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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Trump pushes back on recession warnings says "economy is doing really well"; Sanders criticized after changing "Medicare for all" proposal; Police: Employee planned mass shooting at Marriott hotel; World's largest rainforest engulfed by massive wildfires

Trump touts good economy despite discouraging reports on jobs, manufacturing and deficit; Sources: trump worried trade war will hurt his 2020 chances; 129 House Dems now calling for impeachment inquiry into Trump; Sanders unveils $16 trillion "Green new deal" plan; Another Dem drops out of 2020 race as next debate deadline nears; Harris camp criticizes Sanders over "Medicare for all" change; Police searching for sniper who shot deputy in California; Police: Hotel cook stockpiled guns, was...


Trump says he wants to fix "loopholes" in background checks; Trump calls Danish PM "nasty" for shooting down Greenland sale; Jewish groups, 2020 Dems slam Trump for claiming Jews who vote for Democrats are "disloyal" to Israel

Trump repeats NRA talking points as he hedges on gun control and background checks; Trump denies telling NRA that universal background checks were "off the table"; Trump all over the place on gun background checks; New CNN Poll: 60% favor stricter gun control laws; Danish PM Trump called "nasty" doesn't think she's been "blunt or harsh"; Danish politicians: Trump's snub "disrespectful" & "insulting"; Former ambassador to Denmark responds to Trump's snub; Sanders: I'm a proud Jewish American...


Trump considering payroll tax cut after WH denied it Monday; New CNN poll: 54% say beating Trump is most important in 2020; Pompeo: Caliphate is gone, but ISIS stronger in areas; U.S. Steel temporarily lays off hundreds in Michigan

Pres. Trump: the word recession is "inappropriate"; Pres. Trump and allies dismiss talk of looming downturn; Trump: Gun background checks can be "Slippery slope"; New CNN poll shows Biden strong front-runner as Jill Biden says her husband has best chance to beat Trump; New CNN poll: Support for Harris plummets by double digit; Warren's new criminal justice plan would scrap 1994 crime bill; In hist first TV ad in Iowa, Biden says he is the strongest democrat to beat Trump; Report: Troop...


Trump denies recession threat, instead blames Fed chair; Reps Omar & Tlaib speak after Israel ban, Trump insults; Warren to Native American voters: "I have made mistakes"

Any moment: Reps Omar & Tlaib hold news conference on Israel ban; Trump slams Scaramucci after he announces anti-Trump coalition; Trump lashes out amid experts warning of recession; Trump admins and allies downplay recession threat; Trump falsely claims Google "manipulated" votes in 2016 election, citing no evidence; Reps Omar & Tlaib slam Trump, Netanyahu for Israel ban; Sen. Gillibrand reacts to Warren's apology to Native American voters; NYPD officer in Eric Garner case fired; Sen....


Rep. Tlaib opts not to visit Israel after being granted exception; Source: Trump called bank executives for there thoughts on recession warnings; NYT: Autopsy finds Epstein cause of death was suicide by hanging; 2020 presidential hopefuls court young

Interior minister: Rep Tlaib's "Hatred of Israel is stronger than her love of her grandmother"; CNN talks to Rep. Tlaib's family in the West Bank; Israel trip ban comes as Netanyahu faces reelection; Joe Lieberman: Israel made a 'serious mistake' in barring Reps; Rep. Tlaib opts out of Israel visit after initially agreeing to restrictions; Trump seems to hedge on promises made on gun control; Trump hints his gun control plans may focus on mental illness; Trump: You have no choice but to vote...


Israel bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib after Trump's push; House Dems subpoena former Trump campaign manager Lewandowski to testify publicly; Sen. Klobuchar takes gun control issue to Trump country; Hickenlooper drops WH bid as O'Rourke restarts campaign

Former U.S. ambassador to Israel: Trump's racism and Netanyahu's dependency have brought us to this point; Sources: WH looking into invoking privilege for Lewandowski, despite never having worked at the White House; WH fears economic instability could threaten re-election; President Trump blames media, fed for economic woes; Man accused of shooting six Philadelphia police officers had AR-15 and handgun; Israel bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib after Trump's suggestion; O'Rourke restarts 2020...


