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83: Living off the Grid and Enjoying "The Simple Life" with Gary Collins

Do you feel like life is too stressful and far more complicated than it needs to be? Or do you feel like you're on a treadmill to nowhere, grinding in life each and everyday, thinking there is something wrong with yourself for feeling this way? Well, look no further than today's episode, as I am joined by a man who is an Amazon best selling author, simple living advocate and educator, nutrition and health expert, adjunct college professor, professional speaker, and greater of “The Simple...


82: Off to College! (PART 1) with Sarah Nichols

In a new series for The Brian Nichols Show, I am being joined by my sister, Sarah Nichols, as she heads "Off to College"! As she's a recent high school graduate, I wanted to pick Sarah's brain to see where she stands on a variety of issues (and to get a better idea as to where the rest of her generation stands as well).


81: Should Mass Shooters Get the Death Penalty? with Hannah Cox from CCATDP

Should Mass Shooters Get the Death Penalty? Your first reaction is likely, "Well, yes. Duh". And if that was your reaction, no worries, it used to be my reaction, too. That is until I started to look at the death penalty differently, much in part thanks to today's guest- Hannah Cox, National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. Hannah first joined the show last year to discuss the mission and work over at CCATDP, which is a national network of conservative Republicans...


80: From Leftist to Libertarian with Steffi Cole

I dare say that most of us know folks within the libertarian movement who came from the more conservative side of things, heck, with yours truly being one of them. But those who ventured to libertarianism from the left are much fewer in our ranks, despite them sharing our many of our values. Today's guest is one of those unicorns who went from leftist to libertarian, and I wanted to have her on my show to discuss her conversion as she started going down the libertarian rabbit hole; the one...


79: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Arvin Vohra on Past Controversies, Messaging, and Recruitment

Welcome back, folks! For those of you new listeners joining us, thanks for taking some time to listen to today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Today’s episode sticks true to one of the main principles we maintain here at The Brian Nichols Show- talking to people we don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with and trying to find areas of understanding or agreement. I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to the tactics that today’s guest, Arvin Vohra, utilized during his tenure as vice-chair of...


78: Bernie Sanders on The Joe Rogan Experience- ANALYSIS with Max Gulker from AIER

Did you catch Bernie Sanders' appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience? No? Well, don't you worry, Max Gulker and I suffered through it and are here to give you a breakdown of the most important segments so you don't have to! Listen as Max and I discuss Bernie's takes on the minimum wage, corporate tax loopholes, education, socialism, and much more on today's exciting episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Read Max's Article Discussed on Today's Episode- "Free Enterprise, Not Free Tuition":...


77: Dismantling the Two-Party System by Changing the Way We Vote with Aaron Hamlin from The Center for Election Science

"My vote just doesn't matter..." Have you heard this before? Or perhaps have you caught yourself saying that exact same phrase? Don't worry, you're not alone. As a mater of fact, I've said as much myself. With the "choose-one" voting system, many voters feel that their votes simply don't matter in today's electoral system. That's where today's guest, Aaron Hamlin, and the organization he co-founded, "The Center for Election Science", comes into play. See, Aaron and his team have been on a...


76: Finding Happiness in the Least Likely of Places with Tim Preuss

Are you happy? Or are things so chaotic in our world that you find it difficult to take joy in the things you use to take joy in? Are you looking for happiness in the right places? All those questions and more get tackled in today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, as I am joined by documentarian of the travel series, "Straight No Chaser", Tim Preuss! In 2015, Tim got involved in politics and internet marketing with the launch of his podcast,the "Tim Preuss Podcast". After nearly five...


75: Make America Libertarian Again! with Larry Sharpe

Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show! As always, my goal is to educate, enlighten, and inform, and today is no different, as I am once again joined by the one and only, Larry Sharpe! Larry should be a stranger to none of you, as he was easily the most notable Libertarian candidate seeking elected office in 2018, as he ran on the Libertarian Party ticket in my home state of New York, garnering both national attention and a fantastic base of libertarians along the way. Larry returns to the...


74: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership with Caleb Shumate

Man, I sure missed you all last week while I was on vacation! But thankfully, we're back on track with our regularly scheduled programming, as this week I am joined by Caleb Shumate! Caleb is a passionate advocate for liberty and storyteller with a deep appreciation of history. Today he joins the show to discuss one of his more recent articles over at The Libertarian Republic- “Colt Made Me Equal”: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership. Listen as Caleb explains the importance of...


