Chris Moyles Show, and the team were inundated with some of the biggest rock legends of our time. Nick Knowles told the team all about his new daytime show Home Is Where the Art Is. He also told Chris about the time he danced with Scarlett Johansson. Stephen Mulhern dropped by to talk about his latest show, In For A Penny. Despite his magic touch, Stephen struggled to keep a straight face when he went head to head with Chris in the Yes/No Game. Plus, Andi...