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How Sexting Can Improve Your Communication & Sexual Pleasure with Eva Bloom

This week, Hannah chats to Sex-Ed YouTuber Eva Bloom - who recently completed her masters' thesis in sexting - about self-discovering, SexTech and how sexting can improve communication & sexual pleasure. They talk about how tech has changed the way we date, and talk about the sex survey Eva did as part of her Masters. They discuss the findings, and whether sexting improves or hinders relationships. Finally, they look at whether sexting habits change with sexual preference, and talk about who...


Public vs Private Relationships as a YouTuber with Stevie Boebi

This week, Hannah chats to YouTuber Stevie Boebi about navigating public relationships, and whether having a private relationship is any easier. They talk about how public LGBTQ relationships are important for representation, and Stevie’s personal experience of dating in the public eye. They also discuss polyamory, and whether it’s easier to be non-monogamous if you’re queer or heterosexual. Finally, they chat about different styles of relationships and how there’s no one-size-fits-all....


Giving Women a Voice and Talking STIs with Oloni

This week, Hannah talks to sexual wellness and relationship content curator Oloni. They look at what it means to be a self-made sex-expert (and not knowing everything!), and Oloni’s work to empower women to improve their sex lives and their relationships. They also discuss 'stealthing', and STI stigma, including how to tell your partner you have an STI. Finally, they chat about whether society has really become more sex-positive. Oloni: 📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝...


Bisexuality and Long Distance Relationships with Melanie Murphy (LIVE)

In this week’s episode of Doing It!, Hannah comes to you live (ish) from Summer In The City where she talks to her close friend, YouTuber, and fellow oversharer Melanie Murphy. They chat about being open online, and Melanie’s experience of bad sex education and exploring her sexuality from an early age. Melanie also talks about discovering her sexual identity - whilst being told bisexuality didn’t ‘exist’, and they discuss surviving long distance relationships, before hosting a Q&A with the...


Working to Fight Violence Against Women and Girls with Isabel Chapman and Sandra Onai

This week, Hannah talks to Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Advocates Isabel Chapman and Sandra Onai about how to ensure that the voices of victims are heard within an under-funded system. Isabel and Sandra dispel the myths around domestic abuse and discuss the barriers that prevent people from accessing support, as well as the importance of including healthy relationships as part of sex education. They talk about the different types of abuse, and what the new law around domestic abuse...


How To "Fix" Painful Sex with Fran Bushe

This week, Hannah chats to playwright & comedian Fran Bushe about her show Ad Libido, which explored female sexual dysfunction. Fran shared the misconceptions around what we view as ‘normal’ sex and feeling inadequate when you can’t have it. They also talk about viewing the brain as an important sexual organ, and why we need to change the notion that ‘successful’ sex = penetrative sex. Finally, Hannah and Fran discuss sexual empowerment as a continuous process, and how we learn about...


How to be Good at Dating with Shan Boody

This week, Hannah chats to sexologist and YouTuber Shan Boody about her new book The Game of Desire, which equips people with seduction techniques and also tips on how to be a more successful dater. Shan shares why we need to view dating like any other skill that can be worked on and perfected, and the importance of knowing yourself if you want to become an expert in intimacy. They also chat about managing expectations when it comes to dating, and the power dynamic that happens in dating &...


Consent Culture and Intentional Relationships with Dr Meg-John Barker

This week, Hannah chats to author Dr Meg-John Barker about consent cultural, and the difficulties of being consensual in our sex lives and relationships when the whole of cultural is non-consensual. MJ discusses the limited definition of what we see as sex, and the importance of solo sex and knowing our bodies and what we want. They also chat about the pressure we put on romantic love, and how we value this above all other kinds of love. Finally, they talk about communicating with your...


Being Trans and Polyamorous with Kat Blaque

This week, Hannah chats to YouTuber Kat Blaque about how and why she shifted from genderqueer to a binary identity, choosing to define herself as who she knew she really was. Kat also talks us through what it meant to be ‘Done’ with her transition, and how Passing & Stealth are both strategies for survival as a trans person. They also discuss Kat’s discovery of polyamory, and how she realised one person doesn’t have to meet all your needs. Finally, they compare open relationships and...


