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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.

Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.
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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.






Who's There: Joss Stone & Lauren Cohan?

Today's episode is a wild ride, and I feel like that's saying a lot. After addressing your scores of calls reminding us that USC is NOT a state school, we dig into Shane Dawson pulling a Miranda Lambert, aka taking part in a distraction engagement to another YouTuber. Later, we take calls on Joss Stone's profoundly strange world tour as well as an even stranger story from her past (circa 2008). Later, we take a call about our SECOND-favorite Whiskey Cavalier star, Lauren Cohan, and fall into...


Elizabeth Holmes & Lily Singh?

I'm in love with the shape of [Ed Sheeran's] pool! (Trust us, it's a pool.) First, an #OperationVarsityBlues update (or #OperationVarsityWhos, but you get it) all about What The Flicka? and where The Flicka it went! (R.I.P. mommy mugs). And is this the end of Hallmark's iconic "When Calls The Heart"? Next, Elizabeth Holmes—a Silicon Valley them with the Who'iest of tendencies—whose "voice" we'll never forget. And a new face in late late late night: the YouTube-famous Lily Singh. Speaking of...


Operation Varsity Blues? #whomergency

As much as we'd love to do a typical Who's There, we just HAD to focus today's full episode on the scandal to end all scandals: Operation Varsity Blues [cue I_Dont_Want_Your_Life.mp3]!!! The story that rocked our nation (or world?!) involved a Desperate Them (Felicity Huffman), a vlogging Who (Olivia Jade), a When Comes the Heart star (Lori Loughlin), a billionaire with a famous first name (Mossimo Giannuli), and, weirdly, the star of a beloved 90s film (James Van Der Beek). So grab a bag of...


Zandy Reich & Bethenny Frankel's Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Happy Belated International Women's Day! Sorry we forgot to post, we were busy celebrating by... wait, how do you celebrate it again? Maybe the tabloids can help us figure it out. Plus, Emily Ratajkowski Nails the Mid-Winter Ab Reveal (or whatever that means) and Farrah Abraham (yes, that one) is Penthouse's new book critic. Jaime King clutches a parenting book while in Beverly Hills... one year after she was attacked by a crazed man in the same city (Daily Mail's words, not ours) and...


Who's There: Poosh & Billy Porter?

Welcome to another episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show. * First came Goop. Then came Preserve. Preserve died, but Goop thrived. And now, finally, we have Poosh. What is Poosh? Your guess is as good as mine, but it has something to do with Kourtney Kardashian sitting naked on a bathroom counter while drinking tea and typing on her laptop. Is that helpful? No? Oh well. Also on today's episode, the pre-Pose work of Billy Porter (Broadway Them, real-world Who), Wendy Williams'...


Bre Tiesi-Manziel & James "Arg" Argent?

Congratulations to Bre Tiesi-Manziel and her friend Khloe for running the fastest half marathon ever! They literally broke the world record! Oh wait, hold on...Scratch that. I guess the two runners cheated in the Run Like a Diva half? Damn. At least Rami Malek got that Mandarin Oriental #spon (Did it turn him back to a Who?) And speaking of iconic #spon, Bebe Rexha's Lay's remixes are here and they are incredible. *crunch, crunch* Plus, Gemma dumps her boyfriend for filming her snoring and...


Who's There: T-Pain & Miranda Lambert vs. Saddle Tramp Brand?

We're almost too excited to talk about the comments we answered on today's episode, because leatherworker extraordinaire Saddle Tramp Brand (Breann Beasley) called in to talk about the journey that turned her into the foremost Miranda Lambert Truther on the internet. BUT BEFORE THAT, we take comments about Rami Malek's Them status, Aaron Carter's disrespectful Google search, the Ferrero family, and T-Pain's Masked Singer triumph. BUT COME ON, THIS IS ALL ABOUT SADDLE TRAMP BRAND! Follow her...


Lucy Boynton & Jordyn Woods?

We've saved two very, very important topics for today. First: Oscars! Second: Jordyn Woods! I know, you're already foaming at the mouth ready for our hottest takes. Is there anything even left to say? (Plus, Mr. "Hot Cop" Lambert updates, Shookus is back and why we can't stop talking about Michael Bolton.) Give us an hour and we'll give you your lifeeeeeeeeeee.


Who's There: Nate Silver & Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Don't let the title worry you, this is not a political episode. We just had to mention our shoutout on the 538 Politics Podcast (Nate Silver, Who, thinks our podcast seems "fun") and the iconic dot Sara Huckabee Sanders left on her Notes App announcement that her boss was about to declare a national emergency. Nightmare!!! But enough about them. We also take calls about Lee Radziwill, Zedd fans, Lizzo, the truth about Body Vibes, and what the HELL is going on with Wendy Williams. There's...


Brendan Mcloughlin & Lee Radziwill?

Why the now-iconic, now-viral Meghan Trainor press release that's going around the web might be even more familiar than you think, why Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Skarsgard let Architectural Digest into their Brooklyn home to see all 14,000 of their fireplaces, why Miranda Lambert revealed she married a hot cop only days after she dumped salad on someone in Nashville (and why did Busy Phillips have the inside scoop on it all), why Brody Jenner was lucky to be alive after a hoverboard...


