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7/11/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! 'Honey Do' List Advantages Of A Handyman, Lightning Surges And More!

Bob Ross of Lightning Busters discusses whole home surge protection from lightning strikes. Allen Hopkins of Handyman Connection describes the services a qualified handyman can 'Do' for your 'Honey Do' list. Our Staycation winner talks about his weekend in Taylor, AZ and listener questions.


7/11/20 - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Condensate, Compressor, All Things Air Conditioning!

High temperatures are only part of the reason air conditioners work at maximum capacity. Humidity is the real culprit as it demands our units to cool and remove the moisture from heavier air. Richard Rojo, Southwest District Leader for Trane Air Conditioners discusses proper maintenance of the condensate line, two stage and variable stage units and the importance of the compressor.


7/11/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Talking Trees!!

John Eisenhower and Steven Price of SaveATree/Integrity Tree Service discuss the Tree Of The Month, The Desert Willow. Plus tips to help your trees beat the excessive heat, how to benefit from a tree risk assessment, the Palo Verde beetle, explaining a girdling root and listener tree questions.


7/4/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Maintaining Your Roof For Rain & 4th Of July History Like Oyster Ice Cream?

Tyler Johnson of Johnson Roofing has tips on maintaining your roof to avoid leaks and wind damage before they happen. More July 4th history from Dr. Dean like oyster ice cream! And follow ups on recent questions.


7/4/20 - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Removing A Load Bearing Wall & More 4th Of July History!

Looking to open up the space in a home starts with a proper removal of a load bearing wall. Rosie discusses the right way to do it from preparation to proper beams. Plus Dr. Dean has more 4th Of July history facts about the President of The Continental Congress, The Dunlap Broadside document that preceded the Declaration Of Independence and The Articles Of Confederation that preceded The Constitution by 11 years.


7/4/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Arizona Farm Bureau: PICKLES On The 4th Of July? Sure!

Julie with The Arizona Farm Bureau discusses the history of pickles with the Arnold Pickle & Olive Company and cucumbers grown in Arizona! Plus Dr. Dean details historical facts about the 4th Of July. Some surrounding pickles! Plus we talk with owners of The Heritage Inn Bed & Breakfast in Taylor, AZ as part of our Staycation Of The Month.


6/27/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Remote Home Monitoring!

Tekna Home Security And Smart Homes discuss the advances in home security. Comparing today's Do It Yourself systems versus the traditional home monitoring companies and what you need know about both. Question of the week: Is replacing a shower head a Do It Yourself job? And other topics of the day!


6/27/20 - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Suntrac! A Game Changer In The Way You Cool Your Home, Office Or Warehouse!

Andrew Dobbins of Intelligent Design in Tucson and Rich Cooley of Suntrac Hybrid Climate Systems explains this game changer in saving energy and substantial money on your cooling bill! The SunTrac thermal hybrid air conditioning system is a renewable energy method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload. This is something worth listening too!!


6/27/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! The Urban Farm & Water Harvesting!

Farmer Greg discusses harvesting rainwater and other sources of water from evaporative coolers, condensate, and a deep dive into 'greywater'. All can be repurposed into the landscape. Plus Greg has the five components on water harvesting and distribution systems large and small.


6/20/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Phantom Screens & New Product Finds!

Update on happenings at Rosie On The House. Esther de Wolde of Phantom Screens discusses their unique screens that do more than provide a thermal barrier around your outdoor living space. And some new products like a docking drawer, ambient lit shower head, hot water hose bib and more!



Shade is a great way to reduce heat gain on your home. Most heat gain comes thru your windows. One of the best ways is proper installation of sunscreens. We discuss this and other ways to kick the heat away.


6/20/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Gardening With Jay Harper

Jay discusses reducing heat stress on your garden, trees and lawn. Irrigation maintenance and watering tips for desert summer heat and monsoon rains. Plus listener questions on various tree issues.


6/13/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Water Treatment And DIY Projects!

We tackle questions on installing artificial turf and sealing patio pavers as a 'do it yourself' project. Is there a need for home water treatment even if you have refrigerator water filtration? All About Water joins us for answers. And a listener asks how to encourage wildlife on his property.


6/13/20 - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Keeping Serious Pests Out Around Your Home!

With hot weather could come a hot bed of pests. We discuss ways to keep some serious pests away from your home. Scorpions, black widow spiders, bees, wasps and more. Plus wildlife like coyotes, bobcats and javelinas. BLOG


6/13/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Talking Trees!

John Eisenhower and Steven Price of SavATree Integrity Tree Service is joined by Kevin Salamandra of Arid Zone Trees. The Tree Of The Month is the Arid Hybrid Mesquite Tree with some unique features. Kevin explains what Arid Zone Trees is all about. Proper pruning for monsoon season and irrigation scheduling for the summer.


6/6/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Inspecting Your Roof For Monsoon Season

Its a great time to inspect your home's pitched or flat roof before monsoon rains begin to fall. Rosie gives some recommendations. Plus a leak detection device we found that alerts you if water leaks in the home when you're away.


6/6/20 - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Summer Cooling Your Outdoor Space!

Misting systems, swamp coolers, and other ways to chill your outdoor space. Rosie talks about the results of a listener's Whole Home Energy Audit with David Byrne of Green ID. And listener questions about misting issues, painting and building a tool shed.


6/6/20 - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Arizona Farm Bureau/Sheep And Goat Farming

Julie with The Arizona Farm Bureau is joined by Richard Clark of Gila River Goat And Lamb Producers. Richard discusses farming lamb and goats for meat at his farm in Greenlee County. Plus Julie talks about Community Supported Agriculture selling produce direct to consumers.


5/30/20 - OPEN HOME HOUR! Military Assistance Mission, Cleaning Mineral Deposits, Questions From Listeners!

Random topics, Military Assistance Mission's Executive Director Marc Bohem updates what they're doing to assist E-5 active Arizona military at home and how you can help. Weekly To Do about removing mineral deposits to bathroom and kitchen fixtures. And answering listener's home improvement questions.



Sal Sucato of DunRite Windows And Doors details everything you should know about energy efficiency, reducing dust and quieting your home with the right windows. Lots of background information on choosing the right window, possible upgrades and keeping your budget in line. BLOG