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Do you have a leaky faucet? Would you like to put a ceiling fan in your bedroom? Or maybe you want to mount a flat screen TV to the wall? Whether it's a plumbing problem or an electrical question, call in and find out if you can do that home repair yourself or if you need to call a professional. You may be handier than you think you are!

Do you have a leaky faucet? Would you like to put a ceiling fan in your bedroom? Or maybe you want to mount a flat screen TV to the wall? Whether it's a plumbing problem or an electrical question, call in and find out if you can do that home repair yourself or if you need to call a professional. You may be handier than you think you are!
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Do you have a leaky faucet? Would you like to put a ceiling fan in your bedroom? Or maybe you want to mount a flat screen TV to the wall? Whether it's a plumbing problem or an electrical question, call in and find out if you can do that home repair yourself or if you need to call a professional. You may be handier than you think you are!






Fix It 101 | Jason, Jeff, and Pam

Jason, Jeff, and Pam may sound like the name of a cool band from the 70's but today on Fix It 101 they are only helping with your home improvement questions and leaving the singing to the professionals. Now when it comes to home improvement you don't always need a pro. As Jeff states early in the show, changing out windows can be a fairly easy project but make sure you have a buddy. Even Pam shares a story of needing a buddy, if only to dial 911. Also in this episode we get electrical...


Fix It 101 | Inspect It Like A Girl

Pam Pybas has been inspecting homes since 2003. She is ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and with her company Inspect It Like A Girl she is looking to provide her clients with the best home inspection possible. Even if it is alerting them to issues they did not want t hear or deal with. Today in the handyman hangout Jason Klein is out so Jeff, Pam, and guest host Java talk about the reasons for home inspections and why your home need one today. Let's work!


Fix It 101 | Nightmare Projects

It is common knowledge that most home improvement projects do not go as planned. There are pitfalls and accidents that happen all the time but sometimes those pitfalls and accidents become full-on nightmare situations. Today Jason and Jeff share some personal nightmare situations they endured and hear from some callers who share their not so happy endings to home improvement. Also Jason talks about a brand new podcast from This Old House, titled Clearstory. But not before bragging about...


Fix It 101 I Open Topic

Every episode of Fix It 101 we are looking to help you with your home improvement projects and give tips that make DIY a little easier. From the big to the small making sure your home is maintained and happy brings us a great joy. Today on the show we open the phone lines to whatever questions you had. So we talked about everything from sticking front doors, backyard decks, all the way to vinyl flooring. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Aging In Place

In 2019, older adults are staying in their homes longer than ever. So the phrases "aging in place" and "universal design" come with simple modification to homes that make it easier for this aging population to function independently. One modification is adding grab bars in the bathroom and at the end of the show we go through this project, step by step. Also on this episode Jeff and Jason get asked a few head scratching questions but luckily a few pros call in and set them straight. Lets...


Fix It 101: Finally Fall

The temperature has finally reached a place that feels like fall and your projects are calling. Jeff thinks this is the weather where all things are possible, so we start with the deck. Now that it's not blazing hot the deck looks more inviting and lets give it the once over before some fall gatherings. Then Jason shares a few kitchen projects that you can complete in a weekend. Also we revisit one of our most popular DIY projects, the fire pit. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Respect the Electric

The electricity in your house is being used to power more appliances and devices ever. And right now you probably have all 5 of the top energy vampires inside your home. Today on Fix-It 101 Hank Perot from Perot Electrical joins the show to talk about your electrical usage and needs in your home. He also answers your questions and talks about the tools every DIY'er should have before tackling any electrical problems. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Fall Fixes & Cool Apps

Its the last week in September and some stores have Christmas decor ready for consumption. October always gets skipped over but do not take the next month off when it comes to your home maintenance. The holidays do come fast, so now is the time to tackle those fixes around the house before it's too late. Also we take a look at some home improvement apps that will help along the way. On the program today we welcome Steve Smith from Charter Builders to help out with your home improvement...


Fix It 101: Dry Wall, Copper Shingles, and More

The handyman hangout is making its way through another endless summer and welcomes our friend Shane McLendon ( to today's program. Topics today ranged from making sure your house is up to code, copper shingles, drywall repair, and more. Lots of Google worthy terms as Jeff and Shane get real construction nerdy for a while, which allows Jason to show off his amateur handyman prowess later in the show. Let's work!


