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Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.

Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.
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Melbourne, VIC


Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.




Kindness House Suite 10, Level 1 288 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 +61 3 9415 1301


Beyond Zero - Can we consume our way out of climate change?

In this episode we follow the question: Can we consume our way out of climate change? We talk with The Australia Institute senior Economist Richard Denniss where we discover if it's an economic question.Then we speak with Behavioural scientist Stefan Kaufman about Advertising and then with Kilian David and make an advert of our own.


Energy Startups Pt 2 Equity Crowdfunding Birchal, RedGrid, Planet Ark Power

2019, Sept 2 Presenter/Producer:Erin JonesGuests:Alan Crabbe - Birchal Timestamp- 00:50 speak with co-founder Alan Crabbe of equity crowdfunding platform Birchal about the evolution of crowdfunding. Richard Romanowski - Co-Founder & Executive Director of Planet Ark PowerTimestamp - 29:47 Ark Power a Queensland based Energy...


Foodwaste & what Crowdsoured Funding can do for Impact Startups/ Save Westernport /BZE Research - Collee WA

2019, Aug 26 Presenter/Producer:Erin JonesGuests:Louise Page - Save Westernport Timestamp- 2:43 mins continue following the campaign against new fossil fuel developments in the RAMSAR listed wetlands of Westernport Bay in Victoria Lachlan Rule - BZE Project Lead - Repower Our Regions - Collee WATimestamp - 13:40 have a prelude of the research due to be lauched in October looking at potential for energy tranisition in Collee, Western...


STRIKING FOR CLIMATE ACTION Episode 3: On the front lines

STRIKING FOR CLIMATE ACTION Episode 3 ON THE FRONT LINESPresenter: Vivien LangfordProducer: Andy BrittIndigenous people are on the front lines of climate action all over the world. If you strike or take action on September 20th let their example and words ring in your ears."The traditional rules and laws of indigenous peoples would never allow this stripping of resources from our traditional homelands on this planet at a net cost to future generations and to life itself."Lil 'Wat elder from...



STRIKING FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE: Episode 2/ Trade UnionsPresenter: Vivien Langford Producer: Andy Britt Trade Unions are responding to the global call for action on September 20th. Will you join them?This will be 3 days before the UN Emergency Climate Summit in N.Y. Greta Thunberg will arrive by sailboat bringing with her the hopes of many children unable to vote.Naomi Klein starts the show with a question "What are climate jobs?".Dr Colin Long answers. He is the Just Transition Officer for the...


STRIKING FOR CLIMATE ACTION. Episode 1 . Students/ Teachers

Presenter: Vivien Langford Production: Andy Britt Students are calling on adults to strike for climate action on September 20th.We start with emotional voices from Melbourne City Council as they declare a Climate Emergency. As Mayor Cathy Oke says "If we don't, I don't think I could say, hand on my heart, that we have done enough".Vivien then talks to secondary students in Sydney, Daisy Jeffrey and Jean Hinchcliff.From Geelong, Australian Youth Climate Commission's Kai Bowie tells us how his...


Kiribati and the Pacific

In the last few years, Kiribati has become one of the most potent symbols of climate change. The previous president Anote Tong toured around Paris in 2015 trying to get the message out that his island the unique way of life of his people are drowning, that is under existential threat due to climate change and rising seas. I have been to the tallest point of the South Tarawa is a paltry 3 metres above sea level. Without the small dented sign there there would be no other way to know.We will...


Fully Charged Electric Vehicles, Formula E, Save Western Port, Victorian Solar Rally

July 22 2019Presenter: Erin Jones Today we have more interviews from my visit to the Fully Charged EV show in the UK, and look at more local issued in Victoria: Alexander Sims Formula E Drive for BMW/Andretti MotorSportJulian O'Shea - Solar TukLouise Page - Save WesternportJohn Grimes - Smart Energy...


Electric Vehicles: an Australian Snapshot

Presenter: Erin Jones July 15 2019EVs a Snapshot Following my trip to the Fully Charged Show in the UK - we look at some of the current developments in the Australian EV space including: the first EV produced in Australia, fleet managers looking at EVs, and the national EV CouncilGuests:Tim WashingtonChair - EV Council & CEO JetChargeGreg McGarvieCEO ACE-EVRichard LovellExecutive Director - Investment -Clean Energy Finance Corporation



