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There's more to a recipe besides add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Pull up a chair to Deep South Dining and get a new recipe that you can try or you can share one of your own. Having some friends over and don't know what to cook? Does everybody go crazy over your specialty dish? What's the story behind your family's secret sauce? It's the history behind true southern cooking. It's Deep South Dining!

There's more to a recipe besides add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Pull up a chair to Deep South Dining and get a new recipe that you can try or you can share one of your own. Having some friends over and don't know what to cook? Does everybody go crazy over your specialty dish? What's the story behind your family's secret sauce? It's the history behind true southern cooking. It's Deep South Dining!


Jackson, MS


There's more to a recipe besides add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Pull up a chair to Deep South Dining and get a new recipe that you can try or you can share one of your own. Having some friends over and don't know what to cook? Does everybody go crazy over your specialty dish? What's the story behind your family's secret sauce? It's the history behind true southern cooking. It's Deep South Dining!






Deep South Dining: Sheet Pan Cooking

Sheet pan cooking has exploded in recent years with home cooks everywhere. In this episode of Deep South Dining Malcolm and Carol welcome one of the best home cooks they know, LeAnne Gault. A lady of the Delta (Greenwood to be specific) but now in Jackson where Sundays are set aside for grocery shopping and trying different flavors on those lucky enough to sit at her table. From sheet pan dinners to cast iron skillet steaks LeAnne, Malcolm, and Carol bring the spice to this helping of Deep...


Deep South Dining: Press Box Cuisine

On this episode of Deep South Dining Malcolm White is back in the studio, while Carol takes a quick break from the show. But all is well as we welcome Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame sports and current Mississippi Today sports columnist Rick Cleveland to the show. In addition to his well sought after columns, Rick is a very serious home cook. Also he has spent years in stadium and areas around the country dining on some of the best game day fare.


Deep South Dining: Breaking The Fast

Breakfast is the one meal where it seems all things are possible. Sweet or savory? Hearty or light? Breakfast in the morning or breakfast at night? (Hey that's a rhyme!) A good breakfast should not be hard to come by so today we talk with John Currence from Big Bad Breakfast, who has populated the South with these breakfast eateries. Also we hear about some other great breakfast places around the state and what Carol and guest host Java are having (or not) for breakfast.


Deep South Dining: Healthy Eating 2020

It's the end of January and many New Year's resolutions are out the window, especially those about eating healthy. Plus the Super Bowl is around the corner and a diet does not mesh well with game day. But let's not think of healthy eating as a diet but as a lifestyle. From Blue Cross Blue Shield executive chef Labron Alexander and registered dietitian Virginia Boyles to talk about healthy food swaps when cooking. Healthy eating does not have to be a chore if you make small changes and stay...


Deep South Dining: Gas Station Foodie

In the South the gas station is much more than your place to fill up your car. In many communities it is a mix between the morning coffee house, lunch counter, and evening hangout. There are so many stories to be told at these meeting places, especially about some of one of a kind dishes only found in these particular gas stations. Today on the show Malcolm and Carol welcome former Mississippi Judge Stafford Shurden and documentation Kate Medley to the show to share there experiences in...


Deep South Dining: 2020 Kitchen

The champagne has been popped, the new year bell has been rung, and for many that new years resolution already needs a do-over. On the first show of 2020 Malcolm and Carol toast to the new year by reflecting on some of their favorite dishes from the holiday season. Also with every January 1st comes a new set of food trends that are predicted to dominate the new year. 2019 might have been the year of plant based burgers but 2020 is sure to bring us something new to chew...


Deep South Dining: Christmas & Carla Hall

Oh the weather outside is frightful.....but the kitchen smells delightful! This is the Deep South Dining Christmas episode and today our gift to you is an interview with Chef Carla Hall. She has been a model, accountant, and now shares the good feeling of food around the world. Malcolm and Carol talked with Carla and Chef Enrika Williams before their event at the famed Smith Robertson Museum. Also in this episode we hear about some great tips for your Christmas dinner and breakfast.


Deep South Dining | The Flora Butcher

Chef David Raines has been around the world, cooking under some of the world's best chefs and worked in some of the world's best restaurants. Now he is in central Mississippi bringing back the traditional butcher shop to Main Street and barbecue to the lunch hour. Today he sits down with Malcolm and Carol to talk about how he made his trek through places like Germany, France, and Japan back to the South and central Mississippi. They also talk about how someone known as the Flora Butcher can...


Deep South Dining | A Conversation with Sean Brock

To conclude the book tour for his latest cookbook, South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations Chef Sean Brock came to Jackson Mississippi to give a talk at Cathead Distillery. But before that he came by MPB Think Radio and had a conversation with Deep South Dining host, Malcolm White and Carol Puckett. Being that Jackson was the last stop before heading back to Nashville, Sean was ready to unpack his views on southern cuisine, journey through restaurant kitchens, and his beginnings in his...


