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HT Season 3 Ep14: Best Uses for 100% Silicone Caulk

There are actually tons of different types of caulks out on the market. Many for interior tasks and various other for outside tasks. Find out the best uses for 100% silicone caulk when it comes to your projects, both interior and exterior. The general rule is that where you have water inside or outside your house, you'll really want to use 100% silicone caulk. Only don't paint on top of it, and you should be good to go. Quick Episode Summary: 0:24 Interior Uses1:17 Exterior Uses


HT Season 3 Ep13: 5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

I am a huge supporter of making your house look good in order to resell it. But certainly not one that supports what a lot of real estate agents want you to do. And that would be to redesign your kitchen and bathrooms to sell your house. You will NEVER receive the ROI on that. So that is the reason that I am suggesting you accomplish the 5 ideas to sell your house quickly. Quick Episode Summary: 0:17 Painting0:34 Plumbing Fixtures1:03 Popcorn Ceiling1:35 Laundry Room2:06 Carpeting


HT Season 3 Ep12: Basement Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

When basement remodeling comes up in a conversation or is seen on a TV show, many think about adding an extra basement bedroom or entertainment area for the kids. Being an empty nester, you may miss your children, however remodeling your basement into something you'll enjoy definitely will eliminate a bit of that 'hurt'. Well, it's your time now as an empty nester to finally get to use the basement for your hobbies and interests. Quick Episode Summary: 1:06 Basement Bar2:14 Lighting &...


HT Season 3 Ep11: 9 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Let's discuss 9 ways to upgrade your kitchen area without needing to do a complete remodeling project. There are huge upgrades you can do throughout a year or perhaps 3 to 4 years. And before you know it, you'll have a brand new cooking area. In some cases conducting a diy renovation can be a lot more workable when you do it in bite-size pieces. It is more time manageable, assists people on a smaller budget, and is really cost effective. I hope you can apply some of the 9 methods to upgrade...


HT Season 3 Ep10: Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

In the event that you are considering having an epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating installed in your garage or basement, I would highly recommend it. Here are a few benefits of garage floor coatings: they are certainly durable, bonds excellently to concrete, up-levels the look of a garage for a display room appeal appearance, resistant to a lot of impacts; highly resilient, stain, chemical and moisture resistant, conceals defects in concrete, and is actually slip resistant. Quick Episode...


HT Season 3 Ep9: How Long Does Remodeling Take

Almost every contractor will provide a different renovation timetable to finish your restroom remodel or kitchen improvement project. And I guess it really does rely on precisely how your general contractor gets things done. However let's analyze some choices that will add a lot more time to your renovating task than you may expect. Quick Episode Summary: 0:36 Countertops1:36 Mirrors2:21 Shower Doors & Walls2:58 Drying Time3:58 City Inspections 4:44 Change Orders


HT Season 3 Ep8: Benefits of Buying Local

So what are a few of the benefits of buying local vs the big box stores? Many of us today want to simply drive to the big box stores like Home Depot or perhaps Menards and do not give our local shops even a thought any more. However the experienced painters, for the most part, are actually purchasing from their local paint stores. Quick Episode Summary: 0:39 Shopping at the Big Box Store1:09 Shopping at Your Local Paint Store2:30 Where the Pros are Going2:32 Why I Like Buying Local


HT Season 3 Ep7: How to Choose Gutter Color for Better Curb Appeal

Everybody desires curb appeal for their house. When you drive a car up to your home, it simply makes your house more inviting, even to yourself. Lots of things contribute to better curb appeal. A few items happen to be landscaping, driveways, but especially the outside color of your house. Find out how to pick gutter color whenever having your house painted or stained. You can have the gutters and downspouts blend in or stand out as an accent color. Quick Episode Summary: 0:19...


HT Season 3 Ep6: Why Do I Need to Pressure Wash Aluminum Siding

One of the best traits of having an aluminum sided house is the low maintenance. But that does not indicate it is completely no upkeep. So you might be wondering why do I need to be pressure washing aluminum siding? You should power clean your aluminum siding every year simply to keep it clean. A second reason to power wash your aluminum home siding is to prepare your house for painting. Quick Episode Summary: 0:26 First Reason & How to Clean2:32 Cleaning for Repainting


HT Season 3 Ep5: 8 Bathroom Remodel Costs Breakdown

Understand the 8 hidden renovation expenses when it concerns upgrading your bathroom. You need to be prepared! You shouldn't be afraid to remodel your kitchen area or bathroom. If you plan out your bathroom or kitchen area renovation ahead of time, you will take into consideration extra expenses in advance. This is just how you have the ability to work your plan, not deal with any hiccups, and also obtain a pretty good idea of how long your remodel is going to take. You will be so much...


