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Barack Obama, Beyoncé and The Dalai Llama are not on the show this morning. But Chris is there, with Dom, Pippa, James and Matt. Get in touch @RadioX

Barack Obama, Beyoncé and The Dalai Llama are not on the show this morning. But Chris is there, with Dom, Pippa, James and Matt. Get in touch @RadioX
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Barack Obama, Beyoncé and The Dalai Llama are not on the show this morning. But Chris is there, with Dom, Pippa, James and Matt. Get in touch @RadioX






Edward Norton, A Contortionist & Dom receives a ‘very special’ calendar! #208

Can you touch your toes? This week has been bending the team back and forward (See what we did there?). Chris has been chatting to Edward Norton about his new movie and the fact that he has a plane licence! Not only that Chris and Dom both get wowed by the Super AMAZING Contortionist Alexey! Also, dom received a very interesting gift from a listener and Matt got his year's supply of beer! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Chris plans Dom’s panto debut. The team spend Bill Gates money....


Dom's Birthday, Noise Cancellation Fun & A Crap Game #207

Dom turns 50! Yep, you guessed it. It was Dom’s birthday last Sunday! So to make things extra special the team organised a VERY special video for him. Jam eater James is on holiday in Thailand and calls in to catch up. Chris finds a really catchy Christmas song - Merry Chris Moyles Everyone! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Dom debuts Judy Gass. - Matt reveals that he is a moron. - The team learn about a Fatboy Slim album cover! Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays...


Chris Kamara, Stephen Graham & Eddie Hall #206

THE SAVIOUR OF RADIO IS BACK! Yep, you heard it here first Chris is back from holiday! It all comes out when Kammy is about! Find out about the national prank that Chris and Kammy worked on together. Chris chats to Stephen Graham about a really long movie. Dom plays Buckaroo with the world’s strongest man, Eddie Hall! Also, Dom met up with Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - The team learn about Morman's. - The best Rob DJ caller. - We all learn that...


Kelly Jones, Lorraine Kelly & Paprika the pet pig #205

Happy Birthday Toby! This week Toby is in for Chris. Paprika the pig and Toby’s mum surprised Toby in the studio for his birthday. Kelly Jones popped into the studio this week for a cup of tea and a catch up with Toby. Also, a Radio X first! Lorraine Kelly also pops in to the studio to have a chat to Toby. It is confirmed that James will 100% not be getting boyfriend of the year award. Poor Chelsea. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Toby gets some ABBA related birthday wishes. - The...


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shed Seven & Ross Noble #204

Matt can’t do maths! Chris has been giving Shed Seven hair advice when they popped into the studio this week. Ross Noble has also been in keeping the hungover team in check. Dom has been chatting to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris has been teaching Toby all about Radio jargon. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Chris has one of his famous rants. - Dom was left on the side of a motorway. - Pippa explains that she’s a quarter Irish. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays...


Guy Garvey, Peter Crouch & Andi Peters in Outer Mongolia #203

Dom Loves Bum Hour! On this week’s podcast the team have been chatting with some great friends of the show! Elbow’s, Guy Garvey has been chatting all about the new album. Peter Crouch has also been in for a cup of tea and a chat about his new book and reveals how he met his wife, Abbey. The team has also been keeping up to date with Andi Peters’ trip to Outer Mongolia. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Chris chats to Kiefer Sutherland - The team figure out how 5G works - Someone on...


Cable Car Challenge, Chris faces his fears of heights and cable cars #202

This weeks podcast has been a rollercoaster of emotions! Chris faces one of his fears to raise money for Global Make Some Noise, by sitting in a cable car for the duration of the show. Keith Lemon has popped into the studio to have a chat to the team about how he pretends to DJ. Pippa wears comical Knickers and James is a Jam eater. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Chris is the new Shazam! ‘Donald Trump’ appears for a round trip in the cable car Diva Dom refuses a rare selfie with a...


Pubcast Guest Revealed, Josh Warrington & Super Chris #201

“Like a bowling ball hitting the floor” - Dom 2K19. Have a listen to this week’s podcast to find out who joined Chris and the team in this years Pubcast. Chris finds out how Boxer, Josh Warrington spends his time after each big fight. Also, there is a new Superhero in the world, by the name of Chris Moyles! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - James buys flowers for the first time - The team bid on various things in an auction - Dom interviews a Hurricane... Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show...


*An Important Message!*

Hi there podcast subscriber. So sorry to bother you, but we have something quite important that we would like to tell you! The Pubcast is back for 2019! Available for a limited time! ************ To download, text ‘PUB’ to 83936 A voluntary donation of £5 will go to Global’s Make Some Noise. ************ Once again, The Chris Moyles Show Team agreed to put charity first and selflessly spend an afternoon in the pub, all for Global’s Make Some Noise. You’re welcome. This year, along with the...


