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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.
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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




Is It Harder To Retire Early With Children? (Plus an intro to Mercari)

We see people without children retiring early all the time. Is that because children are the speed bumps on the road to the financial heaven? We'll ask our panel for their thoughts, including a woman who has six kids and is chasing financial freedom, Wendy Mayes from the House of FI podcast. We'll discuss meal planning, where you live, your transportation costs, child expenses and more, on today's show. Halfway through the show, our roundtable discussion will take a break for our Fintech...


What's a Sandwich Cost? An Inflation Study, the Fun Way (Len Penzo's annual sandwich survey)

Len Penzo is the king of the sandwich study...and of independent thinking ABOUT sandwiches (and many, many other topics). On today's show we dive into the latest iteration of our favorite way of talking about inflation: comparing the rise and fall of prices among popular school lunch/work brown bag sandwiches. How much do different sandwiches cost? How much more do they cost than last year? What are the most inexpensive sandwiches? Which have changed in price the most? If you're looking...


The Five Money Lies (with Rob Berger)

Today we sit down with Rob Berger, host of the Dough Roller podcast and author of Retire Before Mom & Dad about the five lies we all are told about money. Because we fall into these traps, we're duped to live a life on the hamster wheel, working harder and harder, but getting nowhere. Today we'll talk about debt, investing, insurances, advisors and more, so that you can take charge of your finances. Plus, during our headlines segment, we'll cover one piece from Financial Planning about...


Is Buying a House a Waste of Money? (plus a discussion with Jean Statler from Alliance for Lifetime Income)

Today our roundtable discussion focuses on one set of homeowners who successfully sold their house, but realized that they could've saved $60,000 if they had instead rented and never purchased the home in the first place. Is buying a home a waste of money? Did the couple make some big mistakes that we can all avoid? Did they use professionals wisely or make some bad decisions? Discussing this headline with us are three veterans of the financial blogging and podcasting community: Tom Drake...


Becoming One Of The Grateful Dead (with Carol Weisman)

Who wouldn't want to be one of the Grateful Dead (love the play on the rock band name, don't you?)? Today we'll ask the question, "When's the last time you've thought about your estate plan... (if you've made one)?" Making a will or even a full trust may seem like a daunting task that's best done tomorrow, or the day after that, but we all know that it's an important piece of your financial life that shouldn't be overlooked. To help us understand the ins-and-outs of estate planning in the...


Solving The Biggest Threat To Your Retirement (with Shawn Britt)

While we all love talking financial independence, side hustles, and paying off huge amounts of debt, another topic doesn't get enough attention, mostly because it's difficult. We don't pay nearly enough attention to the biggest threat facing any retirement: long-term care. What happens if you have a catastrophic illness and can't take care of yourself? Nursing homes are expensive, home care is expensive, and asking loved ones to take care of you can be horrible for their health and...


Here's How To Ditch Your Full-Time Job (plus an intro to Chipper)

Sick of working for "the man"? Today we'll talk to a woman who's never held down a single full time job but who's created a career out of what most people call "side hustles." We'll explore pitfalls, opportunities, and more with Shanah Bell, author of The Art of Being a Pita, Paula Pant from Afford Anything, and from our very own podcast, OG. Halfway through the show we'll take a break from our side hustle conversation so Joe can sit down with Tony Aquilar, the founder of new student...


Would The Godfather, Don Draper, or Pam Beasley Qualify For Life Insurance?

Ever wonder how an insurance company would look at some of your favorite movie and television series characters? We might be nerds (who are we kidding...we're huge nerds), but that's exactly the question we wanted to ask Haven Life's Brittney Burgett, who gives us some really enlightening answers. Not only do we find out information about how insurance companies view cartels, money laundering, and 1950's office spaces (all funny and not shocking), we also talk frankly about contestable...


Hustling Like PT Barnum (with biographer Robert Wilson)

PT Barnum was the king of over-the-top sales pitches...or was he? He certainly was the king of hustling to earn a living. If you're looking for a role model to help you work harder, sell better, or be more...entertaining, there are few people you should look to before the Greatest Showman himself. Today, biographer Robert Wilson joins us to dig into the early years of Barnum's life, from his time organizing lotteries and working on general stores to his first move to New York City. Barnum...


The 10th Annual Plutus Awards Reveal Show (and discussion)

We're absolutely thrilled to bring you the best in 2019's personal finance indie podcasts, blogs, and video. Today we welcome Miranda Marquit from the Plutus Awards to walk through the 2019 Finalists for the Plutus Awards. The goal of these awards is to shine a light on a wider spectrum of names and brands so that we all have the ability to hear from a wide universe of points of view. Today we present that universe with our finalists picks in our 10th annual awards celebration. Good luck...


