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Twice Baked Potatoes, Norfolk Pines, and the Plantrama Gift List

Learn about an easy, vegetable comfort dish and the Norfolk Island Pine houseplant. Discover great holiday gifts and find out what is meant by “genus and species.” There are no stupid questions here, as long as the topic is plants! :30 What’s For Dinner: Twice Baked Potatoes 6:42 Eat/Drink/Grow: Norfolk Island Pine Araucaria heterophylla native to Norfolk Island, a small island between Australia and New Zealand and not really a pine. 14:34 Insider Information: The Plantrama Gift...


A Houseplant Debate, Plants Underwater, and Hardy Palm Trees

Have you wondered why some plants can live underwater but your houseplants die if you give them too much water? Hear why this is, which houseplants Ellen and C.L. recommend, and learn about “Secret Suppers” in this episode of Plantrama. :33 Insider Information: Why some plants can grow under water while others rot and die in too much water. 9:20 Eat/Drink/Grow: Houseplant Debate! 20:12 Did You Know: A Secret Supper Learn more here. 24:58 Love Letters and Questions: Paul wants to know if...


Late-To-Migrate Hummingbirds, Yellow Leaves, and Comparing Apples to Oranges

Are you wondering if the plant with yellow leaves will recover and turn green again? Have you ever wondered if we can indeed compare apples to oranges? And what plants are good for a slope in part sun? Ellen and C.L. discuss all of these, and C.L. tells a story about a late-to-migrate hummingbird. :27 Plant Noob: When leaves turn yellow, are they likely to turn back to green again? 5:04 Eat/Drink/Grow: Comparing Apples to Oranges 8:18 Story: A late to migrate hummingbird. 16:34 Love...


Edging Flower Beds, The Right Sized Pot, and A New Plant On the Block

Do you like that nice, crisp line that edging a lawn provides in your landscape? Are you hungry for a delicious stuffing to prepare this Thanksgiving? Ellen and C.L. have thoughts and suggestions. They are also anxious to introduce you to the new kids on the block…not the band, but some great new varieties of a native shrub. All of that plus a discussion about the importance of the size of pots for indoor or outdoor containers. :28 What’s for dinner: Wild mushroom and chestnut...


Flower Fluctuations, Fall Pansies, and Are You Tired of Kale Yet

Should you really plant pansies in the fall? Why didn’t my plant bloom well this year when last year it was beautiful? Are you tired of kale yet? These are some of the deep questions that Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari consider in this episode of Plantrama. Oh….and evergreen plants for stylish winter containers. :28 What’s For Dinner: Tuscan Kale! 6:09 Eat/Drink/Grow: Planting Pansies in the Fall. 13:21 Insider Information: Why some plants bloom heavily one year and not the...


Straw Bale Gardens, Overwintering a Bay Tree and An Acorn Myth

In this autumnal episode Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari talk about the pros and cons of straw bale gardens…fantastic or a fad? We talk about burdock (one person’s weed is another’s dinner) and keeping that potted bay tree over the winter indoors. :28 Plant Noob: What is burdock? 3:33 Eat/Drink/Grow: straw bale gardens 12:42 Did You Know: Overwintering bay trees 22:54 Love Letters and Questions The myth of sweet acorns


Ornamental Fun With Fall Grasses, Leaving the Leaves, and Wild Grapes

C.L. and Ellen explain how you can make your ornamental grasses look amusing and fun for the fall into the winter holidays. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks to not raking the leaves out of your gardens, and talk about wild grape vines. The episode ends with Sara’s question about her houseplants that got frosted. :30 Just For Fun: Making ornamental grasses look festive. 3:33 Insider Information: Should you be leaving the leaves? 11:28 Eat/Drink/Grow: Grapes growing wild! 21:50 Love...


Late Planting or Transplanting, Outdoor Furniture in Winter, and Indoor Green Walls

Have you wondered what people mean when they talk about a plant’s dripline, or if you can still put plants in the ground in October? Do you want to know if you can leave your outdoor furniture in the elements over the winter, or if it’s possible to have one of those Pinterest-posted green walls indoors? If so, this episode is for you! :30 Plant Noob: What’s a “dripline?” 3:03 Eat/Drink/Grow: Is it too late to plant or transplant? 16:43 Your Outdoor Office: Bring the chairs and tables...


Compost, Drying Plants Upside Down, and Fried Sage Leaves

In this episode Ellen and C.L. talk about a great way to prepare fresh sage leaves for a garnish, whether hanging herbs and other plants upside down to dry is important, the basics of compost, and how long carrots can be left to grow in the ground. :27 What’s for dinner: Fried Sage Leaves 4:22 True or False: You have to hang plants you’re drying upside down 8:37 Eat/Drink/Grow: Compost 101 25:45 Love Letters and Questions: Carol asks how long she can leave carrots in the ground.


Plantrama Trailer

Here's a taste of what the Plantrama Podcast is all about.


