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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






WH responds to impeachment inquiry deadline; Dem Rep.: Giuliani is potentially breaking the law; Biden caps off big week with endorsement from John Kerry; Police identify shooter in deadly Navy base attack;

WH faces 5pm deadline to say if it will participate in hearings; Next public impeachment hearing scheduled for Monday; Democratic leaders prepared for impeachment defections; Minutes way: Deadline for White House to announce if it will participate in impeachment hearings; Giuliani confirms he went to Ukraine to dig or dirt on Bidens; White House spokesman on Giuliani: To my knowledge, Giuliani is still Trump's attorney; White House says it won't participate in impeachment hearing; Biden...


Pelosi: Dems moving forward with Articles of Impeachment; Trump calls on House to impeach him "fast" so Senate can give him "fair" trial; Biden to voter: "You're a damn liar" about Ukraine claims;

Pelosi: Trump has left us with "no choice" but to proceed with Articles of Impeachment; Sources: House could vote on four Articles of Impeachment in two weeks; Pelosi fires back over whether she hates Trump: "I don't hate... don't mess with me" on that; Sources: Democrats considering articles on abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of Congress & justice; Sources: White House legal team mounting robust defense for likely Senate trial; Sources: Trump legal team plans to dig in on unproven...


House Intel report accuses Trump of misconduct, obstruction; Sen. Kamala Harris dropping out of 2020 Presidential Race; Trump, France's Macron have combative meeting on camera; GOP's Kennedy once again pushes Ukraine conspiracy theory;

House Intel Impeachment Report: "Evidence of the President's misconduct is overwhelming; House Intel Report: Trump "placed his own personal & political interests above those of the United States; House Intel Rpt: "Unprecedented" obstruction of impeachment inquiry risks "grave harm" to balance of power; House Intel Rpt: "Months-long campaign" for Trump's personal gain involved Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, other senior staff; Trump refuses to commit to defending "delinquent" NATO allies; Romney:...


Special Edition: Big week in inquiry: report, vote & first judiciary hearing; Trump: won't send lawyers to participate in "sham" hearing; Trump heads to NATO meeting as impeachment inquiry ramps up; GOP report on Ukraine probe rejects dems allegations

Nadler: WH should stop blocking witnesses, provide any "exculpatory" evidence; Trump lawyer on participating in hearing: we have no info on dates, witnesses, or rules; Soon: House intel committee members to review impeachment report; House judiciary holds first impeachment hearing Wednesday; WH faces Friday deadline to decide if it will participate in future impeachment hearings; Ukraine's president on aid: "We're at war. If you're our strategic partner, then you can't go blocking anything";...


Knife attack in the Netherlands, after deadly stabbing in London; WH has a week to tell judiciary committee whether they plan to participate; Trump announces resumption of peace talks with Taliban; N. Korea fires new projectiles as U.S. deal deadline loom

Several wounded in stabbing in the Hague, Netherlands; Police: two killed in London Bridge terror attack; British PM to meet any moment with top emergency officials; Dutch state TV: "no indication of terrorist motive" in the Hague stabbing; House judiciary Dems prep for huge impeachment hearing Wed; New questions about call Trump says clears him in Ukraine scandal; Admin official: U.S. and Taliban haven't formally reopened peace talks, but Trump says they have; North Korea fires new...


Giuliani & Sondland under new scrutiny; Ousted Navy secretary criticizes Trump in scathing op-ed; Impeachment plays out in members' home districts; Trump signs Hong Kong Human Rights Act, protesters celebrate

Reports: Giuliani pursued business deal with corrupt Ukranian prosecutor offering Biden dirt; Taylor: Morrison described Sondland-Trump phone call where Pres. asked Zelensky to announce investigations; Report: three women accuse Amb. Sondland of sexual misconduct, he denies all allegations; 2020 candidates hit the trail on Thanksgiving via Knit


NYT: Trump knew of whistleblower complaint when he released aid; Wash Post: Giuliani was in talks to represent ex-Ukraine prosecutor helping to dig up dirt on Joe Biden; New CNN poll: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg only Dems with over 3% support

Intel chair Schiff says he wants more time before deciding how to vote on impeachment; Sources: White House deliberating next move, likely won't send lawyer to Dec. 4 impeachment hearing; "Ask that to Rudy": Trump gives Giuliani same treatment as ex-lawyer Michael Cohen; Ex-CIA chief Pompeo refuses to say Russia, not Ukraine, hacked DNC in 2016; Dem congresswoman in swing district avoids talking impeachment, fears it could hut re-election in 2020; GOP super PACs target swing states with...


First impeachment hearing in Judiciary Cmte set for Dec 4th; CNN Poll: Voters not swayed by public impeachment hearings; New national poll: Biden at 24%, Buttigieg at 16%, Warren at 14%; CNN on the ground in Northern Syria after Trump pulled U.S. troops;

Judge: McGhan must comply, no such thing as "absolute immunity"; Trump claims he'd "love" WH Officials to testify but he must protect future presidents; Hold put on Ukraine aid same day as July 25th call with Ukraine; Judiciary Dems invite Trump & WH Counsel to participate in hearing; Pompeo on testifying: "When the time is right all good things happen"; Dems consider adding Mueller findings to Articles of Impeachment; Trump to hold rally tonight in his new home state of Florida; Trump uses...


Schiff: Impeachment report coming soon after Thanksgiving; Defense Secretary: Trump ordered me to let Gallagher keep his job; Trump allies push debunked conspiracy theory Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in 2016 election

Wash Post: WH review shows Trump officials wanted justification to withhold Ukraine aid after the fact; Wash Post: WH review of docs on Ukraine could embarrass Trump; Dems reviewing evidence, weighing articles of impeachment; Pentagon chief fires Navy Secretary over SEAL controversy; navy Secretary ousted over handling of SEAL's case; Ousted Navy Secretary: I couldn't obey Trump's orders; Nunes dodges questions on Ukraine meeting for Biden dirt; Attorney for Giuliani associate: client wiling...


Trump's own words back up damning impeachment testimony; Officials: Intel briefed senators on campaign by Moscow to blame Ukraine for 2016 meddling; One-on-one with Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Biden on new 2020 candidates: "I welcome the competition";

Trump's own words back up damning impeachment testimony;President Trump: "I want a trial" in the Senate;Sources: House likely to impeach Trump by Christmas;Trump: I support Senate trial if House moves to impeach;House Dems move closer to Articles of Impeachment;Former NSA Bolton teases "more to come" in cryptic tweet;Trump repeats debunked claim about Ukraine & DNC server;Officials: Intel briefed senators on campaign by Moscow to blame Ukraine for 2016 meddling;Trump attacks fired ambassador...


Key witnesses tie Trump's personal agenda to Ukraine pressure; Fiona Hill: Bolton told me Giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up; Holmes: "My clear impression" was U.S. aid was connected to Ukraine's investigation of Bidens; Fiona

Holmes: Trump asked Sondland, "so he's going to do the investigation?" Sondland told Trump Zelensky would "do anything you ask him to"; Fiona Hill: was "very apparent" Guiliani linked Burisma to Bidens; Republicans speak after impeachment hearing; Holmes: U.S. priorities in Ukraine overshadowed by political agenda promoted by Giuliani & officials with direct channel to WH; Fiona Hill: I told Sondland pursuit of his "domestic political errand" would "blow up"; Holmes: Sondland told me Trump...


