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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Trump won't let it go: escalates McCain, Conway attacks; Trump: let the public see the Mueller report; O'Rourke: I averaged $47 per donation in $6 million haul; Cummings: WH "hasn't turned over a single piece of paper" to Oversight Committee

Trump again attacks the late Senator John McCain at event; Trump complains he didn't get a "thank you" for McCain's funeral; Trump says he doesn't mind in public sees Mueller report; Trump: George Conway "very jealous" of wife's success; Trump: let the public see the Mueller report; Trump claims Mueller conflicted because he didn't get FBI job; Biden shores up support while dancing around 2020 bid; 2020 Dems propose changes to Supreme Court, electoral college; WaPo column: despite diverse...


Biden, Sanders dominate 2020 Dem field in new CNN poll; Trump attacks McCain (again) as he keeps up personal grudges; Rep Nunes sues Twitter for letting some users attack him

Sen. Harris jumps to double-digit support in new CNN poll ; New CNN poll finds record voter enthusiasm for 2020 race; New CNN poll shows more Republicans are enthusiastic about voting in 2020 than Dems ; Sen. Warren calls for ending electoral college; Trump: I was never a fan of McCain and never will be; Trump attacks Kellyanne Conway's husband: "total loser!"; Trump: "proud" to hear Brazil's president say "fake news"; New docs show Mueller began investigating Cohen in July of 2017, nearly a...


New CNN poll: Trump approval ticks up, economy gets high marks; Meghan McCain rips Trump after he attacks her late father; Beto O'Rourke tops rivals with $6.1m in fundraising haul; Some progressive voters torn between Warren & Sanders

New CNN poll: Trump's job approval ticks up to 42%; Conservative lawyer & husband of Kellyanne Conway questions Trump's mental state after stunning tweetstorm; Sen. Graham praises McCain's service but doesn't call out Pres. Trump for attacking the late Senator; Mulvaney: President Trump is not a white supremacist; Biden readies major endorsements ahead of 2020 announcement; Warren, Sanders fight to stand out despite similar messages; Warren: "I am a capitalist," but I don't believe in...


Trump speaks after signing his first veto; Trump says he does not see white nationalism as a rising threat around the world; New Zealand PM: suspect used five guns in massacre, says "our gun laws will change"

Any moment: mosque massacre suspect to appear in court; 49 killed in mosque mass shootings, suspect to appear in court; Trump signs first veto to stop Congress from blocking his national emergency; Gunman live-streamed terror attack at mosques; Trump on rising white nationalism: "I think it's a small group of people."; Shooting suspect posted killing spree on social media platforms; Killing suspect praised prior white supremacist killers; Terror suspect believed to have posted 87-page...


12 GOP Senators rebuke Trump, vote to block emergency order; Beto O'Rourke joins crowded & diverse Democratic field; Israeli military: rockets fired from Gaza towards Tel Aviv; Mnuchin: "I will follow the law" on releasing Trump's taxes

Trump expected to issue first veto of presidency after Republican Senate blocks his emergency order; Schumer intends to bring up resolution rejecting Trump's emergency again; Sources: Trump sees emergency vote as a loyalty test; O'Rourke visits Iowa, takes on Trump in first campaign stops; O'Rourke's website: shop, donate, but no policies; O'Rourke offers few specifics during first campaign stops; Schultz apologizes for saying he spent more time with military than his opponents, 2 are...


Manafort charged for crimes Trump can't pardon minutes after being sentenced to 7.5 years in prison; Emails to Cohen said he could "sleep well tonight" because he had "friends in high places"; FAA: evidence begins to connect two deadly crashes

Trump: I have not given pardon to Manafort a thought; Trump follows the lead of other nations, grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 planes over U.S. skies; Trump warns defecting Republicans: "that's a bad vote"; Paul Ryan backtracks on whether Trump will be re-elected; Schultz says he would only sign bipartisan legislation via Knit


Biden to supporters: "save your energy, I may need it soon"; Progressives worry after Pelosi says impeachment "not worth it"; Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman charged in cheating scheme; U.S. resists calls to ground Boeing 737 Max 8

Coons: Biden has more experience than any other 2020 Dem; Biden hints at 2020 run as sources say his decision is "imminent"; O'Rourke tells supporters "I'm ready to share my plans"; Buttigieg sees surge of enthusiasm after CNN Town Hall; Biden to CNN: I'll announce my 2020 decision "pretty soon"; Pence's team responds to Biden's comments, asks "so is Mike Pence a decent guy again?"; The question dividing Dems: impeach Trump?; Pelosi: no impeachment unless something "compelling"; WH: Pelosi...