Dow dives 800 points on warning of looming recession; Sources: Talks ongoing between WH & key Senate aides on guns; WaPo: Russian company invests in Kentucky weeks after McConnell killed sanctions on Russia

Dow tumbles as recession indicator flashes first warning in a decade; Officials: Trump watching markets, frustrated at trade team and fed; Trump blames fed, not trade war, after recession warning; Sources: Dem aides skeptical White House, Congress will take action on expanding background checks; Sources: Trump telling aides he thinks he needs to take concrete step on gun reform; Harris unveils new plan to keep guns from domestic terrorists; Warren campaigns in New Hampshire one day ahead of...


Chaos erupts at Hong Kong airport as police, protesters clash; New video shows police engaging Dayton shooter; Sanford talks possible GOP primary challenge to Trump; Warren surges in polls, draws crowds in Iowa

Trump on violent Hong Kong protests: "Hope it works out"; Hong Kong protests stretching nearly three months; Trump claims McConnell supports expanded background checks, despite McConnell's office saying otherwise; Dem Sen. Murphy: Trump believes there's a deal to be had; Police: Dayton shooter communicated with sister and companion in hour leading up to massacre; Sanford heads to NH as he weighs Trump 2020 challenge; Sanford: Trump should not be GOP nominee in 2020; Inside the Warren Iowa...


New Trump admin. rule targets poor, less educated immigrants; Former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci suggests Trump should be replaced at top of 2020 ticket; Source: Epstein was not checked on for hours before his death

Cuccinelli: New rule doesn't target any specific group; New immigration rule makes legal immigration harder; New rule means green cards, visas could be denied if immigrants have used Medicaid, food stamps; Immigration chief: Immigrants must be able to "stand on their own two feet"; Scaramucci: Every day Trump is getting worse and worse; Trump shares conspiracy theory to 63 million Twitter followers; Federal prosecutors: Dayton shooter's friend bought high-capacity magazine, body armor used...


Trump claims he will pursue meaningful background checks; Scares across U.S. cause panic after deadly mass shootings; At least six 2020 Dems accuse Trump of being a white supremacist; Trump org has hired undocumented workers in the past

Sources: Accused gunman chose El Paso because of distance from his hometown; No. 2 Intel official steps down amid Trump's loyalty concerns; Sue Gordon note to Trump: Resignation is out of "Patriotism not preference"; GOP Sen. Burr: Gordon's resignation a "significant loss"; Trump picks Joseph Maguire as acting Intel director; Top Intel official highly recommended for DNI position, steps down; Trump, Biden trade blows after Biden's Iowa speech slip-up; Biden's camp says he misspoke after...


Trump brags about crowd size while visiting El Paso after shooting, mocks "Crazy Beto" O'Rourke; Exclusive: El Paso suspect's mom called police about son's gun; New Iowa poll: Biden keeping lead, Warren surging, Sanders falling

Trump posts political-ad style video of visit to El Paso hospital set to triumphant soundtrack; Source: White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority; Sources: House Judiciary considering coming back from recess to work on gun legislation; Dayton gunman's friend: I saw him physically abuse his sister; Crying children left without parents after immigration raids; Sources: Acting DHS Secretary was prepared to resign; Inside the power struggle at...


Trump undercuts unity plea with political attacks; Sources: White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combatting domestic terrorism a higher priority; Trump arrives in El Paso to protests over his visit

Trump mischaracterizes what Ohio Democrats said about his hospital visit; Trump charges Ohio Democrats mischaracterized his hospital visit; Beto O'Rourke joins protests as Trump heads to El Paso; Ohio gov. speaks to CNN after meeting with Trump today; Biden, Booker accuse Trump of inciting racism, violence; Trump arrives at University Medical Center in El Paso via Knit


Dayton officials talk to reports about mass shooting; Buttigieg unveils plan to combat "Domestic terrorist attacks"; Trump to visit El Paso, Dayton shooting sites; Accused El Paso gunman's family releases statement

Accused El Paso terrorist cooperating with police; Dayton shooter appeared to tweet extreme left views and showed interest in violence; Dayton shooter was exploring violent ideologies; FBI: Not found any indication of racial motivation in Dayton; FBI: Dayton shooter sought out information that promotes violence; FBI: No evidence El Paso shooting influenced Dayton gunman; Ex-Classmates: We warned about Dayton shooter's "Kill List"; Police: Motive of Dayton shooter still a mystery; Police...


