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5.03: The Replacement

Two Xanders, no waiting! Our favorite day-glo demon Toth is in town to kill the Slayer but, whoops!, his neon beam misses Buffy and instead splits Xander into two. While Anya contemplates the many things she can do in this kind of glorious double-boyfriend threesome, the scooby gang work on putting Xander back together again. Oh, and by the way? Spike made a Buffy mannequin! Whatever! It's Season 5 Episode 3: The Replacement! LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs:...


0.20: Interview with Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab sat down to talk with Kristin about her role as our favorite Cordette-turned-vampire, Harmony! We talk about her audition, that epic fight scene with Xander, and the many takes it took to say Blondie Bear for the first time — and we also put out a call for anyone who knows who got Harmony's fangs from the set of Buffy?!?! So Mercedes, at last, we meet! **Spoilers contained within this interview!** LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs;...


0.19: Gaby Dunn, Mal Blum, and Dawn Summers

BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOU (and because Gaby Dunn could never be contained to just a few lines), we bring you this extra special bonus chat between us, Gaby, and musical artist/general dreamboat Mal Blum. We talk to Gaby about her experience performing the role of Dawn for the song in S5E2: Real Me, and Gaby in turn explains to us the general concept of Harriet the Spy. Mal is on hand to be charming and delightful. You're welcome!! **Spoilers are contained within this interview so if you...


5.02: Real Me

Harmony has brought her minions to Sunnydale to kill Buffy, Joyce is dressing up for someone at the gallery, Tara and Willow have officially U-Hauled (but where is Miss Kitty??), and Buffy still has... a little sister?! We have a segment from our Mercedes McNab interview, a fashion watch from Kate Leth, and we have cast Gaby Goddamn Dunn as the voice of Dawn in this week's song. Hold onto your gold pants, everyone, because its Season 5 Episode 2: Real Me! LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE...


5.01: Buffy vs Dracula

Hooooooooly Hellmouths -- Dracula's in Sunnydale! Mom is drunk! Dad is Vlad! And WE! ARE! BACK! We missed you a TON and there's SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT, so we are coming back to you with a super-sized, 2-freaking-hour episode. We've got incredible guests Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair and The Storm, Ian Carlos Crawford of Slayerfest 98, and a very special VIDEO EDITION of Buffy FasionWatch from Kate Leth - you'll want to be sitting down for this one! PLUS Chris "Born Hot" Farren returns to...


0.18: Interview with Charisma Carpenter

It is here! It is time! Charisma Carpenter sat down with us to talk about the trope of the mean girl, that infamous spatula scene, the audition she almost didn't make it to, and how Cordelia got to stake her very first vamp! We dig into her time on Buffy and Angel, and also get deep on politics, parenting, religion, and so much more. As the saying goes: Cordelia, we love you, Cordelia, you're perfect, Cordeliaaaaaa. Be warned, this interview may contain spoilers. Many thanks to CHARISMA...


0.17: Interview with Seth Green

What's that sound? Why, 'tis the rare E flat diminished ninth chord, signaling that our interview with the delightful Seth Green hath arrived! We got to talk to Seth about his time on the show playing everyone's favorite part-time werewolf and full-time dreamboat, Oz! We also chatted about the new film he wrote, directed, and stars in, Changeland, which is out today! - rest assured this episode is 100% certified grade-A hootenanny! Be warned, this interview may contain spoilers. Many...


4.22.02: Restless Part Two

It's the last episode of Season 4 (!!) which means that it is high time for Giles to sing us some rocking exposition, for Anya to tell us the funniest joke we've ever heard, and for Buffy to prepare her bedroom for what's to come... Today, alongside a fashion watch from Kate Leth and some very important thoughts from special guest Lauren Eggert-Crowe, we are talking about the second two dream sequences and *all of our feelings,* for S4E22: Restless. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE...


4.22: Restless

Push those VHS tapes into your VCRs and close your eyes, scoobies: let's dream of Sappho poems, ice cream trucks, Giles and Spike on a swing set, and Anya steering with no hands... We have special guests Alyse Knorr and David Wells (who plays the Cheese Man!) to help guide us through the first half of our Season 4 Finale! Today we are talking about the first two dream sequences in S4E22: Restless. Tune in next week for the second installment! LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen...


