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Capital Public Radio's daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region.

Capital Public Radio's daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region.
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Capital Public Radio's daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region.




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Sacramento Podcaster Dissects Hip Hop Albums With Scholarly Zeal

Today, Insight revisits Dissect podcast producer Cole Cuchna, who took his project from a passion project he created on nights and weekends to an internationally acclaimed show that dives into the most important hip hop albums of our time. Through his podcast, Cuchna analyzes the music's construction, lyrics, history and message by tracing the life and trajectory of the artist — and of course, the impact the music had. During each season of the show, Cuchna joined Insight to dive into the...


Preserving Indigenous Culture

In today’s show, we revisit stories of indigenous people preserving their culture in different regions of Northern California. In an excerpt of CapRadio’s 2018 podcast YosemiteLand, reporter Ezra Romero talks with members of the Ahwahneechee tribe as they rebuild their village in the valley. Then, Dahkota "Kicking Bear" Brown discusses his role in getting the California Racial Mascots Act passed. We’ll hear about an arts education program aimed at preserving Nisenan, the ancestral language...


Paradise: Before And After The Camp Fire

Today’s program is a view from Paradise, both before and after the Camp Fire. Journalist Mark Arax traces the long history of the town of Paradise, from gold mining through the area’s agricultural and urban growth. Arax looks at this through the lens of politics, examines early fire-fighting approaches and explores the circumstances leading up to last November’s fire. He calls this “a myriad of factors that lined up in perfect continuity.” Then, an encore broadcast of the conversation...


Food & Tea: Science, History And Health

Tea, hippie food and foods that keep you healthy. Today’s show begins with the chemistry of tea, its health benefits and its place in the environment with UC Davis Professor Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague. Then, author Jonathan Kauffman talks about his best-selling book, “Hippie Food” and how American eating habits changed in the 1960s. You’ll hear his conversation with CapRadio’s Donna Apidone recorded in front of a live audience. We’ll round out the hour with 15 Foods That Keep Us Fit. This is a...


Surviving Trauma, ‘Catharsis’ Art Show, And A First Amendment Fight

In three different segments, we explore personal challenges that have pushed the human spirit. Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn was revived after ‘dying’ and sinking to the bottom of a swimming pool. She has devoted her life’s work to understanding how people survive trauma. Her new podcast is titled ‘Sliver of Hope.’ Artist Sarah Marie Hawkins and singer-songwriter Carly DuHain are among those gathering to support victims of sexual abuse in an event titled ‘Catharsis.’ They share some of their own...


The Science Of Fire & Sheila Jordan At 90

Stanford lecturer Ian Monroe talks about the link between climate change and California wildfires. He joined Insight in 2018 for an extended conversation. His own home had burned in a wildfire in 2017. Then, a look back at the wildfire that closed Yosemite in 2018, and what firefighting in the National Park might look like in the future. That story is from an episode of Yosemiteland, a podcast produced by CapRadio. Later, we’ll re-cue Gary Vercelli’s chat with legendary jazz singer Sheila...


Earthquakes, Under The Earth And 'No Boundaries'

Today’s show re-visits stories about earthquakes, the rescue of 33 miners in Chile and new music from musician Dave Bass. We begin with the host and producers of KPCC’s podcast, The Big One. They talk about how to be ready — or as ready as anyone can be — for a really big earthquake in southern California. Next, a 2015 conversation about the Cascadia subduction zone, a more recently discovered fault off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Then we’ll move into the earth to hear the story...


Writers On Writing: Four Perspectives

In this edition of Insight, we revisit four conversations that examine writing from four different perspectives: a twisting, turning centuries-long historical mystery, the act of writing to explore personal history and the importance of place, the role one letter played in the launching of a significant writing movement, and writing as an act to save your life and maybe the lives of others. 'The Missing Pages' <? In 2010, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles was drawn into a lawsuit...


Rock Climbing Rock Stars

Humans have a fascination with many things: space exploration, going to the depths of the ocean and scaling the heights of the world’s mountains. In this “best of” edition of Insight, we have three stories all centering around Yosemite. It’s a place where the world’s great climbers gravitate, but amateur climbers and hikers enjoy it, too. We start with the fascination with Yosemite, then move to two well-known climbers, who are at two ends of the climbing lifespan (and who happen to be...


Segregation In America

Segregation has taken many forms in the United States, and it continues to show itself today. In this “best of” edition of Insight, we’ll hear from a race historian about several ways in which segregation is codified: in law, in housing and in policies. We'll also discuss where public pressure fits in to change the law, housing regulations and policies. We’ll hear about interracial intimacy and “cultural dexterity,” what whiteness is and how the concept developed and the role of slavery...


Yosemiteland, Janet Fitch And Wayne Wallace

The lawsuit has been settled: those historic Yosemite names — the Ahwahnee Hotel, Curry Village and more — will be restored. On today’s Insight, we’ll take you into the National Park with an episode of the CapRadio podcast Yosemiteland. Then, host Beth Ruyak talks with award-winning writer Janet Fitch. Her new book, "Chimes of a Lost Cathedral", continues the intricate historical fiction Fitch began with her book "The Revolution of Marina M." Their conversation was recorded earlier this...


Insight Celebrates 15 Years On The Air

July 19 marked 15 years since Insight first aired, and we’re celebrating with a birthday special. Take a look back at the show’s history and evolution since its premiere as we’re joined by our special guest, founding host Jeffrey Callison. Callison and Beth Ruyak co-host this special birthday episode as they revisit some of the show’s enduring topics and some of their personal memories. Listeners may remember when Insight was a call-in show, or when it covered a single topic each episode....


Sexual Harassment Tracking And Stories Of Immigration & Separation

California is building a system to track sexual harassment complaints filed by state employees; but it used to have a system. CapRadio’s State Government Reporter, Scott Rodd, looks at the gap of information when the old system was eliminated. Then Insight re-cues two conversations. First, one with California Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo. She was the only state lawmaker to travel with Gov. Gavin Newsom to El Salvador in Spring 2019. Carrillo’s family immigrated to California from El...


The Essentials — Food, Water & Music

In June, The Kitchen was named the first and only restaurant in Sacramento to earn a star in the Michelin Guide. Chef Randall Selland and Josh Nelson talk about The Kitchen, the history of their restaurant empire and their philosophy for making the ideal dining experience. Also, author and journalist Mark Arax recently joined CapRadio Reads host, Donna Apidone, to talk about water rights and fights. His new book is “The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California.” We’ll...


CalFire & OES Directors, 'Scot & Soda' And Jazz

The recent earthquakes in Southern California are reminders that nature can strike powerfully and unexpectedly. This is peak time of year for wildfires, too. In this “best of” edition of Insight, we dip into the archives to hear conversations with CalFire’s new director, Chief Thom Porter, and director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Mark Ghilarducci. The second half of the program features host Beth Ruyak’s lively chat with Davis-based Scottish writer, Catriona McPherson....