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Bonus: Bribery is the strongest case for impeaching President Trump

In this bonus episode, Ari Melber explains with bribery is the strongest case for impeaching President Trump. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


New impeachment witness details Giuliani plot and Trump threats

0.00 - On Fox News, Ken Starr rebukes Trump attacking witness: injurious mistake, 'poor judgement' 15.37 - Trump adviser Roger Stone guilty on all seven counts 24.45 - Key witness to 'investigations' call testifies today 45.06 - Fallback Friday: Musician PJ Morton and Rick Stengel on The Beat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Speaker Pelosi: Trump committed bribery

0.00 - Pelosi: Trump demanded Ukraine probe in exchange for money, "that's bribery" 19.28 - AP: Another official heard Trump make call in midst of Ukraine plotting 22.41 - Trump ally Sondland under fire for newly revealed phone call 28.46 - Trump allies in Congress, Fox News downplay bribery evidence 37.08 - Washington Post: First White House budget official expected to testify in impeachment probe 43.34 - Awaiting verdict in Roger Stone after former Mueller prosecutor rests case Learn more...


Diplomat ties Trump to bribery plot at hearing

0.00 - Diplomat links Trump to Ukraine plot, reveals new phone call 19.00 - Former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann on impeachment 28.50 - Dan Rather and top Mueller prosecutor on impeachment 39.35 - Former SDNY Chief on the evidence against Trump Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Dems preview bribery argument as hearings begin tomorrow

0.00 - House Dems talk Trump bribery as impeachment hearings begin tomorrow 15.06 - Impeachment fueled by Trump's pursuit of a global conspiracy theory 26.44 - Clinton impeachment veteran Sidney Blumenthal on pressures of a White House probe 35.03 - Top impeachment Dem: Trump can be impeached for bribery 39.16 - GOP releases Trump defense hours ahead of public impeachment hearing 43.51 - Testimony in Roger Stone trial suggest Trump lied to Mueller Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Mounting impeachment evidence against Trump going public

0.00 - Giuliani associate admits he asked Ukraine to go after Bidens 16.17 - Ari explains odd effort by Trump aide Mulvaney to sue Trump 23.30 - New impeachment evidence cornering Trump's top aide Mulvaney 34.45 - Trump rebuffs Republicans who defend scandal as bad, but not impeachable 41.45 - Guilty Trump aide Rick Gates to be sentenced after Stone trial testimony 43.40 - Federal judge rejects Trump lawsuit over NY tax returns Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bonus: Trump's Watergate? Dems on offense with first public impeachment hearings

In this episode of "Impeachment: White House in Crisis," MSNBC's Chief Legal Corespondent Ari Melber previews House Dems' public impeachment hearings, Trump's defense and what's next for the inquiry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bonus: Ari Melber sits down with legendary group R.E.M. to discuss MONSTER, and secrets to music success without corporate compromises

In this bonus podcast episode, MSNBC's Ari Melber sits down with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Mike Mills to reflect on the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed album "Monster." The two also tackle their battles with the music industry, the meaning behind some of their most famous lyrics and their national debut on David Letterman's show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


New impeachment witnesses link bribery plot to Mulvaney

0.00 - White House official hammers Trump: Ukraine bribery plot to Mulvaney 19.23 -Under pressure, Trump ally Sondland now admits bribery plot 24.05 - WH under fire as Trump ally 'remembers' new details on bribery plot 28.11 - Unveiling new bribery evidence, Dems push for John Bolton to testify about White House 'drug deal' 32.22 - New 'warning' from anonymous Trump staffer 36.04 - Fallback Friday: Rapper Dave East and Tony Schwartz on The Beat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


WH nightmare? Ex=aide John Bolton ready to testify

0.00 -Trump aide who reportedly derided WH 'drug deal' now ready to talk 20.47 - State Department Official's testimony: Giuliani conducting a 'campaign of lies' 22.09 - NYT: Giuliani hires three NYC criminal defense lawyers 26.46 - Ari talks to Mueller witness about Roger Stone's WikiLeaks trial 36.05 -Unreal: Trump in talks for new 'Apprentice: White House' 42.24 - Michael Bloomberg considering 2020 run as Dem Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


