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Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.


Melbourne, VIC


Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.






Windara Reef Restoration: Reinvigorating ocean ecosystems

Windara Reef Restoration: Reinvigorating ocean ecosystems Most of the continent now known as colony-Australia was once surrounded and protected for thousands of years by massive reefs built up by shellfish, providing rich breeding grounds for marine life. However colonisation has decimated these ancient reefs and rendered them extinct. So the news that thriving artificial reefs are now being built to correct this travesty is very good to hear. Guest presenter Nicky Paige speaks with Anita...


Not Quiet Australians: On the Steps Rally, Parliament House, Canberra, 4th, February 2020

Exceptional speeches calling for climate action ring with rising anger in response to government denial and inaction. MC: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki makes climate science segways. Zali Stegall the Independent member for Waringah outlines her bill for an official bipartisan climate action plan. Bruce Shillingsworth a Muruwari and Budjiti man, from the north-west NSW river lands demands:" Put the water back in the rivers" Dr Sue Wareham from the Medical Association for the prevention of war warns of...


Workers responding collectively to bushfire pollution

As bushfires have been raging across Australia since October last year, cities have been blanketed in toxic smoke. What are the health impacts of this? And how might workers respond to this new environmental health crisis? On today’s show, workers responding collectively to bushfire pollution, and looking for a working class environmentalism. Guests: Elizabeth Humphrys (UTS); Katherine Barraclough (Doctors for the Environment Australia); Bradly Dunn (dock worker and MUA delegate); Adam...


Animals burnt out and injured. Join the Wildlife feeding, rescue, care and release responses.

We are in a terrible, fiery climate emergency. Humans and animals are in crisis. We have seen at least a billion animals die [not including billions of insects. This number is rapidly rising as animals face starvation in destroyed ecosystems where there is no food. Responding to this on the front line of this are the wildlife rescue groups . They have always been there caring for injured animas and orphans. Now they are massively mobilizing to leave out food and for the animals in the burnt...


Heal the Ancestors: East Gippsland bush fires

Heal the Ancestors: East Gippsland bush firesElders Robbie and Mick Thorpe on 3CR’s Fire First discuss bushfires and the Law of the Land, while Mick shares his first hand account of the evacuation from the Lake Tyers Community on Gunai/Kurnai country. Also, an update from Chris Schuringa at Goongerah Environment Centre about what’s happening on the ground with ongoing fires destroying habitat, wildlife sanctuaries and homes of local front line forest protectors - just weeks after cautiously...


Tiny House Warriors: Secwepemc struggle

Tiny House Warriors: Secwepemc struggleSecwepemc land protector Kanahus Freedom on how Secwepemc people are resisting the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and ongoing impacts of colonialism & white supremacy by asserting their sovereignty via creative direct action campaigns, such as the Tiny House Warrior sourced with thanks from The Final Straw Radio on Archive.orgEarth Matters #1225 was produced by Nicky Stott


In excess - debunking the myths of floods of migrants and scarcity of resources in Australia's border regime

What does it mean when we talk of floods of migrants? Is it accurate or even useful? Or does it distract from the real floods, the disasters brought on by climate change? Lauren Piko, presents her paper “Hydraulics and flood: rhetorics and realities of fluidity in Australian cities” at the 2019 Historical Materialism Conference, held at Trades Hall in Melbourne. Then later in the show, Nic Beuret discusses the problematic connected between environmentalist ideas of 'carrying capacity' and...


Richard Flanagan's call to climate action. Extinction Rebellion tells Capitalism to bite the dust!

As our eyes sting from the ashes of the forests, Richard Flanagan's call for climate action becomes prophetic . Extinction Rebellion rebels blockade Canberra streets preventing politicians from leaving Federal parliament to split for holidays, leaving climate action and leadership behind them. Guests: Richard Flanagan, Author. Extinction Rebellion rebels blockading Canberra streets Song: Walking with Spirits by Kai McKenzie Mark kai mackenzie (facebook) guitar, vocal, harmonica Allen Murphy...


For the love of Soil: Urban Tilth

For the love of Soil: Urban TilthDoria Robinson from Urban Tilth speaking this year at the Community Alliance for Global Justice about dismantling extractive culture. She gets the ball rolling with a crucial task that we all now face; namely, unpacking what we mean by "justice" in the context of making a "just transition", as we move towards systemic change as the logical solution to climate justice and food sovereignty.Audio sourced with thanks from Seattle Community Media on...


Fungi fights forest fire and builds the Global Carbon Soil Sponge

We must start cooling the planet. Walter Jehne and Cindy Eiritz explain how to restore the Earth s hydrological cooling system AND restore the “soil carbon sponge” offering resilience to global heating. The Soil Carbon Sponge is porous, well-aggregated soil rich in plant roots, diverse life forms, nutrient availability, air, and often holding lots of water. Building up the Soil Carbon Sponge draws down massive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere AND regenerates our soils AND enhances...


