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Travel Tips For Austin & San Antonio

Learn why Austin, TX is a fun place to stay, with great food--like BBQ!--and lots to do. And surprisingly affordable (if you don't buy a house while you're there). And while you're in Austin, it's just a quick trip down the interstate to San Antonio, home of The Alamo. It's also got a wonderful river walk and just a few miles out of town is a series of missions dating back to the early 1700s. Well worth the visit. Plus, learn about a couple of things we've discovered that make travel...


Fall Yard & Garden Plans

Summer is over and it's time to get everything ready for winter. Learn about all the things we've been doing in our yard and garden, taking advantage of the nice autumn weather before the Oregon rain sets in. And speaking of lousy weather, Jami has a seven day meal plan to make you feel warm inside. Plus, we both share recent discoveries that we think are "really cool."


Caring For An Old Dog

We talk about our (almost) 14 year old dog and how we've been helping with some of his age-related problems through diet. For his weight, the vet told us he's the equivalent of 92 years old! We share a few recipe ideas for "real" dog food. Plus, some cool things we've discovered lately.


Farmhouse Summer Recap 2019

Jami and Brian talk about progress on the 100 year old farmhouse fixer over the summer. And what's going on in the garden. Neither one is quite not finished--there's always something else to do in the summer--but they're getting there. Plus they share a coffee and travel discovery in the This Is Really Cool segment.


How We Saved on a Trip to the Caribbean & Enjoyed It More

Jami and Brian talk about their recent trip to the Bahamas and how they were able to enjoy an extended stay while saving money. Accomodations, food and excursions can get really expensive, but there are ways have a great vacation without blowing your budget. They discuss some highlights of staying on the island and some things they brought along that turned out to be really useful.


Tips For Traveling Light

Jami and Brian discuss WHY it's so much easier to travel without checked luggage (especially when flying), and then give some tips on the things that have helped them travel with less stuff. They have a few updates on the garden. Jami shares a favorite June menu. And both of them talk about their latest cool discoveries.


How To Get Big Stuff Done: Work Day Trades

Jami and Brian give the details on how they've been able to get major house and garden projects done by trading work days with family and friends. People come over and help for a day. Then you go and help them for a day. With more people on the job, the transformation is amazing. It's rhubarb season! So Jami shares her favorite recipes. Brian gives a couple farmhouse/garden updates. And they both share some cool discoveries they've made lately.


How Landscaping Adds Value When You Sell

Jami and Brian talk about recent market research that confirms what you already knew--nice landscaping improves the sale price of your house. Jami lists off the easy ways you can transform the yard without spending a lot of money. Brian gives the farmhouse update. Jami shares her incredibly good celery salad (yes, celery!). They each share a cool thing they've discovered lately. And more.


DIY Remodeling: What We'll Do Again & What We Won't

Jami and Brian discuss an article that lists the most popular DIY projects that people take on, and then the ones they most regret trying themselves. Jami and Brian then list their own DIY projects they hope they never have to do again, followed by the ones they're actually looking forward to. Brian shares some farmhouse updates. Jami has some Easter/Spring menu ideas. And they both share some cool things they've discovered recently.


Should You Eat The Same Thing For Breakfast Every Day?

Jami and Brian talk discuss the benefits of having go-to meals you eat all the time (same idea as a capsule wardrobe). They talk about why they eat basically the same thing for breakfast every day and still enjoy it. Jami then goes through here three granola recipes, which have become family favorites. She has an update on the garden. Brian discovered some funny stuff in the layers of a ceiling. And they both share some cool things they've been enjoying lately.


What's with Americans & Paper Towels?

Jami and Brian discuss research showing that Americans are using a lot more paper towels than the rest of the world. Is this a symptom of our throwaway obsession? Jami shares some paper towel alternatives that have allowed her to save a lot of money and generate less paper waste. Brian has some updates on the farmhouse remodel. Jami shares a week's worth of menus. Plus some cool discoveries and lots more.


The Benefits of Thankfulness

Jami and Brian discuss all the research (study after study) that's demonstrated the benefits of purposely being grateful. They found both emotional and physical benefits to this practice. Jami shares her personal story on this subject. Brian has some progress updates on the hundred-year-old-farmhouse. Jami lists people's favorite comfort food recipes from the site. Plus, the cool things we've discovered recently.


The Case For Eating Bread - Episode 52

Jami and Brian discuss why you don't have to feel guilty about eating bread. It just has to be the right kind. Brian talks the findings of a major study of health studies about the benefits of whole grains. Jami shares her most popular bread recipes, which also happen to be some of the most popular posts on An Oregon Cottage. Plus, farmhouse updates and cool things they've discovered.


22 Cool Things We Still Recommend - Episode 51

Jami and Brian take a look back at 27 of the things they've recommended over the past 50 episodes in their "This Is Really Cool Segment." They explain why they still like 22 of them and why 5 of them are meh. This episode was recorded as a video and is posted on An Oregon Cottage channel on YouTube.


How To Set & Achieve Your Goals

Brian shares some statistics on the high failure rate for most New Year's resolutions, and then what research has shown really works to achieve personal change. Jami and Brian talk about setting the right goals and the tools to use for doing better in finances, personal health, and other important areas. They give the latest farmhouse updates--some big milestones. And Jami lists her favorite soup recipes for cold weather.


Century-Old Farmhouse Fixer: One Year Progress Report

This is a special edition of the podcast that's also available as a video on YouTube. Jami and Brian talk about the progress they've made in the last 12 months on their century-old farmhouse fixer, and they specifically discuss things they learned and what they'd do differently. Plus, how their family pitched in to get the farmhouse ready for a small wedding.


Last Minute Christmas Ideas

In Episode 48 Jami & Brian talk about what to make for last minute gifts. Jami highlights several easy projects from her video "17 Homemade Gifts In 6 Minutes." They discuss quick and easy holiday recipes, and Christmassy things to do with family that don't take a lot of planning. They give the latest updates on the farmhouse--with the wedding happening days away. And finally, share some cool discoveries they've made.


Hoarding & Marie Kondo, Farmhouse Updates, Favorite Cookies

Jami and Brian talk about when hoarding meets Marie Kondo--what makes people want to keep everything? They discuss all the updates to the hundred year old farmhouse as their nephew's wedding date approaches. And Jami shares recipes for the family's favorite cookies (some holiday). Plus some cool discoveries.


Travel, Farmhouse Wedding Plans, & Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

In Episode 46 Jami and Brian discuss why they just spent two weeks traveling to southern Ohio and then southern Arizona, and cool stuff they discovered in both states. Jami share her best Thanksgiving recipes, the ones that have gotten rave reviews. Then they both share the coolest things they've discovered lately: Batdorf & Bronson Coffee, and the world's most comfortable booties.


Episode 45: Weight Loss After 50 - The Harsh Truth

Jami and Brian discuss the challenges of maintaining (or getting back down to) a healthy weight after you turn 50. They talk about "the beach picture" from the 1970s and theories why obesity has become so widespread since then. Jami talks about her real food recipes for weight loss. They discuss all the things being completed on the farmhouse, cool things they've discovered, and more.