In new impeachment testimony, key diplomat details bribery plot

0.00 - Fmr Trump Ambassador: This was quid pro quo bribery 17.19 - GOP on defense as damning testimony goes public 23.48 - Trump Amb. admits WH plot for bribery, scrambling Trump defense 30.49 - Roger Stone trial: DOJ pushes evidence suggesting Trump lied to Mueller 37.25 - Dem winning Kentucky 'embarrasses' Trump 42.40 - Cyclists who flipped off Trump wins election in Virginia Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Trump Ambassador admits White House plot for bribery, an impeachable offense

0.00 - Trump loyalist admits bribery plot in new testimony 15.23 - Fallout on Capitol hill as Trump Amb. admits bribery plot 22.00 - Facing perjury pressure, Ambassador now 'remembers' Ukraine bribery plot 26.40 - Giuliani's 'pro bono' work for Trump under new scrutiny 34.19 - Roger Stone trial begins today with jury selection, food poisoning 38.20 - Oscar winner Forest Whitaker on The Beat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bonus: Experts on if Trump could lead to Trump's removal from office

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


House Dems unveil first impeachment interviews today

0.00 - Key impeachment witness: Trump threatened me 17.22 - Trump undercuts GOP defense in impeachment probe 21.23 - GOP on defense as damning Ukraine testimony goes public 30.03 - Dems release bombshell impeachment evidence 38.26 - Court orders Trump to turn over tax returns to prosecutor 40.50 - Trump adviser Roger Stone goes on trial tomorrow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Pelosi: Impeachment hearings coming 'soon'

0.00 - As Dems win impeachment vote, House Republicans dodge questions, headbutt camera 20.16 - Judge keeps indicted Giuliani associate under house arrest 21.52 - Report: Giuliani talked Ukraine money with top official 28.19 -Gov. Cuomo: Trump's escape from NY is 'desperate' legal move 30.28 - Beto O'Rourke drops out of 2020 presidential race 36.18 - R.E.M. Rock legends reflect on 40-year legacy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Party Lines

After another momentous week in the impeachment inquiry, Kristen Welker, White House Correspondent for NBC News, recaps events in Washington. Witnesses from the White House and State Department provided corroborating evidence against the president. But on Thursday, a House vote to move the inquiry forward fell completely along party lines. As Democrats move the inquiry into a public phase, will the evidence be enough to overcome political partisanship? Questions about the impeachment...


House approves Trump impeachment procedures

0.00 - Trump impeachment probe goes public as Dems win rules vote 19.27 - Official's testimony undercuts Trump: it was a quid pro quo 21.47 - GOP Insider: Trump Ukraine scandal 'a legitimate concern' 30.52 - Ari Melber questions top Judiciary Dem on historic impeachment vote 38.37 - Trump's 'witch hunt' gets real 41.19 - State Department will release Giuliani texts, emails on Ukraine Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Key impeachment witness John Bolton summoned by Dems

0.00 - Ousted Trump aide John Bolton called to testify in impeachment probe 21.11 - W.H. staffer testifies he tried to correct Ukraine call memo 23.40 - New bombshell from Trump staffer on call: it was a quid pro quo 28.53 - Dems vote on blueprint for impeachment Trump tomorrow 40.50 - Trump impeachment probe echoes Nixon Watergate probe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Dems release Trump impeachment vote bill

0.00 - Dems step closer to going public with impeachment probe 16.35 - Top Intel Dem: Trump loyalist 'committed perjury' in impeachment testimony 19.49 - With new evidence against Trump, allies smear war hero 29.45 - With explosive new evidence against Trump, Barr attacks Mueller probe 38.56 - Trump's Ukraine scandal puts spotlight on America's diplomats 42.47 - NBC asks Ukraine President about impeachment probe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Congress holding key impeachment vote this week

0.00 - Dem plan to break Trump stonewall: floor vote on impeachment rules 17.09 - Washington Post: D.C. Republicans 'anxious' about impeachment evidence, fear 'worse' yet to come 24.17 - Opening Arguments: DOJ appeals judge ruling to turn over Mueller grand jury docs to Congress 31.57 - Dems look to Nixon, Clinton & Johnson for impeachment lessons 37.48 - U.S. Military raid kills ISIS leader 40.16 - 2020 Dems talk justice reform today inside a prison facility Learn more about your ad...