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Ep 106: Q&A: Kids' Stuff Organization and Storage

Kids’ stuff is not always high style, and kids can be messy. But they live in our homes, too, and we want to make them feel happy and welcome too! We’re answering your questions on handling toys, artwork, big plastic things, kids’ messes, and more. Resources/posts we talked about: Functional office paper storagethat Ashley has. Greyson’s bedroom reveal The attractive Lego storageAshley did in Greyson’s roomSuzannah’sblog posts on baby stuff You can find us on our blogs or connect with...


Ep 105: Home decor trends for 2020

You guys have loved the trend episodes over the past two years, so we thought we check back in on those trends and then forecast what will be HOT for 2020! We hope you are ready to see some new trends this year, because we hear that warmer colors, boucle and plaster details will be coming on strong. Tune in to hear more about these as well as the debate on subway tile, Biophillic design, and more! ELLE Decor 2020 design trends Original House Beautiful article about grandmillenial...


Ep 104: Budgeting tools: Spreadsheets, links, visuals, and more

Budgeting is not the most exciting part of a renovation project, but it’s often critical for success and confidence that you can take on a new big reno! It can be super overwhelming so we’re talking you through the exact tools Suzannah and Ashley use, including giving away a detailed template for Suzannah’s spreadsheet method for budgeting for a project. Resources mentioned: Ep 59 How we budget + how to organize a budget Midcentury modern One Room Challenge bathroom makeoverand the budget...


Ep 103: Gallery Wall Pro Tips

If you love the look of gallery walls but are scared to try to put one up, we are here to help! We are breaking down the confusion on frame sizing, how to pick art, how to decide on photographs, whether your gallery wall should be symmetrical or 3D, and much more! Join in as we give handy tips for installing your gallery wall and whether or not your gallery wall should be the focus of a space or just add to the space. *Affiliate link below. In our chat, Ashley mentioned a great modern...


Ep 102: Decor consistency throughout a home

Where to be consistent with colors, materials, and styles throughout a home, and when to avoid being matchy-matchy? We couldn’t find many resources about this so we dug into it! We talk about the time and place for consistency versus unique elements, and which pieces you can be consistent with and why. It’s not just paint color and lighting; you can show off your style and make it clear that each room in a house is yours in many ways! Some examples we talked about: Ashley’s entryway with...


Ep 101: Motivation & building skills for DIY home projects: Interview

This week’s episode is an interview with Suzannah’s partner in DIY renovating, her husband Jason. Lots of insight for aspiring DIYers/home renovators in this one, including: How Jason learned his DIY skills and got comfortable working on new projects, Jason’s tips for newbies for scheduling projects and how to deal with unknowns, how to get yourself psyched up before starting a project AND how to stay motivated during the toughest parts, and what makes DIY projects satisfying. You can find...


Ep 100 : Giveaway and Lookback

Ashley and Suzannah take a look back at the previous 99 episodes on the show today. From fan favorites to personal favorites, hear their thoughts on past shows and where the podcast is going next year. Ashley shared that her personal favorite episodes were: Ep 72 on Design Books and Ep 62, the Landscape design interview with Gardening by Design. Suzannah shared that she loved Episode 53 which was all about having friends over while renovating, Episode 70 which was the interview that we...


Ep 99: Tween Boy Room Reveal

How to create a kid’s room that is functional, cool in their eyes, and a space you enjoy being around? Ashley has done several great DIYs in her son’s room in the past, but he’s getting older and it was time for a space designed for his current needs. His room got some big upgrades including lighting, flooring, and decor, and turned out beautiful and kid-approved! Links/resources: Greyson's bedroom revealHue Bulb systemAshley’s new oak floors You can find us on our blogs or connect with...


Ep 98: Curating Your Home Style

Once you’ve narrowed down your style (check out episode 3 for more on that!)… NOW WHAT? On organizing your ideas to keep your style consistent--tools in Instagram, Pinterest, and more. (Find Suzannah on Pinterest here and Ashley here.) And listen in for a great tip on pinning directly from Instagram! Other tools we cover: design books and mood boards. Books (disclosure: contains affiliate links): Design*Sponge at HomeIn the Company of Womendomino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home(2016 domino...


Ep 97: Exterior Christmas Decor Ideas

Whether you are a seasoned exterior decorator or a newbie in trying to figure out what to do on the exterior of your home for Christmas, you are going to be inspired to just START decorating after tuning into this episode. From mailbox swags to baskets on the front doors, we share plenty of ideas you’ll want and implement. We specifically chatted about: Free Christmas Storage Labelsto help you get organized Suzannah’s Color Crush on Camel Style This Lifeshares some beautiful outfit...


