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The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.

The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.


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The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.



Michael Linden, Executive Director, Groundwork Collaborative @MichaelSLinden Eric LeCompte, Executive Director, Jubilee USA Network @Eric_LeCompte @JubileeUSA Jennifer Cohn, Election Integrity Advocate and writer @jennycohn1 Rob Anderson, Congressional Candidate LA-03 @RobAnderson2018


Michael Linden: Most Americans don't own stock, including in retirement accounts. What happens in the stock market doesn't reflect what's in real peoples' lives. @MichaelSLinden @Groundwork


Eric LeCompte: Jubilee USA was founded in mid 1990's to work on how global economic policies affect the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world. @Eric_LeCompte @JubileeUSA


Jennifer Cohn: I want to know who the vendors are who will be counting absentee ballots, and that should be done in public. @jennycohn1 #ProtectOurVotes #PaperBallotsNow #HandMarkedPaperBallots


Rob Anderson: One of my literary heroes is Don Quixote--just because something is hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. I decided instead of complaining about politics, I would do something about it, so I am running for Congress. @RobAnderson2018 #NoDemLeftBehind


William Attig, Executive Director Union Veterans Council at AFL-CIO @WillAttig @unionveterans Kavita Patel, Primary Care Physician, Fellow at the Brookings Institution @kavitapmd Emily de La Bruyère, co-founder of Horizon Advisory @edelabruyere #AmericanMade Bob Ney, Political Analyst/Former OH Congressman @BobNey


William Attig: It's Memorial Day weekend; I don't ever want to start without thinking of those who didn't make it back home, including a lot of my friends. @WillAttig @unionveterans


Dr. Kavita Patel: I'm a physician; I agree that you should be in charge of your own health, but this [coronavirus] is a public health issue. One person has infected as many as 8 people. @kavitapmd


Emily de La Bruyère: China has spent the last 40 years making sure the US and the global economy depends on China. It's not a partisan issue, it's eyes opened or eyes closed. @edelabruyere #AmericanMade


Bob Ney: There's no reason to undo the Open Skies Treaty. Rick: There's no reason to do most of the things Trump does. @BobNey


Sade Andrews, FL McDonald’s Crew member @fightfor15 @FightFor15FL #ProtectAllWorkers Rita Blalock, NC McDonald’s Cook @NorCalFF15 #ProtectAllWorkers Sarah Burris, Reporter, Raw Story @SarahBurris @RawStory Tom Palzewicz, Congressional Candidate WI-5 @tomforwi #flipthe5th


Sade Andrews: We went on strike yesterday because McDonald's is putting people's lives in danger by not protecting the workers. The lobby is still open in our McD's, as are the restrooms. We're expected to bring our own masks/gloves. @fightfor15 @FightFor15FL #ProtectAllWorkers


Rita Blalock: I've been fighting for my rights for over 7 years, incl #Fightfor15. In the beginning of the pandemic, we didn't have masks or gloves, no shields, nothing. McDonald's should have provided these without our going on strike. @fightfor15 #ProtectAllWorkers


Sarah Burris: Studies show that 80% of the coronavirus can be prevented by wearing masks. If we can make sure that all of our workers can be protected in that way, I believe they will be safe. We need to start making masks for fast food workers, servers, bartenders. @SarahBurris


Tom Palzewicz: I am running for the seat that will be vacated by James Sensenbrenner. @tomforwi #flipthe5th #NoDemLeftBehind


@ATUComm @harveyjkaye @UWGB @nancyebailey1 @BadassTeachersA @BobNey


Bob Ney: When I was in Congress, we--a bipartisan coalition incl Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul--tried everything we could. Now the virus is the catalyst that may change China's behavior. @BobNey


Nancy Bailey: It's disaster capitalism with this virus; it gives the perfect excuse to divert funds from public schools. I don't really know how we can put kids back in school, keeping them 6 feet apart. It's very unnatural. @nancyebailey1 @BadassTeachersA


Harvey J Kaye: I have every intention of voting against Trump, which means now I'm voting for Biden. I think if Biden were elected, we'd still Congressional elections and a Presidential election in 2024. With Trump, not so much. @harveyjkaye @UWGB


John A. Costa: Just think: If you didn't have a union, who would be making the demands on the employers? They didn't know what to do in the pandemic, so the union stepped up to demand PPE, safety on the job, etc. That's how unions started, to maintain safety on job.