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Bhavani Jaroff will spend an hour with you cooking a vegetarian dinner and exploring ways in which you and your family can live a more sustainable life!

Bhavani Jaroff will spend an hour with you cooking a vegetarian dinner and exploring ways in which you and your family can live a more sustainable life!
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New York, NY


Bhavani Jaroff will spend an hour with you cooking a vegetarian dinner and exploring ways in which you and your family can live a more sustainable life!








iEat Green - Guest Sumiya Khan and Amelia Reese Masterson

SUMIYA KHAN, MS, RD A co-founder of Sanctuary Kitchen and a Registered Dietitian, Sumiya is the Kitchen Program Manager at CitySeed, where she oversees Sanctuary Kitchen, cooking and food education, and food business incubation. She is the daughter of Indian immigrants and global justice activists, and is a California native raised among a diverse and multicultural community with a large immigrant and refugee population. Started as her passion project, Sanctuary Kitchen is the synthesis...


iEat Green - Guest Misse Doe Axelrod - 11-07-19

Misse is a farmer and educator with 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture and educating wondrous minds from 3 years to adult. Misse values community growth both in the natural and human world. When not on the farm growing food or hosting educational programs, Misse works in a dozen schools in Central Vermont teaching farm, food and nutrition. She is also a Farm to Community Mentor with NOFA-Vt. Misse has a B.A. in Community Food Systems. Seitan Marsala (with Vegan Options) 2...


iEat Green - Guest Eric Jackson - 10.31.19

Eric Jackson is an organizer, educator, and filmmaker, humbly serving as the visionary and a co-founder of Black Yield Institute, committed to building a movement toward Black Land and Food Sovereignty in Baltimore. Currently, he and his team, are committed to a 1.25 acre urban agriculture operation and building a cooperatively-owned grocery store in South Baltimore, while also conducting Black-led research, facilitating political education, and organizing an action network. Eric has...


iEat Green - Nicole Andersen (Pharmacy to Farm)

Nicole Andersen, MS, RDN is Senior Manager, Nutrition Incentives Portfolio, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She leads the Department’s fruit and vegetable incentive programs including Health Bucks and Pharmacy to Farm Prescriptions. Nicole manages the Department’s Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to support this programming. Nicole has a Master’s of Science degree in...


iEat Green - Acadia Tucker

Acadia Tucker is a regenerative farmer, climate activist, and author. Her books are a call to action to citizen gardeners everywhere, and lay the groundwork for planting an organic, regenerative garden. For her, this is gardening as if our future depends on it. Before becoming an author, Acadia started a four-season organic market garden in Washington State inspired by farming pioneers Eliot Coleman and Jean-Martin Fortier. While managing the farm, Acadia grew 200 different food crops...


iEat Green - Maryam Henein Founder, HoneyColony

Maryam Henein is a Canadian-born investigative journalist, activist, functional medicine consultant, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. She directed the documentary Vanishing of the Bees narrated by Ellen Page. Stuffed Chile Rellenos, with Cashew Lime Crema, GF. 10-12 Large Poblano Peppers for stuffing Filling 1 onion, chopped 1 serrano pepper, diced 1 Japanese eggplant, diced (2 cups) 1 yellow summer squash, diced (2 cups) 1 green pepper, iced (1 cup) 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 2...


iEat Green - Anna Francese Gass

Anna Francese Gass grew up in a small town on the Rhode Island shore before moving to New York City for university and an exciting new life. After a stint in the corporate world, she decided, in order to be truly happy, she needed to spend her time in the kitchen, instead of an office cubicle. She quit her fast-paced sales job and enrolled in Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute in Lower Manhattan to follow her dream of professional cooking. Soon thereafter, she found her niche...


iEat Green - Diego Gerena-Quinones, Cargo Bike Solutions

Diego Gerena-Quiñones, is the founder of Cargo Bike Solutions Inc - CBS is all about building up the profile of medium-heavy weight, rapid and sustainable urban logistics on bikes. CBS naturally grew out of 7 years of bicycle courier experience here in New York City both in the street and in operations. As bicycle delivery work has grown exponentially over the last 10 years through the use of on demand delivery applications, there are still very few companies meeting the needs of high volume...


iEat Green - Bren Smith- Executive Director of GreenWave Founder of Thimble Island Oyster Co

Bren Smith is the Executive Director of GreenWave , an ocean farmer and fisherman-run organization, dedicated to supporting a new generation of ocean farmers and innovators who are working to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and build a blue-green economy. He is also the owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, where he pioneered the development of restorative 3-D Ocean Farming. Bren is a lifelong commercial fisherman, and was named one of Rolling Stone’s “25 People Shaping the...


iEat Green - Terry Meer, Director of Sustainable Kashi at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida

Terry Meer has been teaching environmental classes since 2008 on topics including; water catchment systems, solar energy, organic gardening, permaculture design and other green technologies. He was invited to visit the Kashi Ashram back in 2015, and was intrigued by the challenge to create a vibrant permaculture community that shared many of his life’s values. Terry accepted the challenge and position as the Permaculture Director at Sustainable Kashi. Kashi includes interfaith temples, food...