0.16: Interview with Sophia Crawford & Jeff Pruitt

Sophia Crawford, Sarah Michelle Gellar's stunt double from Seasons 1 - 4 of Buffy, and Jeff Pruitt, the show's stunt coordinator from 1997 - 2000 sat down to tell us all about their work! They are now *married* to each other (don't worry, their proposal story is on set...) and they have what might be the most exquisite collection of behind-the-scenes stories from the first four seasons of the series EVER?! Join us as we hear about the emotional nature of Buffy/Faith fight scenes, flirting as...


4.21: Primeval

4.21: Primeval Let's rip the uranium core out of Adam, SHALL WE?! Manus, Spiritus, Animus, and Sophus combine today to show us once more that the power of community can overcome evil, hatred, and men who store limitless hard drives in their chest cavities. Today we are discussing S4E21: Primeval. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; jennyowenyoungs.com/buffering Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline; kristinnoeline.com, everyoneisgay.com,...


0.15: Interview with James Marsters

Buckle your seatbelts and black out your windshields because we are about to blast RIGHT THROUGH that Welcome to Sunnydale sign, light up a Morley, and talk to James Marsters about his time playing the most beloved black-nailed, peroxide-headed vampire of all time: Spike! This is the Interview with a Vampire we have all truly been waiting for, is it not?! Be warned, this interview contains spoilers! LEARN MORE ABOUT JAMES MARSTERS: JamesMarstersOfficial.com Vidiots //...


4.20: The Yoko Factor

Crossover episode!! Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak slide in from Angel On Top to join Jenny for a spirited discussion of this episode - including the no-holds-barred matchup between (GASP!!!) Angel and Riley! TWO TITANS CONVERGE AT LONG LAST, and they both could stand for some emotional maturation! Are you Team Billowy Coat King Of Pain? Team Butterscotch Hunk? Or Team Man I Sure Miss Faith?! Wherever you fall on the BuffyShip spectrum, we've got you covered for S4E20: The Yoko...


4.19: New Moon Rising



4.18: Where the Wild Things Are

Hrishikesh Hirway is back to talk to Jenny about his favorite character, Riley Finn! We also discuss the very special time in a young girl's life when she accidentally becomes one half of a human sex battery powering a lust-filled poltergeisty frat house haunting. Relatable! For better or worse, today is all about S4E18: Where the Wild Things Are. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; jennyowenyoungs.com/buffering Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline;...


4.17: Superstar

It's another day in Sunnydale, which means chaos, monsters, and the valiant charge of our hero Jonathan. Vanquishing all evil as it arrives on the Hellmouth, showing us all how to be gracious and kind while also strong and powerful, Jonathan gives a voice to the voiceless, and continues to give us hope. Where would we be without him? Today we are discussing S4E17: Superstar. Thank you, Jonathan. Thank you. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs;...


4.16: Who Are You?

AAAHHHH FAITH SWAPPED BODIES WITH BUFFY! All hands on deck! This is not a drill! This week we are live from PodCon2 in Seattle, where we find Faith and Buffy locked in eternal girl-frenemy conflict, Tara and Willow getting VERY sweaty as they make a magic glow-ball out of *ahem*, and also - hey, what's a "stevedore"? Grab a towel for S4E16: Who Are You? LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; jennyowenyoungs.com/buffering Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline;...


4.15: This Year's Girl

Faith is back with a goddamn magical fidget spinner, NEED WE SAY MORE?! This week we are live from London's Vampire Ball (!!) talking about Faith and Buffy and Buffy and Faith, our favorite slayer gal pals in all the universe. Yes, there is an erotic novel. Buckle up for S4E15: This Year's Girl LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; jennyowenyoungs.com/buffering Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline; kristinnoeline.com, everyoneisgay.com,...


4.14 Goodbye Iowa

Riley is very sweaty, but don't worry Buffy has a bandana for his itchy hand! Willow isn't only going over to Tara's for magic, SILLY!! Adam is so technologically advanced that he can put more than one floppy disk into his chest cavity while saying WHAT AM I like a confused baby frankenbird!!! We are careening into the middle of this season, scoobies, and today we've got S4E14: Goodbye Iowa, for you. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs;...


4.13: The I In Team

Don't you just love when your psych professor turns out to be the head of a monster initiative that created a Frankenstein-like thing named Adam who eats floppy disks and has metal shinguards?! Don't you love it even more when she sets up creepy cameras to watch you and your new boyfriend have sex (he's gonna take off your boot!) and then tries to murder you?!?! Yes, friends, it is S4E13: The I In Team. Don't say we didn't warn you. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs:...