Deep South Dining: Thanksgiving Pt. 2

Now we are really in the homestretch for Thanksgiving and if you are still thinking about what your menu should be Malcolm, Carol, and special guest Bobby Cleveland have a few suggestions. Also if your Turkey is not already defrosting, then you should pull if out of the freezer right now! Throughout the show Bobby shares his hunting and fishing background with tales of cooking wild turkey and talks about how brining your bird is best. Also we hear from Patrick Bradley (Nothing Butt Smoke)...


Deep South Dining | Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is next week and always the most fussed over meal of the year. Today on the show we welcome the one and only Elizabeth Heiskell to talk about how she juggles the many aspects of a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Not to mention her up coming appearance on The Today Show (NBC) mixed in with all the meal planning and prepping. Also we talk with Chef Enrika Williams about her upcoming foodie event with Chef Carla Hall. Elizabeth Heiskell's Pillowcase Turkey with Million-Dollar...


Deep South Dining | Mississippi Gumbo

Is gumbo really gumbo without okra? That may be a question for the ages but there is no question about this episode of Deep South Dining being one of our most delicious ever. Malcolm White and Carol Puckett begin today's show with a countdown to Thanksgiving and tips for preparing your dinner. Then we welcome champion gumbo maker Nickee Allison and Felicia Kent aka the Gumbo Queen. They talk about not burning your roux, where to find blue crab, and which vegetables give their gumbo the...


Deep South Dining | Mississippi Pizza Pie

Pizza has its origins in Italy but America has done things with pizza that no one thought possible. With over 3 billions pizzas sold in the U.S. every year, Mississippi does not shy away from putting a deep south twist on the pie. From Pizza Shack, a central Mississippi standout pizzeria, we welcome Ian Campbell who brings in one of their latest pizzas for Malcolm and Carol to try. Also among the calls and pizza stone buying advice we learn about a Harrisburg urban legend for getting...


Deep South Dining: Chef Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace is a name that rings all around the Mississippi culinary scene. From catering events in all corners of the state to working with kids in his Creativity Kitchen, Nick is all about good food and the power it brings move Mississippi forward. Today on Deep South Dining he talks with Malcolm and Carol about how his hometown of Edwards influences his approach in the kitchen and the new venture he is bringing to the Natchez area. __________________ Black - Eyed Pea and Turkey...


Deep South Dining: The Terrific Tamale

The Delta Hot Tamale Festival in Greenville is almost as famous as the delta tamale itself. Today on the show Malcolm and Carol talk about this festival and there adventures into the world of tamales. Author and Mississippi Cultural Ambassador Julia Reed joins the show to talk about her role and memories of the Delta Hot Tamale festival. Also from the Big Apple Inn Geno Lee comes in to talk about his family tamale tradition.


Deep South Dining: Red Beans & Rice

Just like Professor Longhair said in his song "Red Beans", we got the red beans cookin' today on Deep South Dining. The Red Beans & Rice Festival is coming in a few days so Malcolm and Carol are all about this Louisiana dish. Traditionally served on Monday, this dish can be found in many different variations all around the world. From Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chef Labron Alexander joins the show to talk about his take on the dish and how the culture of Blue Cross Blue Shield really informs...


Deep South Dining: Refill Cafe

The Refill Cafe is taking a holistic approach to workforce training in the heart of Jackson, MS. Today on Deep South Dining Malcolm and Carol talk with Emily Stanfield, CEO of the Refill Jackson Initiative, and Sharna Shields, manager of the Refill Cafe. Modeled closely after Cafe Reconcile in New Orleans the Refill Cafe is looking to transform at-risk young people through classes and restaurant training.


Deep South Dining: Cooking for Crowds

On this episode of Deep South Dining, Carol is back from her international travels and comes bearing gifts. She also tells about a timely addition to the Spam flavor list. This delights our guest for the show, Chef Enrika Williams, who is a big Spam fan. But in between all the love for salted meats we share some tips about how to share the load and plan ahead when cooking for crowds. Enrika and Carol recently collaborated on a luncheon and they break down the menu.


Deep South Dining: Kids and the Kitchen

The school year is here and football has taken over the weekend but meal time does not have to suffer. Putting together a well balanced family meal does not have to be a chore. And if you are brave enough you can even pull your kids in the kitchen to help. On the show today we welcome a pair of working moms and food industry professionals, Marlana Walters from the Everyday Gourmet and Dr. Josie Bidwell host of MPB's Southern Remedy: Healthy & Fit. They both provide insight on cooking for...


Deep South Dining: The Tailgate Show

Tailgating in the South is less about the football game than it is a time to fellowship and eat some really good food. All tailgates are not created equal but no matter the school or size of your tent, you should always bring your A game. Today on the show Malcolm and Carol welcome Patrick Bradley (Nuttin Butt Smoke Catering) and Barin Von Foregger (Grillax) to talk about the tailgating experience at Jackson State University and The University of Mississippi. Everything from barbecuing at...