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Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist and author Joy Reid passionately tackles the most important political and news topics of the week, exploring how policy decisions are shaping the country, while also bringing viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.

Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist and author Joy Reid passionately tackles the most important political and news topics of the week, exploring how policy decisions are shaping the country, while also bringing viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.





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Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist and author Joy Reid passionately tackles the most important political and news topics of the week, exploring how policy decisions are shaping the country, while also bringing viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.




Sen. Tina Smith: Trump is treating pandemic like PR war

Coronavirus pandemic responses of Donald Trump and members of the Trump administration are critiqued by Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN), who tells Joy Reid, 'If this is a public health war, we need a general, and what we have in Donald Trump is a pretender.' Next: Coronavirus testing will be critical to bringing the pandemic under control congressman from the highly-impacted states of Washington and California tell Joy Reid. How can the Trump administration use it's authority to increase the...


NYC Mayor: Coronavirus will be like many Katrinas across U.S.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses the coronavirus outbreak in his city, as deaths from the pandemic start to surpass 2,000, telling Joy Reid, 'this is like the equivalent of being in a war.' Then: The coronavirus pandemic's disproportionately higher impact on communities of color is discussed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) who tells Joy Reid 'institutional racism' in healthcare and the economy is likely partially to blame. Next: Coronavirus relief checks could take weeks to...


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Cuomo is providing leadership, Trump is not

The coronavirus pandemic leadership of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is compared to that of Donald Trump by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), who tells Joy Reid, "We should all be coming together to try to conquer COVID-19." Then: Coronovirus testing roll-out being drastically increased is discussed by Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who stated on AM JOY, "Take this seriously Mr. President. We need real leadership. Get the tests out." Plus: The coronavirus pandemic response requirements are not "a doomsday...


Louisiana’s Rep. Richmond: We need ventilators and need them now

Coronavirus cases have reached over 100,000 confirmed infections in the United States, the first country to do so during this pandemic. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how the Trump administration should have prepared for the coronavirus pandemic, and the plight healthcare workers on the frontlines are facing today. Then: Coronavirus spikes are expected in Louisiana after Mardi Gras, and perhaps Mississippi where Gov. Tate Reeves has said he will not recommend a lockdown for the state. Rep....


Sen. Booker on coronavirus bill: Number one concern is workers

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout is discussed by Sen. Cory Booker who tells Joy Reid that for him, regarding the coronavirus stimulus bill, ‘The number one concern is workers, workers, workers.’ Then: Sen. Amy Klobuchar seeks to protect the 2020 elections with a bill that will make early voting and mail-in voting the norm, and provide funding for states for this expansion. Klobuchar joins Joy Reid to discuss. Next: Coronavirus protections such as masks are in short supply, as...


Schumer: Senate Democrats put workers first in coronavirus bill

The coronavirus bill ideas from Senate Democrats put workers first, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tells Joy Reid adding, "We want to get this done in the right way, for workers." Schumer also addresses the fact that some senators are under fire for stock sales before the market plunge. And: The coronavirus bill in the U.S. Senate targeting the pandemic and its economic fallout is discussed by Sen. Kamala Harris who tells Joy Reid Senate Democrats are pushing for the...


Rep. Porter: CDC director promises government will fund coronavirus testing

Donald Trump’s government ‘simply failed’ to deliver the needed coronavirus tests Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) tells Joy Reid adding, ‘…the promise that the CDC director made, [is] that regardless of insurance, the government will pay any additional cost beyond insurance, or the full cost if there's no insurance, for coronavirus testing.’ And: The coronavirus quarantine in Italy is described by an American who lives there, and her Italian cohabitant, who are on lockdown near Florence. Then: The...


NYC Mayor: It’s impossible to believe government on coronavirus

The first coronavirus death in New York City is discussed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who tells Joy Reid, ‘The death is obviously very unfortunate[.]’ Plus: Donald Trump’s federal government response to the coronavirus is slammed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who tells Joy Reid, ‘We’ve been calling and begging for help.’ And: The Trump administration’s roll out of coronavirus testing is slammed by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) who says, ‘The testing to this point has been a...


Data expert ‘can’t stress how bad’ Super Tuesday was for Sanders

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. are steadily climbing, as American authorities test far fewer people than other countries per day. Robinson Meyer, staff writer at The Atlantic, joins Joy Reid to discuss his reporting on what he describes as the Trump administration’s slow coronavirus response. Next: Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is compared to President Woodrow Wilson’s response to the ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak during WWI, during which Wilson lied to the public to...