HT Season 3 Ep4: Build an Infrared Sauna in Basement

What is the best way to get more use out of the additional space in your basement? Create an infrared sauna within your basement. I certainly enjoy our nearby YMCA. But there are definitely days that making use of a basement workout space with dry heat sauna is just so much more clean, much less crowded, less inconvenience (zero driving), and as germ-free as it's going to get. Quick Episode Summary: 0:24 Health Club Problems0:58 How Much Space?1:37 Sauna2:10 Flooring2:38 Exercise Equipment


HT Season 3 Ep3: Benefits of Wall to Wall Carpeting

Why might you install carpeting versus hardwood flooring? Well, there happen to be many reasons why, but let's go through cost-effectiveness, noise-absorbing, as well as the truth that it really is incredibly pleasant to your feet. I really love carpet more than hardwood. I really like the look of hardwood floors better too. Nevertheless I simply love the feel on my feet and just how much they are able to conceal the dust (if you select a darker color). I believe when raising a family,...


HT Season 3 Ep2: How to Rehang a Door

Why would you need to rehang a door? Let's review the most common reasons why: You might just have outdated and bad-looking doors that are beat up. If you would like to replace these doors, you will need to find out just how to rehang a door. In the event that you just purchased a new sofa or maybe moving into a new home, you will have to take a door off its hinges in order to move these objects through. Knowing how to take a door off its hinges or learning how to rehang a door is a real...


HT Season 3 Ep1: How to Clean Aluminum Siding

Is your aluminum siding looking hazy or possibly chalky? If this is taking place, then you have something referred to as oxidation. In order to fix this, make sure you are washing your siding at the very least once a year. If you are able to afford it, wash it at the beginning of the season, straight following winter, and then again at the end of the fall. This twice a year maintenance of your aluminum siding will definitely keep your house looking clean, but you will also spot anything...


HT Season 2 Ep55: Walk In Shower With Bench

When remodeling your bathroom, should you put in a walk-in shower? You may be asking yourself, "Will it really be worth it?" I'm finding that a number of my clients plan to install a large, walk-in shower for many different reasons. Quick Episode Summary: 0:28 What You Should Ask Yourself 0:38 Whirlpool Tub Conversion1:35 Important Things to Consider


HT Season 2 Ep54: Two Story Foyer Painting

Is it really hard to paint your entryway? Experience, along with the appropriate equipment and tools totally make a difference when you are painting your foyer. An experienced painter has all the important equipment and is completely comfortable with performing a project of this size and scope. However, if you do try to handle painting your foyer on your own, make sure that safety is your number one concern. Quick Episode Summary: 0:27 What You Need1:15 Quick Suggestions1:35 Hiring a...


HT Season 2 Ep53: Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting is one of the most-asked-for upgrades when undertaking a home improvement project. Gone are the outdated can lights or floor lights. Today the LED recessed lights are the latest interior design style. But do you have ample space around your ceiling to have recessed lights set up? Quick Episode Summary: 0:30 Lights for Small Spaces


HT Season 2 Ep52: No VOC Paint

What is so great about painting with a no-VOC paint and should I work with them in my next painting project? I run across a considerable number of my clients that believe it is silly to ask this question. However, I'm a firm believer in the more and accurate info the consumer has regarding VOC paints, the better the decision they can make for themselves and their families. Quick Episode Summary: 0:20 What is VOC0:57 Low or No VOC Paint1:42 How to Choose


HT Season 2 Ep51: When Can I Walk on My Newly Stained Deck

When can you step upon a deck that has been freshly stained? Lots of factors come into play to figure out when you can start to move patio furniture back on and begin to grill once again. Do not become too anxious. The principal objective here is simply to get the greatest amount of use out of your deck stain. Quick episode Summary: 0:21 Three Factors for Different Drying Times0:48 Best Drying Time & Tips


HT Season 2 Ep50: Laundry Room Remodel

So let us discuss your laundry room. Yes, that is the space no one wants to enter since it's associated with work. I think it is interesting that it is the first room many people come into when they return home from work, shopping or simply shuffling the kids around. I would say over 90% of my clients enter their house via their garage and the very first room they come into is really the mudroom/ laundry room. Quick Episode Summary: 0:53 Lighting1:16 Flooring1:41 Cabinetry