Ep 96: Suzannah's completed 100% DIY bathroom renovation One Room Challenge

Suzannah and her husband recently did a completely DIY full bathroom renovation during the 6-week One Room Challenge. Tile, shower, vanity, fixtures, paint… they put a ton of work into transforming this bathroom, while keeping their home’s classic feel. Suzannah shares the behind-the-scenes story of the long design process, favorite luxurious updates, budget, and even what went wrong in this informative episode. Resources and posts we talked about: Vietnam Veterans of America donations...


Ep 95: Breaking down barriers to DIY

It can feel like there are so many barriers to DIY projects and home renovating in general, but we believe that not all barriers need to block you from doing what you want to your home. Ashley and Suzannah are sharing their thoughts (and skills--they differ in what they are good at) about DIY projects that are good to start with, how project costs grow, learning and having access to the right tools, and more. You are going to leave this episode with at least one of your barriers knocked...


Ep 94: Coziness in Decor

“Cozy” means way more than warm and snuggled up in a blanket. It can mean being present in the moment, being grateful for your home, feeling content and relaxed... but also bringing pieces into your home to accommodate that lifestyle. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy (and inspired!) after the positive vibes from this episode! Resources and images we talked about: Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World Stacks of books on the floor by @petraalexandra An artist with a tiny corner of...


Ep 93: Life, House, & Podcast Updates

We figured it was about time to update you on what we are both up to (personal and home decor), all things ORC, and even what we are excited to talk about on the podcast over the next few months. If you love gabbing with your BFF, then this episode is for you. In the show today, we talked about: Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Livingby Lauren LiessGoodreadsAudibleAshley’s IG Book Club Episode 31: Exterior Home MaintenanceSuzannah’s ORC Updates Episode 85, where Ashley...


Ep 92: Kitchen Organizing

Organizing your kitchen cabinets is a small-scale DIY that can make a huge difference. Today we talk through common issues for kitchen organizing, including listener questions like hard-to-reach upper cabinets, corner cabinets, deep pantry shelves, and more. Resources and examples: Suzannah’s blog posts about her One Room Challenge bathroom makeoverThe Rev-A-Shelf pull-outs Ashley boughtThe Modern Editorganizing service and inspoTheplain black lunch bagSuzannah boughtWhite plastic binsin...


Ep 91: Powder Bath Renovation

Sometimes the smallest rooms can make the biggest impact--but small doesn’t always mean easy for a DIY renovation! Tune in to hear all about Ashley’s powder bath renovation including what it ended up costing! You can find links to what we talked about below. Ashley’s post on the Stylemaker Event Small Powder Bath Renovation Plan Sarah Sherman Samuel Bathroom Inspiration Wall Mount Faucet CostQuirky art byWink Wink Studio Powder Bathroom Full Reveal You can find us on our blogs or connect...


Ep 90: Renovation or Design Burnout

It happens to the best of us… overwhelm and burnout with DIY and/or design projects around our homes. It can be so hard when you want to do more to your house than you really can--physically, mentally, logistically, financially, for your health…! We’ve both been there and we have a completely honest conversation about what we’ve struggled with AND what has worked for us! There are solutions! You can find us on our blogs or connect with each of us on Instagram: @suzannahstanley...


Ep 89: Ashley's Completed Eat-In Kitchen

We talk a lot about “Your Home Story” and what the story of your spaces are. Today, Ashley is sharing all about her eat-in kitchen’s story, from where it started (spoiler, it had blue wallpaper), to the more eclectic updates that she did a few years ago and now, to the space that she really feels is the perfect addition to her home. You can find links to what we talked about below. Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World One Room Challenge reveal of the Eat-In Kitchen(2015)...


Ep 88: What we can learn from show homes

If you’ve ever wondered what a modern mansion is like inside, or what you’d choose for your home if money was no object… listen up! Ashley and Suzannah both visited multi-home tours of show homes in their areas and chat about elements they liked, trends they both saw at the respective tours, regional differences, and what we can learn by visiting these elaborate, massive homes! Links and favorites: Ashley’s Highland Cow PaintingMOVE to 89 or 90Re-loving the decor bookHabitat by Lauren...


Ep 87: Functional Updates at Ashley and Suzannah's Houses

Functional updates make both of us so happy. On the show today, Suzannah and Ashley are both sharing recent functional updates they have made at each of their houses. Suzannah brightened up her back entry by doing lots of grunt work and is so much better than where it started. Ashley took her over-filled coat closet and purged, painted and built a bench to help transform the space into something that they use and love. Tune in today to be inspired to tackle a mini functional update of your...