Trump coronavirus outbreak response under fire by health experts

Donald Trump’s coronavirus outbreak response is under fire by health experts. Joy Reid and her panel discuss, including Kathleen Sebelius, former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, who tells AM JOY, "I think we’re in a very dangerous period." And: Coronavirus concerns are sending stock markets tumbling, and leading to economic losses across many sectors as travel plans, conferences, and business initiatives are cancelled. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi joins Joy Reid to discuss the...


Sen. Doug Jones: Biden can bring back normalcy, heal and unite

Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate is strongly supported by Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama) who tells Joy Reid, "We're trying to bring this country back to some normalcy and unite people. I think Joe Biden has that ability." And: Joe Biden winning the South Carolina Democratic primary is discussed by U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison who tells Joy Reid regarding what is believed to be record-high voter turnout, "It says to me that this new south is emerging and as I've...


Buttigieg on black voters: I’m determined to keep reaching out

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg discusses the South Carolina primary, the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, and his leadership background versus other candidates, also telling Joy Reid of his continuing black voter outreach, "what I do have is a determination to continue reaching out." And: Rep. James Clyburn discusses his endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, telling Joy Reid, "The fact of the matter...


BONUS: Introducing Into America

As a bonus for AM Joy listeners, we’re sharing a special preview of Into America, a new podcast about politics, about policy, and the power that both have in shaping the lives of the American people. It is hosted by Trymaine Lee and features the journalists of NBC News. For the first episode, Trymaine heads to East New York, a community that experienced more stops than any other part of New York City under Former Mayor Bloomberg’s stop and frisk policy. In order to have a real shot at the...


Bloomberg's billions hotly debated regarding his impact on 2020

Billionaire Democratic candidates’ impact on the 2020 presidential race, and the impact of extreme wealth on democracy, are fiercely debated by MSNBC analyst Jonathan Capehart, who has worked on a previous Mike Bloomberg campaign, and whose partner currently works for Bloomberg 2020, and extreme wealth critic Anand Giridharadas, author of ‘Winners Take All.’ Maria Teresa Kumar, president of Voto Latino, also joins Joy Reid to discuss. But first: Bernie Sanders’ win in the Nevada caucus is...


DNC Chair Tom Perez: I’m not concerned about contested convention

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy, II discuss the Nevada caucuses and concerns that the Democratic party is headed towards a contested convention in conversation with Joy Reid live from Nevada as the caucuses are conducted. Then: The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee will face a vast disinformation machine according to various reports, and Democratic voters will likely face what many see as voter suppression. How will...


Warren's words for Bloomberg on billionaires, equality, democracy

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren addresses Mike Bloomberg, women succeeding in U.S. politics, funding universal childcare, and more telling Joy Reid, ‘We need an America that doesn't just work for billionaires. We need an America where we invest in our people.’ Plus: Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign advisor Tim O’Brien is asked about Bloomberg’s disability rights record during his time as mayor of New York City, the allegations of sexism against the Democratic presidential...


Legal experts question Barr’s independence from Trump

William Barr’s possible impact on the Department of Justice, and the behavior of GOP senators who have supported Donald Trump, are analyzed by Joy Reid’s panel, including former GOP Congressman David Jolly who asserts, ‘There is no post-Trump Republican party for a generation.’ And: William Barr’s independence from Donald Trump is questioned by legal experts. Do some federal prosecutors fear reprisals under Barr’s Department of Justice related to cases with political implications? Joy Reid...


DNC communications director talks Iowa caucuses controversy

The Iowa caucuses ended in controversy after changes to the process initiated in part by the Democratic National Committee. These changes are discussed by DNC communications director, Xochitl Hinojosa, who tells Joy Reid, ‘I think the caucuses and this system will definitely be looked at after 2020.’ And: Bernie Sanders apparently did well in the Iowa caucuses, but faces persistent doubts about his appeal to mainstream black voters. Chuck Rocha, senior advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign,...


Legal expert calls for ‘electoral punishment’ for GOP Senators

The Donald Trump impeachment trial in the Senate is being questioned for its validity, if the Senate GOP won’t allow new witnesses, according to legal expert and MSNBC analyst Benjamin Wittes. Wittes tells Joy Reid, "People in states with these senators... need to think about whether they feel okay about [them proudly saying] it's time to proceed to a fateful decision on a national security matter with ignorance." Plus: Donald Trump’s actions have been called wrong by not impeachable by many...


INTRODUCING: So You Wanna Be President? with Chris Matthews

Lesson one: win Iowa. An astounding number of Democrats and Republicans won their party's nomination after winning first in the Iowa caucuses—but America's first battleground hasn't always been a priority for campaigns. Jimmy Carter was the first to realize that a win there could propel a candidate into the national spotlight. Chris Matthews examines Carter's approach to the 1972 campaign with Gerry Rafshoon, who handled political advertising for the candidate, and veteran journalist Judy...