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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.

CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.


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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.






MN officer charged with third-degree murder, manslaughter; Charging doc: Officer had knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, Floyd was non-responsive for nearly 3 minutes; Trump fails to mention George Floyd or Minneapolis protests during Rose Garden statemen

Prosecutor “anticipates” charges against officers involved; Fires, protests in Minneapolis as outrage spreads across U.S.; Floyd preliminary autopsy: “No physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation; 8pm curfew announced for Minneapolis; Trump calls protesters “thugs”; uses historically racist phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”; Trump’s pattern of racist remarks continues with “thug” tweet; Charlottesville “fine people” on both sides,...


George Floyd's death sparks protests across the country; Trump: Floyd's death "a shocking sight" but rioting a "very bad thing"; NY Gov. Cuomo defends order telling nursing homes to admit recovering COVID patients; At least 8 southern states showing incre

City officials call for calm after protests turn destructive; City official: Racism is a "disease" that's "infected America": Floyd's brother tears up, says officers must be charged; Mayor requests National Guard over violent protests; Looting, fires, protests in Minneapolis after Floyd's death; Minneapolis Police policy allows "neck restraints" but only when a suspect is "actively resisting"; Crowds clash with police in violent protests over Floyd's death; 16 states seeing increase in...


Dr: Fauci: "good chance" vaccine is ready by the end of 2020; Historic NASA/SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather; Floyd's family & Minneapolis mayor call for 4 fired officers to be charged with murder

Any minute: final weather call for NASA/SpaceX launch; U.S. nears 100,000 coronavirus deaths; Fauci: a second wave is not inevitable; Dr. Fauci: wearing a mask shows "respect for another person"; Washington D.C. to start reopening on Friday with restrictions; CA Gov. Newsom: we're still not through the "first wave"; Trump in Florida as historic SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather; Trump escalates Twitter fued, claims he will shut down social media platforms; Trump expected to make comments...


U.S. nears 100,000 coronavirus deaths; Fauci: a second wave is not inevitable; Historic NASA/SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather;

Dr. Fauci: wearing a mask shows “respect for another person”; Dr. Fauci: second wave or peak is preventable with action; Washington D.C. to start reopening on Friday with restrictions; CA Gov Newsom: we’re still not through the “first wave”; MGM Las Vegas resorts to reopen Thursday June 4th; New study: stay-at-home orders tied to decrease in hospitalizations in Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio and Virginia; Fauci: pool parties, large crowds with no masks “tempting fate”; Trump in Florida as...


U.S. death toll nears 100,000 in just three months; Trump pursues debunked conspiracy theory, attacks critics on Twitter as U.S. approaches 100K deaths; Record number of complaints filed against airlines as passengers change, cancel plans; Chief: 4 office

U.S. nears 100,000 coronavirus deaths, a tragic milestone experts say could have been avoided; CDC data shows 65+ are 80% of deaths but only 22% of cases; New York Stock Exchange partially reopens; Merck announces it is working on two potential vaccines; CDC: Antibody tests might be wrong half the time; 17 states trending up in cases; 13 are flat; 20 trending down; Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask as U.S. approaches 100,000 deaths; GOP governors plead with residents not to politicize...


On Memorial Day, U.S. also mourns nearly 100,000 coronavirus deaths; President Trump tweets insults ahead of Memorial Day events; Large Memorial Day crowds spark fear of new virus outbreaks; Texas town sees surge in cases linked to Tyson meat plant;

WH advisor: double digit unemployment could last to November; W.H.O. we could have a second peak, not just a second wave; Officials in D.C., Alabama & Arkansas warn about surge in cases; Arkansas governor: high school pool party sparked cluster of new cases; Dr. Birx: research shows masks help stop the spread; Dr. Birx: vaccine is possible by the end of 2020; Trump threatens to move RNC if NC governor limits attendance; Some beachgoers across U.S. ignore guidelines, spark fears of spread;...


Trump insists he'll open churches, has no authority to do so; Jersey shore towns put restrictions in place for holiday weekend; Zuckerberg: Half of Facebook employees could work remotely in 5-10 years; Brazil cases surpass 300,000, deadliest day on record

CDC recommends places of faith provide soap & hand sanitizer, intensify cleaning, limit use of shared items; New study: Drug touted & taken by Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients; COVID-19 vaccine study finds early success, neutralizing antibodies in first published human trial results; Data shows coronavirus cases rising in at least 17 states; CDC estimates 35% coronavirus patients don't have symptoms; Seaside Heights, NJ will allow groups up to 10 people on...


