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Make. Life. Fun. Married hosts Mark & Theresa interview DIY experts and celebrities, share how-to tips, and more on MyFixitUpLife.

Make. Life. Fun. Married hosts Mark & Theresa interview DIY experts and celebrities, share how-to tips, and more on MyFixitUpLife.


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Make. Life. Fun. Married hosts Mark & Theresa interview DIY experts and celebrities, share how-to tips, and more on MyFixitUpLife.




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MyFixitUpLife Show: Plant a tree, Build a Treehouse

The challenge is that trees move and houses don’t. So to build a treehouse we get into it with Caleb White, owner of New Leaf Treehouse Company and talk details on dialing in a treehouse design that won’t keep you up at night worried it’ll shake itself apart in a storm. We also get into cool tools and why ropes are better than ladders when you get up in the branches. A certified arborist, Caleb also jams on how to spot a sick or dying tree and the things that make them potential dangers...


Let's talk composting, the environment and deck safety with Mike Holmes Jr.

A refreshingly honest take on life, litter, family and home improvement: Watch this sit-down with Mike Holmes Jr. Whether you’re a doer or a watcher or both, Mike Holmes Jr. is refreshingly authentic in a world that isn’t always that. We get into home improvement tips you can really use from compost bins to not using plastic water bottles to deck safety, using real wood, and the tools that make it all come alive. We also discuss life and how to disagree constructively with your parents,...


Let's talk about the 2016 HGTV Smart Home with Tiffany Brooks!

You're getting a sneak peek into the 2016 HGTV Smart home! Theresa is chatting about design and technology with designer Tiffany Brooks!


Let's talk home trends with celebrity designers and carpenters.

Mark and Theresa talk with guests live from the HomeAdvisor booth during Design Construction Week 2016.


What's trending in lighting technology and style? Join us.

Lighting technology is changing the way we use and buy light fixtures and bulbs, and we know how obsessed Theresa is over LED lighting technology. So we’re talking with our friends at LampsPlus about how the innovations with LED lighting can change how you light your homes. But more than lighting, Matt Muenster is sharing his challenges and fun at making over bathrooms on his popular DIY Network’s Bath Crashers, and why he loves heated floors. And we’re inspired by the Cousins, Anthony...


The bathroom trends from universal design to 3D printing

We’re spending the next hour in the bathroom, and we’re hoping you’ll join us. Mark & Theresa are talking everything from the best toilet flush to 3D printed faucets to touch-free faucets and universal design from the American Standard pavilion at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Yes, universal design is trendy, but it also makes sense to create a bathroom space that works for all ages and for diverse abilities. There are details like toilet height and faucet maneuverability that...


The magic of a perfect kitchen, design trendsetters, & more

Live from Vegas, Mark & Theresa are talking with experts and trendsetters about kitchen design, new designer countertops, and their fascination with coffee and plaid. Guests on this episode of MyFixitUpLife include Founder of DesignMilk Jaime Derringer, HGTV's Laurie March, DIY Network's James Young, HGTV's Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen and President of Formica Group North America, Mitch Quint.


Kitchen design trends from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Kitchen design trends are ever-changing to meet the needs of how we actually live, and we're talking with the experts and leaders in design and technology on this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk show. From the world of Fabuwood cabinets, Mark & Theresa talk kitchen design trends with HGTV's Chip Wade, Fine Homebuilding's Patrick McCombe, Designers Ken and Janine Wooten, HGTV's Cortney Novogratz and Mike Holme's Jr.


So what is HGTV's 'Wise Buys'? We're asking hosts Pauli & Chip Wade. Tune in.

HGTV's new show 'Wise Buys' is hosted by one of our favorite DIY couples, Pauli & Chip Wade. They are joining us on this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk to share the story behind the show, what it's like working together, and a few of their expert home buying and renovation tips. If you have a question for Pauli or Chip Wade, write in the comments below or Tweet us. We'll include a few of your questions in the interview. Tune in to MyFixitUpLife's DIYtalk LIVE! and be sure to RSVP! Join us...


Home improvement & muscles? Geek out on DIY fitness with us.

If you are addicted to home improvement, you know that DIY fitness happens without going to the gym. Let’s blab. Setting up tools, building a project, and cleaning up can lead to some serious DIY fitness. Mark & Theresa know first-hand how a DIY lifestyle keeps us healthy and trim. While Theresa keeps the piles of wood, paint cans, buckets, and hammers just to DIYing, Mark on-the-way-other-hand is DIY fitness extreme. Mark actually uses his hatchet, sledgehammer, buckets of rocks, pallets,...


