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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




"National humiliation": Chris Hayes compares U.S. coronavirus crisis to rest of world

Tonight: As the U.S. breaks new world records on the coronavirus while Trump tries to spin 11 percent unemployment as a good thing. Then, Jeffrey Epstein's accomplice arrested and charged by the same office whose top prosecutor was just fired by the President. Plus, the big, soft target Trump has made of himself this political ad season. But how much can TV commercials move the needle?


Trump again claims coronavirus will "disappear" as cases reach record highs

Tonight: why reopening schools is going to be paramount to reopening the economy. Plus, new details on exactly how Russia may be paying insurgents to kill American soldiers. Then, writer James Fallows on the detailed and eloquent pandemic playbooks from the Bush and Obama administrations that Trump entirely ignored.


L.A. mayor: Police shouldn’t be the solution to everything

Tonight: Four mayors of four major cities tasked with leading through this critical moment in American history. Chris Hayes hosts a special town hall, All In America: The Front Lines of Change.


Sen. Murphy: What on Earth could Russia do to us that Trump would take seriously?

Tonight: Multiple bombshell reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. Congressman Adam Schiff on what happened, and what the President knew. Then, new alarms from public health officials as an out of control pandemic rages—and the Trump campaign is caught removing coronavirus warnings.


Chris Hayes calls for Trump to resign: 'Urgent matter of public health, public safety’

Tonight: They were all warned, and they failed us. And it's time for this President to resign. Plus, why Colorado is suddenly investigating a suspicious death in police custody a year after it happened. Then, new polling shows why President's campaign of racial division just isn't working this time around.


House passes sweeping police reform bill, Pelosi calls it "historic day"

Tonight: Speaker Nancy Pelosi about tonight's big vote on police reform. Then, another shocking death in police custody caught on tape in Arizona, and three North Carolina officers fired after their racist rants were caught on tape. Plus, the new battleground polling that should frighten President Trump.


Federal funding cut for coronavirus testing sites as U.S. cases hit single day high

Tonight: Beto O'Rourke on the Trump COVID-19 cover-up, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on his regional quarantine for visitors from outbreak states. Then, stunning accusations of corruption inside the Department of Justice: Congressman Eric Swalwell on today's dramatic testimony. Plus, the Atlantic's Adam Serwer on the very simple reason why Trump's attacks on Joe Biden just don't work.


New reports of European Union's plans to ban U.S. citizens due to coronavirus fears

Tonight: New accusations from inside the Justice Department that they went easy on Roger Stone to please the President. Plus, Stacey Abrams and Jon Ossoff on a big election night in America. Then, U.S. Army soldier arrested in a neo-Nazi terror plot—why doesn't right wing domestic violence break through headlines?


U.S. attorney overseeing investigations of Trump allies dismissed

Tonight: More Trump staffers test positive for coronavirus in Tulsa, and new evidence that the President's pandemic response is costing him with voters. Then, what we still don't know about the botched firing of the man investigating Trump's inner circle. And what we now do know about the made-up milkshake poisoning of NYPD.


BONUS: Pride + Protest

NBC News NOW and NBC Out present “Pride + Protest,” a conversation hosted by MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson. During Pride month and with the backdrop of the nationwide protests following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and now Rayshard Brooks, Johnson moderates a discussion on being Black and queer in America in 2020.


Trump threatens protesters ahead of Tulsa rally

Tonight: Our reckless president Donald Trump threatens violence against protesters, ignores his own coronavirus task force, and moves ahead with a potential super spreader event. Then, documentarian Stanley Nelson on this moment, and this President's visit to the scene of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Plus, Jeff Sharlet reports from inside the cult of Trump. And Dr. Ashish Jha on why our coronavirus cases just keep growing.


How Trump misled U.S. on coronavirus while seeking Chinese reelection help

Tonight: A surprise victory for Dreamers and a nightmare week for Trump. Then, as the coronavirus surges in some red states, the governors begin taking it seriously—but is it already too late? Plus, the new revelations about how Trump's pursuit of reelection help from China played a role in America's catastrophic response to the virus.


Bolton blames Democrats for failed impeachment despite refusing to testify

Tonight: Murder charges now filed against the police officer who killed Rayshard Brooks. Family lawyer Justin Miller and journalist Wesley Lowery joins Chris Hayes. Then, COVID-19 surging in Alabama, Texas, Arizona, and in Oklahoma, where thousands of Trump supporters are getting ready for the big rally this weekend. Plus, the man who presented the impeachment case against Donald Trump reacts to John Bolton new book.


Police union backtracks after accusing restaurant of intentionally poisoning NYPD

Tonight: Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on whether the Trump executive order on police reform means anything. Then, San Francisco Mayor London Breed on the changes she's already making in her city. Plus, armed militia on the streets of Albuquerque, and a protester shot. New Mexico's Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham weighs in.


Birdwatcher Christian Cooper on why Black people don’t need to answer to white people calling the police

Tonight: acts of everyday racism continue from San Francisco to New York. Christian Cooper the birdwatcher who had the police called on him weighs in. Plus, why conservatives are fuming after several big Supreme Court decisions today.


Trayvon Martin’s mom explains why she’s running for office

Tonight: why is the Trump administration refusing to tell Americans how 500 billion dollars of our money got spread around in the bailout? Congresswoman Katie Porter weighs in. Then, in a time of sweeping change, Reverend Doctor William Barber on Republican "lip service” after the killing of George Floyd. Plus, eight years since the killing of her son Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton has gone from tragedy to activism to politics.


Chicago cops caught on camera lounging in burglarized office amid looting

Tonight: Senator Mazie Hirono on her vote to remove Confederate names from military bases. Plus, Symone Sanders on what Joe Biden plans to do as President, and why he's against defunding the police. Then, Congressman Bobby Rush on the video of police lounging his office as looters ran free in Chicago.


NASCAR bans the Confederate flag, and the President defends the confederacy

Tonight: The coronavirus is still raging, and Trump's own task force is raising new alarms. Plus, Stacey Abrams on Georgia's spectacular voting failure and what Americans should fear in November. Then, author Heather McGhee on the seismic shift in America's view on racism.


Chris Hayes on why we should be worried that Trump is worried about reelection

Tonight: Why we all need to worry about a President panicking over his own election. Then, the "defund the police" movement--what does that actually mean, and how would that work? Plus, why the state of Arizona is on the brink of a COVID-19 emergency after ignoring CDC guidelines for opening up.


Sen. Harris says police reform bill is all about "accountability and consequence"

Tonight: Senator Kamala Harris on the push to change policing in America. Then, the New Yorker's Dexter Filkins on the Pentagon infighting over Trump's call to squash protests with military. Plus, how do you defeat Mitch McConnell? One progressive rising star in Kentucky thinks he has the answer.