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Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.

Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.
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Food writer James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy dish up a weekly offering of food-related nonsense, exploring the complex and often confusing world of modern gastronomy. One minute they might be discussing the qualities of rice vinegar, the next asking whether or not Cher actually enjoys sharing plates. With special guests and even more special games, The Kitchen Is On Fire is a essential listening for anyone with ears.




Ep 205: A Bed Full Of Spiders | Featuring Mangal 2's Ferhat Dirik

This week on mankind’s very greatest greatest achievement, The Goddamn TickyOff Boyz are joined by Ferhat Dirik, twitter legend, operator of Mangal 2 (Hands down one of the best restaurants in London). Ferhat opens his mouth and sounds basically fall out. These sounds concern, expansion, taking over a family business, Gilbert and George, why he hates his house and his very sneaky visits to Padella. Before Ferhat arrives, James and Sam begin plotting the first TickyOff Awards 2019, wonder...


Ep204: Stevie Bought A Hawk | Featuring chef and restaurateur Stevie Parle

This week Sam and James get straight into the biggest issues currently facing humankind/themselves. Namely, how many murderers listen to TickyOff, whether or not food should ever make an appearance in the bedroom, whether James is scared of anything whatsoever and what happens if you throw eggs at space shuttles. James also drops a powerful review of ‘Joker’ and Sam has seen some sharks swimming by a nuclear power station. After an opening like that, there’s only one person who could...


Ep203: Herman The Merman | Featuring chef and fish butcher Josh Niland

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter F. There’s fish, fascinating chat, and the vast majority is fool-free because Sam isn’t here. He is around for the intro however where he discusses his beautiful hair and the time he had to kill a mouse humanely. In a verbal parry back at those incredible yap thrusts, James makes mouth sounds about his glamorous visit to the Observer Food Monthly Awards and also seemingly has no idea whatsoever about which animals live in...


Ep202: Fairground By Simply Red | Featuring Oklava and Kyseri chef-owner Selin Kiazim

Guess what’s on fire? That’s right, the planet is. You can also add ‘The Kitchen’ to that flaming hot list. I feel like I’ve made that joke before. I’d look back and check but I can’t. I am a shark and I cannot reverse. This week The TickyOff Boyz utterly fail to deliver an intro to the episode. This is because they were in the pub. Sometimes, these things happen. I’d apologise but to be honest, water meet underside of the bridge. Bygones. Etc. Anyway you don’t need an intro when...


Ep201: The Food Of Sichuan | Featuring Chinese food expert and author Fuchsia Dunlop

After last week and the incredible staging of their own (podcast) deaths, James and Sam return to the usual ballyhoo and tomfoolery that has defined them for decades now. They turn their backs on the wondrous illusions and, if we’re being entirely honest, pure magic of last week and leave that to the likes of David Copperfield, Paul Daniels and that weird uncle you only ever met at birthday parties who had a cup with a vanishing ball in it and a multi-coloured hankerchief and subscriptions...


Ep200: The End Part Two | Featuring The TickyOff Boyz

So this is it. The end of the line. Game over. Butch and Sundance going out in a blaze of glory or John Virgo and Jim Davidson going their separate ways after ‘Big Break’ is not renewed for another series of brilliant snooker themed light entertainment. The TickyOff Boys have towered over the world of podcasts for decades now. The awards too numerous to mention (Three Nobel Peace Prizes, a Field’s Medal in advanced mathematics, four A* at A-Level, a fifty metre swimming badge, Most...


Ep199: Animal Crossing | Featuring cookbook author MiMi Aye

Guess who’s back this week for their second bite of a TickyOff shaped apple? MiMi Aye, that’s who. MiMi is back to talk up an aural storm about her new book ‘Mandalay’, family trees, Twitter beefs and eating chicken on Burmese trains. Meanwhile, James regularly risks decapitation on trains to Yorkshire, has an Apple Watch and is a huge fan of ‘The Princess Bride’. Plus, Sam doesn’t enjoy the music of Prince, discusses the physics of ice skates and reveals that his Nan used to buy him...


Ep198: Provable Idiocy | Featuring writer, photographer and baker Dan Lepard

Albert Einstein. Marie Curie. Paul Daniels. All incredible scientists whose insights and incredible brains pushed humankind to ever greater heights. Add to this absolutely legendary braintrust two further names, James Of Ramsden and Sam O’Herlihy AKA The Gawddarn TickyOff Boyz. The reason their names deserve to sit alongside the science nerds named above? This episode of TickyOff. Who else could conceive of a ghost named Derek? Who else could open a sandwich shop yesterday? Who else...


Ep197: The Secrets Of Dishoom | Featuring group executive chef Naved Nasir

This week on Thee TickyOff Sam and James get straight into vast, slab-like topics such as James’s son’s first day of school, a weird/nice message on Instagram and the stressfest that is opening Sons + Daughters. James is so British he makes his own daughter poorly and Sam may have seen his first actual real-life, scientifically undeniable GHOST!!! It’s a hell of a Devon based tale. Then Dishoom’s Naved Nasir arrives and the three mouths on aural display, display sounds (again, aurally) to...


Ep196: Eating Peacock | Featuring journalist and broadcaster Giles Coren

Firstly a little note, our mighty sandwich shop Sons + Daughters opens soon in Kings Cross! Listen to this episode on the way there and you may hear word of a TICKYOFF FAN EXCLUSIVE OFFER!!! Now, on with the babble…. Guess who’s back? A bunch of easily preventable diseases? Correct. Anti-vaxers, a plague upon yer unvaccinated houses. Fascism? Correct. Fascists are, much like love is in mega hit ‘Love Is All Around’ by Wet Wet Wet, all around. Twee and dull indie pop band Bombay...