73: Students for Liberty with Dr. Wolf von Laer

Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show! If this is your first time joining us here at The Brian Nichols Show, thank you so much for taking half an hour of your day as you join us on our journey of learning and spreading liberty! Today is no exception, as I am joined by the CEO of Students for Liberty, Dr. Wolf von Laer! Students For Liberty is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world, who's mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders...


72: A Conversation with Congressman Justin Amash

Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show! For you first time listeners, I am your humble host, Brian Nichols, and here at The Brian Nichols Show, our goal is to educate, enlighten, and inform. Today is no exception, as I am joined by Congressman Justin Amash. Congressman Amash has been making headlines as of late, with his being the first Republican in Congress to assert that President Trump committed potentially impeachable offenses in regards to his actions and potential obstruction of justice as...


71: The Fractured Prism with Author Brendan Noble

Brendan Noble returns to The Brian Nichols Show, only this time, he's returning as an author! How about that!? Brendan recently released his new book, "The Fractured Prism. "The Fractured Prism" is a gripping novel that digs into the struggle between the individual and a collectivist state. "The Fractured Prism" leads the reader through several twists and turns as Ivan, the lowest of the low within the new society, finds himself befriending a princess, and thus embarking on an epic tale of...


70: Government Stinks. See How "We Do Better" with Rick Rivkin

The government stinks. I know it. You know it. We all know it. So, instead of sending your hard earned money to the government every year to do "societal good", why not send it to nonprofits who actually, ya know, know what they're doing and do it well? That's where "We Do Better" comes into play. We Do Better seeks to promote the freedom and well-being of all Americans by maximizing the quality and accessibility of public services and accountability in their provision. We Do Better is one...


69: Defending Public-Sector Employees with The Fairness Center

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by for another episode of The Brian Nichols Show! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing David Osborne of The Fairness Center! The Fairness Center is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to those hurt by public-sector union officials. Having worked with The Fairness Center as a chapter leader at the America's Future Foundation in Philadelphia, I wanted to make sure I brought them on my show to talk about the great work...


68: "The Rebellion" with Banks and Shane

Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show! It's always a fun time when you get to interact with other libertarian podcasters, and this week is no exception, as I am joined by Banks and Shane from "The Rebellion"! Now, most of you are likely familiar with at least one-half of this dynamic duo, as I was joined by Shane Hazel back in the summer of 2018 to discuss his candidacy for US Congress in the great state of Georgia. Upon settling back into some normalcy post-campaign, Shane decided to team...


67: Kibbe on Liberty with Matt Kibbe

Boy oh boy are you guys in for a special episode today, as today I am joined once again by, "easily one of the best of the best", Matt Kibbe! Matt returns to The Brian Nichols Show to discuss his newest venture over at BlazeTV- Kibbe on Liberty, where "Libertarian Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people." Listen as Matt and I start off by discussing the importance of liberty organizations that engage young people, like that of what...


66: A "GoFundMe" Government?

A "GoFundMe" Government? Well, more like a "Crowd Funded Government", as today I am joined by Theodore, Executive Director of Crowd Funded Government is a new approach to government funding that can be applied to all levels of government. Crowd Funded Government would eliminate any undemocratic influence of lobbyists. Crowd Funded Government would create a system of government that truly is "of the people, by the people, for the people." Listen as Theodore and I...


65: Fixing the Broken Healthcare System with Dr. Eric Larson

Why hello there! Thanks for stopping by for this week's episode of The Brian Nichols Show! As always, it's my goal to bring you guests who will educate, enlighten, and inform, and this week is no different, as we are joined by Dr. Eric Larson! Eric is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and host of The Paradocs Podcast, which is "a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine". This week, Eric...


64: Debunking Gun Control Myths with Jose Nino

Hey folks! First off, I need to apologize... This week's audio isn't up to the standards that you've come to expect from The Brian Nichols Show. For whatever reason, my computer decided to use the wrong mic setting while recording, which makes my commentary sound more tinny and distant than normal... but besides that, you're all in for a treat, as this week, I am joined by Jose Nino to discuss common gun control myths and to discuss how the US should approach the tragedy in Venezuela. Bio:...