iEat Green - Guest Dr. Maria Michael

Dr. Maria D. Michael is a world renowned and respected medical intuitive, channel, empath, healer, psychic and teacher for over 40 years. She has been awarded 5 advanced degrees (all Summa Cum Laude), including a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She has doctorate-level training in Neuropsychology and Special Education and extensive post-doctoral studies in Psychoanalysis and Jungian Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Michael is trained and experienced in EMDR, Hypnotherapy, LENS Neurofeedback and...


iEat Green - Chung-Wha Hong, Executive Director of Grassroots International

Chung-Wha Hong is the Executive Director of Grassroots International. As a global justice advocacy and grantmaking organization, Grassroots International connects progressive donors in the US, to high-impact social movements in the Global South. For over 25 years, Chung-Wha has worked on a range of social justice issues locally and internationally, through organizing, policy advocacy, coalition building and philanthropy. Named by the New York Magazine as one of the most Influential People...


iEat Green - David Karr: Chief Brand Cebador (Co-Founder) of Guayakí

David Karr is the Chief Brand Cebador of Guayakí SRP, Inc., a company he co-founded with Alex Pryor, his “soul brother” in 1996. Guayakí is a producer of organic, fair trade yerba mate. They have an innovative business model called Market Driven Regeneration™ in which Guayakí serves as a bridge linking consumer purchases of healthy yerba mate products in North America, with indigenous communities engaged in sustainable agriculture and reforestation projects in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil....


iEat Green - Steffen Schneider, Rachel Schneider, Institute for Mindful Agriculture

Steffen Schneider has over three decades of experience as a biodynamic farmer and herdsman. Currently he is the Director of Farming Operations at Hawthorne Valley Farm. He holds a masters degree in agriculture from the Justus Von Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. Steffen was part of the team that brought the farm back to economic solvency and success in the early 90’s. He has served in senior leadership capacity for the past 20 years, allowing Hawthorne Valley to experience tremendous...


iEat Green - Sarah Leathers and Ellen Palmer

Sarah Leathers Founder and CEO Sarah took a vision to heal others using food and made it a reality. She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time she stays grounded in financial information that supports the business. As the Founder and CEO of Healing Meals Community Project she works tirelessly every day to deliver on the organizations dual mission to provide 100% organic meals for families facing a health crisis while empowering their youth...


iEat Green - Kate Brashares, Executive Director at Edible Schoolyard NYC

Kate is the Executive Director at Edible Schoolyard NYC, a non profit organization that is dedicated to providing an edible education for every child in New York City. The Edible Schoolyard partners with New York City public schools to cultivate healthy students and communities through hands-on cooking and gardening education, in the hopes of transforming children’s relationship with food. Kate is originally from London, but has lived in the U.S. for the past 15 years. After a varied career...


iEat Green - Ocean Robbins- Author of “31 Day Food Revolution” Founder- Food Revolution Network

Ocean Robbins is the CEO and co-founder of the 500,000+ member Food Revolution Network — one of the largest communities of healthy eating advocates on the planet. He has held hundreds of live seminars and events that have touched millions of lives from 190 nations. Ocean is founder and was director of the nonprofit YES!, which has led transformational events for 650,000 leaders in 65 nations. He’s a recipient of the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, the Freedom’s...


iEat Green - Dr. David Wallinga NRDC & Healthy Food Action

David Wallinga is a physician with more than 20 years of experience in writing, policy, and advocacy at the intersection of food, nutrition, sustainability, and public health. His current work focuses on the enormous overuse of antibiotics of human importance in U.S. livestock production—a practice that continues to worsen the global crisis of antibiotic-resistant infections, like MRSA. Prior to rejoining NRDC in April 2015, he cofounded Healthy Food Action; Keep Antibiotics Working: The...


iEat Green - Shelley Dennis M.D., Ph.D. RIO SALADO COLLEGE Faculty Chair of Health Sciences and Sustainability

Shelley Yael Dennis, MD, PhD, is Faculty Chair of Health Sciences and Sustainability at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Dennis earned her medical degree at University of Illinois at Chicago, where she witnessed the public-health impacts of food-system disparities. Intrigued by the theological implications of systemic inequalities, she went on to earn her doctorate from Drew University. Her transdisciplinary approach integrates political, philosophical, and theological thought in...


iEat Green - Marie Hoff & Sam Ryerson – New Food Almanac

Marie Hoff: Conceived and operated by Marie Hoff, Capella Grazing Project integrates heritage breed Ouessant sheep with landscapes in need of the service of grazing, such as vineyards, orchards, and private property seeking fire prevention and brush management. Capella Grazing has since folded in with Marie's next project, Full Circle Wool. Full Circle Wool sources coarse wool from Climate Beneficial ranchers in California, and sells it as batting and felt products to the public and...