Fall Cocktails, Winter Protection and Growing Fig Trees

We start off this podcast with a toast to fall as Ellen presents an autumnal cocktail…a frozen persimmon margarita! We discuss protecting plants for the winter (should you?) and growing figs in cold climates. The glorious, fall-flowering goldenrod is a plant we celebrate, and we’re happy to announce the arrival of Plantrama shirts and other merch. :31 autumnal cocktails 4:35 winter protection 13:10 figs 23:04 goldenrod 27:34 Plant 911/merch


Repotting Orchids, Coffee Plants, and Saving Seeds

Do you need to repot an orchid? Want to grow a cup-a-Joe in your living room? Maybe you’re interested in saving seeds from plants you’ve grown in your garden, or you need a handy tool for deadheading and cutting flower bouquets. If any of this is of interest, have we got a podcast for you! :28 Plant Noob: How to repot an Orchid 10:42 Eat/Drink/Grow: Coffee plants 18:27 Product Review: Product review…garden snips by Corona and Dramm 22:17 Love Letters and Questions: Randi asks about...


Overwintering Plants in Pots, Firepit Plantings, and Eating Dahlias

1:06 What’s for dinner: Dahlias! 4:44 True or False: You need a different fertilizer for each type of plant. 9:40 Eat/Drink/Grow: Hot & Cold…Fire pit plantings and over-wintering plants in outdoor containers. 19:42 Love Letters and Questions: Making sense of the markings on rain gauges. Ellen and C.L. celebrate their 100th episode with talk about keeping potted plants alive through the winter, plantings that make your fire pit experience more fragrant or beautiful, and fertilizers for...


Green Tomatoes, Saving Tropical plants and Raccoons Eating Corn

Ellen and C.L. discuss what to do with green tomatoes, saving tropical plants over the winter, and how plants get their names. We end by answering Kirk’s question about raccoons eating the sweet corn he grew this year. :31 What’s For Dinner: Green Tomatoes. 4:48 Eat/Drink/Grow: Saving Caladiums, Mandevilla and Cannas for next year. 16:55 Insider Information: How plants get their names 23:47 Love Letters and Questions: Kirk says the raccoons ate all his corn!


Flower Garlands, Fall Fix-ups, and Quince

In this episode the Plantrama team talks about creating colorful flower garlands for a celebration, fall fix-ups for containers, gardens and curb appeal, and quince bushes or trees. We end with a question from Torry about what “soil amendments” are and what they can do. :29 Just For Fun: Flower garlands 5:48 Eat/Drink/Grow: Fall fix ups 15:31 Insider Information: Quince plants and their fruits 22:24 Love Letters and Questions: What on earth is soil amendment?


Fall Foraging, Critters and Borage

Join Ellen and C.L. as they talk about silverberries (Elaeagnus umbellata), an easily grown herb with edible flowers (Borage), and what to do when the population of critters explodes. All that and some discussion about leaf shapes and cooperative extention services. :28 What’s for dinner: Foraging for silverberries 4:02 Plant noob: Let’s talk about the borage plant. 8:19 Eat/Drink/Grow: Leaf shape vocabulary 15:47 Insider Information: Critter population explosion! 21:43 Love Letters...


Summer Squash, Winter Squash and Eating Squash Flowers

In this episode Ellen and C.L. squash a lot of information into about 25 minutes. We talk about how to prepare summer squash flowers, ways to judge if a winter squash is ripe, and coping with squash vine borers and powdery mildew on squash plants. Once we’ve been fully squashed, we move onto the berries on Staghorn Sumac. :35 What’s for dinner: Eating squash flowers 5:26 Insider Information: How to tell if winter squash is ripe 10:08 Eat/Drink/Grow: Pests of Summer Squash 22:03 Love...


Transplanting, End of Summer Plant Sales, and Cinnamon Fungicide

Can you move plants now, in the summer? Is it smart to buy end of summer sale plants? Would you like the Earthkind Mosquito repellant? Could cinnamon be used for fungus control by putting it into the soil? These are the questions that C.L. and Ellen consider and answer in today’s episode. :30 Plant Noob: Should you wait to plant or transplant in the fall? 8:30 Eat/Drink/Grow: Should you buy end of the summer sale plants? 18:30 Announcement: Live Plantrama Events on Cape Cod 19:10...


Stuffed Vegetables, Watering Lawns and Planting in Cracks

Stuffing vegetables gets this episode off to a tasty start. Ellen and C.L. also consider the watering of lawns, how to grow plants in cracks of pavers, and what might cause a peony not to flower well. :45 What’s for dinner: Stuff it! Stuffed vegetables and flowers. 6:03 True or False: Lawns need to be watered every other day. 13:23 Eat/Drink/Grow: Planting in the cracks. 20:57 Love Letters and Questions: Peony blooming question from Elizabeth


Painted Rocks, Powdery Mildew and Cannabis Flowering

Ellen and C.L. start this episode out by discussing painted rocks. Are you painting them this summer? Are your kids painting on rocks? Do you love finding a rock with a message on it when you go to the beach or woods, or do you hate this practice? Next we talk about powdery mildew: what it is and when to treat or ignore. We end by answering a question about bringing cannabis into bud. :30 Just For Fun: Painted rocks…love them or hate them? 4:11 Eat/Drink/Grow: Powdery Mildew 18:52 Love...