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Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.

Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.


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Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.






Ep 442 Dirty Mad Libs at Balticon 54

Here is the annual event we hold at Balticon every year, plague or no plague. This year our madlibbers are Stephanie Burke, Valerie Griswold-Ford, Grig Larson and Charlie Brown.


Ep 441 Arachne by Emily L Byrne

This month's patron-funded story is "Arachne" by Emily L. Byrne, read by Jo Bennett.


Ep 440 Sauce for the Gander pt 2

This is the second (and final) half of "Sauce for the Gander" written by Nobilis Reed and narrated by Vivienne Ferrari. Find my interview with Leela Sinha on the PowerPivot podcast Listen to Monster Whisperer on Audible


Ep 439 Sauce for the Gander part 1

This story was commissioned by a Patreon supporter who generously signed up at the $100 level. It's a story set in the Monster Whisperer universe, narrated by Vivienne Ferrari.


Ep 438 Salt Water by Alexander Whitman

Happy 13th birthday! This podcast is now a teenager. This month's story is "Salt Water" by Alexander Whitman, narrated by Nobilis Reed.


Ep 437 - Bell House Invitation by M Christian

This month's patron-sponsored story is "Bell House Invitation" by M. Christian, narrated by Michael Robbins. This is an excerpt from "Hard Drive: The Best Sci Fi Erotica of M. Christian"


Ep 436 We Sail by Night by Gustavo Bondoni

This month's patron-funded story is a straight erotic horror tale by Gustavo Bondoni. The narrator is Nobilis Reed. Patrons are now receiving episodes of a popular public domain planetary romance that has been "de-expurgated" by Nobilis Reed. Join up at to hear at least two chapters a month.


Ep 435 A Dance of Queens by Sacchi Green

This month's Patron-funded story is "A Dance of Queens" by Sacchi Green, narrated by Nikki Delgado. After the story, there's an excerpt from a new podcast, "Fuck Humans"


Ep 434 Suburban Fantasy by Nobilis Reed

This is the companion piece to last month's sandbox tradeoff. In this one, I'm presenting a story I wrote in the universe of Julie Cox's "Capricious" novel. Buy the Capricious ebook Get the Capricious audiobook


Ep 433 Spawning Ground by Julie Cox

This month's patron-funded story is "Spawning Grounds" by Julie Cox, narrated by Nikki Delgado. I shifted my weight back and forth and stretched my wings, fidgeting, rolling them in their sockets. I still wasn't used to them; they were new, only a few months old. The feathers had finally come in all the way, the central shafts opening like strange mottled brown blossoms. They were lighter than they looked, but I still had trouble with my balance. I knocked into things. These days, I was far...


Ep 432 Arvent4299 by R. Tusker

This month's patron-sponsored story is "Arvent4299" by R. Tusker, read by Violet Jade. "Arvent4299. That's my access password," said N-04, her synthesized voice not betraying a hint of nervousness. Her client nearly spat out his drink in response, not expecting a serious answer to his question. "Wait, hang on. That's a joke, right? You're joking." Her client chuckled, setting his stein on the bar counter. "Let me guess. I try to hack you with that password and it'll blow up my tablet. Or...


Ep 431 Having Her for Tea by Harley Easton

This is "Having Her for Tea" a straight BDSM story by Harley Easton, narrated by Terry of the Smut Podcast. This episode is sponsored by the generous patronage of Nobilis Erotica listeners.


Ep 430 Dirty Mad Libs at Balticon 53

This is the "Dirty Mad Libs" panel we did at Balticon 53, featuring the prose-distorting skills of Laura "Spence" Nicole, Starla Huchton, and Stephanie Burke. If you've got the Nobilis Erotica Podcast App on your phone, look in the "Extras" section for the unedited version in all its two hour glory. This includes all of the calling out of parts of speech, responses from the audience, and of course the Stupid Viking Drinking Game.


Ep 429 An Unnatural Gift of Nature by T R Mortenson

This month's patron-supported episode is a female solo-ish story by T R Mortenson, narrated by Louise Cooksey. The Nobilis Erotica Patreon Campaign is SOOO close to the $150 mark we can taste it! Will you be the patron who takes us over the top?


Ep 428 Right Where I Want You by Brantwijn Serrah

This month's patron-sponsored story is "Right Where I Want You" a superhero femdom story by Brantwijn Serrah, narrated by Nobilis Reed. The Nobilis Erotica Patreon campaign is TANTALIZINGLY close to the $150 mark where I'll be able to afford to pay authors $50 per story.


Ep 427 Last Bite Before Dawn by Michael M Jones

This lesbian vampire story was written by Michael M Jones and is read for us by Vivienne Ferrari. This episode was brought to you by the generous patronage of Nobilis Erotica listeners.


Episode 426 Quality Assurance by Selbryth Lannigan

This month's Literotica-sponsored episode is "Quality Assurance" by Selbryth Lannigan, narrated by Nobilis Reed. Listen through to the end for a special announcement!


Ep. 425 Equinox by Brantwijn Serrah

This episode is sponsored by Literotica. "Equinox" was written by Brantwijn Serrah and is read for us here by Scottie Calif. If you like Scottie's voice, you can hear her narrate "Freespire Nights" on Audible. Listen through to the end for a short promo for the Smut Podcast.


Episode 424 The Chemical Trace of Amour... by Roger Leatherwood

The Patreon funded story for February is "The Chemical Trace of Amour in The Solar Winds, Like Lilacs on a Desert Breeze" by Roger Leatherwood. It's read by Nobilis Reed. We thought the aliens would come to visit us one day. That we wouldn't be the ones to go out into space and find them. Because we never had the resources to do true, extensive interplanetary travel. The government was forever stuck in domestic policies and snafus, by which I mean earth-bound. Politics and international...


Episode 423 - The Long Night of Tanya McCray by Michael M Jones

This month's Patreon-funded story is "The Long Night of Tanya McCray" by Michael M. Jones. It's narrated by Louise Cooksey, who is also the narrator for "Incursion at Gene Bunker Four" I was lost. My guidebook’s maps were either out of date or outright fabrications, my smartphone’s GPS claimed I was somewhere in the Atlantic before running out of power, and every set of directions I’d begged from passersby had led me further into the labyrinthine neighborhood of Puxhill known as the...