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It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.

It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.


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It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.




Third Base Preview (02/21 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

We have to start with the news on Luis Severino and Carlos Carrasco, plus the appeal of Ian Happ in mixed leagues. Then we get into our Third Base Preview (5:00) discussing the depth of the position. Is the depth actually a little deceiving? Yes and no, but mostly no! How does the depth of the position affect how we draft? And do we have an overall strategy when it comes to this position (10:50)? ... Players we draft often (17:05) and players we avoid (21:45) at 3B. Which category do Rafael...


Shortstop Preview (02/20 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Man, Shortstop is awesome this season! Should you take one in the first round or wait and grab Carlos Correa, Bo Bichette or Marcus Semien later? Or both!? We spend a lot of time on the first round guys (4:55). Is Alex Bregman better than Ronald Acuna in points leagues? Is Francisco Lindor worth the price if he only steals 25 bases? Is Trea Turner a good enough hitter to warrant a Top 6 pick? ... Shortstops we often draft (17:40) and those we avoid (22:55). We get into Fernando Tatis Jr. and...


Second Base Preview (02/19 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Gleyber Torres or Jose Altuve (0:40)? The Fantasy community may disagree on this one! We start the preview with that debate and discuss if this position is actually shallow. What is our 2B strategy (6:55)? Which players do we draft often (11:15) and which players do we avoid (17:50)? How do we balance out SP vs. 2B? And who could become elite this season (26:33)? Gleyber Torres? Keseton Hiura? Mike Moustakas? How about someone like Cavan Biggio? ... This position may have some late-round...


First Base Preview (02/18 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Finally some good hitters to talk about! Moving on from Catcher to First Base, we've got a lot of sluggers to discuss. Which 1B do we draft often (1:40)? Which ones do we avoid (8:55)? Freddie Freeman is actually underrated, Josh Bell is going too late and Anthony Rizzo is kind of boring but is he a good value in drafts? ... Overall strategy (16:16) and more 1B questions (22:04) including how strategy changes in different formats, which players are OBP standouts, how much to spend in...


Players We Love, Clevinger's Knee, Emails (02/14 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

We start this Valentine's Day episode with players we love! A couple of young SPs and an OF who kinda came out of nowhere in 2019 and will be even better in 2020. Then we cover the big news (10:30) with Mike Clevinger's injury and Mike Trout potentially hitting leadoff. What would that mean for his steals? Plus Alex Verdugo is hurt and Mitch Haniger's timeline has been pushed back ... Interesting Fantasy Things (19:35)! Edwin Encarnacion was better than you may have realized. And Lance Lynn...


Catcher Preview (02/13 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Fantasy managers are not reaching for catchers, so you can get a great one at a relative discount. We start with an overview of the position and talk about the values of Gary Sanchez and J.T. Realmuto (3:00). Is Catcher deeper than it used to be (5:30)? Who is our #1 player at the position (10:40) and how much of a dropoff is there with the next tier (14:00)? ... Getting into some draft strategy (16:00) and debating the value of getting an elite catcher (19:30). You can have a huge edge at...


Relief Pitcher Preview (02/12 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

If you're short on time, feel free to skip ahead to our ADP discussion (50:30) which somewhat summarizes the first 50 minutes of the show. But if you want the full breakdown of RP, you've got it! We start with some strategy talk (2:00), a debate about Edwin Diaz and Craig Kimbrel (3:45) and a look at the Closer situations for all 30 MLB teams (9:15) ... More draft strategy is discussed (16:35). How many of his Top 10 RPs does Scott want to draft? Who are the SPs with RP eligibility (we call...


Al Melchior is Back! We Talk Wade Davis, Ohtani and More (02/11 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

We welcome back former cast member Al Melchior! Our first topic is how to draft steals in a H2H Categories league (3:50). Can you punt steals in that format? ... Let's give Al some tough questions to answer. Is he downgrading the Astros (12:00)? Is he downgrading Mookie Betts (15:00)? Also find out what he thinks about Cody Bellinger this year. And who is he taking #1 overall (17:05)? ... News and notes (21:40) as COL makes a surprise bullpen announcement, we have a Shohei Ohtani timeline...


Favorite Late-Round Picks; Betts Trade (Again); Roto Category Targets (02/10 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Busy show! We begin with the revised Mookie Betts trade and tell you why Ross Stripling is currently a loser and Gavin Lux might be as well. Then we talk about the Emilio Pagan trade (6:35) and who is TB's closer, plus a new proposal to change the MLB playoff format (9:30). How are we feeling about it? ... Wondering how many HRs and RBIs you need to win a Roto category? We'll tell you what to target in each category (14:55). Then we've got some random Fantasy questions (28:50) about Carlos...


ADP Mistakes; Sanchez vs. Realmuto; Emails and Insects (02/07 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

We've got some players who are being drafted too late like Josh Bell (4:40), Corey Seager (8:40), Nelson Cruz (13:35) and a young SP coming off a disappointing MLB debut (15:15) ... Which players are being drafted too early? We've got a stolen base machine (18:30) and a HR machine (25:05) who are being overdrafted. Then we've got the latest news on James Paxton (29:15), Julio Urias (32:00), Ross Stripling (35:50) and more. And Adam suggests a late round sleeper (41:30) ... Plenty of your...


