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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.

The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.


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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.








2278 - The Crooked Lawyers & Gossipmongers Who Created Trump w/ Michael Rothfeld + Shahid Buttar

Sam explains how his philosophy on primary challenges has developed. Nancy Pelosi's primary opponent Shahid Buttar joined Sam to discuss his effort to unseat her from the left. Check out Shahid's campaign here: Then, Michael Rothfeld joins us to discuss his new book, "The Fixers" on the bottom-feeders who helped Trump take the presidency. What the National Enquirer had to do with Trump's victory. How Arnold Schwarzenegger was protected in the same way Trump...


2277 - Exposing Bloomberg's Racist Past & Present w/ Emma Vigeland & Ben Dixon

Sam hosts Emma Vigeland of TYT (@EmmaVigeland) and Ben Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show (@BenjaminPDixon) to discuss the week's top stories. On today's show: Hero takes selfie with Bloomberg, gets him to say "stop and frisk!" Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) joins us to discuss his discovery and viral propagation of the racist Bloomberg video. How do we get this information out to black voters to stop this oligarch from buying the Democratic Party and ruining our democracy? Ben has...


2276 - Strikes in France and Why Single Payer is the Way w/ Eric Blanc

Happy Thursday! Michael Brooks hosts Eric Blanc, author of Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics, to discuss his experience organizing, the state of strikes in France, and why single-payer is the way forward on healthcare. On today's show: Woman protests Bloomberg rally in Tennesee. Eric Blanc, author of Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics, joins us. What's going on with the protests and strikes in France? How Emmanuel...


2275 - Bernie Wins NH Primary & Trump Trumpets Control Over Justice Department

On today's show: Bloomberg with Christine Lagarde at the IMF in April of 2018 on the virtues of regressive taxation. Bernie wins NH primary! Trump to AG Bill Barr: "Congratulations" for undermining Roger Stone prosecutors. Trump asked about Roger Stone, says he has an "absolute right" to tell the Justice Department what to do. On the fun half: Jordan Peterson's daughter gives weirdass "update" on her dad's health, news outlets uncritically convey it. Bloomberg is sorry he took so long to...


2274 - The New Hampshire Primary Preview w/ Dave Weigel

Happy Tuesday! We're previewing tonight's New Hampshire primary with Dave Weigel proprietor of the Trailer from the Washington Post. Looking back at the last week of electoral primary, Weigel says the most significant outcome from the Iowa app debacle was how it shifted the narrative, helping Pete Buttigieg surge in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Weigel diagnoses what went wrong with the Biden campaign and explains how the Bloomberg 2020 campaign is changing the way billionaires can dictate a...


2273 - Welcome to the BS Economy w/ David Dayen

Happy Monday! Sam is back from his quick trip to New Hampshire and is joined by the executive editor at the American Prospect David Dayen to discuss his latest, "Welcome to the Bullshit Economy," which examines why our economy rewards grift over competency. Sam and Dayen take stock of the Democratic Party leadership after its chaotic week in Iowa. Dayen expounds why projects like Shadow and Acronym typify our Bullshit Economy, where self-dealing and denial of responsibility are endemic to...


2272 - The Irrelevant 'Party Unity' Narrative & Patronage Daisy Chain w/ David Feldman & Alex Pareene

Comedian David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) and The New Republic's Alex Pareene (@pareene) join us for Casual Friday. And check out Alex's new podcast at the New Republic The Politics of Everything. On today's show: 2017: Mayor Pete extols Bernie's ability to work across the aisle and the Senator's consistency. 2o2o: Pete says his issue with Bernie is his "my way or the highway" approach. The Iowa disaster, self-dealing, and the circle jerk of patronage that led to the Shadow/Acronym app...


2271 - The Debacle in Iowa & The Democrats' Barry Goldwater w/ Connor Kilpatrick

Happy Thursday, Michael Brooks hosts Connor Kilpatrick from the Jacobin to discuss "Mayor Pete Was the Kinda Kid Who Unplugged the Sega If He Was Losing" and the state of play in the Democratic primary and what will happen to the Pete Buttigieg campaign. Just as the interview with Connor began, Tom Perez tweeted that there would be a "recanvass" in Iowa, where the Iowa Democratic Party will double-check existing records, further delaying the final results in Iowa. The news all comes on the...


2270 - The Fight To Defend Medicare w/ Dr. Rob Davidson

News with MR crew and Dr. Rob Davidson (@DrRobDavidson) joins us to discuss Medicare. On today's show: Steve Kornacki explains the convoluted Iowa caucus delegate count. Dr. Rob Davidson (@DrRobDavidson), ER doctor and Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, joins us. Davidson discusses his confrontation with Mike Pence over "block grants," a GOP strategy to force states to make cuts to Medicaid. What block grants mean and the major upcoming votes. How the Medicaid...


2269 - The State of the Union w/ the MR Crew

We're live tonight from the Brooklyn to cover the Trump's State of the Union. We also breakdown the 62% reported results from Iowa caucus, the self-dealing plaguing American meritocracy and the Democratic establishment, and suffering Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We close out the show with Democratic responses from Michigan Gretchen Whitmer and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Become a member at And subscribe to the AM Quickie...