Holiday rewind! Let’s talk holiday parties! …fun drinks included

We love holiday parties, especially when we’re surprised and delighted by little special touches created by the hosts. From custom-designed cocktails to gorgeous decor, as guests it’s always fun to have something unique to discuss with the other guests (especially if we don’t know each other). And honestly, it makes us feel more special as guests that the hosts took time out of their busy lives to make their event a little more special. So we’re talking with some of our favorite experts in...


Time travel day with Spike's Alison and Skip Bedell

We all want a time travel day at some point in our lives. One of those points is when you're looking up at the bottom of the bell curve that any DIY, home improvement, or remodeling project travels. Whether you're doing it yourself---or paying someone who is ostensibly a professional to do it for you---ask your questions and share your fury with us! We've got Spike Channel's diesel contractor-catching Skip Bedell. Teamed up with hilarity-man (and non-slouch carpenter/contractor) Adam...


Taniya Nayak talks Holidays and DIY with MyFixitUpLife

Taniya Nayak, designer for Food Network's Restaurant Impossible is getting ready for the Holidays! We're talking Holiday design ideas, and getting ready for the premier of ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight! Oh, and we can't forget about the easy DIY toy Taniya made for her new and adorable puppy, Flynn!


What are your holiday entertaining essentials in a small space?

The space dilemma can be extremely frustrating when entertaining family and friends during the holidays. Is your extended family growing and your house is still the same size? Yeah, we have that challenge, too. We've invited Kim Lewis, the powerfully creative lead designer behind more than 120 homes for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and is the designer for FYI's 'Tiny House Nation.' When The Washington Post asked Kim how to max storage in a small space, Kim answered: "Storage can come in...


How the heck do you build outdoors? Restoration Wild, Jay Chaikin, talks

So on this National Take a Hike Day, we’re asking Jay to share a few expert tips for the rest of us who build in less wild situations, but we all have to deal with rain, wind, and uncomfortable temperatures. We’ll also be joined by MyFixitUpLife’s color commentator Justin DiPego. Theresa DIY dared ‘Do It With Justin‘ to take a hike and make a serving tray for Thanksgiving from what he collects on the hike. Justin DIY dared Theresa to go for a hike and make something, too. Tune in on this...


How we celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day

Yes, November 10th was National Vanilla Cupcake Day, and we are celebrating with cupcake ideas from the experts. We knew the perfect cupcake genius to join us on MyFixitUpLife, Liz Latham. As part of her baking and lifestyle brand, Hoosier Homemade, Liz provides easy to understand recipes and step-by-step DIY craft and party-planning ideas, to help the everyday mom become heroes at home. And the signature collection of recipes are Liz’s cupcakes. So Theresa dared Liz to make a cupcake that...


Junk isn't junk when you repurpose it... Let's talk holiday DIY ideas

Holiday DIY ideas are everywhere. Our MyFixitUpLife show hosts are inspired to make treasures every holiday season. So Mark and Theresa want to show-and-share ways to makeover older pieces that might seem like junk. But junk is only junk when it doesn't seem useful or charming any longer. DIY can fix that. Check out our inspirations and share your projects. Share links in the comments section below if you'd like us to help with advice to a 'junk into treasure' project at your home. Don't...


Fire and DIY do mix. We're fired up to talk torches

Fire is a pretty amazing tool, and there are more uses than just lighting your fire pit. We're inviting you to talk with us about fire and DIY. So you like DIYing with fire? Yeah, we do, too. Even if you aren't into the torch arts yet, I know you're curious because you are still reading these words. We'll be talking wall art, bending metal, solder, ropes, and a whole lot more cool stuff. It's time to show-and-share why fire and DIY mix. We'd love to see you at the live MyFixitUpLife blab....


What's your halloween diy? Join us for tools, pumpkins & awesome

What's you Halloween DIY and getting-ready-for-winter tools and projects all about? Do you gear up for landscaping and lawn care? Or are you a get the house ready for winter person? And what about pumpkin carving? I mean seriously, what about it? Make the steak knife death grip a thing of the past and let's carve like we mean it. We’re talking tools and pumpkins, end-of-season and Halloween DIY with our friends and awesome how-to-ers Chris Lambton and Kayleen McCabe. Chris, host of DIY...


Aging in Place? What does it mean for me?

Designers, remodelers, and product makers have been working hard to help create more adaptable approaches to creating and recreating spaces. We've evolved from being reactive as designers to the limits that aging brings, to being proactive with universal design and design for everyone concepts. But are we doing enough? We've invited widely known expert designers and contractors to this discussion on blab. Alison Victoria might be best known as the spunky powerhouse host of Kitchen Crashers,...