Points League Mock Draft Review! How Important is SP? (02/05 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Last season, Heath drafted a SP with each of his first four picks. How did that work out? Can you win with that strategy? We also answer a quick question about Jo Adell (8:00) before getting into the mock draft ... So, how much should we be valuing SPs in this format (12:00)? Lucas Giolito went ahead of Jose Altuve for crying out loud! Should Gerrit Cole be drafted second overall (23:05)? Was George Springer a reach at 17th overall (25:43)? Was Fernando Tatis a steal in Round 5 (28:00)? Can...


🚨MOOKIE BETTS TRADE! And We Talk Steals! (02/04 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

All angles of the Mookie Betts trade. Biggest Fantasy winner (2:40), if Betts should move down at all in the rankings (6:08), biggest Fantasy loser (12:00), the impact on Kenta Maeda (17:25) and Brusdar Graterol (22:22) ... Let's talk steals (26:00)! A listener proposes a different way to draft steals and we tell you how we feel about it. Then Scott gets philosophical about stolen bases and gets into how his strategy is evolving (34:30) ... Scott explains his Eloy Jimenez ranking (37:50) and...


Returning to Greatness? (02/03: Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Which once great players can get back to the Fantasy elite? We'll discuss some names, but first let's get into the news (3:00) as a Mookie Betts trade could be close and Trevor Story got a new contract. Will he run less now that he got paid? ... Who can return to greatness? We make cases for and against a number of players, beginning with Andrew Benintendi (11:30), Wil Myers (15:35) and Paul Goldschmidt (17:40). Then we've got a couple of closers (21:25) and a couple of guys named Carlos...


01/29: Sleepers! Breakouts! Busts! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Scott White and Chris Towers break down Scott's first edition of Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts for the 2020 season. But first, they discuss prospects-only drafts (1:15) and then the history of players coming back from PED suspensions (5:05). ... Then we run through Scott's sleepers (17:10), breakouts (29:40), and busts (39:40). ... your emails at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


01/29: Roto Mock Draft Review! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Scott White and Chris Towers do their first mock draft review of the year, focusing on the first 12 rounds of a recent industry experts Roto mock draft. How should you handle the 12th pick in a 12 -team draft — should you go hitter/hitter, hitter/pitcher, or pitcher/pitcher? (2:15) ... Then Scott and Chris break down their teams’ strengths and weaknesses (17:50) ... And give their thoughts on the first dozen rounds of the draft, focusing on their favorite and least favorite picks. (30:30)...


01/28: Outfield and Starting Pitcher Tiers! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

BIG episode! Scott White and Chris Towers give their initial thoughts on Outfield and Starting Pitcher as we close up our run through the tiers for each position and catch up on the latest news. Eugenio Suarez underwent shoulder surgery and the Reds signed Nick Castellanos, so we break down what it all means for the Reds (3:50) ... Then we break down the outfield tiers, beginning with the Big Five at the top of everybody's draft board (15:20) ... After that, we move on to the starting...


01/24: Mookie Betts Trade? Plus a Mailbag! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Several star players are apparently on the trade market, but Mookie Betts is the biggest name. How much would his value change if he were traded (1:43)? Also, is Mitch Haniger worth drafting now (5:56)? And how do we feel about Starling Marte (10:30) who is also on the trading block? ... Emails (13:28)! Questions about Eduardo Rodriguez as a possible ace (17:31), Yordan Alvarez's position eligibility, players who could really struggle if their HR rate decreases (26:25), saves+holds (31:40)...


01/23: Shortstop and Third Base Tiers; Prospects! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Scott gives his overall thoughts on Shortstop and Third Base, and then we discuss what hitting 30 HRs means in today's game. How many players hit 30 HRs? How should that affect your draft strategy? ... Shortstop tiers (16:43)! Alex Bregman, Francisco Lindor, Trevor Story and Trea Turner give this position some serious star power. But how good is the depth at this position? Can Adalberto Mondesi actually hit? (29:30) Can Jorge Polanco be your starter? ... Third Base tiers (35:33)! This...


01/21: First Base and Second Base Tiers; Arenado and Ozuna Talk (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Even though we'd like to yell at the voter who did not put Derek Jeter on a Hall of Fame ballot, let's talk Fantasy Baseball instead! What should you expect if Nolan Arenado gets traded (2:48)? How much do we like Marcell Ozuna with ATL (10:00)? ... We look at Scott's First Base Tiers (13:04). How eager should you be to grab Cody Bellinger or Freddie Freeman early? Who could you take late? ... Analyzing the Second Base Tiers (33:15) with good breakout options later in the draft but some...


01/17: Players Heath Likes; More on the Astros (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Heath Cummings makes his return to the podcast for 2020 and we welcome him back with a rundown of his favorite players to target, including Blake Snell and Jesus Luzardo. Plus, we talk about whether the Astros scandal has created value for Fantasy players and run through your emails, including how to handle picks in the middle of the first round, Shohei Ohtani’s value, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit