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Which Fanbase is Really the Happiest? (Ep. 190)

Dakota and Gemma share their reactions to Mike Trout's history-making extension and wonder if Noah Syndergaard is as good at hide-and-seek as he claims. They also explain the origin of the phrase "it's big ball chunky time" and get really irritated with Michael Clair's "most content" fanbase ranking.


What's Your Weirdest Rule Change Idea? (Ep. 189)

Dakota and Michael are excited to learn about the Atlantic League's new rules and discuss just how crazy it would be to move the mound back two whole feet. They also break down just how good Bryce Harper looks in the Phillies' uniform and compare Florida and Arizona as Spring Training sites.


Mike Trout, Blizzard Chaser (Ep. 188)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris find Mike Trout's obsession with the weather endearing, especially the fact that he drove through the Arizona desert trying to get closer to a snowstorm. They also discuss A-Rod's first time at the Oscars, the inherent optimism of Spring Training and the origin of Tommy John surgery.


The First Day of Spring Training is Like the First Day of School (Ep. 187)

Sure, new Padre Manny Machado probably got the biggest free-agent deal in sports history and actual baseball games are on the horizon, but Gemma and Michael are here to discuss the most important thing about Spring Training: Who showed up at camp with a whole new look? They also discuss Alex Bregman trash-talking Boston and MLB's all-time weirdest logos, in addition to making up a few weird logos of their own.


Everyone Wants to Be Friends with Blake Snell (Ep. 186)

Gemma, Dakota and Chris have a lot to say about A-Rod's Grammys outfit, namely that it's nice J-Lo appeared to have let him choose it himself. They also discuss Zack Britton's name change (the "ch" is now a "k"), Hunter Pence's game café and Blake Snell's incredibly chill Twitch stream.


A-Rod and J-Lo Should Go on Survivor (Ep. 185)

Could you do a 10-day no-carb no-sugar diet? A-Rod and J-Lo did, and they celebrated with an enormous feast of pizza and fried food. Dakota and Gemma joined Matt Monagan to break down that diet, as well as to discuss Citi Field's appearance in the new "Avengers" trailer and a couple of truly bizarre Minor League Baseball promotions. Purge Night? Fyre Festival Night? What on earth?


Yasiel Puig Doesn't Think the Polar Vortex is a Big Deal (Ep. 184)

Dakota and Gemma chat baseball in the center of the polar vortex and examine new Ohioan Yasiel Puig's opinion that it's not really that cold out. They also discuss Didi Gregorius' public transit choices and the Padres' new uniforms.


Eric Thames is the Masked Singer (in Korea) (Ep. 183)

Many baseball players have outside hobbies, but Eric Thames just might be MLB's renaissance man. Not only can he crush home runs, he can also sing! In fluent Korean! Dakota, Gemma and Chris discuss the Brewers' slugger's appearance on the Korean "Masked Singer," as well as the new Hall of Fame inductees, Bryce Harper's future and the Yankees' narrative responsibility to sign all the best available free agents.


A-Rod's Official Title is "J-Lo's Boyfriend" (Ep. 182)

This week, Gemma and Dakota have a lot to say about Yasiel Puig's dental hygiene. Why? Because the Reds' new outfield decided to livestream his tooth cleaning for some reason. They also discuss B.J. Upton's return to his nickname, Adam Ottavino's new/old home and the correct way to refer to Alex Rodriguez.


Ichiro is a Legend, A Person in the Sky (Ep. 181)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael are back for the first Cut4Cast of 2019. They get caught up on all of the offseason's most important storylines: Anthony Rizzo's wedding, Barry Bonds' champion schnauzers and Yasiel Puig getting traded to the Reds. They also discuss playing video games on Jumbotrons and the newest Mariner, Yusei Kikuchi, who may or may not believe Ichiro actually exists.


We're All Just Working for Cutch (Ep. 180)

In the last Cut4Cast of 2018, Dakota and Gemma get excited about all the MLB players visiting Premier League games. They also ponder the mechanics of sitting courtside, wonder why the Red Sox sent the Yankees so many Hawaiian pizzas and tell Jerry Dipoto to wait until he's out of the hospital to keep making trades. They also demand short-film award nominations for Andrew McCutchen, who has shown he's truly a master of the Instagram short.


Which MLB Pitcher Couldn't Strike Out Babe Ruth? (Ep. 179)

Adam Ottavino recently said that he could strike out Babe Ruth. Dakota, Gemma and Michael agree … but they also think pretty much any current big league pitcher could strike out Babe Ruth. The real question is, who couldn't? They also discuss Harold Baines' election to the Hall of Fame, Andy Cohen's free agency pitch to Bryce Harper and the most heartbreaking way to lose a baseball game.


Which MLB Player Just Needs to Log Off? (Ep. 178)

Dakota, Gemma and Ian love it when baseball players have beef…but they also think that maybe Trevor Bauer and Alex Bregman should take a vacation. They also get excited about Robinson Cano's return to New York, the A's proposed new ballpark and Francisco Lindor, Liverpool F.C. fan.


Put Adrian Beltre in the HOF with No Hat (Ep. 177)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris are excited about how Josh Donaldson will fit in with the Braves and reminisce about Adrian Beltre's career. They also pick the MLB player vacations they'd like to be invited on and predict what they'll be thankful for this time next year.


This Year's Cy Dunn Award Goes To… (Ep. 176)

It's the offseason, which means it's time for baseball players to go on beautiful vacations, hang out with their friends and apparently, crash weddings. This week, Gemma, Matt and Eric talk about Ken Griffey Jr.'s star-studded dinner party, Alex Bregman's surprise appearance at a wedding reception and Joe Mauer's retirement. Matt also awards the most anticipated prize of the year … the Cy Dunn, for the best position player pitching appearance.


Mookie Betts Already Won the Offseason (Ep. 175)

Everyone's going to spend the entire winter telling you who's winning the offseason, but we already know the answer: It's Mookie Betts. Dakota, Gemma and Ian talk about Betts' new baby, try to figure out where major free agents will sign and get excited for the Japan All-Star Series.


Whole Pod Ready (Ep. 174)

The World Series is over and the Red Sox won! Dakota, Gemma and Michael discuss their favorite moments from it, how they survived the 18-inning game and why Mookie Betts is their new favorite player. They also discuss the new Mets GM's surprising family member and share spooky baseball stories.


David Ortiz is Still a Red Sox Fan (Ep. 173)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael aren't sure who tempted fate more: Alex Bregman with his Instagram story or Jackie Bradley Jr. with his grand slam. On this week's episode, they discuss the whims of the baseball gods, watching David Ortiz watch baseball and Christian Yelich's adorable senior photo. They also update their World Series predictions.


Who Should Be in the 'Rookie of the Year' Remake? (Ep. 172)

Dakota, Gemma and Eric are having a great October, but theirs isn't as great at the Braves fan that got Ronald Acuna Jr.'s face tattooed on her arm or every single member of the Boston Red Sox's. On this episode, the Cut4 staff talks about all the postseason action, the best team troll moves and the rumored remake of 'Rookie of the Year.'


The Wildest of All Wild Card Games (Ep. 171)

Two postseason games into October, Dakota, Gemma and Chris are already making wild predictions. They discuss the Wild Card Games, try to institute a rule to incentivize more on-field hugging and attempt to guess how the Yankees vs. Red Sox ALDS will shake out.