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276 - What's the Right Way to Evaluate the Packers' Coaches?

Let’s talk coaches! The Packers have a new one. Let’s meet Jerry Gray, then talk about the two most important coaches on the Packers: Matt LaFleur and Mike Pettine. Packers hire Jerry Gray (0:25) The Packers have added a new defensive backs coach, bringing in longtime NFL assistant Jerry Gray. Further reading: Packers hire former Vikings DB coach Jerry Gray to coach secondary in 2020, per reports How should we evaluate NFL coaches? (2:20) The entire NFL turns on the idea that we can...


275 - Let's Review Our Bad Predictions

The Packers won’t need to find a new defensive coordinator this offseason. Mike Pettine will return. Let’s talk about why it might be a good idea. Then, let’s talk a little bit about how I’m wrong a lot. Mike Pettine is coming back (0:22) Matt LaFleur put a quick end to any drama, announcing Mike Pettine would return after a brief period of evaluation. What do we make of this? My predictions were very bad (4:03) Blue 58 made a bunch of predictions in 2019. Were they good? No. Further...


274 - Brian Gutekunst's Offseason To-Do List

We’re officially in the offseason, folks. Let’s get the lay of the land before diving into the top priority: decisions on pending free agents. But first, some final thoughts on the NFC Championship. Two last thoughts from the NFC Championship (0:25) After a little reflection, let’s put the debacle in San Francisco behind us. But first, two final parting thoughts. The months ahead for Brian Gutekunst (8:20) After working behind the scenes for months, Brian Gutekunst comes into the...


273 - Packers Conclusively Demonstrate How Not to Beat 49ers

The 2019 season is over. A strong 49ers team steamrolled the Packers, leaving us to contemplate what happened and, more importantly, what happens next. Are you mad at the ending or mad that it’s over? (0:28) The Packers’ season came to an unfortunate end. How do you feel about that? How did this game go sideways? (5:53) How, exactly, did things go so poorly for the Packers? A few reasons. Should Mike Pettine be safe? (No) (7:43) To say Mike Pettine didn’t finish strongly is a bit of an...


272 - 8 Ways the Packers Can Beat the 49ers

One game from the Super Bowl, the Packers face a familiar opponent in the San Francisco 49ers. How can they get to the biggest of the big shows? Here are eight ways. What’s changed since the last time the Packers and 49ers played? (3:17) Much has been made about the 49ers' dominating Week 12 win over the Packers, but those teams both barely exist any more. A lot has changed. Here's a quick summary. How can the Packers win? Here are eight ways (6:23) The Packers are decidedly not favored...


271 - What Can We Learn from the 49ers' Three Losses?

The 49ers only lost three games this season. The Packers hope to make it four on Sunday. How? Let’s turn to the 49ers losses and see what we can find out. The nuts and bolts of the 49ers’ three losses (1:35) The 49ers’ three losses each had their own unique characteristics. Read more about them here. Further reading: NFL Gamebooks Week 10 - Seahawks @ 49ers Week 13 - 49ers @ Ravens Week 15 - Falcons @ 49ers What do these three games have in common? (7:24) Drawing sweeping conclusions...


270 - Packers Beat Seahawks to Move Within a Game of the Super Bowl

Don’t look now, but your Green Bay Packers are one game away from the Super Bowl. Let’s talk about how Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and a timely couple of plays helped stave off the Seahawks. The referendum on Rodgers (00:51) We said Aaron Rodgers was under pressure like never before. Did he deliver? How did Seattle come back? (4:14) For a while, it looked like the 2014 NFC Championship game all over again. Did the Packers' defense let them back in or is Russell Wilson just that...


269 - This Week's Playoff Game is a Referendum on Aaron Rodgers

For years, pundits have chided the Packers for not giving the Packers a defense. Now they have. What will Rodgers do with it? Russell Wilson leads a dangerous Seahawks offense (4:11) Wilson is having another stellar season, but there are more names to know here. Further reading: How the Seattle Seahawks used D.K. Metcalf against the Eagles Not the Legion of Boom (but who is?) (10:15) The Seahawks defense might be more than the sum of its parts, because a few of those parts are really,...


268 - Should You Trust Total Points?

Aaron Rodgers is still pretty good, but a new stat from a source we trust says he’s...the best player in the NFL? Does that make sense? Let’s figure out what to make of Total Points, a new stat from Sports Information Solutions. What's the deal with Total Points (0:45) Sports Information Solutions, a reputable source for advanced football analytics, introduced a new metric recently that says Aaron Rodgers is not only still good, but the best player in the league. Should you trust...


267 - What if the Packers' Offense is Too Complex?

A week out from the Packers’ first playoff game since the 2016 season, we’ve got two great listener questions. Is the Packers’ offense too complex? And since the Packers have been bad at returning punts this year, what if they never did it?


266 - What We Learned From Polling Packers Fans This Season

Big news for two Packers safeties from very different eras. What does Raven Greene actually bring to this defense? And can LeRoy Butler finally get into the Hall of Fame? Then, we dive into a full season of polling data to find out what Packers fans really think.


265 - Four New Year's Resolutions for Brian Gutekunst

The decisions Brian Gutekunst makes this offseason will have a huge impact on the team in 2020 and beyond. Here are four resolutions he should make to guide his process.


264 - 14 Thoughts About the Packers' Win Over the Lions

Your Green Bay Packers won’t be playing in the wildcard round thanks to a Week 17 win over the Lions. It sure wasn’t pretty, but they got it done when it mattered most. Let’s discuss.


263 - 16 of the Best Week 17 Performances in Packers History

The Packers will wrap up their 2019 season this weekend with a Week 17 tilt against the Lions. Let’s dive into the history books and find the best Week 17 performances ever.


262 - Three Football Books You Should Read in 2020

The best way to become a better football fan is to learn from smart football people. Here are three books that will help you do just that.


261 - Packers Overcome Turnovers to Dominate Vikings

In a year highlighted by inconsistency and lackluster play, the Packers needed a big win to lock up the NFC North. That’s exactly what they got.


260 - Packers/Vikings Rematch Might Mean Everything or Nothing

After meeting in Week 2, the Packers and Vikings renew acquaintances in the second-to-last week of the season. This game has a lot on the line...but it also might not affect much of anything. Confused? Me too.


259 - What Should the Packers Do With Mike Pettine?

The Packers are 11-3 and cruising for the playoffs, but we should stop and talk about Mike Pettine. Does he have a future in Green Bay? Should he?


258 - Packers Complete a Bears Sweep (And Earn a Playoff Berth)

The Packers are winners over the Bears again...and this win comes with a bonus prize.


257 - Can the Packers Duplicate Their Week 1 Win?

The Packers and Bears are renewing acquaintances for the 200th time, and there's plenty on the line late in the season. What more could you want?