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Vermont Edition brings you news and conversation about issues affecting your life. Hosts Jane Lindholm and Bob Kinzel consider the context of current events through interviews with news makers and people who make our region buzz.

Vermont Edition brings you news and conversation about issues affecting your life. Hosts Jane Lindholm and Bob Kinzel consider the context of current events through interviews with news makers and people who make our region buzz.


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Vermont PR


Vermont Edition brings you news and conversation about issues affecting your life. Hosts Jane Lindholm and Bob Kinzel consider the context of current events through interviews with news makers and people who make our region buzz.






What Will Tourism Look Like In Vermont This Summer?

Tourism brings in over $2 billion of revenue to Vermont, and COVID-19 has made it very difficult for out-of-state tourists to visit Vermont hot spots. This hour, we talk with the Department of Tourism and Marketing about how summer tourism will look in Vermont, and if this will help make up for the loss in out-of-state tourism revenue.


How Vermont's Law Enforcement Is Policing During The Pandemic

Law enforcement is adapting to a new reality amid the coronavirus, one that poses unique risks for officers and the public. This hour, we talk with police chiefs and officers across Vermont about policing during the pandemic, how agencies are keeping officers, civilians and suspects safe from COVID-19, and whether changes around enforcement and arrests could carry into the post-pandemic future.


Call-In Special: New England Colleges In 'Survival Mode' As COVID-19 Jolts Higher Education

COVID-19 has driven New England’s higher education sector into financial "survival mode." Now colleges and universities must adapt or risk major — if not catastrophic — loss from the crisis. Join us for an America Amplified special from the New England News Collaborative. We'll bring together voices from across the region, and we want to hear yours.


What's In Gov. Scott's $400 Million Coronavirus Relief Package?

Gov. Phil Scott on Wednesday unveiled a $400 million economic recovery package for the state, a plan that uses a large portion of the $1.25 billion in federal Coronavirus Relief Fund dollars coming to Vermont. But the package has to be approved by the state Legislature before any of the proposals take effect. We talk about what this could mean for industries like dairy, tourism, hospitality and more.


Navigating Routine Medical Care, Elective Procedures During the Pandemic

While people seem to be avoiding doctor's offices and urgent care facilities due to COVID-19, getting regular check ups, vaccines and medical care are still recommended by doctors and state health officials. This hour, we talk with doctors and specialists about keeping up routine health care and the return of elective procedures.


Play Ball? Baseball Fans Size Up An Uncertain Season

Each spring, Vermont Edition touches base on baseball, discussing players, stoking rivalries and debating the latest proposed changes to the great American pastime. This spring, there's only one problem: there's no baseball. We'll talk about enduring a baseball-less spring, a proposed start to the season in July amid empty stands and how coronavirus has also affected collegiate teams and softball leagues in Vermont.


Business (Not) As Usual: Vermont Retailers Navigate Reopening

Retailers are able to open up in Vermont with limited capacity this week, provided they follow state health guidelines around social distancing, mask wearing, and more. We talk with three Vermont business owners about how they’ve adapting to the coronavirus and state guidelines , and what the future holds.


Mask-Wearing, Social Distancing, Expanded Testing: An Update On Vermont's Approach To COVID-19

As various sectors of the economy and state are allowed to reopen, questions remain about whether wearing masks should be mandated, what it's going to look like for children returning to child care, and when it's safe to visit family and friends. This hour, join us for our regular Monday roundup of health questions and answers with Vermont's Department of Health.


Should Vermont Shift To A Vote-By-Mail System?

The COVID-19 crisis has raised questions about the November general election. Like, will it possible to vote safely in person? And what would it look like for states to shift to a vote-by-mail system? This hour, we take an in-depth look at how Vermont is responding. We talk to elections analysts and officials, and we also hear from you.


