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The news through Ross-colored glasses. Dave Ross breaks down the day's most important stories weekdays 6 to 9am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. Smart and savvy, nobody looks at the news quite like Dave.

The news through Ross-colored glasses. Dave Ross breaks down the day's most important stories weekdays 6 to 9am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. Smart and savvy, nobody looks at the news quite like Dave.
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The news through Ross-colored glasses. Dave Ross breaks down the day's most important stories weekdays 6 to 9am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. Smart and savvy, nobody looks at the news quite like Dave.




September 17, 2019

Andy Wappler from Puget Sound Energy on Seattle natural gas policy // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- closing lanes this weekend to fix a Revive I-5 mistake // Jim Downs, author of Sick from Freedom // Hanna Scott on new protections for Seattle hotel workers // Dose of Kindness -- a request for beer money turns into thousands of dollars for sick kids // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil, aka Coach Carroll's injury report translator // David Fahrenthold live on the Medal of Freedom/ the president's...


September 16, 2019

Jill Schlesinger on rising gas prices/ positive retail sales numbers // Paging Dr. Cohen -- how old is too old to be president? // Marshall Allen from ProPublica on investigating health insurance fraud // Dose of Kindness -- a St Louis mom who makes meals for all the kids in the neighborhood // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the Seahawks' win/ Drew Brees' injury // Major Mike Lyons live on the Saudi oil attacks


September 13, 2019

Larry Delaney, new president of the Washington Education Association // Feliks Banel, All Over the Map -- the Vancouver Airport Boeing factory // Hanna Scott on Seattle and KingCo plans to deal with prolific offenders // Dose of Kindness - 7 year old spends his birthday money on supplies for hurricane survivors // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on jersey number superstition/ the 2019 Steelers // Seattle U Prof John Kirkwood on the anti-trust investigations into Google // Ask Ali - how to break...


September 12, 2019

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- the 520 Bridge project is about to ramp back up // Hanna Scott explains how Mayor Jenny Durkan intends to recruit and retain qualified police officers // Dose of Kindness -- a thoughtful way to shut down some bullies // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on streaking at sporting events/ Russell Wilson's penalty awareness // Ibram X. Kendi, author of How to Be an Anti-Racist // Rachel Belle on "The String Project," a global photography art piece


September 11, 2019

Feliks Banel on efforts to preserve the UW "Boys in the Boat" boathouse // Volusia County FL Sheriff Mike Chitwood, on his zero-tolerance policy for online threats // Hanna Scott on training drivers and hotel workers to recognize the signs the signs of human trafficking // Jillian Raftery tours the Northwest Detention Center // Dose of Kindness -- a 17-year-old starts a "no birthday left behind" program // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on sexual assault and insider training in the NFL //...


September 10, 2019

Aaron Granillo on the danger of suicide among wildland firefighters once they survive the season // Hanna Scott previewing the state Supreme Court case over car tabs // Matthew Gardner, Windermere Chief Economist, with the August local housing trends // Dose of Kindness -- the University of Tennessee turns the tables on a 4th grader's bullies // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on Gardner Minshew's success/ questions about the Seahawks' secondary // David Fahrenthold on investigating the Trump...


September 9, 2019

Jill Schlesinger on back-to-school finances/ trade war update // Paging Dr. Cohen -- is natural gas dangerous? // Hanna Scott on plans to end the violence against indigenous women // Dose of Kindness -- Steve Hartman's feature on an unabashed do-gooder // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on those lucky Seahawks // Hanna Scott explains the Affirmative Action measure on our November ballot // Sean Carroll, CalTech physicist, explains quantum entanglement


September 6, 2019

Seattle City Councilmember Lorena Gonzales on restricting PAC money in city races // Feliks Banel, All Over the Map -- who's the Mary that Marysville is named for? // Tom Tangney's review of It Chapter 2 // Dose of Kindness -- Steve Hartman's piece on community love for a boy who can't leave his home // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil previewing the Seahawks home opener // Ask Ali -- dealing with phobias // Rachel Belle checks out Momosan, the new Morimoto restaurant


September 5, 2019

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- calling out ferry line cutters // Steve Morgan from the University of British Columbia on Canadian vs American drug prices // Dose of Kindness -- David Begnaud on selflessness in the face of disaster in the Bahamas // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the range of feelings that arise from the ESPN Body Issue // Hanna Scott on Tacoma's "Safe Stations" program, offering addicts help at fire stations // Former CIA chief Mike Morell on fighting the Taliban/ domestic...


September 4, 2019

Feliks Banel on Communist Party activity in Seattle in the 1950s // Darren Adam in London on the Parliamentary Brexit chaos // Blake Richetta and Jay Oman on developing a solar powered apartment building // Dose of Kindness -- Steve Hartman's feature on little green army men (and women) // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the Seahawks starters/ the Jadaveon Clowney buzz // Jillian Raftery with the FBI warning about school threat hoaxes // Hanna Scott on school safety in regards to new WA gun...


September 3, 2019

Caitlin Moscatello, author of See Jane Run // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- 10 weeks of light rail closures and service reductions // Hanna Scott on female recruitment at the Seattle Police Department // Dose of Kindness -- Austin Kemker's feature on a student creating a clothes pantry for his classmates // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil dismisses the ESPN projections for the Seahawks // Hanna Scott on morale at the Seattle Police Department


September 2, 2019

Michael Faye, co-founder of GiveDirectly, which gives cash directly disaster victims // Paging Dr. Cohen -- intermittent fasting // Dose of Kindness -- Adrianna Diaz's feature on a community food pantry // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on all the Jakes and the one Jadaveon // Dr. Marty Makary on our broken healthcare system


August 30, 2019

Aaron Granillo on the UW study into consuming cannabis during pregnancy // Michael Medved's review of Angel Has Fallen // Dose of Kindness -- John Blackstone's feature on a wounded warrior's mountain climb // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on where the Seahawks stand after 4 preseason games // Rep. Laurie Jinkins, incoming WA House Speaker, on taxes and healthcare // Ask Ali -- distraction and concentration // Rachel Belle on true crime obsession


August 29, 2019

Robert Long from Woodland Park Zoo on tracking local carnivores // Hanna Scott on how WA spends hundreds of millions of dollars on mental healthcare // Dose of Kindness -- Maurice Dubois' feature on a new monument to Althea Gibson // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil the crop of Seahawks rookies, still auditioning tonight // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- updates: Fairview Bridge and Aurora paving // Carolyn Ossorio with Doug Baldwin's new venture - a community center in Renton // Rachel Belle on...


August 28, 2019

Hanna Scott visits the new forensic wing of Western State Hospital // Dose of Kindness -- Bofta Yimam's feature on Camp Open Arms // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the UW-WSU relationship/ Carli Lloyd as an NFL kicker // Dr. Linda Levine of UC-Davis on fake news creating false memories // Feliks Banel on the contents of a secret ceiling compartment in a Beacon Hill home // Rachel Belle with a baker who didn't let Celiac disease end her career


August 27, 2019

Hanna Scott attends the Crisis Intervention Team conference // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- here come the 99 tunnel tolls // Emily Bancroft of VillageReach, using drones for medical deliveries in the Congo // Daily Dose of Kindness with Heather Bosch // Sports Insider with Danny O'neil // David Fahrenthold on hosting the G7 in Florida/ presidential negotiating // Rachel Belle explains "refrigerdating"


August 26, 2019

Jeramie Booker, a member of our local RV/camper population, on difficulties finding a home // Paging Dr. Cohen - first death linked to vaping // Hanna Scott on training WA communities on using ERPOs // Daily Dose of Kindness // Sports Insider Danny O'neil // Aaron Granillo on Elizabeth Warren's visit to Seattle // Col. Jeff McCausland live on the Middle East 'drone war'


August 23, 2019

Christopher Leonard, author of Kochland // Feliks Banel, All Over the Map -- why is Leavenworth ... like that? // Tom Tangney's review of After the Wedding // Dose of Kindness -- Steve Hartman's feature on a lifelong love story // Sports Insider with Danny O'Neil // Hanna Scott's exit interview with WSP Captain Monica Alexander // Ask Ali -- Panic Attacks.


August 22, 2019

Hanna Scott on Governor Inslee's run for the White House // Dose of Kindness -- Elise Haas's feature on some good Samaritans helping an elderly couple get home // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the Seattle Dragons/ UW and WSU kickoff times // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- shoulder driving on I-90 // Mike Morell, former head of the CIA, on cyberwarfare/ Taliban negotiations // Ned Hayes, organizer of this weekend's live Mueller Report reading in Olympia // Rachel Belle on luxury road trips...


August 21, 2019

Feliks Banel on the history and restoration of the Auburn Pioneer Cemetery // Doug McCauley from UC Santa Barbara on keeping whales and ships from colliding // Hanna Scott on new WA eviction laws having unintended consequences // Dose of Kindness -- a teacher with a long memory and a big heart // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the Mariners' winning streak/ old timers who don't like baseball's evolution // Jeff Robinson from the ACLU Trone Center