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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.

Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.
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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.






Eurovision 2019: Hatari & John Lundvik?

In lieu of Who's There, we're spending the entirety of today's episode talking about the biggest event of the year! OK, fine, the biggest event of the season! OK, fine, the biggest event of the month! OK, fine, the biggest event of the week! OK, fine, the biggest event of the weekend! You happy? Eurovision 2019 is happening RIGHT NOW and the final is THIS WEEKEND, so you'd better catch up and pick a fave by Saturday afternoon. Throughout our music-heavy journey, we gush about our faves...


Tati Westbrook & Constance Wu?

Do the names Tati Westbrook and James Charles mean anything to you? If not, boy, do we have an episode for you. (And if they do mean something then, boyyyyy, do we have an episode for you.) A feud for the ages!—or, ages 8-16—but if you're not a tween or teen, then let us explain everything to you. Then, Constance Wu fully chomps off the hand that feeds her and from across the pond Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison develops an unusual Doritos-based nighttime eating disorder. Plus, we saw the...


Who's There: Jessica Cornish & Charles Entertainment Cheese?

It's Friday, so you know the drill: we play calls, and then we answer them. Simple as that. This week, we remember the Alamo (thanks to Phil Collins's generous donation), try to forget the Met Gala, receive potential proof that Ava Max is a Wholigan, gush over Regina King's sister's name, listen to Kiefer Sutherland's latest country single, revisit his iconic failed engagement to Julia Roberts, question why Channing Tatum calls Jessie J by her government name, learn about the OTHER Jessy J,...


Jacki Weaver (vs. Anjelica Huston) & Lara Bingle Worthington?

Yes, we're recording this episode mere hours before the start of the Met Ball. Do we know Rihanna isn't going? Yes. But will Rita step up and take her place as Met Ball Queen? Uh, yeah, sure! This year's theme, "Camp", however, goes perrrfectly with our topics today: Pete Doherty's hedgehog bite? Camp! Lori's not-so-graceful exit from When Calls The Heart? Camp! Megan Barton Hanson kidnaps and then loses another hamster? Camp! Jon Gosselin DJs a Chili's Cinco de Mayo? CAMP!!! Lara Bingle...


Who's There: Ava Max & Lake Bell?

Today's episode of Who's There starts off with a long rant about panel behavior (don't ask, just listen), takes a left turn into an introduction to our new favorite Albanian pop queen with an asymmetrical wig (?), and ends with us deciding on a very fun new name for Lake Bell fans. (We won't spoil it here, it's just too perfect.) Also featured are calls about Dr. Phil's dog, Christian Emiliano, as well as the difference between Leslie Mann and Lesley Manville. Oh, and how could I forget a...


Who's There: Jordan "Dr. Phil's Son" McGraw & #FreeBritney?

Happy Friday everyone! Happy ME! Day, too! (I am writing this hours before Taylor Swift's new song/video drops, so I have no idea what we think of the song yet, but I can assume we think enough for it to be a big deal.) But that's too Themmy, so let's move on to the Whos. On this week's episode of Who's There, we take a call from a dentist about Shay Mitchell's tooth, a call from a very smart Roman history expert on Simon Cowell's ghost, a call from a friend about celebrity divorce...


Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs & "Fofty" Cent?

We're really losing it with these episode titles, aren't we? Today we'll explain why Ariana Grande, Olivia Munn, Michael Che and Lizzo are all angry with "bloggers"—bloggers! Also why Blac Chyna has not graduated from Harvard (yet) and why the Duggars renamed their deviled eggs with something more holy. Plus, this "Fofty" drama and how it spawned our new favorite meme thanks to 50 Cent, Lala Kent and her "man" Randall Emmett. #MoneyByMondayRandall


(Adele's Ex) Simon Konecki & (Michelle's Ex) Phil Everum?

Cuffing season's over and everyone's breaking up: Adele and her husband, Michelle and her husband, the two accapella lovers from Pitch Perfect—acca-no! And David Pecker's American Media Inc. is selling the Enquirer—but does it matter? (What matters is the rag's new owner's daughter's bat-mitzvah theme.) Shay Mitchell's tooth fell out because of a bagel sandwich? (Do we really believe this?) Danny Amendola's pissed his ex Olivia Culpo smooched Zedd (yes, Zedd) at Coachella, Ewan McGregor's...


Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso?

We're trying this thing where we provide GRABBIER episode titles for you all and, uh, I think this is our best yet! I mean, would you rather listen to "Who's There: Antinous & David Adefeso" or "Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso"? (If you say the former, UNSUBSCRIBE NOW.) (Kidding, never ever ever do that.) Anyway, Simon Cowell's house is probably being haunted by the thotty gay ghost of some hunky Roman named Antinous. What's his unfinished business, you ask?...


Vanessa Hudgens Presents: A Very Special Coachella Episode

Another year, another trip to Indio, California for Coachella! All hail Queen Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella's patr(é)on saint, who showed up flower crown in hand to celebrate the yearly festival of music—OK: mostly outfits, Instagrams and #sponsored content. That's why we're playing a new game called: Gamechella. From Emrata to Olivia Culpo to Kiernan Shipka and most of the (Beverly Hills) Housewives, everyone was there to party at the iconic....'The Levi's Brand Presents Neon Carnival With...