New Survey Shows Many Vermonters In Favor Of Telecommuting

Since mid-March, many Vermonters have been working from home. And a new UVM survey indicates that many of these telecommuters want to continue remote working after the pandemic has ended. This hour, we discuss the future of how and where we work with a team of experts and researchers , and we also hear from you.


How Are Vermont's Reptiles And Amphibians Weathering A Cold Spring?

From snakes to salamanders and frogs, Vermont is home to many amphibians and reptiles. This hour, we talk with a herpetologist to find out how scaly and slimy critters are doing this spring, and get an update from the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas.


Vermont Seniors, Counselors And Colleges Plan For An Uncertain Fall Term

The spring semester has been challenging for all students, and graduating high school seniors have dealt with canceled events and virtual graduation ceremonies. But for those who are — or were — planning on going to college in the fall, many questions remain: Can they afford school if family circumstances have changed? Will campuses be open? Will their school still be there? We talk with students, school counselors and colleges about their plans for the fall semester.


Preventing Disease Spread, Investigating Plasma Therapy: A Check-In With Health Experts

As the Scott administration gradually eases restrictions in Vermont, we talk to Deputy Health Commissioner Tracy Dolan about precautions to prevent further spread of COVID-19. We also learn about a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center program, which is investigating convalescent blood plasma -- the plasma of recovered COVID-19 patents -- as a possible treatment for the disease.


Budgets, COVID-19 Relief And End Of Session: Senate, House Leaders Offer Legislative Update

The legislative session will likely be extended into the summer, and there are still many things still waiting for the Vermont House and Senate to finish. On that list are the state budget, coronavirus relief bills and priorities from the pre-COVID-19 era. This hour, we talk with the Senate and House leaders about their plans moving forward.


As COVID-19 Closes Major Processors, Vermont Slaughterhouses Carve Up Local Meat

Large slaughterhouses across the country are being closed due to coronavirus outbreaks and illness, straining the U.S. meat supply. A presidential executive order has even kept some plants open amid the outbreak. But surging demand for locally-grown meat in Vermont is butting up against a regional processing system that's already maxed out. We talk about local meat supply, demand and changing values.


How Are Vermonters Coping With Reopening?

Helping others, connecting with friends and family. How are Vermonters coping as the state gradually reopens? This hour, Bob Kinzel and VPR Morning Edition host Mitch Wertlieb open the lines and take your calls.


Broadband Access, The Next Stimulus Package: A Conversation With Rep. Peter Welch

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for broadband access, as students learn remotely, employees work from home, and health services are accessed virtually. This hour, we talk with U.S. Rep. Peter Welch about a proposal to direct more than $80 million in federal funds to the nation's broadband infrastructure. Plus: a big picture look at what the next stimulus package might include.


Vermont Health Officials Discuss Plans For Expanded Testing, Contact Tracing

As Vermont loosens restrictions on work and movement in a step-by-step manner, state health officials are gearing up for an expected increase in COVID-19 cases by beefing up testing and tracing capacity. If they stay on top of new cases, they hope to be able to keep the spread to a minimum. This hour, we get a health information update and take a deeper dive into the state's approach to testing and contact tracing.


Vermont Is Slowly Reopening. What Does This Mean For Residents?

Little by little, Gov. Phil Scott is taking steps to gradually reopen the state's economy. And in two weeks, the governor will re-evaluate the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order he issued six week ago. This hour, join Bob Kinzel and VPR Morning Edition host Mitch Wertlieb with your thoughts on this evolving process. What does it mean for you?


Many Rely On Telemedicine During COVID-19. Can It Last In Broadband-Poor Vermont?

The coronavirus has highlighted our growing reliance on our computers, IT systems and broadband to navigate life, work and school under very unusual circumstances. But it's also underscored the lack of high speed broadband throughout the state. One way to see both the increasing reliance on computers, and Vermont's broadband disparities, is the use of telemedicine during the pandemic. VPR's senior political reporter Bob Kinzel shared his findings with Vermont Edition .