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Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.
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Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.






Fighting Eco-Fascism

Fighting eco-fascism: an environmentalism without natureWe often think of environmental politics as inherently progressive and humane.But from more mainstream far right parties with a presence in national parliaments to marginal but equally dangerous lone actors and dispersed groups organising on the internet, environmental questions are growing in importance and are becoming central to their political platforms.The environmental movement with a liberatory outlook needs to be vigilant...


Future histories - technology isn't neutral

Can we simply innovate our way out of the present climate crisis? Or do technological fixes hide another problem - that of a deeply unequal and unjust world? Until we start to understand that climate change is a also political problem we may end up carrying the problems of the present into a clean energy future.Lawyer and writer Lizzie O'Shea argues that if we are going to have a just and democratic world we need to wrestle the future of technology away from the billionaires and tech-bros...


Wangan Jagalingou establish a sovereignty camp / Sounds from a StopAdani lockon

Adani is currently clearing trees for the construction of its Carmichael mine in Queensland.In todays show we hear Adrian Burragubba leader of the Wangan Jagalingou family council and the traditional owners of the Carmichael coal mine site in Queensland. Adani has recently made Adrian Burragubba bankrupt after several court cases with the company. The Wangan Jangalingou famly council have declared their sovereign independence and established a sovereignty camp to practice law and custom and...


Djab Wurrung Eviction: Our Way, or the highway!

Djab Wurrung Eviction: Our Way, or the highway!The Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy blockade is facing eviction this week! For fifteen months now they have made a stand to protect more than two hundred and sixty sacred trees - of deep cultural significance and up to eight hundred years old - from being bulldozed by the Victorian state government to make way for a section of freight road between Melbourne & Adelaide that will save two minutes of driving time. Djab Wurrung have put a...


Behind Enemy Lines - The Songs of the Terania Creek and Nightcap Blockades

To mark the 40th anniversary of Australia's first forest blockade at Terania Creek in 1979 Earth Matters presents a program in which musicians Brenda Liddiard and Lisa Yeates reflect on the songs that came out of that event as well as from later protests at Grier's Scrub and Mount Nardi. The role of music in securing victories, unifying blockaders and spreading the word, and the way in which the songs lived on through further protests, is also discussed. The songs heard during the program...


The Vanishing River, Voices from the Darling, Part 3: Sarah Moles, Cathryn Milne.

Cathryn Milne: Student and environmentalist: Mildura: " We need a royal commission NOW and a grass roots human movement." There is desperation and calls for strong action as the Darling River dries up. This is part three of a series of interviews with people who are living along the dying Darling River: witnessing, grieving and crying out for action to bring the water back.Sarah Moles, Author from Warwick, Qld; Speaking at the Australian Earth Laws Alliance Symposium in October 2018:"I'm...


Decolonising Anarchism: Indigenous Anarchist Federation

Decolonising Anarchism: Indigenous Anarchist FederationIAF members Bombshell and insurgent e on the formation of the Indigenous Anarchist Federation, and their own personal and political histories as Indigenous anarchists situated within anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-fascist frameworks. Also, the Indigenous Anarchist Convergence coming up August 16-18 in Flagstaff, Arizona.Audio excerpts have been sourced, with thanks, from The Final Straw Radio Links:Cutcha Risling Baldy...


Kimberley Calling: The Frack is Back

Kimberley Calling: The Frack is BackThe WA moratorium on fracking is to be lifted in the Kimberley next month, with an estimated 40,000 wells set to be drilled across the region. Meanwhile big agribusiness is making moves to put a developmental squeeze on the iconic Fitzroy River. Once again, Tradional Owners & local environment groups are putting the call out for grass roots supporters around the country to get ready to mobilise for another gigantic battle to protect the unique ecological &...


The Vanishing River, Voices from the Darling , Part 2: Barry Stone

Barry Stone: Employment Agent, lives on Lake Menindee in NSW. Behind him is 15 kilometres of dry lake-bed to the other side. As this water system dries he knows the actual damage that is happening to people, communities and ecosystems. "We out here are looking at total destruction of the outback of New South Wales, total destruction. And, I'd like to say to the city fellas, we are not bullshitting you here. We are living it !"An ever increasing and multiplying crime has been occurring...


