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The Lone Ranger rides again! Originally broadcast on radio from January 30, 1933 until September 3, 1954, the Lone Ranger was one of the most popular and longest running radio dramas. Relive classic episodes - or experience them for the first time - right here. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-c71bc22a5bd9cd906bdc3fbdcaf5e77e}

The Lone Ranger rides again! Originally broadcast on radio from January 30, 1933 until September 3, 1954, the Lone Ranger was one of the most popular and longest running radio dramas. Relive classic episodes - or experience them for the first time - right here. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-c71bc22a5bd9cd906bdc3fbdcaf5e77e}


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The Lone Ranger rides again! Originally broadcast on radio from January 30, 1933 until September 3, 1954, the Lone Ranger was one of the most popular and longest running radio dramas. Relive classic episodes - or experience them for the first time - right here. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-c71bc22a5bd9cd906bdc3fbdcaf5e77e}




The Clue of the Lazy Y (6/10/1938)

The Lone Ranger and Tonto happen upon a body. A letter found on the body leads them to believe the man was Jim Baer. He has no other means of identification. The letter states he was shot by outlaws named Ed Scott and Lefty Cullum, then it simply says "Lazy Y." So the Lone Ranger and Tonto head for the Lazy Y ranch to try and find a pair of murderers.


Three Against Geronimo (6/29/1938)

The Lone Ranger and Tonto stumble upon a war party being formed by the great indian chief, Geronimo. Geronimo's hatred of white men, especially Soldiers, is well known. Tonto learns Geronimo plans to attack a nearby Army garrison under the guise of the flag of truce. The Ranger takes this information to Captain Ruddy, commander of the fort. The Masked Rider and Captain Ruddy form a plan - a plan that leaves only the Lone Ranger, Tonto, and one Soldier, Lieutenant Peterson, to face Geronimo...


The Ranger Impersonates (6/8/1938)

The Lone Ranger learns of a plan to kidnap Army Captain Carter and force him to turn over secret government documents. After getting away from the outlaws he finds Captain Carter and tells him of the plan. The Lone Ranger then disguises himself as Carter, allowing the Outlaws to capture him so he can find out just who is plotting against the government.


The Silver Spur (6/6/1938)

Sandy Tindale had a shootout with a crooked gambler. When the Lone Ranger brought him back to face the law, no one believed he'd go to jail. However, Banker Pottle, Sandy's rival for the love of his girl, Lenore, was on the jury and made sure Sandy was jailed for two years. Now Sandy has paid his debt and is due back on the next stage, along with $5,000 of Banker Pottle's money. When the stage arrives, there is no Sandy, and no money. Only a fancy silver spur that Sandy had won years ago...


A Woman in Hacksaw (6/3/1938)

The Lone Ranger and Tonto once again meet up with Civil War veterans Bolivar Bates and Hacksaw Hastings. This time, a woman named Aggie is trying to wedge herself between the two friends and help separate them from some of the money they earned as tax collectors.


Oil Lease Swindle (6/1/1938)

Martin "Stonewall" Gregory owns nearly 1,000 acres on which he raises his horses. Bently and Shane, two easterners, represent a large oil company. They have been sent to offer Stonewall $10,000 for an oil lease on his north 100 acres. The Lone Ranger believes it is in Stonewall's best interest to accept their offer, however Tonto has discovered that they intend to cheat Stonewall. Can the Lone Ranger thwart their plan?


The Rosalinda Mine (5/30/1938)

Ned Flavin has been accused of being a claim jumper. Most recently he allegedly stole the Rosalilinda from Dave Carter, then Carter disappeared. Carter's father-in-law, Abe Chetwick, is going to Medicine Flats to hire some men and try to force Flavin to admit to claim-jumping and the murder of Dave. On the way he runs into the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Intersted by Abe's story, the Ranger decides to stay around town for a while.


The Return of Butch Cavendish (1/30/1953)

On the 74th anniversary of the Lone Ranger, we again jump ahead to present the special 20th anniversary broadcast. This episode is my personal favorite. On the anniversary of the Bryant's Gap ambush, the Lone Ranger is taking his nephew, Dan Reid Jr., to the Gap to see his father's grave. Meanwhile, Butch Cavendish, who led the ambush all those years ago, has broken out of jail and is out for revenge against the Masked Man.


