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LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.

LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.
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London, United Kingdom


LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.




No Woman, No Cry

Iain is without any female companionship in this episode, what with Jacqui Smith rocking her caravan in Wales and technology defeating Jess Phillips. So he makes as good a fist of it as he can and in the words of The Beautiful South, carries on regardless. He discusses the possibility of a government of national unity, Jo Swinson’s first three weeks and then answers a lot of listener questions. Back to ormal next week, though. Thank God. Smut quota: Almost non existent.


Edinburgh Melons

Iain and Jacqui cast their beady eyes over Boris Johnson’s first two and a half weeks as prime minister, and discuss the latest state of Brexit. They talk prisons and answer your questions on the Edinburgh Fringe and who might replace the holidaying Jacqui on next week’s podcast. Smut level: Medium



A rather shortened version of the podcast this week, entirely down to Iain’s lack of ability to notice his hard drive was full. Normal service will be resumed next week. At least we think it will!


BoJo MoJo

Iain and Jacqui cast their beady eyes over the first four days of Boris Johnson’s premiership, plus a word or two about the new LibDem leader Jo Swinson and the sentencing of Carl Beech. #MoreDan joins them for the Q&A.


The Plumber Calls

Iain and Jacqui review the latest developments in the Tory leadership, they bid a fond farewell to Andrew Neil and discuss the worrying developments in the Strait of Hormuz. They discuss Iain’s various bits of media tartery and Jacqui reveals perhaps more than she had intended in answering a question on… well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.


Iain enjoys Five Guys

Iain and Jacqui review the latest developments in the Tory leadership race, the resignation of Sir Kim Darroch and Labour’s continuing woes over anti-semitism. They have some great anecdotes about Mo Mowlam and answer lots of your questions.


#MoreDan Returns

Iain and Jacqui are joined once again by Daniel Bryce, who describes himself as the voice of “the many, not the few”. How true this is. Which is worrying in itself. Jacqui is recording the podcast from the Holiday Inn in Swindon, while Iain has been spending the day chairing another hustings in Nottingham. They discuss the latest developments in the Tory leadership contest, the letter from Police Chief to The Times, Ann Widdecombe’s speech in the European Parliament plus the Brexit Party and...


Jacqui’s Candles

Iain and Jacqui delve into the Tory leadership contest, and Iain reveals the secrets of the Tory hustings. Jacqui reveals what she used to do with candles on a reshuffle day (stop it at the back!), they both discuss the G20 and Donald Trump’s handshake with Kim Jong Un, and who’s likely to win the LibDem leadership contest.


3-0 to the Ingerland

Iain and Jacqui demonstrate their powers of multi-tasking in this podcast. They talk about politics but keep an eye on the Lionesses who were playing Cameroon while they were recording. Iain explains what it was like to chair the first Tory hustings and how he reacted to being booed by the audience, while Jacqui tells how she outran Tom Watson at the Great Get-Together in memory of Jo Cox. They talk about Iran, arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the departure of Sarah Huckerbee-Sanders and the...


Mr Johnson’s record length

Jacqui and Iain review the latest shenanigans in the Tory leadership contest were Boris Johnson (Mr Johnson, to Jacqui) seems to be storming through. They discuss Hong Kong, Iran, state banquets, the third anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox and Iain reviews the lineup for his 24 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Smut quota: Low to medium


Iain’s Skanky Nic-nacs

Iain and Jacqui discuss the result of the Peterborough by-election and Jacqui calls for the winning Labour candidate to be suspended from the party over anti-semitism allegations. They discuss whether Michael Gove’s cocaine revelations will have any impact on his chances in the Tory leadership contest, as well as ask whether Donald Trump’s visit was a success. They speculate on whether Rebecca Long-Bailey is Jeremy Corbyn’s favoured successor, and Jacqui wonders about Iain’s choice of...


Game of Tories

Jacqui and Iain cast their eyes over the runners and riders in the Tory leadership contest and wonder if Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will be the two to contest it among the party membership. They discuss Donald Trump’s state visit, the LibDem leadership race, Alastair Campbell, Julia Hartley-Brewer and Iain reveals something new about his Edinburgh fringe show.


Come What May

Iain and Jacqui discuss the resignation of the Prime Minister, analyse the runners and riders in the Tory leadership contest and wonder how the European elections will turn out when the results are announced on Sunday evening. They answer a lot of your questions and, I’m afraid to say, sing rather a lot. They promise it won’t happen again.


Null Points to Change UK

On Eurovision weekend Jacqui and Iain reflect on the likelihood of Boris Johnson gaining ‘douze points’ in the Tory leadership race, they analyse why the cross party Brexit talks have broken down and Iain tries (and fails) to enthuse Jacqui about Eurovision. They even sing some Eurovision songs, but please don’t switch off. And they play snog, marry or avoid with Andrew Neil, Piers Morgan and James O’Brien. And Jacqui reveals the laziest ex Labour cabinet minister. Clue: It wasn’t her.


Sex Tape

Jacqui and Iain delve into the latest developments in the European Election campaign, analyse why Change UK seem to be getting it all wrong and talk about the difficulties broadcasters have in achieving balance in elections. They discuss whether the BBC was right to sack Danny Baker, Jacqui coos over the Royal Baby and Iain introduces Jacqui to the Channel 4 ‘Sex Tape’ programme. And they answer a shed load of your questions. Smut Quota: Medium to Low.


False Start

Iain and Jacqui delve into the local election results and ponder the sacking of Gavin Williamson. They discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s most recent brush with anti-semitism and Jacqui’s new job, chairing the Jo Cox Foundation. Iain reveals he likes vibrations up his back. Really. No smutvthis week. Well, very little.


Cut, or Uncut?

Iain and Jacqui turn their attention to events in Sri Lanka, Donald Trump’s state visit, Ann Widdecombe joining Nigel Farage’s new party, leaks from the National Security Council, developments in Northern Ireland, Great Thunberg and Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy. Iain reveals why he has been circumcised (no, really), Jacqui imagines being married to Nigel Farage and Iain reveals a secret admiration for someone he’s banned from his programme. And they reveal their political Spice Girls,...


David Starkey’s Potty Mouth

Iain and Jacqui kindly interrupt their Easter weekend to talk about terrorism in Sri Lanka, the Notre Dame fire, Nigel Farage’s poll ratings, the Edinburgh Fringe, Diane Abbott’s train tipple, the Mueller Report and David Starkey’s pottymouth. And all in just over an hour!


Squeezing Zits

Iain and Jacqui look at Theresa May’s week, look forward to the European elections, ask if Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party can succeed and both express their wish to see the back of Julian Assange. Iain teaches Jacqui about the Amritsar massacre and Jacqui offers to squeeze Iain’s zits… except he has perfect skin. Smut quota: Low to middling.


Live at PodcastLive

Iain and Jacqui do a special live podcast in front of an audience at PodcastLive at The Light, opposite Euston Station. Around 250 people listened to them discussing the latest Brexit development, the Sultan of Brunei as well as answering lots of questions. And the audience contained a special guest, whose presence ensured a limited smut quota. And, no it wasn’t HM The Queen.