Ask the Elders: Budj Bim Protection

Ask the Elders: Budj Bim ProtectionGuest presenter Will Mathews yarns with Uncle Denis Rose from the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners' Corporation about how the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape's nomination for World Heritage status gives prominence to the fact that First Nations civilisations on the continent currently known as Australia were easily amongst the first in global history to develop agriculture and industrial engineering, despite the insidious myths perpetuated by Terra Nullius....


Listening to Nauru [encore]

Listening to Nauru - colonialism and climate change.Over a century of phosphate mining has eaten out the small Pacific island nation of Nauru. While the mining continues, today Nauru is better known as the site for Australia's offshore detention camp incarcerating people seeking asylum. Amongst all the media coverage of Nauru, what is too often missing is the voices of Nauruans. Today on Earth Matters we're listening to Nauru, to its people and environment.Anja Kanngieser is a political...


The Vanishing River, Voices from the Darling

Produced in the Barkindji nation by Earthling Studios, Executive Producer Mark Merrit "This is serious, very seriousAn ever increasing and multiplying crime has been occurring against our people and our habitat right under our noses for decades " [The Vanishing River website]Hear the voices of people who actually live along the Darling River and Menindee Lakes in in Western NSW: the now dry and dusty strip that was a flowing waterway rich with culture. This is part one of a series.Song the...



On this week's show we’re analysing the federal election with Elizabeth Humphrys. With growing distrust of politicians and disillusionment with the electoral system, how does the environment movement engage with anti-politics?For many, the victory of the Liberal-National Coalition at the federal election was crushing. With the polls pointing to a Labor win, their failure has lead to a scatter-fire of recriminations. But votes for the two main parties have been falling for years - and...


Fight for the Bight

Fight for the BightCoastal whale peoples from all over are concerned about oil drilling operations in the Southern Ocean's Great Bight. Norwegian multi-national Equinor released an environmental impact statement earlier this year for a proposed oil drilling site 372 km off the coast of South Australia. The document included a map showing the worst-case oil spill scenarios.Uncle Bunna Lawrie, Elder & Whale Songman, Keeper of the Songs and Laws for the Mirning people yarns up about travelling...


Extinction Rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion demands 1. that Governments tell the truth about the ecological crisis and declare a Climate Emergency . 2. the creation of a war cabinet to plot the transition to zero carbon . 3.To carry out this agenda they call for Participatory Democracy .Hear from an Australian Extinction Rebellion participant, and hope inspiring speeches from the Stop Adani Convoy when it arrived in Canberra on May 5th after an iconic journey from Tasmania to Clermont where Adani s massive...


Sneaky, dirty business: BHP Olympic Dam Expansion

Sneaky, dirty business: BHP Olympic Dam expansionBHP is up to their old tricks again, trying to expand their dirty uranium mine and sneaky industrial practices, by spinning it with the tired old hype that it will create jobs. But even a cursory glance at their recent track record as an employer shows that looking after workers is not really part of their game plan.Arabunna Elder & Law Man Uncle Kevin Buzzacott has long lead the fight against this toxic mine and remains forefront of...


Passing the torch: A history of nuclear survival in the Pacific

Passing the torch: A history of nuclear survival in the PacificFrom 1946 to 1998 world players in the nuclear armaments industry conducted more than two thousand nuclear test explosions around the world, including more than 310 nuclear tests that were conducted on Indigenous lands and water, in the Pacific region, by the United States, Britain & France.Protests, direct action campaigns & lobbying against nuclear testing and for the rights of survivors were organised from the 1950s, and...


My Extremely Long Walk

This week we welcome you to a program with our guest Shannon and he yarns about his own initiative the MY EXTREMELY LONG WALK. And this walk from Melbourne to Canberra is to create awareness and change for climate action.


Water: Kwatye for Wilora

On the 26th of January 2019 at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in a a yurt, I interviewed three women from Wilora ... a small town just off the Stuart Hwy 300 ks North of Alice Springs .This is the area of the last state sanctioned massacre in Australia in 1928. The women are from the Kaytetye aboriginal group in Central Australia and are raising the alarm, again, about the unsafe levels of uranium and other dirty solutes in their bore drinking water. This unjust situation has been...


'Our History is the Future' the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance

'Our History is the Future.' Nick Estes on the Long Tradition of Indigenous ResistanceNick Estes is Kul Wicasa, a citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. His new book is ‘Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance’Taking the movement at Standing Rock as his starting point, he traces the traditions of Indigenous resistance that led to the #NoDAPL movement and he considers what it means for the future of...