Finding Greatness in Your Career (the life of Robert Mann)

The cast in the Broadway play "Rent" asks, "How do you measure the life of a man?" Today we ask that question as we speak with Nicholas Mann (a great musician in his own right) about his father, the founding member of the Julliard String Quartet (among many other accomplishments), Robert Mann. We'll be talking about Robert Mann's early years: growing up in Portland, getting started on the road to his dream, taking the plunge to move to New York City, his years at Julliard, his military...


Stop Delegating Your Money Decisions (with Bola Sokunbi)

Bola Sokunbi tells us the amazing story growing up with a mother who was initially left out, like many women, of the family's financial decisions. Whether you're a man or woman, today you'll hear the reality of your financial life: you can't delegate it to other people. There's nobody better to tell this story, so we're super excited that today Bola, the mind behind Clever Girl Finance, joins us. In our headlines segment, we'll take a call from our long-time friend and Detroit Free...


Lessons From Some of The Biggest Investing Mistakes of All Time (with an intro to OneClass)

Everyone has made mistakes during their life. Lord knows, we've made our share. While we thankfully forget about a lot of the smaller mistakes we make, the larger mistakes tend to stay with us as lessons we can use to help us in the future. Learning from your own mistakes is great, but being able to learn from another person's mistakes and saving yourself some heartache is even better. Today we're giving you a free "head directly to Go and collect $200" card by sharing with you some of the...


Top CIA Secrets to Achieving Better Communication (with Jason Hanson)

Being a good communicator is a crucial skill we don't pay enough attention to. It's easy for us financially-minded individuals to learn the intricacies between different financial plans, study market fluctuations, and keep up-to-date on the best interest rates, but why is it so hard to focus on soft skills? Chief among them is communication. That being said, we're money nerds at the end of the day. That's why today we're sitting down with Jason Hanson, a man who's had to communicate...


Happy Birthday, Mr. Roth! (Your Letters)

We have two exciting announcements that mom wanted us to share with you about today's show: One - We're answering your letters, including a BUNCH of them about the Roth IRA, named after a Congressman whose birthday happens to be this very date. In celebration, we're cracking open the mailbag with our friend Scott Rieckens from the Playing With Fire documentary. He stopped by the basement while here for a sold-out screening, and while he was here we put him to work because OG and...


One Redditor's Guide to Cleaning Up $16,000 of Debt (plus an intro to Bumped)

With debt piling up, savings gone, and your credit cards maxed out, how do you pull yourself out of the hole and get on the right financial path? The first step, of course, is to stop digging, which is what one Reddit user did after racking up over $16,000 in credit card debt. They also posted a list of things they did to make their debt go bye-bye and their Benjamins start to pile up. While it may not be quick or easy to get yourself back to being debt-free, there are definite steps you can...


Stumbling Your Way Toward Your Financial Goals (with Carl Richards)

What if life weren't so complicated? What if you could stop worrying about lower expense ratios, cheaper insurances, bigger spreadsheets, or trying to perfectly plan out your retirement account so things are perfect decades down the road? On today's show, the guy who is better at taking financial decisions and distilling them to their essence joins us. Today we welcome New York Times columnist Carl Richards, an expert in distilling complicated issues into bite-sized pieces. Plus, in our...


Decluttering Your Life - Financial and Otherwise (with Tracy McCubbin

Clutter is everywhere. We buy more stuff to make us happy and all it does is makes us miserable and broke. How do we get out of the cycle? On today's show we'll talk to Tracy McCubbin, founder of cleaning and organizing company dClutterfly. On today's show we'll Declutter your stuff by getting behind the emotions of clutter and dispelling some long-held myths. Plus, during our headlines segment, we'll cover one shocking piece by InvestmentNews, claiming that retirees are going to miss out...


Navigating Life's Awkward Money Situations (plus an intro to Token)

Picture this: You and your friends are taking a road trip. You get off the highway and pull up to the third gas station of the day. You cut the ignition, take a look around the car and everyone avoids your gaze. You've paid for gas during the last two stops and no one is jumping up at the grand opportunity to fill the tank the third time around. What's your next move? Answering questions presented by one financial story which shines a light on situations like this and more today is our...


The 4 Secrets to Communicating About Money

Worried about fighting with the people in your life about money? Here's the way to end it. Even if you're just struggling to talk to other people in your life about money...maybe it's not you. People don't talk in one financial language. According to Tarra Jackson, today's guest, there are actually FOUR different languages. We'll sit down with Tarra today to learn just what those four languages are, and how we can best communicate with people speaking in a different tongue. Worried about...