Trump wants $8.6 billion for border wall in 2020 budget; Pelosi on impeachment: Trump "just not worth it"; Questions grow over Boeing 737 Max 8 safety after 2nd crash; Biden allies say he's closer than ever to a decision

Trump set for another fight with Dems over the wall; Pelosi, Schumer say new Trump wall request dead on arrival; Politico: former Gillibrand aide resigned over office's handling of sexual harassment claim; Gillibrand defends handling of aid's sexual harassment claim; on the front lines as U.S.-backed forces battle ISIS via Knit


Trump: "Fraudster" Cohen "directly" asked me for a pardon; White House Communications Director Bill Shine resigns; Harris on Manafort: "absolute unfairness" in judicial system; Warren announces plan to break up Amazon, Google, Facebook; George Conway take

Trump: "Fraudster" Cohen "directly" asked me for a pardon; Trump: I feel very badly for Paul Manafort; Trump uses Manafort sentencing as evidence of "no collusion"; Sources: Trump consumed by Cohen, brings him up in briefings, calls and meetings; Trump: Democrats have become anti-Israel, anti-Jewish party; White House Communications Director Bill Shine resigns; Bill Shine leaves White House, joins Trump's 2020 campaign; NYT: Shine's campaign job is just to "save face"; Harris on Manafort:...


Sentencing of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort; Vote on anti-hate bill causes distraction for democrats after Rep. Omar's comments on Israel; Cohen's new move

Stunning Moment: The man who led President Trump's campaign, Paul Manafort, facing up to 25-years in prison; Paul Manafort sentencing; Any moment: House votes on anti-hate bill; House voting soon on anti-hate bill after comments by Rep. Omar on Israel spark friction among democrats; Cohen sues Trump organization for unpaid legal fees; Cummings: "I told Cohen I would nail him to the cross" if he lied to congress "and I mean that"; Cohen's pardon claim sparks denials and more investigation; WH...


Sources: Cohen's docs provided to Congress show edits to his 2017 statement on Trump Tower project; Sources: Trump overruled staff to grant Ivanka security clearance; Trump: I'd be "disappointed" if N. Korea was rebuilding site

Right now: Cohen meeting privately with House Intel Cmte, turned over docs showing edits to 2017 false testimony; Cohen to make public statement after today's private hearing; Sources: President Trump granted security clearances to Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner after staff refused; Trump & Ivanka appear together amid questions about border security clearance; WaPo details efforts to hide Trump's academic records; Trump "disappointed"; Analysts: New images show North Korea rebuilding launch...


WH Preparing to push back on huge Dem Doc request; Subpoena issued in probe of Trump Org insurance policies; Does the former VP risk losing support as he mulls 2020?

Trump attacks house Dems.: "greatest overreach" in history; Dems call for criminal investigation to Kushner clearance; Trump blasts Dems.: "fishing search of a crime"; Cummings: WH to produce docs, witnesses; Graham: Trump said Dems taking "wrecking ball" to his life; Bloomberg announces he is not running for president; As Mueller finalizes investigation questions over what AG Barr ; Comey argues DOJ can make Mueller findings public; Former White House lawyer: Mueller is an...


House Dems ramp up sweeping investigations into Trump; New Yorker: Trump directed top adviser to pressure Justice Dept to block AT&T-Time Warner merger; Sen. Paul to vote against emergency, forcing Trump's first veto; House to vote on anti-Semitism res.

Democrats request docs from 81 names including Trump's sons; Christie: impeachment process "political judgement" for Dems; New Yorker: Fox New had story of Stormy Daniels payoff before election, but killed it to protect Trump; House to vote on anti-Semitism resolution Wed; Sanders gets passionate, personal on race at two big rallies; Ex-Colorado gov enters Dem race as "extreme moderate"; New Hampshire poll shows Sanders, Biden with early edge; Sen. Brown goes after Trump: "real populism is...