Sondland ties Trump, Pence, Pompeo to Ukraine pressure campaign; Sondland, "yes" there was quid pro quo in Ukraine scandal; Breaking down key witness' testimony

Sondland: Giuliani pushed for "quid pro quo" with Ukraine, as "desired" by Trump; Trump legal team: Sondland testimony "a draw"; Next: breaking down key witness' testimony; Coming up: key Pentagon & State Dept officials testify; Sondland moments ago: "absolutely not" resigning via Knit


Special Coverage: Impeachment Hearings; Four witnesses publicly testifying in high-stakes hearings today; Trump: Republicans "absolutely killing it" in impeachment hearings;

McConnell: Hopefully Senate works through "not too lengthy of a process" of impeachment trial; White House: "We have learned nothing new in today's illegitimate impeachment proceedings" via Knit


Trump attacks witnesses ahead of huge week of testimony; Aide who overheard Trump-Sondland call to testify Thursday; Swing state voters torn on who they will back in 2020; New poll: 0% of SC Dem black voters support Buttigieg

Eight witnesses expected to publicly testify this week; Amb. Sondland, who spoke to Trump about Ukraine, set to testify; House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller; CNN goes to Kiev restaurant where Sondland called Trump; New CNN poll: Buttigieg leaps to first place in Iowa; New poll: 0% of SC Dem black voters support Buttigieg; White House stands by Stephen Miller after emails showed he pushed white nationalist conspiracies via Knit


Trump's firs reaction since public testimony by ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine; Yovanovitch: Trump's attacks "very intimidating"; Republicans push ousted U.S. Ambassador on bribery argument for Democrats;

Ousted U.S. Ambassador testifies about smear campaign against her & fear of comments made by Pres. Trump; Aide who overheard Sondland's phone call with Trump now in closed-door deposition; Trump defends Yovanovitch tweet, says "I have freedom of speech"; Schiff: We saw witness intimidation in real time by Pres. Trump; Yovanovitch: No explanation given for why I was removed; Trump attacks ousted Ukraine Ambassador as she claims she felt threatened by attacks; WH releases transcript of first...


Explosive Testimony Further Implicates Trump In Ukraine Scheme; Revelation About Trump Phone Call Was A Surprise To White House; One-on-one with newest 2020 Dem Deval Patrick; Sheriff: Two Teenagers Killed, Three Injured In California School Shooting;

More impeachment witnesses to testify in just Hours; Dems question Sondland's truthfulness as new info emerges; Former Republican Rep. Amash: Why won't Trump let officials with first-hand knowledge testify?; Trump showed GOP Senators transcript of First Ukraine call; Official: WH Staff caught off guard by testimony Trump overheard talking Ukraine probes on phone; Bill Clinton's message to Trump on impeachment & guns; Deval Patrick Jumps Into Crowded Dem 2020 Field; Newest 2020 Dem Talks Big...


Witnesses who described quid pro quo testify publicly tomorrow; Roger Stone's defense rests without Stone testifying; Top Russian Official jokes about interfering in U.S. elections in 2020; Buttigieg, Biden, Warren in top tier of new Iowa poll;

House GOP lays out defense strategy ahead of public hearings; Televised impeachment hearings begin in less than 24 hours; Schiff warns GOP about outing whistleblower in hearings; NYT: Trump has considered firing intelligence Inspector General; Testimony at Roger Stone trial contradicts what Trump told Mueller about Wikileaks; Top Russian Official on 2020 elections: We'll resolve the problem, don't worry; Transcripts show Trump repeatedly tried not to anger Russia; Transcript: Mulvaney held...


Dems to make their case in public hearings this week; Biden holds narrow lead in new NH poll; Klobuchar suggests women candidates held to "different standard"; Trump honors vets: "it's our duty to serve and protect them"

GOP tries to shape strategy ahead of public hearings; Trump says he'll release transcript of second Ukraine call; Trump warns GOP: Don't say call wasn't perfect, but not impeachable... "nothing was done wrong"; Haley claims John Kelly & Rex Tillerson tried to recruit her to "save the country" from Trump; Haley: Tillerson & Kelly's push to undermine Trump was "offensive"; Haley: Tillerson & Kelly should've quit instead of trying to undermine Trump; Official: Mulvaney working with WH counsel...