Queer Representation in Movies & TV with Rowan Ellis

This week, Hannah celebrates pride with YouTuber and Advocate for women's rights & LGBTQ+ issues, Rowan Ellis. They focus on Queer representation in movies & TV, with Rowan talking us through terms like Queerbaiting, Queer-Coding, Queer-Catching, and tropes such as Bury Your Gays. They also discuss who should be playing Queer characters, and the controversy around straight, cis-actors winning awards for playing LGBTQ+ characters. Finally, Hannah and Rowan explore what good LGBTQ+...


Surviving and Ending FGM with Nimko Ali

This week, Hannah chats to Nimko Ali, who is the co-founder of The Five Foundation (the Africa-led Partnership To End FGM), and author of the book ‘What we’re told not to talk about (but we’re going to anyway)’. Nimko shares her own experience of FGM, and her work to end FGM worldwide by 2030. They talk about how Nimko’s new book came about, getting the balance between being honest and being safe, and look at how we define FGM. Finally, Hannah and Nimko explore why we need to invest our...


Getting Married Young with Sierra Schultzzie

This week, Hannah sits down with body positivity and fashion vlogger Sierra Schultzzie who married Stephen when she was just 21 years old. Together they discuss what it's like to marry your childhood sweetheart, avoiding becoming a divorce statistic, battling assumptions about teen relationships and her progressive Christian faith. They also talk about fears that the institution of marriage might muzzle powerful women, the (long) journey to body acceptance, fighting retouching apps and...


Dating Advice and Social Media Etiquette with Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin

In this episode of Doing It! Hannah joins YouTubers Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin, who run the channel Just Between Us and also wrote the book I Hate Everyone But You. They talk about their best dating advice (which is sometimes advice you’ve given friends & then forgotten…), ask what’s the right thing to do when you think your friend is dating the wrong person. Sharing about their own relationships and breakups, they talk about being ready for a relationship, and how our standards might...


Finding Out You're Pregnant at 5 Months and Mental Health with Yasmin Johal

In this episode of Doing It! Hannah joins YouTuber, blogger and mum Yasmin Johal. They talk about Yasmin’s unique pregnancy story, who found out she was pregnant after five months following doctors’ misdiagnoses. After getting pregnant at the end of her second year of uni, Yasmin discusses how she stayed on as a student (graduating this year!) while being a mum, and what the uni offered (or didn’t) to support her. Sharing about her experience on the mum blog space, they look at its lack of...


Gay Teens in YA Books with Calum McSwiggan

It’s a BONUS episode of Doing It! where Hannah joins writer, digital content creator & LGBT+ advocate Calum McSwiggan for a book chat. They share their thoughts on the book Jack of Hearts (& Other Parts), which Calum read for Penguin’s LGBT+ book club. Exploring sex education and how sex is represented in YA, they ask: “Where else do young people get depictions of sex?” They also look at a nuanced vision of homophobia, talking about prejudice within the LGBT+ community itself. Finally, they...


Chronic Pain and Losing Your Virginity "Late" with Scarlett Curtis

Welcome to the first episode of Doing It! where Hannah joins author, journalist and activist Scarlett Curtis in her London flat. Together they talk through battles with body image and losing virginities 'late' and ask whether not having sex makes you a 'bad feminist'. They also explore how Scarlett used feminist literature as an antidote to abusive doctor/patient relationships and inspired a road to recovery: "Reading about women’s oppression makes me so happy! It’s like geography nerds.”...


Doing It! with Hannah Witton Trailer

Join Hannah Witton and some very special guests as they discuss all things sex, relationships, dating and bodies in her new podcast, Doing It! In a series of frank, open & honest conversations guests talk about their personal experiences from periods and pregnancy to sex, disability and everything in between. Expect laughs, tears and some serious sex education. 📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨


Doing It! Trailer

Join Hannah Witton and some very special guests as they discuss all things sex, relationships, dating and bodies in her new podcast, Doing It! In a series of frank, open & honest conversations guests talk about their personal experiences from periods and pregnancy to sex, disability and everything in between. Expect laughs, tears and some serious sex education.


Doing It! Trailer