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102: Election 2020- Breaking Down the Libertarian Party POTUS and Chair Races with Lions of Liberty's Marc Clair

Marc Clair returns to the show today to dissect the Libertarian Party POTUS and Chair races! Marc, who hails from California, had the chance to witness all of the candidates in action at the LP State Party convention earlier this month. So, I wanted Marc to join the show to breakdown what he witnessed as boots on the ground, meeting and seeing the candidates in action himself. Find Lions of Liberty Online: Facebook: Twitter:...


101: Deplatformed- How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment with Sam Jacobs from

Welcome back, folks! I hope you all enjoyed last week's episode with Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger (I know I certainly did!). Keeping up with phenomenal guests, I am today joined by's Lead Writer and Chief Historian, Sam Jacobs! Sam joins the show today to discuss one of his recent article over at, titled "Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment". Sam, a self identified "Jacksonian-Conservative",...


100: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jacob Hornberger

Episode 100 is here! Not only do we have a new intro song to debut, but we're also joined by and incredible guest! Today, I am joined by Libertarian Party presidential nominee/Mises Caucus endorsed candidate... the great Jacob Hornberger! Jacob joins the show to outlines how he would carry the libertarian message forward in the general election and why he would be the best choice to be that messenger. And as an aside... thank you to each of you amazing members of the audience. Without your...


BONUS: Brian Nichols on FritzCast

Hey folks! I hope you're all getting ready for episode 100! I know I am! In the meantime, I wanted to drop a bonus episode where I joined good friend, Fritz, on his amazing podcast, "FritzCast", which was ranked as one of the top libertarian podcasts of 2020 (! Enjoy! And please go support FritzCast! In this episode I am joined by my good friend, Brian Nichols, of The Brian Nichols Show! get ready for a jam packed episode about podcasting,...


99: An Introduction to Dr. Jo Jorgensen- LP Presidential Candidate

I'll keep it short and sweet this week... today I'm joined by Joe Hauptmann, who is the former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and current campaign manager for Dr. Jo Jorgensen. Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee with Harry Browne in 1996. She campaigned in 38 states and appeared as a Libertarian spokesperson on over 300 radio shows all across America. She regularly lit up the call-in boards, helping listeners discover the Libertarian Party and...


98: Election 2020- How Libertarians Can "Win"

It's hard to imagine, but we're just 10 months or so away from the 2020 election. Wild, isn't it? With the Democratic Debates seemingly taking the national conversation towards the brink of outright socialism, and Trump deciding whether or not to start World War III (I'm kidding of course... right?), it seems that most Americans are searching for a candidate that they can support that, well, isn't as crazy as everyone else. It's why candidates like Mike Bloomberg have essentially decided to...


97: Rethinking American Foreign Policy/War with Iran? with Pratik Chougule

With commentators proclaiming that World War III is just around the corner due to increasing tensions between the United States and Iran, the United States' foreign policy is at the forefront of the national conversation. With conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro singing the praises of President Trump's more hawkish approach to the increasing tensions with Iran (which Shapiro has seemingly toned down in recent days), I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a former self-described...


96: How to Have Impossible Conversations

2020 will certainly present its share of challenges. Among them being that of having tough discussions with our friends, family, coworkers, etc... on issues that are politically and emotionally charged. To start off the year, I wanted to take a second and go solo to discuss a phenomenal book I've been reading, "How to Have Impossible Conversation: A Very Practical Guide" by Peter Boghossian, where Boghossian outlines strategies to bring people who disagree into useful, productive engagement...


BONUS: Brian Nichols on "Friends Against Government" Podcast

For the final episode of the year, please enjoy my appearance on the "Friends Against Government" Podcast where we discuss impeachment, Dominick the Donkey, and more! (Originally aired on November 26, 2019 at


95: Should Justin Amash be the Impeachment Manager?

Ho ho ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and with that, I'm riding solo this week as we wrap up a phenomenal 2019 and start looking ahead to 2020! Today, I read some of the awesome reviews you guys have posted for the show over on Apple Podcasts (and even take a suggestion from one of them!). Later, I cover some topics that ya'll wanted to hear about- The proposal to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21 and whether or not Justin Amash should consider taking on the role as...


94: Criminal Justice Reform and Why it Matters (with Conner Drigotas)

Criminal justice reform is a topic that many members on the left and the right have started to agree on (much in thanks to libertarians for paving the way), but despite the progress, our criminal justice system still harms millions of non-violent offenders to this day. Today I am joined by Conner Drigotas to get his perspective on criminal justice reform, why it's so important for us to pay attention to criminal justice reform, and the very real human impact and harm that our current...