Border Rustlers (5/27/1938)

Cattle have been disappearing from several ranches. Once the animals get into the black hills of malpias - what once was lava - they are impossible to track. Once they cross the border, there's not much the sheriff can do about it. By chance, the rustlers drive the cattle past the camp of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who set out to capture the rustlers, on both sides of the border!


The Word of a Soldier (5/25/1938)

Retired Colonel Marberry has welcomed Lieutenant Bart Benson, son of an old friend, onto his ranch. The colonel, near crippled, has let Benson all but take over his ranch. Now he has an idea that his daughter, Betty, might marry Lieutenant Benson. Betty has other ideas, as she does not trust Benson. Enter the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who have reason to believe Bart Benson may not be who he says he is.


Confederate Money (5/20/1938)

This episode introduces two of my favorite recurring characters - Bolivar Bates and Hacksaw Hastings (introduced as Hacksaw Hawkins). Two old Confederate soldiers, pockets full of now-worthless Confederate cash, are looking for a way to get some real money and avoid starving. The Lone Ranger and Tonto take a liking to the two old-timers and help them get jobs as tax collectors. Will all that real money prove to be too much temptation for a couple of poor old men?


The Man Least Suspected (5/18/1938)

There have been numerous thefts in the town of Greentree, and all evidence points to Cole Williams. Working in Jason Rudd's bank, he knows just who has recently taken cash out. Banker Rudd, Sheriff Curt Orson, and the wheelchair bound former sheriff, Baldy Bronson, have come up with a plan to trap the thief. With the Lone Ranger and Tonto near town, the true thief will be revealed.


No Worse Enemy (5/16/1938)

Trouble is brewing on a wagon train. The leader of the wagon train, Peter Ridley, and his long-time friend Amos Carver have been arguing about almost every decision Ridley has made. The two men decide to split the wagon train where the trail splits into the Oregon and Sante Fe Trails. Can the Lone Ranger convince them they are better off traveling together?


New-Fangled Justice (5/13/1938)

Sheriff Steve Tucker knows Slim Carter is guilty of murdering Bart Jones. US Marshall Dan Calloway won't let him act without proof. Now Carter is planning to run away with, and marry, Nancy Merrill, daughter of the wealthy Zeke Merrill. Is Slim Carter the honest man Nancy believes him to be? Or is he the murdering thief Sherriff Tucker is convinced he is? It's up to the Lone Ranger and Tonto to discover the truth.


Framed for Murder (5/11/1938)

Bob McAllister is on trial for robbery and the murder of Joe Findlay. Lem Purvis doesn't believe Bob is guilty, despite the fact that the murder weapon was found in his possession. Lem is able to convince the Lone Ranger and Tonto that Bob was framed. Can they find the real murderer, before Bob is hung for a crime he didn't commit?


Ammunition for the Indians (5/9/1938)

Fort Pearson is waiting on shipments of guns and ammunition.Chief White Bear and his tribe attacked the stage carrying the shipment, driven by Mort Leeds. The Lone Ranger and Tonto notice the stage shows no sign of the fight Mort says took place. What is the real story?


Kidnapped Boy (5/6/1938)

Steve Garrett is the wealthiest man in town. Outlaw Black Jack Martin and his gang need money. Black Jack comes up with a plan to kidnap Garrett's 7-year old boy, Billy, demanding a healthy ransom for the boy's safe return. The Lone Ranger is convinced Black Jack will kill the boy regardless, so he has to work fast.


Bart Colt Gang (5/4/1938)

The Bart Colt gang is terrorizing the county. The people are having increasing doubt in Sheriff Andy Sanders, because it is looking increasingly like his brother, Dave, is a member of the gang. Can the Lone Ranger and Tonto clear Dave's name and stop Bart Colt once and for all?


Mine Claim Scheme (5/2/1938)

Easterner Carter Dodson is buying mine claims the owners believe worthless. But are they really? The Lone Ranger and Tonto set out to solve the mystery.


Train Wreck Plot (4/29/1938)

There's a shipment of gold coming on the east-bound train, and Snake Loughlin has a plan to get it. First he has to convince Mike Murphy, engineer of the west-bound train, to have his train sitting on the track waiting on the east-bound, causing a wreck. Snake convinces Murphy that he's holding Murphy's girl, Betty Caukins, forcing him to participate in the plot. Can the Lone Ranger find the girl and save the trains before it's too late?