Cohen to resume testimony on Capitol Hill next week; Mob-linked informant with ties to Trump to testify publicly March 14; Ocasio-Cortez & Pelosi warn moderates to vote with party; State Dept: Osama's son taking over as Al Qaeda leader

Warmbier Family: Kim Jong Un is responsible for our son's death; Dems want answers for Trump demanding Kushner get clearance; NYT: Trump demanded Kushner get top-secret clearance; House Dems threaten subpoenas over Kushner security clearance; Oversight Dem: Want to interview Kelly & see memo on clearance; Christie: Federal prosecutors trying to build a case (if they have one) to indict Trump when he leaves WH; Sources: U.S. & S. Korea to announce large-scale military exercises replaced with...


Summit negotiations fall apart; Trump leaves empty-handed; Cohen's testimony may pose damaging legal problems for Trump

Santorum: Trump taking Kim's word on Warmbier "reprehensible"; Trump: I trust Kim's "word" he didn't know about Warmbier; Source: Trump disappointed Kim wouldn't budge on sanctions; House Oversight Cmte Democrats may call others from Trump org to testify including Don Jr.; Meadows denies racism claims as videos surface showing him pushing Obama birtherism in 2012; O'Rourke says he's made decision on presidential run; Bloomberg team looking for HQ space as he mulls 2020 run; Iowa Dem Chair...


Cohen: Trump is "A racist... a con man... a cheat"; Cohen: Trump lawyer edited my false statement to Congress; Cohen: "I wouldn't use the word colluding" on Trump & Russia, but there was something "odd" about interactions with Putin

Cohen: "Mr. Trump knew about the release of the hacked DNC emails ahead of time"; Cohen: Trump lawyer made changes and additions to my testimony on Trump Moscow negotiations; Cohen: Trump knew Roger Stone talked with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange before email dump; Cohen: Trump knew Stone spoke with Wikileaks about DNC mail leak; Cohen on Stormy Daniels hush money payment: Trump told me to "Go ahead and do it"; Cohen: While President, Trump asked me to say he wasn't knowledgeable of...


3 major events of Trump presidency happening at same time; Groups urge Trump to call out N. Korea's human rights abuses; House to vote on killing Trump's nat'l emergency declaration

Now: Cohen testifying privately, tomorrow is public hearing; Source: Michael Cohen to talk about Trump's role in his crime; Source: Cohen is expected to discuss publicly for the first time Trump's role in some of the crimes that Cohen pleaded guilty to; Source: Michael Cohen to talk about Trump's role in his crimes; WH attacks Cohen as "Convicted liar" ahead of testimony; WH officials: Trump expected to watch Cohen hearings in Vietnam; Sources: Cohen apologized for lying to the Senate Intel...


President Trump's so-called love story with Kim Jong Un continues; Trump's former fixer set to testify before congress; and more

Trump heads to NK summit as wild week in Washington begins; Pompeo contradicts Trump: N. Korea remains a nuclear threat; Cohen to testify publicly about Trump business & actions; House to vote tomorrow on blocking emergency order; 58 former security officials: Trump's emergency unjustified; Trump downplays expectation ahead of Kim Jong Un meeting; Pompeo: We've got work to do for North Korea to denuclearize; South Korea: U.S. - North Korea could declare end to Korean war; Trump on Kim Jong...


Soon: Mueller could reveal key details in new filing; Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un, as Cohen testifies & House votes to block nat'l emergency for wall funding; Billionaire Bob Kraft busted in FL prostitution case

New York district attorney prepping state charges for Paul Manafort in case of Trump pardon; Michael Cohen to testify publicly on same day as Kim summit; Michael Cohen to testify publicly on same day as Kim summit; Trump: I will veto Dem resolution on national emergency; Source: Trump will keep about 400 troops in Syria; GOP aides: Trump's plan for 2020 Dems is to "cause chaos"; NYT: former aides say Sen. Klobuchar's treatment of staff was "dehumanizing"; Castro: if elected, first priority...


Roger Stone in court after posts about judge; Smollett posts bond, expected to leave court soon; NC elections board votes for new election in U.S. house race

Judge issues full gag order on Roger Stone; Judge says Roger Stone cannot talk publicly about case; Judge bans Roger Stone from talking publicly about case; Smollett's bail set at $100,000; he must surrender passport; Coast guard officer in court, accused of plotting terror attack against democrats, journalists; Prosecutors say accused coast guard officer is a self-described white nationalist; Cohen has meeting on Capitol Hill days before testifying; Michael Cohen to testify publicly and...