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WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.

WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.


Chicago, IL


WBEZ's daily talk show brings listeners the news and conversations that matter most to their day-to-day lives.




Centralizing Philanthropy, Serving Chicago’s Most Vulnerable

As we concentrate on taking care of ourselves and our own, who’s looking after the most vulnerable populations in and around Chicago? Helene Gayle of the Chicago Community Trust explains how the precious dollars are making their way to the folks that need it most


ER Doctor Talks Updates, Preparations For Area’s Emergency Rooms

Dr. Ernie Wang, chief of emergency medicine at NorthShore University HealthSystem, updates us on the mental and physical health of area emergency room staff, and if they have the resources needed as hospitals see an increase in COVID-19 cases.


Can We Learn Lessons From The Ebola Outbreak?

Former head of USAID and current president and CEO of the ONE Campaign Gayle Smith talks about how we can apply lessons learned during the Ebola outbreak to the current Covid-19 pandemic


WBEZ’s Chicago And Illinois News Roundup: March 27, 2020

Reset breaks down the biggest news of the week in WBEZ’s Friday News Roundup with host Jenn White. GUESTS: Paris Schutz, WTTW political correspondent and host Becky Vevea, WBEZ government and politics reporter


IL Rep. Brad Schneider On The Stimulus Package: Focus Needs To Be On Main Street, Not Wall Street

In a rare bipartisan move, late Wednesday the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion emergency bill to grant economic relief to individuals, families and businesses dealing with the novel coronavirus pandemic. The so-called “CARES Act”, once approved by the House and signed by the President, would be the largest economic rescue package in American history. This comes as the Labor Department this morning announced that nearly 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits...


Doctors, Nurses Plead For More Supplies. Here's How Some People Are Answering The Call.

Reset talks to a Chicago ER doctor about life in the emergency room amid supply shortages. We also check in with a member of a citizen-led initiative to help get those needed supplies to Chicago-area healthcare workers.


How Are Universities And Students Coping With COVID-19?

Among the many responding in time to the novel coronavirus are university and college campuses. Reset talks with a WBEZ education reporter and an associate vice chancellor of the University of Illinois System, and takes your calls.


Chicago Chefs Discuss Coronavirus Restaurant Closures

Reset looks into how restaurant owners and chefs are reacting to their businesses being closed during the coronavirus pandemic. GUESTS: Jason Hammel, chef and owner of Lula Cafe in Chicago Victor Love, owner of Josephine’s Southern Cooking


Things To Read, Watch And Do While You’re Stuck At Home

Greta Johnsen of WBEZ’s Nerdette podcast is a voracious reader and consumer of groovy pop culture. In a twist on the Reset broadcast’s “See Hear Eat” segment, Greta gives us some ideas for things to “Read Watch Do”.


Friday News Roundup For March 20, 2020

Heather Cherone of the Daily Line and David Greising of the Better Government Association take on the Covid-19 crisis and Illinois primaries on our Friday News Roundup.


Covid-19: Questions From You Answers From Experts

There is no better way to fight the global coronavirus pandemic than to be informed. Today’s podcast is devoted to questions from listeners like you, and experts who give sound, scientific answers and advice. Please, share this podcast with your friends and family.


The Big Takeaways From The Illinois Primaries

We talk with State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Congressman Sean Casten about their primary wins, and WBEZ’s Dave McKinney talks about how those and other important races shook out in yesterday’s Illinois primary.


Coronavirus Hitting Homeless Hard

For some, the coronavirus outbreak is a big inconvenience. But for the homeless population in and around Chicago, it’s a huge threat. We get the latest on how covid-19 is affecting the homeless, and we’ll get the latest updates from the Chicago Food Depository on how you can help.


Doctors Answer Coronavirus Questions

Real experts. Scientists. Doctors. That’s who we’ve lined up to answer questions from listeners about the coronavirus. How it’s transmitted, how lethal it is, best practices to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and much more


The Unwritten Rules For Living In Chicago

Putting ketchup on a hot dog?! That a no-no here in Chicago. We’ll talk about that, and other unique, often quirky unwritten rules for living in Chicago.


Friday News Roundup For March 13, 2020

The closings, cancellations, and confusion from the spread of the novel coronavirus tops our list of biggest local news stories this week. We cover that and more with Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Petrella, Crain’s podcaster Amy Guth, and WBEZ editor Kate Grossman


Social Distancing The Best Way To Break The Coronavirus Pandemic

We know the novel coronavirus, or covid 19, easily spreads from person to person. Atlantic writer Yascha Mounk says that’s exactly why we need to stop congregating, and start self-quarantining.


How We Choose Our Delegates In Illinois

Who are the people that ultimately nominate a candidate for a major party? Where do they come from and how do they get to the convention? We’ll look at how Illinois chooses its delegates. And how Biden beat Bernie in Michigan, a state where Sanders had so much success 4 years ago.


Gov. Prizker Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus

The latest on the covid-19 outbreak in Illinois and what government officials are doing to keep the virus at bay. And the Tribune’s Rick Pearson talks about the congressional race in the 14th district. 7 GOP hopefuls are lining up to take on freshman Democrat Lauren Underwood


Chicago Prize Finalists Share Vision For Auburn Gresham

With a $10 million grant up for grabs, we talk to another finalist organization for the Pritzker-Traubert Foundation’s “Chicago Prize”. From a healthy lifestyle hub to office spaces and more, we focus is on the work being done by Catalytic Development of Auburn Gresham