Dow dives as America's trade war with China escalates; At least 31 people killed after 2 shootings in 13 hours; Trump condemns "racist hate" but doesn't address own rhetoric

El Paso police official: Gunman has shown no remorse; Dayton police: Gunman had up to 250 rounds of ammo; Two Dayton shooting survivors speak with CNN; NRA "welcomes" Trump's remarks after two mass shootings; Obama urges Americans to reject language from leaders that "normalizes racist sentiments"; Trump: U.S. must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy; Texas suspect posted racist rant minutes before attack; Law enforcement struggles to keep tabs on racist sites used by mass shooters;...


Breaking News: Trump: Ratcliffe no longer pick for Intelligence Chief; GOP "Gut Punch" GOP Aide; Rep. Hurd's retirement "Not Good News" for 2020; Trump's Target:

Breaking News: Trump: Ratcliffe no longer pick for Intelligence Chief; GOP "Gut Punch" GOP Aide; Rep. Hurd's retirement "Not Good News" for 2020; Trump's Target: President Trump uses Baltimore homicide rate to try to score political points at rally; Trump's World: Trump announces new trade agreement with E.U. imposes new tariffs on China; Embracing Obama...Now: Dem Candidates walk back debate attacks on Obama; Battle over Trump's taxes: Trump slams CA after new law requires him to release...


U.S. Official: North Korea test fires two missiles; Candidates back on trial, hope for post-debate bounce; 2020 candidate Bullock talks race, trade and debate; U.S. to test new missile to counter Russian aggression in Europe

Obama's record becomes target as candidates focus on Biden; Biden "surprised" rivals went after Obama's record when challenging him in debate; Harris says she's expected to take hits from 2020 rivals; Biden: "absolutely bizarre" rivals attacked Obama's record; Biden laughs off his debate stumbles and gaffes; 2020 candidates announce fundraising boosts after debate; Bullock announces biggest fundraising day since joining race; Trump announces new tariffs against China; Biden: I was surprised...


Biden and Harris set for rematch hours from now; Campaign: Biden's "primary goal" is to take on Trump

Joe Biden tours stage ahead of CNN debate; Campaign: Biden prepared for "flat-out lies and distortions"; Sen. Bennet touring stage ahead of CNN debate; via Knit


Candidates touring stage ahead of CNN debate; Warren and Sanders to share stage with moderates; CNN debates last chance for some Dems to break through

Gov. Steve Bullock touring stage ahead of CNN debate; O'Rourke, Buttigieg aim to recapture lost momentum; Poll: Biden top choice of Dems in new national poll via Knit


Trump stokes racial divide by ramping up attacks on Rep. Cummings and Baltimore; Trump slams Baltimore for "infestation" as Kushner properties cited for rodents; 2020 Dems descend on Michigan, a state Trump narrowly won

Trump goes after Rev. Sharpton after slamming Rep. Cummings; Attacks on Cummings come one week after Trump lashed out at 4 Democratic women of color; Mulvaney: Trump's comments on Cummings are not about race; GOP Meadows yet to defend "best friend" Cummings after attacks; Michigan gov. talks 2020 Dems & beating Trump in her state; Michigan Dem. Party Black Caucus endorses Kamala Harris; Harris' "Medicare for all" plan keeps private insurance; Sanders reacts to Harris' "Medicare for all"...


Dems take big step forward toward possible impeachment; filing suit for Mueller's secret grand jury material; Top Dem candidates signal aggressive debate strategies; Trump rips Sweden, France, Fox News and more in Twitter tear

Pelosi: "I'm not trying to run out the clock" on impeachment; Pelosi: I have no "hatchet" to bury with Ocasio-Cortez; Trump complains about Fox poll showing him losing to Biden; Harris on upcoming CNN debate: I was raised to be polite; Mayor Buttigieg calls out Pres Trump as racist; Yang jokes He'll attack Bennet at debate: "You know what you did"; Trump advisers point to Biden, Harris & Warren as biggest threats; Trump downplays North Korea missile tests this week; North Korea: Missile...