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Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.

Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.
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Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.






Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/15/19

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, whatever happened to the Mueller report? Sealed indictments? Here are the facts: under Barack Obama Russia annexed Crimea. Under President Trump, the most severe sanctions on Russia ever were imposed. Under Obama, no pressure on Russia, under Trump lots of pressure on Russia. Who would Putin prefer, Obama or Trump? Who would Ukraine prefer, Obama or Trump? Moreover, we witnessed a disgusting abuse of power by Rep. Adam Schiff reading selected portions of a tweet...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/14/19

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Speaker Pelosi, who introduced a secret whistleblower and is now hiding that same whistleblower. Yet she's still blaming President Trump for needing foreign help to win an election when the Democrats can't even put up a single candidate that they can all rally around. Pelosi compares Trump to Nixon, but they forget to look at the transgressions of F.D.R., J.F.K, L.B.J. and President Obama — compared to them Trump has been a boy scout during his time in office!...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/13/19

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the framers intentionally decided on the phraseology treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. However, these words have significant meaning and with respect to bribery, it refers to a president, judge or senior official who could be bribed by a foreign government. No president has any responsibility to pay foreign governments and as a matter of statute, the President must, to his best of his ability, ensure that any foreign aid that the U.S...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/19

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, some once-conservative voices have become sell-outs and are positioning themselves as critics of President Trump. Trump has stood on the side of liberty and for the Constitution on so many important issues facing our nation. An attack on Trump is an attack on every American who voted for him, yet they revere and protect the so-called whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella is the new "blue dress" of this illegitimate impeachment inquiry designed to malign...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/11/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, we salute all veterans from each branch of the U.S military and honor them, as we do each and every day. We thank them for putting their lives on the line for us. Then, anyone who disagrees with President Trump on foreign policy can contact Rep Adam Schiff and testify in his fascist impeachment charade. Castro and all the other directors would be proud of Schiff's work to usurp the constitution and the will of the people. Schiff colluded with a source inside the...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/8/19

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, former U.S Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch may have lied under oath during her testimony during the Adam Schiff impeachment inquiry. It was regarded her private personal emails where she backchanneled the State Department to discuss the whistleblower complaint two weeks before it was publically filed. This indicates that she did, in fact, collude with Congressional staff and then indicated that she did not respond to the said email in her testimony under...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/7/19

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, there is no legal reason to protect the identity of the whistleblower! The Constitution trumps any statute and the whistleblower statute doesn't apply to the president or matters of foreign policy within the White House. Democrats are defying the Constitution and are not upholding the law. Similarly, the statute does not apply to this whistleblower because he was not a direct employee of the President nor does the statute guarantee any protections for...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/6/19

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, why should President Trump be impeached? Can anyone actually state what the President deserves to be impeached for, is it treason? is it bribery? And whose testimony or what evidence are these opinions based upon? None! Later, the whistleblowers legal team has been searching for a so called whistleblower and vowing to get Trump out of office since January 2017. The legal team of Mark Zaid and Andrew Bakaj, founder and partner of the Compass Rose Legal Group,...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/5/19

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, there are a number of important and very close elections tonight. Billionaire activist George Soros has invested heavily in flipping Virginia and weakening the state's gun laws. Just like they are hitting it hard in Mississippi and Kentucky changing life as we know it and redefining our criminal justice systems across America. Everyone must get active and vote because the future of our children is at stake. There are no more election cake walks anymore. When it...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/4/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, new details obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas firm pressured former President Obama's State Department to end corruption allegations against Burisma from Britain and the U.S. There's lots more information on Hunter Biden in this new report but the Democrats in the press won't report on this because they are too busy pushing the notion that President Trump has obstructed justice — even though Congress...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/1/19

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. Flip-flopping Beto O'Rourke — who once supported guns when he ran against Sen. Ted Cruz and now says "hell yes we're going to take your AR-15 and AK-47"— has ended his presidential campaign. Candidates like Beto wouldn't exist if it wasn't for President Trump; they've taken these far-left socialist positions because of the success of Trump's bluntness. Beto was an experiment of how far left the Democrat Party can go before turning...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/31/19

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, this program has maintained that it's crucial for the American people to know the identity and background of the so-called whistleblower. Several publications have cited a CIA employee, Eric Caiaramella, with ties to President Obama, Joe Biden, John Brennan and the Democrat Party, including an operative from Ukraine who dug up dirt on Trump in 2016. According to Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations, a former CIA Analyst assigned to the White House until he...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/30/19

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the California fire fighters courageously saved the Reagan library from the easy fire in Simi valley. Look at what the democrats have done to California, you can’t even take out underbrush to prevent fires. Blackouts, brownouts and deferred maintenance lead to disaster and that's what America can look forward to if the Democrats take over. Lamentably, just outside the Capitol in Fairfax County, which was once deep red in its politics, is no longer a safe...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/29/19

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, this is not called an impeachment resolution, it’s simply a resolution. This matters because an actual resolution for an impeachment inquiry would confer rights to the President and minority Members of Congress. This is another parliamentary sleight-of-hand that raises separation of powers issues with the Judiciary Committee acting on behalf of the whole Congress. Moreover, the secret testimony given by Army Officer Lt. Col. Vindman has no bearing on this case...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/28/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, credit must be given to the U.S. military and President Trump on taking out ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. During the Obama administration, then-president Obama had the exact coordinates for a targeted drone strike on Baghdadi but he refused to authorize the strike due to new rules implemented by the State Department during the Obama years. Yet, the media won't mention any of that, they're just too concerned with criticizing Trump and asking whether or not he...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/25/19

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, CNN’s Jake Tapper is the Walter Durante of our time yet he says nothing about freedom of the press being obstructed by the secretive depositions being conducted solely by Democrats in the House of Representatives. When Jim Acosta lost his White House press credentials CNN hired a powerhouse law firm, but when Democrats in the House blocked the press, where's the lawsuit? Tapper purports that when the GOP had the majority they too held private interviews instead...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/24/19

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Sen. Linsdey Graham has stepped up and made the case to hold the House accountable for not voting on opening an actual impeachment inquiry with an actual vote. Graham calls in to discuss his Senate Resolution condemning the House of Representatives. Then, NBC News reports that Hunter Biden's legal work in Romania may have been ethically problematic. It seems that Hunter Biden was paid again by foreigners for his alleged expertise in Romanian law. Surprisingly,...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/23/19

On Wednesday's Mark Levin, Rep. Matt Gaetz joins the show to discuss how he led Republican members into the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) room in the basement of the Capitol where the secret democrat hearings are going on. The Democrats are depriving the country and all citizens of the simple due process traditions that have always united us. This Star Chamber-styled impeachment inquiry conducted by Adam Schiff prevents GOP lawmakers from asking questions and they can...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/22/19

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, there's another pseudo-event in Washington, DC, with all Democrats and some Republicans running away from President Trump's tweet which said, “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here - a lynching. But we will WIN!” This is the same word that was used by Democrat members of Congress during the Clinton impeachment period; this outrage is selective. Then, career diplomats continue to malign Trump in secret, behind closed doors, affording the...


Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/21/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Mitt Romney has been up to no good and the media is smitten with Romney, whose political career has vacillated between moderate and liberal while calling himself a "severe conservative." During the 2016 primary and general election, Romney was vicious toward President Trump yet went back to the President for support in his Senate run in Utah. Now, Romney is back and he's blasting Trump again saying he might support the impeachment of Trump and he's doing it...