Fix It 101: It's Not Yet Fall Maintenance

Today on Fixit 101 the handyman hangout is taking all comers. It's an open topic show and no fix is too big or too small. From two car garage conversions to ceiling fan repair, Jeff and Jason are ready to help. Also Jeff is thinking about cutting the cord and Jason has all the reasons why. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Summer Chimney Check

During the summer not much thought is placed toward the fireplace, but when is the last time you had it checked. Having your chimney checked and cleaned should be an annual occurrence and the summer is the perfect time to make this happen. Today on the program we have Sed Bledsoe from Fireplace Chimney Sweep Solutions and filling in as our general contractor, Shane McClendon from The handyman hangout is running over with advice and even a funny story about what...


Fix It 101: Air Conditioners and More

Today on the show Jason welcomes long time friend of the program, Timmy McClendon. As the owner of AC Remedies (Jackson, MS) Timmy and his crew have been really busy with the extremely hot weather this summer. Between answering calls about air conditioner maintenance and general home improvement, the malfunctioning ice machine rears its ugly head. Also Jason and Timmy talk about how appliances these days might have too many bells and whistles. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Custom Metal Solutions

From Custom Metal Solutions Ronnie Spears joins the handyman hangout to talk metal. We often get questions about metal roofing so we brought in Ronnie to tell us how metal roofing can be beneficial to a home and the differences between other types of roofing. Also did you know that during major renovations and remodels some couples consider divorce because the process is such a strain on the relationship. Jason and Jeff discuss this phenomenon and answer your general home improvement...


Fix It 101: Empty Nest

Its the end of July and in a couple weeks school will be in session. For may households that means packing up and sending kids off to college. Now the questions is: what should be done with the empty bedroom? New office? Maybe a hobby room? Today the handyman hangout shares some ideas on transforming the empty nest and answers questions from listeners in need of some home improvement solutions. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Summer Work

The heat index this time of year is well above 100 but home improvement projects and construction continues. With Jeff away from the handyman hangout today Del and Jason run the gambit of ways to stay cool while working in this Mississippi summer heat. Then answer questions about broken appliances, busted water heaters, and mysterious leaks. The summer always comes with a specific set of fixes and we are always here with advice and more. Let's work!


Fix It 101: DIY for the Fourth

Entertaining for the 4th of July can be a challenge without a designated space and activities to keep your guest busy. Today on the show we share tips for laying brick pavers to create a nice patio area for the back yard and mention a few DIY projects that are fun to make and will not take long to complete. Let's work! Discussed This Episode: How to build a picnic table (This Old House) How to Build a Cornhole Game Set (This Old House) Doug Rye


Fix It 101: Raise The Roof

The roof on your house will not last forever, but extending its life is not hard to do. With routine checks and attention to detail you can stop the small problems before they lead to big trouble. On this episode we discussed the benefits of a metal roof, how to keep it clean, and why you should remove the old roof. Also Del comes up with a new invention to help paint hard to reach areas. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Homeowners Insurance

Most people do not think about homeowners insurance until they really need it. But how do you know if you have enough coverage? What do you do if you have a dispute with your insurance company? One resource is the Mississippi Insurance Department and today the handyman hangout welcomes Ryan Blakeney, Deputy Director of Consumer Services. This episode covers homeowners insurance from the side of the consumer and the contractor. And if you can believe it Del and Jeff even sneak some DIY advice...


Fix It 101: Summer Checklist

Every season brings a different set of maintenance items for your home and the summer season is no different. Today Jason, Del, and Jeff are in the handyman hangout helping you work through some summer maintenance items and answering your home improvement questions. Also we show you how to add more USB ports to your home and get an update from a listener who followed advice he received a few months back. Let's work!


Fix It 101: Small Engine Maintenance

During the summer in Mississippi, lawn care is a must and nothing is more frustrating than a lawn mower that won't start when you need it. So we called in our small engine repair guy Andrew Hitchcock to join today's show. From his shop, Fondern Small Engine Repair, Andrew works on mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, and other small engines in need of service. Today he helped our callers with maintenance tips, purchasing advice, and the benefits of non-ethanol gas. Let's work!