BONUS: Brian Nichols on "Your Better Life Podcast" (How Brian Nichols Turned the Tables on Obesity)

Usually we discuss politics here on The Brian Nichols Show, but in a few past episodes, we've focused on some other topics, like how to find happiness (with Tim Preuss) and living "Your Better Life" (with Gary Collins). Today, we're sticking with that theme, only this time, it's my appearance on someone else's show... Today is my appearance on Amazon best-selling author Gary Collin's podcast, the "Your Better Life Podcast"! Listen as I discuss my personal battle with obesity and my...


93: Andrew Yang's Economics- ANALYSIS with Max Gulker from AIER

Andrew Yang is easily one of the most interesting candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination. His economic ideas have captivated his supporters, the "Yang Gang", leaving a nice portion of Americans arguing it's #TimeForYang. Today, I have Max Gulker from the American Institute for Economic Research return to the show to offer his expert analysis of Andrew Yang's economic policies, namely, his universal basic income proposal to give every American $1,000 a month. Find Max Online-...


92: "The Deep State is Real!"- A Conversation with Congressman Thomas Massie

At The Brian Nichols Show, my goal is to leave my audience educated, enlightened, and informed. For today's episode, I feel confident that each of you will finish the show feeling that all three of those boxes were checked, as I am joined by the one and only, Congressman Thomas Massie! Listen as Congressman Massie joins The Brian Nichols Show to discuss his entry into the liberty movement/politics, the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and the sneaky manner in which the establishment...


91: Elizabeth Warren's Tax Plans and Economic Vision- ANALYSIS with Max Gulker from AIER

If you have friends who are Elizabeth Warren fans, then this most definitely is the episode you should send their way, as today I am joined once again by Max Gulker from the American Institute for Economic Research! Max joins the show to help me break down Elizabeth Warrens tax plans (one of her many plans), her anti-billionaire rhetoric, he proposed wealth tax, and outline her plan to rule the American economy through the force of government regulatory agencies. Max's Article- "Elizabeth...


90: Todd Hagopian (Libertarian-in-Chief) for Libertarian Party Chair!

The Libertarian Party is the largest, pro-liberty political organization in the United States, yet the LP has never surpassed 3.5% in a nationwide election. So, what's the problem...? Is it the message, or the party? Well, my guest today believes that part of the problem is the party, which is why he's made it his goal to bring his private sector expertise to the LP and is seeking to be the next chairman of the Libertarian Party. Returning to The Brian Nichols Show is the...


BONUS: Brian Nichols on "Call Me Ignorant"

Folks... I'm sorry, but I'm sick this week! So, instead of subjecting you to my gross voice for thirty minutes, I instead wanted to give you guys an episode from my appearance on Call Me Ignorant with Stephen Ignoramus back in the summer. But have no fear, I'll be back in the swing of things next week, as we'll be joined by recently announced candidate for Libertarian Party Chair, Todd Hagopian! Until then, have a great weekend, and I'll see you all next week! Hey everybody. Stephen...


89: School Choice and Why it Matters

Our old, exclusionary, geographically-based education system is not educating children the way it promises to. Parents have been fighting for the ability to get their kids into schools that don’t constantly fail them decade after decade, only to be denied by the public education establishment, and the various policies promoted by the school choice movement give parents autonomy over their children’s education. Joining The Brian Nichols Show today is Michael Torres from the Commonwealth...


88: A Christian Conservative's Case Against Social Progressivism

In 2015, the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges held that the Fourteenth Amendment requires states to license and recognize same-sex marriage per the Equal Protection Clause. While millions celebrated the decision (including libertarians), many social conservatives found the ruling to be an attack on state's rights and the institution of traditional marriage. Joining me on today's episode is a dear friend, Thomas K. C. Thomas is a law student, a former libertarian, and a proponent of...


87: How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship) with Remso Martinez

Two men separated by time embark on parallel paths to succeed in the blood sport that is professional politics. In the aftermath of the 2016 election, a young political operative named Art Brown finds himself about to sit at the right hand of power in Washington D.C only to end up falling out of the insider-circles he spent years trying to find acceptance in. The other man would start his political path as one of the most progressive statesmen in the south, only to evolve into the villain of...