W.H.O. reports highest number of new cases in 24-hour period; Trump defends pandemic response as new study finds 36,000 deaths may have been prevented by earlier action; 38.6 million Americans file for unemployment in nine weeks; Virginia Gov: I'm "hopefu

Trump tours Michigan plant after threatening to withhold funding from stave over mail-in-voting; Trump tours MI Ford plant as state's AG warns him to wear mask; Trump speaks after touring Ford plant producing PPE; Trump claims he wore mask during tour of MI Ford plant, but not wearing one on camera; Study: Kids have fewer coronavirus receptors in their noses; Virus spreading unevenly across America as deaths rise; Fear of repercussions force some small businesses to reconsider emergency loan...


Source: CDC director feels there's a target on his back; All 50 states reopening despite cases up in at least 18 states; Trump falsely claims states illegally send absentee ballot applications to voters, threatens emergency funds; Health experts caution c

Pence doesn't wear mask or social distance in crowded restaurant; HHS Secy Azar: Navarro blaming the CDC is "inappropriate"; WH awards contract to produce COVID-19 drugs & ingedients in U.S.; Trump attacks China on handling of coronavirus but is reluctant to criticize China's President Xi; Vaccine study in monkeys showed promising results; Union: at least 68 grocery workers have died of coronavirus; Ford briefly closes two plants after employees test positive for coroanvirus; CDC: Arkansas...


President Trump holds cabinet meeting in WH East Room; Trump's cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug despite study showing dangers of hydroxychloroquine; CDC confirms inflammatory syndrome in kids linked to COVID-19; Mnuchin: Job numbers will get wors

Trump won't commit to wearing mask during visit to Ford plant; Dem Senator to Mnuchin: How many workers should die to help the economy?; Coronavirus survivor details grueling recovery process; Young & healthy COVID-19 patients struggle to make full recovery; 25% of Nebraska's COVID-19 cases are meat processing workers; Arkansas venue hosts concert with social distance, temp checks; Gym, salons, & restaurants all partially reopened in Arkansas; Cases in Arkansas rise to nearly 5,000; Death...


U.S. death toll from coronavirus nears 90,000; WH shifts blame to CDC amid mounting coronavirus criticism; Auto industry tested as carmakers jump-start idle factories; Trump fires watchdog who was investigating Secretary Pompeo;

All 50 states to be partially reopened by Sunday; Texas opening up gyms at 25% capacity as cases spike; Residents hit beaches in California, Virginia over the weekend; CA Gov: professional sports may begin in June without fans; Promising early results coming from one vaccine trial; Moderna: early vaccine data shows some patients developed neutralizing antibodies, which can block virus; Drug maker Moderna plans to move to large scale clinical trials for phase 3 in July; WH trade advisor: CDC...


President Trump: "Vaccine or no vaccine, we're back"; Restrictions eased in parts of New York, Maryland, Virginia; 48 states to phase in reopen plans by Monday; Tensions rise between U.S. and China over coronavirus response;

Defense Secy: We'll deliver a vaccine by end of year; Trump: I gave staffers choice to wear masks in Rose Garden; VP Pence again skips Trump's events today to be cautious; Trump: Hope to have vaccine for entire public by January; Trump: Ramping up production of vials, needles, syringes in anticipation of mass vaccine distribution; Trump admin racing to avoid supply shortage for administering possible vaccine; Trump says hardest hit states may get first access to coronavirus vaccine; Michigan...


Trump: "Totally disagree" with Fauci on reopening schools; Bright: Email warning U.S. in "deep sh*t" was unforgettable; 36.5 million have filed for unemployment since mid-March; Robots, satellites & science: The tech fight against coronavirus;

Bright: "Window of opportunity is closing" to address pandemic; Bright: My warnings caused commotion in the Trump admin; Pres Trump calls ousted vaccine chief disgruntled employee; Georgia, Colorado cases decline even after business openings; Some L.A. beaches reopen this week, NJ beaches open by Memorial Day, Grand Canyon allows some access Friday, Yellowstone on Monday; New cases decline in 24 states in past week, 9 states see increase, 17 states remain steady; WI Gov on shelter-at-home...


