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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.

Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.


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Westwood One


Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.



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Do Parallel Universes Exist? Can Time Move Backwards? Interview with Dr. Michio Kaku

What has happened to the greatest country in the world? Newsom still looking for a bailout from Trump; Biden finally says something truthful; People are starting to throw out their masks; Quack doctor making false claims regarding Hydroxychloroquine; The harsh reality of lockdowns and how power corrupts; Leftists following orders like Germany in the 1930s; Alan Dershowitz doubles down on his comments saying the government can force a vaccine on you; Should the Covid unemployment weekly...


If You Could Turn the Clock Back, What was the Best Time in America?

Given the depressing times we're living in, if you could set the clock back, what time was the best time in America? Scientists discover evidence of a parallel universe where time goes backwards; Everybody wants a government check; True politics is the art of the possible; Pelosi represents the negative side effects of Hydroxychloroquine; Liberal governors looking for a handout, they should fix their own problems; Savage shares a story from A Savage Life.


Vaccine Czar Makes Millions Based on False Data

Obama's back, and he's still pushing racial disparity regarding the pandemic; Scandal involving the new 'Vaccine Czar'; Science will never be the same after the pandemic as too many people are now questioning what science tells them creating confusion and anger; The libs of today are not the libs of JFK's time, they're not for freedom. They have done what a military attack could not, take away our rights without firing a shot; Bernie Sanders using the pandemic to push communism. sticking to...


Government Vaccine - Would You Take it or Resist?

Amusing story about Teddy's phantom chestnuts; All the phantoms America has today, such as Contitution, Bill of Rights, media, budget, Dem candidate and more; Pelosi's insane bailout package; Some Dems not supporting the $3 trillion bailout package; Trump's 'mandatory' Covid vaccine, while Trump says it won't be mandatory, people will force you to take it; Savage will refuse the vaccine; Sun spots have disappeared, we're entering new ice age; New media hype, Kawasaki syndrome affecting...


Will Lockdowns Ignite a Second Civil War?

We are on the cusp of a civil war; Former port of Seattle police officer was placed on leave for believing in the constitution; The dead branches of tyranny, Pelosi and the leftist mayors and governors are like a dead tree branch, must be cleared out to make room for new growth; Scientists are now part of the Politburo; $3T Coronavirus wish list package, why do the Dems not want the country to reopen; The history of ration books during WWII; Nancy Pelosi wants us to return to those days,...


Should All U.S. Farms Owned by China be Reclaimed?

"Ill Fares The Land" - 1770 quote from Oliver Goldsmith reflects how our country is faring today; China owning most of our farmland; Don't blame the Chinese government for owning a lot of America's farmland, blame our political class; A look back in time, the Dubai Ports Deal, which Savage stopped with the help of the Savage Nation; Pelosi and Mc-Con-Ell allowed churches to be bailed out by the Covid-19 relief packages; States that have laws preventing foreign ownership of land; Obama...


A Peasant's View of the World

How the American business landscape will look like in 6 months; We've seen flash, we've seen the bomb go off, but we haven't seen the devastation; Escaping Covid watching TV, what are you watching? Savage watching HBO's My Brilliant Friend; What used to happen to pedophiles; Savage tries to talk high art, but people want to talk the low-hanging-fruit stories; We will have to learn to be peasants again; Farmers pouring out milk, ripping up crops, killing animals; Food shortages beginning.


To Destroy Trump, They're Willing to Destroy America; The Lockdown Hoax

May 6, 2020 - Stephen Moore, Trump Economic Adviser, joins to discuss the President's plan to rebuild the economy; San Francisco health department giving homeless people free hotel rooms and drugs; Headlines from; Pelosi wants more money in a massive virus bill; China buying up America's food supply; We used to question authority in America; Real racists are those using race to get what they want; Coronavirus is real, the hype of the response is made up, likely as political...


‘Ineffective and dangerous’: Savage says he will refuse to take a coronavirus vaccination

Would you take a Covid-19 vaccine shot? Savage wouldn't; Remdesiver, the drug being touted as the vaccine has failed its trials; Savage has old manuscripts that he may release as an e-book; UK considering a Health Passport; NYPD officers out of control, reminiscent of Eric Gardner; People are bored being locked up like animals; Savage reading serious novels during lockdown, keeps the mind fresh; Savage reads the potential new e-book.