Who's There: Brandon Flynn, Richard Madden & a Black Hole?

Will we ever talk about politics on this podcast again? Is Dakota Johnson actually pregnant or is she just using a child's grocery cart? Are Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn a THING or are they just smoking marijuana cigarettes together? Is there a better way to call out a cheater than by tagging them on Instagram?!?! Is the first photo of a Black Hole a Who or a Them?!?!?!?!? What about Katie Bouman?!!!!!! And finally, will we ever stop fighting about nougat?!????????? All these questions...


The Whos of 'The View' & Pepe Muñoz?

Today we're turning this thing into a book club podcast and digging deep into our new fave: Ladies Who Punch. The incredible behind-the-scenes look at The View is everything we ever wanted to know—and more! We'll give you the rundown on our favorite moments—Star Jones' #spon-studded wedding, Rosie v. Elizabeth and a Very Special Game called, "The Whos of The View" all about the ladies you've probably forgotten. Plus, Celine Dion's new BFF, Pepe, is gay and why Rita's covering The Counting...


Who's There: Rita Wilson & Pete Buttigieg?

Where to begin with today's episode? It's begins on a sad note, with a brief chat about Nipsey Hussle, followed by a look into the recent scandal involving former Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara and an actress named Charlotte Kirk. Moving on, we tackle Rita Wilson--specifically whether or not her recent star on the Walk of Fame makes her a Them--and wade into extremely rough and hard to pronounce political waters for a brief chat about Pete Buttigieg? He's gay! He's gay. Did you hear...


Lil Nas X & Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley?

A whopper of an episode as we all long for the days when these things were 30 minutes long. Well, sorry nostalgia, because we have shit to discuss. For starters: What's going on with Wendy Williams? Colton Haynes? Nico Tortorella's memoir? Emrata's husband's unpaid rent? (Plus, a game Bobby has named "Rata or Nata?") Tori Spelling's new mommydrama, Nic Cage's upcoming annulment, Isabella Cruise's new role in the world of Scientology, why England is riled up about a woman named Cholmondeleys...


Who's There: Mel B & Ant Anstead?

Ring ring! It's another episode of Who's There, and this week we take calls about Lizzie Holmes' fiancé Billy Evans, Lizzie Gilbert's thoughts on bats, the geography of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, why Garrett Hedlund is so forgettable, Christina El Moussa's new last name, and the Spice Girls who took Girl Power to a whole new level. Oh! We also gave Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne a couple name: Campayne. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to...


Rawvana & Kelly Rohrbach?

What did Cat Marnell overhear (and then tweet and then delete) while on a train in Switzerland about Leonardo DiCaprio ex Kelly Rohrbach and her boyfriend, Walmart heir Steuart Walton? Why are fans of a vegan YouTuber named Rawvana very, very upset? (Hint: It has to do with veganism!) Did Catherine Zeta Jones nail airport chic in a lilac suit and fedora hat as she arrived in New York with a TROLLEY full of suitcases? Are Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner spending time together as friends or...


Who's There: Joss Stone & Lauren Cohan?

Today's episode is a wild ride, and I feel like that's saying a lot. After addressing your scores of calls reminding us that USC is NOT a state school, we dig into Shane Dawson pulling a Miranda Lambert, aka taking part in a distraction engagement to another YouTuber. Later, we take calls on Joss Stone's profoundly strange world tour as well as an even stranger story from her past (circa 2008). Later, we take a call about our SECOND-favorite Whiskey Cavalier star, Lauren Cohan, and fall into...


Elizabeth Holmes & Lily Singh?

I'm in love with the shape of [Ed Sheeran's] pool! (Trust us, it's a pool.) First, an #OperationVarsityBlues update (or #OperationVarsityWhos, but you get it) all about What The Flicka? and where The Flicka it went! (R.I.P. mommy mugs). And is this the end of Hallmark's iconic "When Calls The Heart"? Next, Elizabeth Holmes—a Silicon Valley them with the Who'iest of tendencies—whose "voice" we'll never forget. And a new face in late late late night: the YouTube-famous Lily Singh. Speaking of...


Operation Varsity Blues? #whomergency

As much as we'd love to do a typical Who's There, we just HAD to focus today's full episode on the scandal to end all scandals: Operation Varsity Blues [cue I_Dont_Want_Your_Life.mp3]!!! The story that rocked our nation (or world?!) involved a Desperate Them (Felicity Huffman), a vlogging Who (Olivia Jade), a When Comes the Heart star (Lori Loughlin), a billionaire with a famous first name (Mossimo Giannuli), and, weirdly, the star of a beloved 90s film (James Van Der Beek). So grab a bag of...


Zandy Reich & Bethenny Frankel's Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Happy Belated International Women's Day! Sorry we forgot to post, we were busy celebrating by... wait, how do you celebrate it again? Maybe the tabloids can help us figure it out. Plus, Emily Ratajkowski Nails the Mid-Winter Ab Reveal (or whatever that means) and Farrah Abraham (yes, that one) is Penthouse's new book critic. Jaime King clutches a parenting book while in Beverly Hills... one year after she was attacked by a crazed man in the same city (Daily Mail's words, not ours) and...