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Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.

Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.


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Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.




Twitter loses it over Trump 'abandoning' the Kurds, the NBA and Project Veritas takes on CNN

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Epstein directs Bill Gates grant to MIT, Ghislain Maxwell's sisters intelligence and tech connections, Kavanaugh accusations unravel

Note: I tried out a new mic preamp this episode and didn't realize until after the recording that there was a significant amount more hiss/noise than usual. The episode is still listenable but not quite the quality of my other episodes. 1. Epstein directs a grant from Bill Gates to MIT 2. Ghislain Maxwell's sister Christine Maxwell created a company called Chiliad which created a unified search...


El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings, I destroy bogus statistics.

Episode 35 ------------ All about the mass shootings from yesterday, the bogus stats and flawed logic of the people claiming we need to ban guns and also profile white men. The statistics are that white men commit less than their share of murders in the US and the murder rate is declining. Twitter: Gab: Facebook:...


Epstein EPR updates, Transhumanist NM ranch, Deep dive into Tracy Twyman's death, Tulsi Gabbard and Dems have gone full Neocon.

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EPRs: Jeffrey Epstein - the whole story, Tracy Twyman and George Nader

Episode 33 ------------- This marks the first episode of year two of Whistling in the Dark. I am planning on going back to the original name "No Hope Podcast" in the near future, so be on the lookout for that change. Today I talk mostly about the Jeffrey Epstein case(s). I starts from the original report to police in 2005 up until the recent charges. I also talk a bit about Tracy Twyman, an occult and child abuse researcher and writer who was recently found hung at her home. Finally, I...


Identify politics and other ways those in power keep the masses distracted from their endgame

Follow me on Gab @whistlinginthedark Twtter @patrickjbradley Facebook Whistling in the Dark Podcast I hit a variety of topics from the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka, to gender pay gap regulations in Iceland *, to Rich people in Hong Kong ( I talk about how the great lie is that freedom is what...


Julian Assange Arrested in London

Follow me on Gab @whistlinginthedark Twtter @patrickjbradley Facebook Whistling in the Dark Podcast Today we discuss the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange which happened earlier today in London. We show clips from "The View" where a bunch of dimwits spew statist propaganda, falsely claim Assange "hacked" the DNC amongst other shenanigans. We cover the top 10 Wikileaks revelations through a video shared by Wikileaks in 2016. Other than that, I'm just weighing in with my...


NZ Mass Shooting, Mueller Investigation is Finally concluded, and so much more!

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Episode 28 - Operation Mockingbird and all the "news" (VA infantacide, blackface governor, Chinese dystopia?, Jussie Smollett, vaccines, climate change causing war?????)

SO MANY LIES TO KEEP TRACK OF!!2019/01/29/empire-star-jussie-smollett-attacked-hospitalized-homophobic-hate-crime/


Episode 27 - Roger stone, MAGA kids vs Indian Drummers, Brexit and more!

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Episode 26 - 2018 Review, 2019 forecasts - yellow vests, technology, middle east

1. intro - isn't love important? 2. Sears goes out of business. 3. Technology from early computing to PCs, to mobile 4. What is the future? decentralized apps, internet of things, VR, etc. 5. Yellow vest protests 6. Tulsi Gabbard 7. Things are a little better in the Middle East vs this time last year. 8. Outro - Alife


Episode 25 - Conspiracy! Moon landing, 9-11, JFK, the Pyramids + much much more!

1. Intro - isn't love important 2. Owen Benjamin doesn't believe NASA sent astronauts to the moon. His reasoning is suspect. 3. I believe in the banking conspiracy and the CIA's involvement in selling drugs in the US. 4. Ancient megalithic structures were my introduction to conspiracy theories. 5. Side note - Texas federal judge rules Obamacare is unconstitutional since the tax was repealed. 6. What it's like to believe something that seems obvious when 99% of the rest of the world...


Episode 24 - Yellow Vest Protests in France

One topic. Yellow vest protests.


Episode 23 - Gas tax protests in Paris, US attacks in the middle east, etc.

Connect with me on social media: FB - Twitter - Gab - 1. Intro - Isn't love important? 2. Gas tax protests in Paris 3. US airstrikes killing civilians in Afghanistan and Syria (via 4. Why are people so concerned with things that don't matter while actual war is happening? 5. Outro - No More


Episode 22 - Variety Show! George Bush is dead, Abortion and the NAP, replication crisis in psychological research

Connect with me on social media: FB Twitter Gab --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Intro - Isn't love important 2. I released a new song - 3. Libertarianism is deterministic - It allows for predictable rules. 4. Hip-hop - I always feel like I have to reach to find meaning. 5....


Episode 21 - Midterm elections, Jeff Sessions fired, No Vote November!

1. Intro - Isn't love important? 2. Midterm election results overview 3. Why I pay attention 4. Voting for a major party candidate is what is shameful, not NOT voting or voting 3rd party. 5. The major parties are in lock step with wars in the middle east, drug war and the Federal Reserve. 6. I don't think people that vote for major party candidates are consciously voting for war and the federal reserve system. 7. War in the middle east is completely ignored in the media. It's as if it...


Episode 20 - Pittsburgh shooting, mail "bombs", Gab taken down, decentralized apps.

1. Intro - Isn't love important? 2. Attempted mail bombings - 3. Pittsburgh synagogue shootings - 4. taken down 5. Midterm elections - more votes don't change anything. War, war on drugs and the Federal Reserve always win. 6. Decentralized applications (DAPPs). The future of the internet? 7. Outro - I don't care about you no more.


Episode 19 - Korean Peace Treaty and KavaNAWWWW

1. Intro - Isn't Love Important? 2. Korean peace treaty 3. Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford 4. Some thoughts on me too 5. Outro - My Mentality


Episode 18 - Nike vs NFL, alex jones banned from twitter, new mass shooting stats