Ep195: Fire! Sex! Money! | Featuring actor and comedian Natasia Demetriou

This week on TickyOff there is the usual mix of witty banter, interesting food tips and tricks, béarnaise technique, a deep dive into Escoffier’s legacy and how to help your children if they happen to be fussy eaters. The above is a bald faced lie, despite the fact that my face is very much un-bald. It is haired. Non-bald. Like a rugged peach. What there actually is a masturbating ghost ape, hawk excrement, Tilda Swinton eating rats, how to turn into a bat and turning Matt Berry into...


Ep194: Mousse Lover | Featuring Luke Moore from The Football Ramble podcast

When the human race looks back upon the greatest mistakes that civilisation has made throughout the span of life upon planet Earth, the first part of this episode of TickyOff will no doubt take it’s shameful place upon the list. Yes, Season 2 of ‘Prison Break’, Donald ‘Duck/Dick’ Trump, and Magpie on 10 Heddon Street were all calamitous nightmares. They were all utter disasterpieces that seemingly paid no heed to the vast swathes of human progress that came before them. None however are...


Ep193: Chronology Of Outrage | Featuring Eater London editor Adam Coghlan

Last week the TickyOff Boyz visited the ancient pyramids. As they approached these magnificent desert triangles, Sam jumped down from James’s mighty back and noticed something. “A triangle has three points!” Sam bellowed powerfully. James snorted in agreement and they both immediately reached the same conclusion. They should find a guest who had been on the TickyOff twice before and invite them back on the TickyOff for a third TickyOff appearance so that they could be the first...


Ep192: Hucknall's Loop-Around | Featuring Sunday Times food editor and journalist Lisa Markwell

This week on the fun filled and friendly Kitchen Is On Fire podcast James Ramsden and Samuel Herlihy have a lovely chat about the wonderful world of food. James offers up some very useful tips on spatchcocking a chicken. Sam shares a fascinating tale about a very unusual fish. If you’re a ‘real foodie’ then you’ll love this episode. Sunday Times food and Code Hospitality editor Lisa Markwell then joins the boys to share her deep wealth of knowledge about pesky restaurant lists, savoy...


Ep191: The Many Mysteries Of Mr Camara

It was a dark and stormy night…. No it wasn’t! That’s a complete lie! Wool, meet my pulling hands, meet your eyeballs! It was an early evening in London in June. Therefore, British Summer Time. So it wasn’t dark and it wasn’t night and the weather was fine. What a trickster I am. And you totally bought it. Unlucky. Anyway, the scene is now set. Great British Bake Off series one winner Edd Kimber turned up at the TickyOff Towers and two mouths became three mouths and sounds from those...


Ep190: Welcome To Woho | Featuring GM of Darby's, Emma Underwood

The TickyOff Boyz have been present at many of the greatest events in human history. When the pyramids were being built Sam was there, complaining that all of the snacks had too much honey in them. When JFK was shot, James was grazing on the grassy knoll. They were both at the filming of the ‘Big Break’ season 14 finale when John Virgo finally had enough of boorish scumbag Jim Davidson, clobbered him about the head with a snooker cue and started feeding him those blue chalk cubes. They...


Bonus Episode: Donut Maths | Featuring Chef Wylie Dufresne

Sam and James went to a donut* shop in Brooklyn. The donut shop is owned by Wylie Dufresne. Wylie Dufresne is a legend among chefs for his pioneering work at the sadly now closed WD50 and Alder. He then decided to open the aforementioned donut shop. They sell donuts. Which are lush. They also sell a grilled cheese and egg sandwich which is also, lush. Wylie Dufresne very kindly agreed to trade off mouth noises with James and Sam. So that’s what happened. And that’s what this is. A...


Ep189: Live From Gotham City! A Chewy Scenario | Featuring chef-owner of King restaurant Jess Shadbolt

The TickyOff Boyz have sailed across the North Sea in a galleon. A traverse which no one has ever managed to survive despite humankind attempting it for millennia. Upon reaching the far shore, James and Sam discover a strange land, a city named Gotham, and a vast number of sandwiches. Fortunately for you they record their discoveries and provide great insight into them by rubbing their teeth together and shaking their tongues to create mouth sounds which your ear bones can detect. They...


Ep188: Beware Mrs Bendy | Featuring chef and restaurateur Tom Aikens

It’s another week in TickyOff Land and that can mean only one thing; the moon has circled Jupiter once again, it’s orbit controlled, as science tells us, by magma, magnets and mountains sinking into the Earth’s mantle, or crust. Now there’s a paragraph that made close to no sense. Much like most of Episode 188. James has been to Sweden and is fascinated by deceased actor Powers Boothe. Sam has been camping and believes old people to be dry to the touch. There’s a return of new segment...


Ep187: Killer Photography | Featuring music photographer Edu Hawkins

Gary Rhodes in his spiky-haired prime, delicately basting a filet of beef with foaming butter… Nigel Kennedy in an Aston Villa shirt picking out a heartrending melody on his violin… Les Dennis effortlessly controlling a studio audience with wit, good looks, and pure charm… All masters in their respective fields. Operating at the very top of their games. Providing inspiration, inspiring jealousy, moving humankind forward, showing the way. Proving what is possible with God-given talent and...