Who's There: Lizzo & Adrienne Bailon Houghton?

"I do my hair toss, check my nails. Baby how's this episode? It's good as hell." Wow, I instantly regret trying to repurpose Lizzo lyrics for use in this show description! So let's get through this as quickly as possible. Today on Who's There: calls about Greta Van Fleet, Lisa Vanderpump, Lizzo, scammy stickers, and how Adrienne Bailon Houghton likes her tuna sandwiches. We even take a call about Alita: Battle Angel! If only Lindsey knew who she was. Oh, I almost forgot: this is also the...


Gus Kenworthy & Dina Lohan?

It's post-Grammys, and we're talking the most Who? category aka Best New Artist—yes, there is a game. Rexhars, come get your girl because she's going off on an audience that doesn't know the lyrics to "Meant to Be" (hh, have you been in a CVS lately?) Dina Lohan is probably getting Catfish'd, Meghan Trainor walked down the aisle to her own song (of course she did), the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are at it again (in ways we can barely understand), Prince Phillip finally gave up his...


Who's There: Sir Pippin Close & Michael Bolton?

We have spent so much time talking about The Wife on this podcast that it's sort of surprising that it took us this long to mention Pip, aka The Wife's Son. Did you know Glenn Close has a dog named Sir Pippin Close, aka Pip? And, if so, did you know he has his own Instagram account? Well you do now, so follow it. But this episode isn't just about Pip Close (as much as we'd like it to be), there's also chatter about Michael Bolton falling asleep on an Australian morning show, Jennifer...


21 Savage & The Fiji Water Girl?

Back from our west coast jaunt (plenty more dates on sale to come see us live!), we're exhausted but ready to discuss the Hottest Whos in the game. For example: Super Bowl? Anyone? No? OK! How about Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale holding hands while leaving the club? And Halsey's West Hollywood date with a British guy named Yungblud? Speaking of Brits, have you heard that 21 Savage might be one? (Fuck ICE!) And the World Record Egg was cracked. (Fuck EGG!) Plus, why Caitlyn Jenner can't...


Who's There: Maggie Rogers & Jensen Ackles?

This episode is wild. From Sliding Doors chatter (AGAIN?? Will it ever end???) to Jason Mraz's Build-a-Bear, to our RENT LIVE thoughts, to why every person of a VERY specific demographic is listening to Maggie Rogers, to whether or not someone named Jenson Ackles is a Who or a Them. PLUS: two Caller You're Doing Amazing Sweeties... after the ad. P.S. It's FEBRUARY 1! [Sarah Jessica Parker voice] Rabbit, rabbit! Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon....


Sara Dinkin & The Virgin Mary?

Did we record this podcast before the airing of RENT Live!?* Yes, sorry, but we'll weigh in later this week, promise. We're talking Oscars—specifically A Star is Born's wild campaign) and SPEAKING OF: Andy Cohen's ASIB-themed baby shower featuring almost every Housewife...except Lisa V. & Bethenny F.? Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart's new girlfriend's blog is definitely worth a look, and we're obsessed with our new favorite influencer: Mary. Yes, The Virgin Mary. (Thank you @Pontifex!) Plus, why...


Who's There: Suge J. Knight & Andy King?

Another call-in episode! Look, we didn't expect to make so many references to Sliding Doors when first mentioning it, but this is the way podcasts go. We roll with the punches: we listen to angry calls about blonde Gwyneth, we reference Jean Tripplehorn, we talk about falling down the stairs—multiple times. But enough about Sliding Doors! Today's episode introduces us to Suge Knight's son (who is now claiming Tupac is alive), catches us up with Keri Hilson (she's fine, and in a new movie...


Terry Fator & Alexis Skyy?

What do a Las Vegas ventriloquist named Terry Fator and Kardashian attic ghost Rob have in common? Well, nothing really other than: DARKNESS. We'll get into it—how Rob's DM-sliding has Blac Chyna throwing drinks at his new WCW, Alexis Skyy. And how Summer Bunni (remember her?) fits into all of it. There's Jessica Simpson's "swollen piggies", Milania Giudice's new (age-appropriate) bop, Patti Clarkson's fight against "fake news" (thanks to her PR team) and Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson...


Who's There: Caroline Calloway & Tarragon?

It's Who? Weekly's 3rd anniversary—can you believe it? To celebrate, we'll take your calls about finally recognizing Nina Dobrev, James vs. Josh Charles, and why Molly Sims attends every award show. (The answer will not surprise or shock you!) Plus, Caroline Calloway... yes, finally. And herbs. And Gigi Hadid vs. Postmates. And Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. It's all happening. Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra...


Lauren Sanchez & The Egg?

Today's Who? Weekly covers oft-ignored categories of Wholebrities: helicopter pilot Whos, alien Whos, and Whos surrounded by protective shells that are susceptible to cracking. I am, of course, talking about Lauren Sanchez (the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos), Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons (aka the stars of Roswell, New Mexico), and World_Record_Egg (aka the most-liked Instagram photo of all time). Also featured on today's episode: Tom Hardy's affinity for Forrest Gump, Katherine...