2268 - Everything But the Final Vote from the Iowa Caucus

Sam and MR Crew host Benjamin Dixon, Ryan Grim, and Virgil Texas the evening of the Iowa Caucus! Become a member at And subscribe to the AM Quickie here. Make the AMQ part of your Alexa Flash Briefing too! You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Check out The Michael Brooks Show at and Michael Brooks Show on YoutTube and the new TMBS website, TMBS.FM Check out Matt’s podcast, Literary Hangover, at, or on ...


2267 - The Iowa Caucus Preview w/ Dave Weigel

Happy Monday! It's finally here, after more than a year of campaigning, the Democratic presidential hopefuls put in their final pitches before Iowans head to their local precincts to caucus. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post's The Trailer joins us to give the state of play in the Democratic race. And we'll be back for live coverage this evening around 8 PM EST. Weigel recounts his 60+ days in Iowa and fills listeners in on the story behind the scrapped Des Moines Register poll. In trying to...


2266 - Dershowitz's Absurd Defense & the Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog w/ Chris Hayes, David Roth, & Matthew Film Guy

Happy Friday! Sam has a full slate to help recap the week's top headlines, including, Chris Hayes, David Roth, and Matthew Film Guy! Chris Hayes returns to the Majority Report for his first appearance in three years to discuss the Senate impeachment trial, Alan Dershowitz's absurd defense of executive power, and what lies ahead for senators up for reelection in purple states. Then, David Roth, formerly of Deadspin, is back to spread the word about the new Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog, which...


2265 - How to Clean Up the Welfare State & Biden's History of Corruption w/ Meagan Day

Happy Thursday! Michael Brooks is back to host the Majority Report and is joined by Meagan Day to discuss her recent pieces in the Jacobin, “How to Clean Up the Welfare State” and “Joe Biden’s Checkered Ethical History Is Fair Game for Criticism.” Michael and Meagan begin their conversation discussing the importance of door-knocking before your state’s primary. Meagan recounts her conversations with potential voters in California and how she discovered most voters are undecided, and...


2264 - The Electability Argument & McConnell's Fear

Happy Wednesday! Sam breaks down the latest headlines including the rash of anti-Bernie op-eds and ads landing just days before the Iowa Caucus. The arguments put forth by Jonathan Chait and David Frum fail to recognize the reality of the 2020 election and that its focus will center Donald Trump and defeating him. Their belief that Bernie Sanders is a uniquely unelectable candidate is unfounded for a variety of reasons all of which Sam explores in today's episode. And in the Fun Half:...


2263 - The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson & the Dream of a Just Nation w/ Brenda Wineapple

As the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump continues into its eighth day, Sam is joined by historian Brenda Wineapple to discuss the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and her latest book, The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation. On today's show: March 2018: Lou Dobbs excited to welcome John Bolton back to White House. Lou Dobbs last night: John Bolton is a tool for the "radical Dims and the deep state." Historian Brenda Wineapple joins us to discuss the...


2262 - John Bolton Bombshell & Biden Lies About His Record w/ Nomiki Konst & the MR Crew

Happy Monday, MR listeners! We're back with a full slate of news and joined by Nomiki Konst of the Nomiki Show. On today's show: Trump reveals the moment he became pro-life at March For Life. Mitt Romney wants to hear from John Bolton. Bernie is surging in Iowa! Last week: Biden lies about freezing social security: "I didn't propose a freeze." Sunday: Biden defends stance on social security cuts/freezes: "That was over 20 years ago." Bernie won't apologize for critique of Biden's record on...


2261 - Obama-To-Nobody Voters & Vetting Bernie w/ Brandon Sutton & Film Guy Matthew Weiss

Brandon Sutton (@PrettyBadLefty) and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom) join us. On today's show: Fox Business reporter explains his scoop about Obama wanting to speak out against Bernie. Medicaid block grants under Trump outsource cuts to states. The significance of Obama-to-nobody voters and the prevalence of POC in that demo. The role of race and gender rhetoric, and how those categories are connected to class. Film Guy Matthew (@langdonboom), official MR film critic, calls in to...


2260 - The Third Way is the Past, Socialism is the Future w/ Paul Heideman

Happy Thursday, Michael Brooks hosts Paul Heideman to discuss his latest piece in the Jacobin, "The Third Way is the Past. Socialism is the Future," which tracks neoliberalism's failures, particularly its rejection of the left, and why Democratic Socialism is on the rise. Michael and Heideman begin their conversation tracing the history of Third Way politicians, keeping it limited to parties that had a history aligned with social democratic policies. Heideman highlights programs like federal...


2259 - Biden In Decline & Trump's Legal Counsel On 'Lawyer Lawsuits'

The MR crew breaks down the news. On today's show: Chris Coons is setting himself up to be a power broker, block progressive agenda. Donate to his primary challenger at! Biden rejects the claim that Bernie is ahead of the VP with black voters under age 35. Trump still complaining about Schiff paraphrasing, says WH has all the material. Jay Sekulow resentful of "lawyer lawsuits;" Adam Schiff responds. John Roberts reprimands lawyers/impeachment managers, reminds Senators...