Shutdown Activities Allowed in California; Selenium Rich Foods

Today's Democrats are the modern day Communist Party; Everything is a joke to Gov. Cuomo; Rallies in California as people are pushing back against lockdown orders; Link identified between a dietary supplement and treating coronavirus; List of acceptable activities to engage in safely in California; Foods rich with Selenium


Fascism Arrives With Smiley Face, Not a Swastika; Big Brother Watching Over You

California Governor Gavin Newsom is drunk on power and refusing to reopen the state, and the population is going along with it; If Trump bails out the states, Savage will not vote to reelect Trump; Newsom, de Blasio, Cuomo have more power over their residents than Hitler in Nazi Germany; Fascism has arrived, not with a swastika, but with a smiley face sticker; Biden is the best the dems can come up with, is past the point of being a quality candidate and belongs in a rest home; More...


Science Says Time to End The Lockdown+Your Favorite Covid Tv Shows

Rolling reopenings now starting to happen across the country, Savage called for this weeks ago, along with selective quarantines; Nancy Pelosi quotes the bible to justify the release of federal inmates; Rashida Tlaib and others want to keep the country shut down, calling for people not to return to work; Big corporations still taking advantage of the small business bailout loans; Corruption on both sides; Potential food shortages coming; What people are watching on Netflix/cable TV right...


Don't Use Clorox To Cure Coronavirus; UV Light Once Used to Kill Microbes

Savage talks benefits/dangers of Vitamin D; Another Senate Coronavirus package; Craziness in the markets, food shortages coming; Books of influence; Majority of homeless testing positive for COVID-19; The Savage Nation is a Public Service; Savage can tell how stupid people are based on the wearing of masks; Are people actually receiving money from the government? Trump proposing Clorox would eliminate the coronavirus. Trump might be right, UV light was once used to kill microbes.


Malaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America

Herd mentality; Idiots on Twitter can't handle people speaking truth over towing the Trump line; Truth has little to no value in America; Lockdown talks, Savage first to call for rolling re-openings; Governors have never enjoyed such power as that what they have now; We're becoming a COVID republic; Big Tech and Santa Clara California are hot spots for the Coronavirus; Middle class will be taxed into poverty to help country debt; Shows Savage is watching on Netflix; Old movies have great...


The America We Know and Love Will Never Return

What America may look like a year from now; Don't listen to those telling you the coronavirus is a hoax; Trump is bailing out everyone but the little guy; Savage may leave Twitter; People avoiding hospitals, even in the event of heart attacks or strokes; Stupid will prevail, experts treated as enemies of the people; Small, limited government will become a thing of the past; Dr. Fauci is the biggest medical failure in the history of the country.


How Epidemics Have Destroyed Nations in the Past: Measles, Bubonic Plague and More

How pandemics have destroyed countries in the past; COVID World Order; What's happened to the Conservative movement? Open Socialism in America; Radio hosts trying to prescribe drugs on the air; Coronavirus mutating, making vaccines a moot point; Savage market horror story; Government handouts going to wrong people; Biden on life support, not literally, but his campaign is; Savage featured in NY Times; Savage details his heart attack.


Did China Deliberately Sicken The World? Wall St. Wins, Main St. Loses

China did not infect the world on purpose; Savage has shaped society for more than 25 years; People are looking for revenge and someone to blame; Media lives on lies; Be a rabbi, not a rabble rouser; Had enough of low brow morons on Twitter thinking that they're equal to the greatest minds of our time because they can write six words; People being hoodwinked by the likes of people on talk radio.


The Greatest Public Health Blunder in World History - Dr. Slouchy

Savage was first to call for Fauci to be fired; Fauci has been stabbing President Trump in the back repeatedly on CNN; Savage has been calling for selective quarantine from the beginning; Pastor who continued to hold church services despite safety protocols dies of Coronavirus; Iran is now freer than we are, starting to reopen the country; What an epidemiologist really is; Pelosi's corruption is out there again looking for money to bail out the postal service; Our democracy may never come...


Fauci Goes Full Nazi; Dr. Shiva Joins Dr. Savage For Coronavirus Talk

Fauci goes full Nazi, wanting to hand out badges to people immune to COVID-19; CDC lies about death numbers; Dangers of smoking marijuana during the pandemic; Trump could seal a November victory by ending the quarantines; Alex Berenson, former NYT reporter, joins to discuss his challenging of the coronavirus narrative. Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and polymath, joins to discuss the motivations of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and the globalists in the handling of the...


Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe and Effective Against Covid-19? Interview With Dr. R. Nevin

Hydroxychloroquine and other quinolines can be dangerous; Why Germany's death rate is so low compared to other countries; Popular meeting app Zoom is spying on you and the political connection with shock you; What TV shows have you been watching during your quarantine? Why is AOC not tried for sedition? People not listening to science just because it disagrees with Trump. As the world teeters on economic collapse, owing to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, people are grasping at straws. Some...