On the chopping block. An end to native forest logging in Vic.?

Finally the Victorian government has acknowledged that native forest logging must end. After decades of mismanagement, financial losses and environmental destruction. The government has announced all native forest logging to end by 2030, with an immediate end to old-growth logging, and the planned protection of the Greater Glider. But the devil is in the detail, and the promises might not be kept. Then later in the show: urban heatwaves, the silent killer of a forgotten population. Margarita...


Defend the Laws that Stop New Coal Mines.

If you are starting to think that the grip of the coal and gas industry on Australian land and politics is impossible to break -take hope. New coal mines are being knocked back by the courts for their climate impacts. In February 2019 the New South Wales Land and Environment Court made a landmark judgement to reject a new open-cut coal mine near Gloucester in the Hunter Valley, NSW. For the first time one of the key reasons given was the global heating impacts of the co2 released when the...


IMARC Blockade live outside broadcast (Pt 2)

IMARC blockade live outside broadcast (Part 2)Recorded live at the (IMARC) International Mining & Resource Conference blockade in Melbourne Oct 28-31. Presenters Viv Malo & Robbie Thorpe (The Black Block) and Michaela Stubbs speak with Porobibi (West Papuan student activist); Tim (Wiradjuri anti-coal/CSG activist); Lucco (Latin American Solidarity Network); and Jessica (grass roots community activist) talking grass roots resistance against mining ecocide and genocide in West Papua,...


IMARC Blockade live outside broadcast (Pt 1)

IMARC blockade live outside broadcast (Part 1)Recorded live at the (IMARC) International Mining & Resource Conference blockade in Melbourne Oct 28-31. Presenters Robbie Thorpe and Viv Malo (The Black Block) speak with Jerome Small, Aunty Vicki Abdullah (Tjiwarl & ANFA co-chair) & former greens MP & Gunditjmara & Gunai woman Lidia Thorpe on extractive industries & ecocide, and Indigenous rights & solutionsEarth Matters #1217 was produced by Nicky Stott


Resisting state repression - resisting business as usual

On today’s show we hear about Queensland’s new anti lock-on laws. Then we get a report-back from Blockade IMARC in Melbourne and the violent police response. Guests: Andy Paine (Frontline Action on Coal); Apsara (Blockade IMARC); Julia Dehm (MALS) Earth Matters #1216 was produced by Teishan Ahearne.


"We wish to restore our rights over those countries": Uncle Albert Hartnett

"Everything that we have been fighting for over years of our activism has been for the rights to be able to make decisions about what happens on our countries. . My Country is been raped and pillaged and plundered by mining corporations for coal in the Hunter Valley Region and for gas in Wangkumurra Country ....." "We have been fighting for the rights to be able to stop those industries from destroying our land and destroying what is precious to us, taking away our rights of possession and...


Djab Wurrung, XR & the Nueva Vizcaya Barricade

Djab Wurrung, XR & the Nueva Vizcaya BarricadeThis week on Earth Matters we hear from Djab Wurrung and Gunai sovereign Lidia Thorpe update on Djap Wurrung protection blockade; Extinction rebellion spring actions over the last two weeks, including solidarity activist Kevin Bracken on the Nueva Vizcaya barricade against Australian mining company OceanaGold in protest against their violent and destructive mining agenda; as well as the upcoming IMARC blockade.This week's show is #1214, and was...


Warburdar Bununu - Water Shield documentary

Warburdar Bununu - Water Shield documentary is a new short film highlighting the fight for water rights and mining on country near Boorooloola in the Northern Territory. In this program you'll hear from the Director Jason De Santolo and community members Scott McDinney and Gadrien Hoosam and hear of their on-going fight and struggle with local mining companies and the water contamination issues now affecting the local community members and the waterways.


Fighting mining from Ecuador to Australia

Mining is at the forefront of climate change, and the opposition to it is the nexus of indigenous and environmental struggles. A prime example of this is Ecuador. It’s one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth, but it’s people and environment are under threat as mining companies - many of them from Australia - are swooping in. From Ecuador to Australia, miners, their financiers and governments are determined to destroy this planet in their pursuit of profit. Blockade IMARC Alliance are...


Black throated finch and Adani contractors under pressure.

This is about the fate of the black throated finch as Adani is bulldozing some of its last natural habitat . Michael Kane from the Mackay Conservation Group challenges the legitimacy of using offsets to counter such habitat destruction. "Its not over yet" says Emma about the long battle to Stop Adani. She describes the ongoing prosecutions of Adani, campaigning to persuade companies not to take Adani contracts and community engagement for a just transition. We also go to Townsville where at...