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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.

Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.
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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.




08/24: Emergency Podcast: Andrew Luck retirement and Lamar Miller injury (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Dave Richard and Heath Cummings react to the stunning news that Andrew Luck is retiring from the NFL, breaking down what it means for the Colts offense heading into 2019. Is T.Y. Hilton still an early-round pick? What about Marlon Mack? Plus, they break down what Lamar Miller's season-endig knee injury means for the Texans and for Fantasy drafts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


08/23: Extended Draft Prep! Thu. Recap, ADP Review and More (Fantasy Football Podcast)

We've got a very thorough episode with fun stats, ADP review, players to pick in deeper leagues and more. Let's start with the potential impact of a Cam Newton injury (1:43), updated Ezekiel Elliott thoughts (6:00) and more news items to start the show before we get into the preseason takeaways (9:30). Derrius Guice is back! Is he better than Miles Sanders now? Sony Michel didn't get the goal line TD. Dede Westbrook scored and Devonta Freeman shared snaps ... Buy or Sell (19:30) with some...


08/22: Players We Keep Drafting/Avoiding (Fantasy Football Podcast)

It's a smorgasbord of topics on today's show, beginning with big news about Melvin Gordon, Ezekiel Elliott and Tarik Cohen. Then we talk about players we keep finding ourselves drafting (9:30). Dave has a trio of late-round RBs he likes. Heath has a lot of Patrick Mahomes in Round 4. Adam is still hopeful for D.K. Metcalf ... Which players are we avoiding (28:00)? And when should you draft your DST (37:10)? ... Heath's Dynasty risers (42:00), some excellent emails (44:40), Fill in the Blank...


08/21: Live Mock Draft! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Follow along as we do a 12-team, 0.5 PPR mock draft with our listeners! Find out when to take Ezekiel Elliott, when to take Travis Kelce, when this group of listeners decided it was time to get into the second tier of WRs and much more ... Is T.Y. Hilton too risky in Round 3? Amari Cooper went late due to his foot issue. Check out what happened when it felt like we were reaching for WRs in Round 4 ... Why drafting a lot of RBs early can certainly work, why doing the exact opposite can work,...



Will Brinson and Sean Wagner-McGough from the Pick Six NFL podcast share their strongest Fantasy takes with Jamey Eisenberg in this bonus episode of the Fantasy Football Today podcast. You'll get a different perspective on important players and some NFL talk as well. The Pick Six pod is your daily source for NFL news and analysis with a focus on gambling and fantasy. Download and subscribe to Pick Six here: Learn more...


08/20: Draft Day Primer, Listener Tweets, SF-DEN Thoughts (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Let's start with our reactions from a very revealing SF-DEN game. Is Emmanuel Sanders a Top 100 pick now? Adam still believes in Jimmy Garoppolo, but should you (2:42)? Garoppolo or Kyler Murray? And what do we make of the other WRs and the DEN and SF backfields? ... News and notes (14:45) as Corey Clement gets in the mix for PHI, Marquise Brown practices, Mike Evans is dinged up and another JAC WR gets good press. Then we answer a whole bunch of your tweets (23:00) about LeSean McCoy, David...


08/19: Sorting out the Rounds 3-4 RBs; Preseason Winners & Losers (Fantasy Football Podcast)

It was an eventful and potentially revealing weekend in the NFL and we'll tell you what you need to know as you get set for your drafts. Bold predictions after Preseason Week 2 (1:40) involving Tyler Lockett, T.J. Hockenson, Adam Thielen and more. Plus Buy or Sell (12:00) as we tackle the Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown situations, the KC backfield (17:40), the DET backfield (20:30), the PIT backfield (21:05) and an important handcuff ... More preseason winners (28:24) as Chris Carson...


08/16: Busts! Plus Preseason Thoughts and Regulators (Fantasy Football Podcast)

We've got some seriously hot takes on today's show as different analysts make bust cases (2:15) for Mark Ingram, Melvin Gordon and David Johnson. Should we be freaking out about ARI's offensive ineptitude in the preseason? Then let's do some player comparisons (10:10) for Sam Darnold vs. Kyler Murray, Nick Chubb vs. David Johnson, Miles Sanders vs. Tarik Cohen and more ... News and notes (21:00) as Curtis Samuel and Todd Gurley get more good press and the second tier of WRs takes another...


08/15: Breakouts! And More Injuries (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Jameis Winston, Kenny Golladay, Kerryon Johnson, Dalvin Cook. These are a few of our favorite breakouts! We discuss some of them at the top of the show and contemplate what to do with a late Round 2/early Round 3 pick (6:55). Do you go RB or WR there? ... ADP Alert (13:10)! Todd Gurley is creeping into the first round. Also find out how to get into our Podcast League! And then we'll give you all the big news items you need to know (18:30) including notes on Kenyan Drake, Amari Cooper, Jimmy...


08/14: Sleepers! And Finishing Up Our WR Talk (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Who are our favorite sleepers in 2019? We start the show with a couple of names before talking about Andrew Luck's mysterious injury (5:45). Is he no longer a Top 12 QB? Can you still take him fairly early thanks to the depth at the position? And how does his injury potentially impact his teammates? ... We finish up our WR Preview with our favorite WRs after the Top 40 (22:00). We're looking at rookie WRs, Anthony Miller, Larry Fitzgerald, perhaps a GB WR, Josh Gordon, John Brown, perhaps a...