TRANSITIONWhat next after you declare the climate emergency?Ian Dunlop- Advisory Board of BreakthroughOliver Yates and Giles Parkinson - Insiders Podcast at Renew EconomyMik Aidt - radio journalist at The Sustainable Hour Greta Thunberg - Austrian World Summit of leaders implementing the Paris climate AgreementEytan Lenko - Chairman of the Board at Beyond zero EmissionsThe Last Shell AGM at # story changeProduction : Andy BrittInterviews : Vivien Langford



Beyond Zero Emissions Community 1-7-19 Hobart Council is the first capital city council to declare a climate emergency. Will it be as exciting as dark Mofo? XR was there dressed in long red velvet gowns and deathly white faces. Vivien introduces you to the people who are taking climate action to a whole new level. Bill Harvey - Hobart City Coumcil Tom Remenyi - Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre, David Hamilton - Climate Tasmania Greta Thunberg - At the Austrian...


All About Adani

We chatted with Stephen Long who was the journalist on the ABC Four Corners program: Digging into Adani to get an idea for how the Adani Group operates and how it has performed financially, environmentally and legally in the past, particularly with its projects in India. Vivien recorded a speech by the Wangan and Jagalingou people about their battle upholding native title. And we spoke with Jenny Weber, the Campaign Manager at The Bob Brown Foundation, about the long running protest movement...


Smart Energy Show

Smart Energy Conference 2019 Vivien talks to Christine Milne about establishing Green Banks, financing the transition and her experience in Malaysia. She meets father of Taiwan's High Speed Rail and the mother of a start upcalled ZeroMow.



Beyond Zero Emissions Community show 10-6-19 RADIOTHON 2019 Facing the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced, people are rising but so are emissions."The dangers that threaten life on earth do not come from extra terrestrial powers. They arise from our own choices and relationships" Twelfth Century prophecy. .So we talk to a psychologist a politician and a spiritual teacher as well as experts on soil, hospitals,media plus campaigning heroes.The first 15 people responding to our appeal for...



JOBSCan we cut emissions 10% each year? The scale and speed of the transition from coal oil and gas is hardly discussed yet. But think of the jobs it will create.GuestsLilly Barto -Frontline Action on coalReid Pierce - Extinction Rebellion NSWChris Briggs - UTS Institute of sustainable futuresAbel Guttierez- Ambassador from East TimorRobin Chamberlayne - Mura TechnologyBruce Shillingsworth- First Nations Educator and artist


Robert Llewellyn plugging in electric vehicles

Monday 27th May (repeat,Monday 4th March.)Monday 4th MarchPresenter/Producer: Erin JonesToday we have a special guest Robert Llewellyn - the founder of the highly successful Fully Charged Show on YouTube.Robert Llewellyn who is currently in Australia, talks to us about the evolution and adoption of Electric Vehicles, and of The Fully Charged YouTube channel which now has over 410,000 subscribers and over 50 million views. The Fully Charged ShowFully Charged is a weekly + series produced and...



Radio team : May 20th Vivien Langford - InterviewsAndy Britt- ProductionGuests David Ritter - CEO of Greenpeace " Get The MONEY out of politics"Amanda Cahill -CEO of Next Economy " Build on local communities"David Morris-Environmental Defenders Office NSW. "The judge said if we stop opening coal mines,it is just as likely that other countries will follow" Major Kaur - Students strike 4 climate and founding member of Climate LeadersJoanne Mc Carthy - Newcastle Herald journalist and Walkley...


Beyond Zero - Community - Female Rights and Dirty Power

Part II of our exploration of DrawdownWe speak to Erica Berthelsen, international program director for the One Girl charity, Michael West Investigative journalist working on Dirty Power - a documentary film linking governments to the mining lobby & Dr Redmond is with Doctors for the Environment Australia.


DRAWDOWN - Top Tactics

DRAWDOWN "From this moment on despair ends and tactics begin". Radio Team 6th May :Vivien Langford and Kurt Johnson Interviews. Andy Britt -Producer.Sue Holmes - Former Assistant Commissioner with the productivity Commission and now on the board of Get Up!Lachlan Rule - Researcher at Beyond Zero Emissions talking about RefrigerantsJoshua Bishop - Head of Sustainable Food with World Wildlife Fund for NatureDrawdown, by Paul Hawken, ranks solutions to reverse global heating in the gigatonnes...


To suceed slowly is to fail

RADIO QUIZSend your answers marked Radio Quiz to Finalists will be announced on RADIOTHON NIGHT, 10th June when prizes will be awarded.Who said this?1. "Ours is the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and ours is the last generation with the ability to do anything about it".2. "We'd extend the water trigger to bear on shale gas and other tight gas developments.....The gas sector needs to pay attention to their future emissions"3." We need a national...