Alexander Armstrong, Mike Bushell & Prop Store Fun #200

Happy 13th Birthday James! It has been a week of adventures, we had Mike Bushell and Katya Jones in showing off their groove and chatting about Strictly 2019. Chris chats to Alexander Armstrong about Pointless and his brand new solo tour in November. Also, Vernon Kay phones in for a bit of a chat with the team. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… James is a Jam eater. Someone has sabotaged Dom’s water bottle. The team look at some famous movie props. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio...


Ed Gamble, Fun In The Square & An Investment Idea #199

Chris is back! This week has been very busy! We had Ed Gamble on the show telling us all about his new tour. Not only has Ed been in this week, the team took part in an array of challenges outside of the building involving a pickup truck, 5000 balls and some strange dolls. And find out if Chris ended up seeing Elton John in Vegas. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Chris pitches a business idea Matt spreads his disease Dom watches Jaws Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays...


Graeme Swann, The Pie Thief & On-Air Child-Birth #198

There’s a pie thief on the run! Chris has been away this week, so Toby has stepped in. This week's adventures include; one of the greatest cricketers of all time and Toby’s favourite, Graeme Swann who has been chatting about Strictly and his new theatre show tour. Toby and the team turn into detectives to try and find a pie thief in the building. However, in doing so, witnessed Dan O’Connell’s girlfriend’s waters breaking live on the show whilst defending his innocence. And if that wasn’t...


Ben Elton, Eating Challenges & The Loch Ness Monster #197

It’s Vegas Baby! Chris and Toby are both holding the reins of the show this week as Chris heads to Vegas. This is the week of Gordon Ramsey Eating Challenges! A fermented duck egg, jellyfish, jellied eels, chicken feet and a giant waterbug have all been consumed by the team this week (whilst pretending each was absolutely delicious) for you to have the chance to win a holiday. Plus the writer of Blackadder, Ben Elton, was in for a chat about his new tour and book. And not only that, Pippa is...


Liam Gallagher, Sam Fender & Judge Rinder #196

If listening to top-notch guests is what you’re into, then this week’s podcast is for you. Liam Gallagher called Chris to talk about his ‘Radio X Presents’ gig at the O2 Ritz Manchester, as well as it being the 10 year anniversary of Oasis splitting up. Judge Rinder also came into the studio and gave Chris some well needed feedback on his fashion sense. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Sam Fender swung by to have a chat with the team - Listeners gave Chris some advice on what to do...


Justin Hawkins, Funny Farts & RIP Chris Moyles #195

Fresh from his holiday, Chris is back and better than ever! It’s been a jam-packed week on the show, full of hilarious content for your ears. The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins came on the show and gave Chris the low-down on why the band initially broke up, as well as how he is genuinely related to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Also on the show this week, Chris dies (sort of) on social media… But who was responsible? And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Chris proves that farts are...


Gerard Butler, Peter Crouch & Nashville Nancy #194

It’s Toby’s second and final week of covering Chris... and what a week it’s been! Toby had the opportunity to talk to the Scottish action-movie legend, Gerard Butler! And Peter Crouch came to the studio for a chat about what he’s getting up to after retiring from football. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Pippa adopts a new persona, ‘Nashville Nancy” - Stumpy is back again with the Pub Quiz - Toby receives a highly unusual pocket text from his Dad Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on...


Bad Engagement Stories, WhatsApp Messages & Dom's Guide To The Weekend #193

Toby has been hosting the show this week whist Chris has been away on holiday! But Toby has made sure to bring the goods, in what’s been an incredible week of entertainment! The team has been covering all the hot topics from the news, with stories ranging from shark attacks to curing baldness with urine! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… - Our listeners provide more hilarious Whatsapp messages - ‘Stumpy’ temporarily replaces Rob DJ for the pub quiz - Toby catches Dom peeing with the...


Ricky Wilson, Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse & Pippa's Personal Trainer #192

Another fantastic week for guests on The Chris Moyles Show! Kaiser Chiefs frontman, Ricky Wilson, swung by to promote their new album ‘Duck’, and he delved into stories about performing at Live 8 and David Lettermen buying the band’s drumkit. Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer also came on the show to talk about fishing, impressions and all things comedy! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more... - Pippa recounts the story of her personal trainer who went missing - Chris runs into Lewis...


Ross Kemp, Jon Culshaw & Chris’ Doppelgänger #191

If you’re wondering where to find another week of hilarious entertainment from The Chris Moyles Show team, then you’ve come to the right place! This week we’ve had Ross Kemp on the show, where he talked about his new series on ITV and whether or not a role in the Avengers could be on the horizon. Also, TV royalty Andi Peters had another chat with the team over FaceTime - and Chris had an opinion or two to share about Andi’s new TV show, ‘Planespotting Live’. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s...


Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner, Shaun Ryder & Star Wars Giveaways #190

Here we go again! It’s an incredibly full podcast this week, packed to the brim with entertaining content for your ears. Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner stop by the show to talk about their huge new film, a remake of ‘The Lion King’ - and Chris gets the low-down on how Seth “relaxes” whilst he’s in the UK. Also, Shaun Ryder and comedian Jason Byrne dropped in, and the conversation topics ranged from complete body baldness, to identifying unnecessary members of the show team. And if that wasn’t...