08/13: Wide Receivers Preview Part 2 - Where's the Upside? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

It's an ADP review for the Top 40 (or so) WRs, with the rest coming tomorrow. Which group do we love? Which group do we avoid? Where is the upside? We start with a look at the Top 7 WRs (2:00). Should Odell Beckham Jr. be last in this group? Is Tyreek Hill due for regression, and would it even matter? ... Moving along to the Mike Evans/Keenan Allen/T.Y. Hilton/MIN WRs/Julian Edelman/Antonio Brown/Amari Cooper group (16:35) and then into Round 4 (30:00) with the LAR WRs, Kenny Golladay and...


08/12: Wide Receivers Preview Part 1 (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Taking a broad look at the WR position, we talk strategy and compare this position to RB. Are WRs really safer (5:00)? What do ADP and results in recent years tell us? What are our overall WR strategies (7:32)? Obviously we think WR/WR with your first two picks is viable, but which WRs need to be available in Round 2 to justify this strategy? ... Can Zero-WR work (24:00)? At what point in the WR rankings does it get really ugly (26:40)? ... Sleepers (30:00), breakouts (33:25) and busts...


08/09: Preseason Hype! Late-Round RBs! Duke Johnson Trade! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Who are we putting in the Hall of Fame after just one or two preseason series? We'll get to that, but first let's discuss the Duke Johnson trade from all angles (2:30). Does this affect Nick Chubb and/or Lamar Miller? Some say yes, others say no! Is Deshaun Watson a winner and when should Duke get drafted? Plus some more news and notes from around the NFL (12:00) ... Finishing up our RB Average Draft Position review (18:30). We start in Round 7 with guys like Latavius Murray and Rashaad...


08/08: Running Backs Preview Part 2 (Fantasy Football Podcast)

So many busts among the Top 30 RBs in average draft position last year, so how do we ensure that doesn't happen again? First we'll offer up an interesting Zero-RB twist (3:23) that could be helpful before getting into ADP (6:33) starting right at the top with the Big Four and wondering if James Conner should be a first round pick ... Getting to Round 2 (17:40) with guys like Joe Mixon, Nick Chubb, Todd Gurley and a few others. Pros and cons for these guys. Then we get to the next group...


08/07: Running Backs Preview Part 1 (Fantasy Football Podcast)

No player impacts Fantasy more than a truly elite RB. How many of those do we have? Who can join that group this season? What should you be looking for to find the next guy? We answer those questions statistically (7:05) and look at the rising stars among RBs (10:00) before getting into Ezekiel Elliott (12:10) and the rest of the Top 4 ... Overall RB strategy (17:40), the merits of Zero-RB, and Top 20 RBs we're avoiding (26:00). We have detailed discussions about Le'Veon Bell and David...


08/06: Tight Ends Preview (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Is this a stressful position? Do you need an elite TE or is it fine to wait and drop one late? We start with some fun stats, an explanation for George Kittle's lack of TD catches and some talk about the Big Three at the position before an ADP observation (9:50) that might be encouraging to our listeners ... Some more TE questions (18:15) about overall strategy, how league depth changes things, more on when to draft Travis Kelce (is he a first round pick!?), plus auction values (24:55) ......


08/05: Quarterbacks Preview (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Here we go! The position previews begin with the deepest position in Fantasy - QB. How many QBs are we comfortable with as our starter (2:30)? We also tell you our overall strategies (4:00) in 1-QB or 2-QB leagues, plus we get into the Top 4 guys (9:30) and decide who we like and who we're avoiding in this group ... Different strategies in different scoring systems, how early Patrick Mahomes should be taken, sleepers/breakouts/busts (24:15) including Kyler Murray, Jameis Winston, Carson...


08/02: Rankings Risers, Zero RB, Regulators! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Fun show today with a lot of topics. We begin with when to draft the LAC RBs (2:10), injury-prone players we're avoiding (4:08) and an interesting note on the ATL backfield (5:10). Then Dave and Heath tell you who has been moving up and down their rankings (10:00) which includes our updated thoughts on Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, plus Jarvis Landry and some rookie WRs ... News and notes (23:45), teams with the best and worst Fantasy schedules (27:15) and three fairly bold...


08/01: Dominating the Middle Rounds (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Mid-round picks can be tricky and can have a huge impact on your Fantasy teams, so how should we approach them? First, a cautionary tale from 2018 (2:00) followed by our favorite mid-round picks (7:05). We love the Quarterback ADP and we love some young WRs in this range ... Debating Cam Newton vs. Baker Mayfield (13:55). It's a tough call! And we've got news and notes (21:00) with another Ezekiel Elliott update ... We get into our mid-round philosophies (27:30). The WRs are much safer, so...


07/31: Everyone is a Bust Part 2! And Fill in the Blank (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Starting the show with our thoughts on A.J. Green's diagnosis and when to draft him (is he still a Top 50 pick?) plus Andrew Luck's lingering calf issue and what it could mean for T.Y. Hilton. Then it's "Everyone is a Bust" Part 2 (8:13) as we tell you what could go wrong for James Conner, Michael Thomas, Odell Beckham, Travis Kelce and more ... News and notes (28:50) as Ryan Fitzpatrick, Maurice Harris, KeeSean Johnson and Miles Sanders get some good press while Marquise Brown makes his...