World Health Org: coronavirus "may never go away"; University of Louisiana to resume in-person classes this fall; Trump names former drug executive to lead "warp speed" vaccine effort; Grocery prices jump; cost of clothes, gas, cars all down;

CDC to warn about condition in children associated with virus; DC extends stay-at-home order until June 8th; NYU study: Abbott rapid test use by W.H. often misses positive cases; Cases rising in 9 states, holding steady in 19 & falling in 22; Key model raises death projection in U.S. to 147,000 by August; Trump names former drug executive to lead "warp speed" vaccine effort; Ousted vaccine director will warn Congress of "darkest winter in modern history" without ramped up response;...


Fauci: U.S. does not have "total control" of coronavirus; One-on-one with Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Los Angeles county expected to keep stay-at-home order through July; Putin's close aide & spokesperson tests positive for virus; CDC Director: Nursing home dea

Fauci: Reopening too soon may lead to "suffering and death" that could have been avoided; Dr. Fauci says it's "more likely than not" there is a coronavirus vaccine in 1-2 years; Fauci: Shouldn't be "cavalier" thinking kids are immune to virus; Fauci: "Bridge too far" to think treatment or vaccine could be ready in time for colleges to reopen in fall; House Dems unveil new $3 trillion relief bill; GOP and Democratic Senators criticize Trump admin on testing; Adm. Giroir predicts U.S. will be...


New memo directs White House staffers entering West Wing to wear a mask; NY Gov Cuomo: 93 cases of COVID-related illness in children; World Health Organization: idea of herd immunity is "dangerous"; Small businesses frustrated by constraints of PPP rules

Fauci, heads of CDC & FDA quarantining after virus exposure; Iowa governor in modified quarantine after possible exposure during White House visit; Pence, other officials refuse to quarantine after White House staffers test positive for virus; Source: Trump worried cases inside White House undercut his claims the virus is fading and it's safe to reopen; WH attempting contact tracing for VP aide who tested positive; Video shows food execs removing masks before Pence event; New mystery disease...


Two people close to Trump & Pence test positive for coronavirus; More devastating death and unemployment numbers in the U.S.; Harvard: U.S. should be testing 900,000 people per day by May 15th; Record 20.5M jobs lost in April; Ahmaud Arbery's father: His

Pres Trump confirms Pence's press secretary tested positive; 40+ states start reopening despite risk of fueling second wave; Jobless rate soars to 14.7%, worst since Great Depression; Majority if NYPD social distancing arrests were black New Yorkers; Manufacturer: Only enough Remdesivir for 200K patients worldwide; Doctor says it's not clear how govt will decide who gets Remdesivir; NIH Dir.: Abbott rapid tests have 15% false negative rate; Health experts raise concerns about accuracy of...


U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 75,000 people; Trump Administration rejects CDC guidelines to reopen U.S.; Weekly unemployment claims top 33 million since mid-March; 44 states will partially reopen by Sunday as cases spike; Justice Department drops crimi

Valet to President Trump tests positive for coronavirus; Trump says he had "very little contact" with Covid-19 positive valet; AP Report: Trump said wearing a mask "sends the wrong message"; WH tests its staff, press corps for virus but downplays national testing; 40+ states move to reopen despite not meeting federal guidelines; WH adviser: April jobs report could show 20% unemployment; Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy; Frontier Airlines reverses plan to charge customers...


Ex-FDA chief warns U.S. may not be able to lower infection rate; Trump claims virus will pass with or without a vaccine; Medical workers fighting COVID-19 face a mental health crisis;White House press secretary holds briefing

Cases spike in prisons, food plants & nursing homes; As more states reopen, avg. plane now carrying 23 passengers, up from 17 last week & 10 in early April; U.S. cases surpass 1.2 million, death toll tops 72,000; Trump claims virus will pass with or without a vaccine; Trump changes his mind on keeping coronavirus task force, now says it will continue "indefinitely"; Medical workers fighting COVID-19 face a mental health crisis; Insomnia, anxiety, lingering fear: what it's like to be a...


Pence: "Having conversations" about winding down task force; States relax restrictions as models project many more deaths; Health experts question Trump's optimistic vaccine timeline; Mixed messages on origin of Covid-19; Three doctors mysteriously fall o

Trump says Dr. Fauci can testify before Republican-led Senate panel, but not Dem-led House because it's a "set up"; Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging coronavirus warnings were ignored; WaPo: Kushner shadow task force hampered by inexperienced volunteers; Florida preparing for pandemic to collide with hurricane season; Cuomo: The faster we reopen, the more lives will be lost; 15 kids hospitalized in NY with condition possibly tied to Covid-19; Wendy's: Beef...